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Be established in me, be not established in the world or the things of the world, but be established in me, for the days just ahead are dark days, evil days, wicked days, when many things shall take place. Things that shall even shock you, things that shall wake you up and wake up others, things that shall cause them to realize the lateness of the hour, the time in which you are living. They will see and understand the plot of the enemy, how he strives to take over and become a one world government, a one world enterprise who will contain all the food and issue out the food and even take over farms to control the food, the water, the gas, the oil, the supplies. Oh, the wickedness of his plot, but fear not that plot, etc.

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Breaking: Top Leftists Call For Civil War

The global elite are preparing for a major operation

Alex Jones | - February 9, 2018

The elite want to start a fight with Trump and American patriots to combat the current anti-globalist surge spreading throughout the world. (see video] 

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the troubles that are going on here, the troubles that are going on there, the preparation for war, not just North Korea but Russia and other countries that hate America, they are preparing and getting ready.  For the hour is much later than most people think, it is far later than those that are walking in the false and tell you etc.

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Why is Britain so tolerant of Muslim Terrorists parading in their streets? – Islamophobia

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

J-TV: The Global Jewish Channel just posted this extremely important video with Simon Barrett of Revelation TV highlighting the huge problem called “Islamophobia” in Britian. While British Prime Minister Theresa May clearly states in the video that extremism “is shameful and it has to end”, NOTHING is being done by Britain to make that happen! Every year, Hizbullah has a parade down London’s Downing street called the Al-Quds parade, which is an Israel hate-fest. Hizbullah flags fly high on the streets of London during this parade. The problem is that Hizbullah is a terrorist organization! Even the Arab League has designated it as a terror organization, yet Britain, for whatever reason, does NOT designate Hizbullah as a terror organization! They prefer to believe Hizbullah’s lie that they have two separate branches, a terrorist branch and a political branch. For a people who proclaim to have some intelligence, the British, in this case, are either showing how stupid they are, or they are showing their anti-semitic side by intentionally giving life to this lie because the main targets of Hizbullah’s terror are Israel and the Jews! How can Britain fight the Muslim extremism in Britain if Britain can not even designate a terror organization as a terror organization? That is part of the overall problem of Islamophobia in Britain. While it is nice that PM May says that extremism has to end, if she is not able to allow the British authorities to call out the extremism of Islam within Britain, her words are meaningless. This problem of Islamophobia in British is compounded by the recent discovery that the BBC has intentionally been refraining from reporting on the violence, rapes and terror taking place in Britain at the hands of Muslims. This wasn’t just discovered, but a BBC journalist actually admitted this in a live video stream interviewing Tommy Robinson. 

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etc. But it is not an exciting time for the lukewarm or the ungodly, it shall be a terrible time, a time of a dictator, a dictator government that dictates, that takes away your rights, that takes away your freedoms, that takes away the things that you have, the things that you never expected that they would control, they shall control. Oh, what an hour is just ahead. etc..

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Feds to give all your health data to researchers

Mental records, blood, urine samples, physical measurements, even DNA

Published: 5 days ago By Bob Unruh

The federal government has just launched a 10-year, $1.5 billion project for which researchers want your information. All of it. Medical records, mental-health records, lifestyle details, personal habits, physical measurements, blood pressure, height, weight, blood and urine samples, details on health-care visits, procedures, medications, and electronic health records, among others. Oh, and DNA, too. It’s called All of Us and scientists say they want at least one million people to be under observation on an ongoing basis. Explains one federal report, the effort by the NIH has the goal of developing “a 1,000,000 person-plus cohort of individuals across the country willing to share their biology, lifestyle, and environmental data for the purpose of research.” What do YOU think? Sound off on federal plan to give away your health info. Take the WND Poll! A “soft launch” already has been accomplished, and partners already part of the plan include the TransAmerica Precision Medicine Consortium, Biobank, San Ysidro Health, University of Arizona, University of Pittsburgh and a long list of federal agencies. The plan has drawn a skeptical assessment from Twila Brase, whose Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom long has expressed concerns about the privacy of health information once it’s turned over to researchers. She’s also preparing to release “Big Brother in the Exam Room,” through her website, a book on the same topic. She’s concerned that people won’t realize what is involved in the research when they sign a consent form giving the government virtually unlimited access to their health records – even those they don’t know about. Brase, an R.N. who has been called one of the “100 Most Powerful People in Health Care,” pointed out that the Wall Street Journal not many months ago had an extended report on a “crime gene,” which reportedly linked a person with a propensity for violent behavior. A BBC report on that topic, which came out in 2014, claimed that it had identified two genes, and “those with the genes were 13 times more likely to have a history of repeated violent behavior.” Brase said those approached about participating in the new million-person study may think it’s a good idea, that it will bring about solutions to cancer, Alzheimer’s and more. But, “a person approached with this idea of giving up DNA… I don’t think that they may want all the kinds of research that could be done,” she said. For example, their data could be used for race-based research, or other “objectionable purposes … things you can’t even imagine today.” Then there’s the availability today of gene editing, through the CRISPR project, and more. What would study participants’ reaction be if there was found a gene editing process “to make people more social justice minded?” She said DNA researchers can reveal information participants may not want to know, and, in fact, may regret being told – like one has a propensity for dementia. Even assurances given regarding the future use of DNA data are not reliable, because in a federally funded project, Congress can simply change the ground rules. A recent report concerning artificial intelligence in the medical field noted, “An aspirational goal for health and health care is to amass large datasets (labeled and unlabeled) and systematically curated health data so that novel disease correlations can be identified, and people can be matched to the best treatments based on their specific health, life-experiences, and genetic profile.” Of course, to accomplish that among the factors that would need to be evaluated would be economic stability including employment and income, housing, parks and playgrounds, language and literacy, hunger, social integration and discrimination, and quality of health care. Genetic information also must be included in this enterprise. “To gain a complete picture of health, data from genetics, health care delivery and outcomes, and the social determinants of health should be integrated. This could include, for example, data on exercise, addictions, diet, the reporting and sharing of family history, treatment experiences, and social consequences associated with a chronic disease, and the widespread collection of health-relevant information from wearable devices and smart technology platform apps,” that report explained. The NIH explains among its goals is finding correlations between activities, physiological measures and environmental exposures. An advisory panel for the program just last month opened its meetings, which are scheduled to continue next in August. Project director Eric Dishman says more than 14,000 participants already have been enrolled and says access to electronic health records will be key – in fact, mandatory. The Federation of American Scientists points out that any such programs “raise knotty questions of data security and personal privacy.” “No amount of de-identification (anonymization) of the data will guarantee the privacy protection of the participants,” the report said. The AI report noted that the goals include fetching data from people through “wireless sensor technologies,” including data from mobile and wearable devices, and gathering details on the geospatial/environmental data. The report also noted that the $1.5 billion is probably just a beginning of the money that will be demanded. “While this may appear to provide the funding needed to create the data resources envisioned … it is like that significantly more funding may be both necessary and warranted to successfully populate the database and distribute this data to the research community and public,” the report said. That report notes that privacy and trust will be major issues to address. “Participants may not want to share all of the required information and so a mechanism must be put into place to enable participants to choose which pieces of information can be released and to whom,” it found. The FAS concerns echoed Brase’s concerns, which include the direction of the research. “We don’t know where this is going. It behooves everybody to be very cautious before they just wholesale give their DNA to federal experiments,” she told WND. What if one’s DNA is used for a chimera, she wondered. Or would people be happy with mandatory gene editing should research suggest that would cut health care costs? She advises: “You may not be able to control who gets that information.”

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etc. the whole world can tell you right now that Russia and North Korea has declared war on the United States of America.  The whole country can tell you an invasion is coming, the whole country can tell you the cashless monetary system is ready to start, the banks will have no money, the mark of the beast will be here.  But I am trying to protect you by placing one that can protect you, but even if that is not so and cannot be, I will still protect you and take you through this time safely. etc    

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Greyerz – The World Is At A Major Inflection Point

February 11, 2018

On the heels of some serious volatility in global markets, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE and historic moves in currencies, warned King World News that the world is now at a major inflection point. February 12 (King World News) – Egon von Greyerz: “US economics is extremely predictable. It doesn’t matter who is president and what party they come from because every president will spend more money than the US can afford. On average, US Federal debt has doubled every 8 years since Reagan came to power in 1981. And Trump has just fulfilled the prediction. The budget deal that has just been agreed to is guaranteed to produce substantial deficits in coming years. The current year’s deficit might be just under $1 trillion but thereafter it is virtually guaranteed that the US will not have a budget deficit under $1 trillion for many, many years… In Volatile Markets, Is Wealth Preservation King? In a King World News interview I spoke with the man who predicted the Swiss National Bank would experience staggering losses and that the Fed would also experience massive losses that will destabilize the global financial system! His company is the only one in the world offering a precious metals investment service outside the banking system, with direct ownership and full control by the investor. He has also become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events. To find out what he and his company can do to help answer that age old question for you CLICK HERE.

Greyerz – The World Is At A Major Inflection Point

February 11, 2018

Greyerz – The World Is At A Major Inflection Point

On the heels of some serious volatility in global markets, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE and historic moves in currencies, warned King World News that the world is now at a major inflection point. February 12 (King World News) – Egon von Greyerz: “US economics is extremely predictable. It doesn’t matter who is president and what party they come from because every president will spend more money than the US can afford. On average, US Federal debt has doubled every 8 years since Reagan came to power in 1981. And Trump has just fulfilled the prediction. The budget deal that has just been agreed to is guaranteed to produce substantial deficits in coming years. The current year’s deficit might be just under $1 trillion but thereafter it is virtually guaranteed that the US will not have a budget deficit under $1 trillion for many, many years… In Volatile Markets, Is Wealth Preservation King? In a King World News interview I spoke with the man who predicted the Swiss National Bank would experience staggering losses and that the Fed would also experience massive losses that will destabilize the global financial system! His company is the only one in the world offering a precious metals investment service outside the banking system, with direct ownership and full control by the investor. He has also become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events. To find out what he and his company can do to help answer that age old question for you CLICK HERE. GoldSwitzerland - New Ad PicSponsored

Egon von Greyerz continues: “During Obama, debt went form $10T to $ 20T. Whether Trump will manage to keep below $28T by 2021 is questionable. What is more certain is that by 2025, whoever is president, debt will most certainly fulfill the historic trend of doubling every 8 years. That means a $40T debt in 2025. The scenario to cause this huge debt is straightforward. Crashing bond and stock markets, high interest rates, high inflation leading to hyperinflation and defaults in the financial system. All that will result in massive money printing on a scale that has never been done in history. It would actually be a miracle if the US debt is only $40T in 2025. With hyperinflation, it could be multiples of that sum. The signals that the markets have given in the last few weeks are a clear indication that the euphoric stage of the economy is coming to an end. It began with the biggest bubble in history starting to burst – Cryptocurrencies. In one month the market cap of this market more than halved from $835 billion to $395 billion. Cryptos have been a wonderful speculation for the few that managed to cash in. But for many it has been a disastrous Ponzi scheme that will end in tears. Cryptos have nothing to do with real investments and even less to do with wealth preservation. There is nothing wrong with having a small flutter in a speculative instrument. Sadly though, many buyers of cryptos have been tempted to buy on credit and are sitting on major losses. The fall in Cryptos is symptomatic of the end of an era. Compared to a $80 trillion global market, cryptos are insignificant. Stocks and cryptos have one thing in common, they both have a long way down from here. While cryptos will go to zero, stocks will go down in real terms by at least 90%. I say real terms because hyperinflation can take the nominal level of stocks a lot higher. Between 1929 and 1932 the Dow fell by 90%. On any criteria, the stock bubble is so much greater today so once this market has topped, the coming fall will shock the world. Stock market investors have had the most fantastic ride for over 100 years. $100 invested in 1913 when the Fed was created would today be worth $2.8 million today. That assumes all dividends reinvested and no tax paid. This is a remarkable return and only achieved thanks to a group of bankers who decided to take control of the Western world’s financial system in 1910 on Jekyll Island. This was one of the most remarkable financial coups in the financial history of the world. As the famous banker Mayer Amshel Rothschild said over 200 years ago: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws”. Since the Fed was created in 1913 for the purpose of controlling the money, Global Debt has gone from virtually nothing to $250 trillion today. Add unfunded liabilities of $250 trillion and derivatives of $1.5 quadrillion and we are looking at a total risk for the world economy of $2 quadrillion. Governments and central banks have mortgaged the future for generations to come. Nobody must believe that this money will ever be repaid or that the liabilities can be met. Thus, there will not be an orderly outcome of the greatest financial bubble in history. Central banks are now reversing their expansionary policies. The combination of tapering and interest rate hikes are guaranteed to pop the bubble. The global economy is totally dependent on their daily dose of fresh money and zero interest rates. A 1% increase in interest rates would according to the US Treasury’s Office of Financial Research (OFR) lead to a bloodbath in the US high-grade bond market. This would then spread to junk bonds, fixed rate mortgages and derivatives to further spread the crisis. A rise in rates will also affect the offshore dollar funding market which has risen 5 fold this century to $10 trillion. With over Yen 1 quadrillion in debt, Japan could not survive rates rising above zero. The OFR Stress Index below is a daily market based snapshot of stress in global financial markets. It is constructed from 33 financial market variables such as yield spreads, valuation and interest rates. The index is now at a similar risk level as before the 2007- 9 financial crisis. As I have discussed in recent articles, risk is currently at an extreme in most sectors of the financial world. The main indicators which are now signaling a turn in markets are interest rates and inflation going up and the dollar falling. These moves will accelerate in coming months and years until we see both interest rates and inflation in the teens, at least, and the dollar finishing the 100 year move to zero. The volatility in stock markets that we have seen in recent days is another indication of a turn in the economy. In 5 of the last 6 trading days, the Dow has moved 500 to over 1,000 points per day. We are now likely to see further pressure in the short term before either the market turns up again to finish the melt-up move sometime this year. Alternatively we have now seen the top and markets move down strongly from here. Either way, stocks are now very high risk and investors should either reduce positions or get out of the market. With stocks falling and cryptos halving in value, the precious metals are barely reacting. As is common when stocks fall, metals also go down initially before they resume the uptrend. Gold in dollars is now up $80 since early December after having been up $130. For gold to really move, it must move in all currencies. But that has not been the case. Gold in Swiss francs and British pounds is the same as in early December and gold in euros is just marginally up. This means that it is actually not gold which has moved up since December. Instead, what we have seen is dollar weakness. Thus dollar based gold investors have benefitted from the move since December but not investors in other currencies. For the last two years, gold in Euros has traded in a narrow range of EUR 160 between EUR 1,060 and 1,220. In the last 6 months this range has narrowed further and gold in Euros is now poised for a breakout to the upside. When that move starts, gold is likely to move up not just against the Euro but in all currencies. The Gold / Silver ratio is often a good indicator of the direction of the precious metals. This ratio has now reached the 80 level for the fourth time this century. Every time the ratio has reached this level there has been a sharp reversal. Looking at the chart, a reversal is likely within the next few weeks. That will result in silver taking the lead and moving up fast with gold following at a slower speed. So it is likely that silver will soon start the move to new highs, providing major capital appreciation combined with excellent wealth preservation. But it must be physical silver since there are likely to be major shortages once the move starts. Swiss refiners are reporting solid demand for gold. As usual most of the buying is coming form the East and China in particular. 2018 is likely to be the year when the 2007-9 crisis returns with a vengeance. But this time it will be a lot more serious. Central banks will panic and print money at a level never seen before in history leading to collapsing currencies and hyperinflation. The time when gold and silver can be bought at current low prices is soon coming to an end and at some point it will be virtually impossible to find precious metals at any price.” 

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Catching up with world's tallest teenager

3,529,904 views MaxPreps Published on Jan 12, 2018

Last month, MaxPreps host Chris Stonebraker returned to Ohio to follow-up with the Class of 2020 prospect. As it turns out, there is a whole lot more to 7-foot-7 Robert Bobroczkyi than basketball. 

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etc. For truly the news media does not always tell you the truth, they tell you what they want you to hear, but not what is really going on, except for a little, do they know that later the truth will always find them out, for one can only cover up lies for so long before they come uncovered. etc.

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From this day forth, says your Father, the true news, the true news is going to have to come from me, because even those stations that at one time were true are now turning and going the other direction because of the power, because of the money people, because of those that want the one world government etc

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MSM Celebrates Communist Death Camps And Slavery As The 'War Upon Truth' Reaches 'Twilight Zone' And 'MK-Ultra-Cated' Left Falls Ever Further Off Deep End

- We Are Moving Quickly Towards A 'Manufactured Event' That May Be War On US Soil

February 12, 2018 By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this recent story over at The Daily Banter, what they are calling 'a terrifying British study' shows that supporters of President Donald Trump are now 'basically unreachable' and Trump supporters share more 'junk political news' over Twitter and Facebook than all other groups combined. Quoting a study done by researchers at Oxford University as reported by the website McClatchy, the story at the Banter then goes on to lie to their own readers, many of who call them out in the comment section (when will they, too, shut down their comments like many liberal websites are now doing?) by publishing the following 3 paragraphs full of what sounds to us exactly like Hillary-Clinton-loving-propaganda as the dam gets ready to break upon her. Proving to us how terrified some people on the left are as more and more truth emerges about the 'deep state' attempting to fix the election for Hillary and overthrow the will of the American people who voted for President Trump, how can so many on the left still be so fooled when we have absolute proof from former DNC head Donna Brazile that Hillary Clinton fixed the Democratic primary race so that she would win and 'people's favorite' Bernie Sanders lose? From the Banter story: Right now, we are in the midst of a very serious crisis. Truth and the rules of evidence are under attack by a radical government that thinks little of lying and distorting evidence for its own, nefarious purposes. Donald Trump and his administration rose to power through lying, and they are maintaining it by continuing to propagate the same myths they sold their gullible supporters. Immigrants are to blame for all of America's woes. Liberals are trying to destroy the country. Facts are subjective. Climate change is a hoax. Tax cuts solve everything. Lying doesn't matter. And on, and on, and on. An entire media ecosystem exists to perpetuate the lies told by Trump and the GOP -- outlets that don't meet the most basic standards of journalism. Fox News, Breitbart, Newsmax, Townhall, and a host of other propaganda sites have made it their mission to distort the truth, ignore reality and feed their audiences with dangerous myths. The net result is a radical government protected by a bubble of insanity maintained by radical media outlets that are only interested in power. The people who run these organizations know exactly what they are doing and rely on the ignorance of vast swathes of society to keep up the facade. The unconscious masses who give into their fears of "other" and voted in the monster currently in office work diligently to spread the falsehoods responsible for maintaining Trump's grip on power. This is not subjective reporting, but fact. British researchers from Oxford University have proved definitively that Trump supporters share more "junk" political news over Twitter and Facebook "than all other groups combined". With ANP one of the websites listed by Washington Post quoted 'prop or not' as being 'Russian propaganda', we can confirm that nobody from the Daily Banter contacted us to get any information to back their claims. Yet as Susan Duclos reported just days ago on ANP, the majority of those who are still getting their news from the msm and are paying very close attention to the FISA memo KNOW that they are being lied to with 55% of independents and even 31% of Democrats realizing the msm is distorting the truth. Meanwhile, the 'MK-ultra-cated' left (thanks to Steve Quayle for coining that word!) continues to believe the Mockingbird media, what could turn dangerous with many on the left actually pushing for civil war as reported in this new Infowars story. Are the globalists ready to manufacture an event as deadly as bringing civil war to US soil to protect Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the 'deep state' while attempting to get President Trump out of office? And while speaking of a 'bubble of insanity', many independent media websites including Infowars and Breitbart have been reporting for the last year+ upon the widespread cases of 'Trump derangement syndrome' that have taken down the left as if it were weaponized flu, triggering the mainstream-media-believing-masses into psychotic breakdowns including 'screaming helplessly at the sky' as the 'deep state' plot to get their 'dear leader' Hillary Clinton office failed. And while the left in Europe attempts to ban what they call 'fake news', remember that such a move is a very favorite tool of dictators and wanna-be dictators like Hillary Clinton who would rather lie to the entire world than face the music. Imagine if Richard Nixon had been able to ban the Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and their reporting upon Watergate, calling it 'fake news' or 'Democratic propaganda'. With attempting to control the flow of news a favorite tool of dictators, does anyone reading this really believe that those who have committed treason against America and sold out our nation to enrich themselves will admit to it? With the mass awakening of Americans to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama criminality exposed in part by the FISA courts abuse memo the reason that many Americans are now believing the msm less and less, it's not the least bit surprising that at the same time as this 'mass awakening', President Trump's approval rating has hit nearly 50% according to this recent poll over at Rasmussen Reports which the Drudge Report links to regularly. And if Hillary and the leftist msm really want to know why the 'Clinton crime family' is losing control, all we need to do is look back to this 2011 video in which Hillary admits "we are losing the information war". And now we go back to the Daily Banter story to see why people like California Democratic Rep Adam Schiff look just like a deer caught in the headlights, President Trump supporters will soon outnumber his detractors. And while Snopes falls to new lows by reporting that in the FISA memo scandal, Schiff was a victim of a Russian bot campaign (when will the SORE LOSERS give up on the 'everything is Russia' narrative?), dangerously deluded CNN actually celebrates North Korea and their communist death camps as we hear in the next video below from Infowars. From the Daily Banter story via McClatchy: Backers of President Donald Trump are sharing more “junk” political news – ideologically extreme, conspiratorial, sensationalist and phony information – over Twitter and Facebook than all other groups combined, significantly magnifying the polarization in the American electorate, according to an analysis by British researchers. Rather than obtaining news over social media from mainstream outlets, these Americans shared posts from 92 Twitter accounts of fringe groups such as "100PercentFEDUp", "TheAngryAmericans" and "WeArethenewmedia" during the three months before Trump’s first State of the Union address, the Oxford University researchers reported. The study, which culled data from hundreds of thousands of social media accounts, found similar patterns among Facebook users. Unsurprisingly, Breitbart News and InfoWars were deemed by the study to be "especially sympathetic to Trump and his administration," along with the National Review,, the site of Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity, and the New York Daily News. All routinely publish misleading news, conspiracy theories and outright falsehoods that are propagated furiously by Trump supporters. Among a sample of Twitter users with strong connections to one of 10 groups along the political spectrum, the researchers found that 96 percent of Trump backers widely shared “junk” news and did so more than all other groups combined; the groups included military and gun rights supporters, liberals and other Democrats, and more. Among 13 similar categories of Facebook users, 91 percent of “hard conservatives” circulated junk news, also more than all other categories combined. The report also concluded that the "facts" reported by far right sites shared by Trump supporters are so detached from reality that it makes dialogue with them completely impossible. Although the “junk” news sites considered in the analysis included those on both the left and right, lead researcher Philip Howard said the findings suggest "that most of the junk news that people share over social media ends up with Trump’s fans, the far right. They’re playing with different facts, and they think they have the inside scoop on conspiracies." With the mainstream media now glorifying North Korea while neglecting their long-documented human rights abuses including their support of slavery and death camps while the masses there starve a perfect example of where the globalists were attempting to lead America, we thank God President Trump is in office while Hillary is nowhere near it. And now we see why the left is so 'terrified' as the Daily Banter story admits as seen in the final excerpt from their story republished below. And while they don't mention that President Trump's approval rating has nearly hit 50%, imagine the reactions we'll be getting from the 'lunatic fringe' once more Americans awaken to the lies we've long been told. This, well, pretty damn terrifying. This "small chunk of the population" has an outsized influence on public discourse that has led to an almost complete breakdown of civil society in America. The right wing media understands its audience extremely well and must continue to throw them enough red meat to keep them happy. The further they go, the harder it is to come back to reality. (They should know - just ask Hillary!) Sean Hannity, for example, is now so far removed from anything resembling consensus reality that he and his rabid viewers are incapable of discussing politics with anyone other than themselves. I have argued that reconciliation with Trump supporters and the fringe right is a necessity at some point if the country is to survive in the long term. But in the short term, this is now completely impossible. Trump supporters cannot be reached, talked to, or negotiated with, so there is little point it trying. The only thing that counts is upholding the rule of law, voting the complicit GOP out of office in the midterms, and booting out Trump in 2020 (should he survive that long). There can be reconciliation, but only after the adults take back control of the country. And while we agree with them that one of the most important things going forward is 'upholding the rule of law', the 'rule of law' was long broken by those very same corrupt politicians that the left still somehow supports and insanely protects. With Hillary joining many on the left in totally breaking down over President Trump as even she recently admitted by stating she gets overwhelmed by President Trump at least a dozen times a day, and recently calling for 'activist b*tches to support activist b*tches' as heard in the final video below, we're happy to report that with President Trump in office, the adults finally are taking control of America though we clearly have a long way to go after decades of damage done. 

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Report: Kenyan Women Sterilized, Latest Tragedy in Long History of “Tainted” Vaccines

By Daniel Taylor

1974 memo authored by Henry Kissinger recommended “injectable contraceptives” for women. Where are the SJW’s? Recent reports are claiming that hundreds of thousands of Kenyan women have been sterilized after receiving tetanus shots. To those who have been following this story, it is all too familiar. In 2010, Old-Thinker News reported on the efforts of the Gates Foundation and the GAVI alliance to “vaccinate the world.” While mainstream media attacks claims of sterilization through vaccines, the fact that these vaccines exist cannot be denied. Anti fertility vaccines have existed for decades. These vaccines work by delivering hCG (the female hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin) attached to the tetanus vaccine, or other carriers. The human body then treats hCG, a hormone required to maintain pregnancy, as an intruder and creates antibodies against it. This has the effect of sterilizing women who receive the vaccine, and in many cases miscarriage when given during pregnancy. Populations across the third world have received this vaccine in a depopulation program carried out by the UN, World Bank and others. Many of these countries were specifically targeted in the U.S. Government’s 1974 National Security Memorandum 200 document for population reduction. The document, written with the assistance of globalist kingpin Henry Kissinger, recommended that “injectable contraceptives” receive further funding. It also reccomends that food rationing be used to “…help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth…” According to the local population of the Akha in Thailand, pregnant women are forced to receive vaccines in order to get ID cards for their children. The vaccine often results with miscarriage. In the video below, Matthew McDaniel, a human rights activist who has been working with the Akha people of Thailand, speaks with two Akha women about the forced Tetanus vaccine and the resulting miscarriages. 

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etc. truly darkness, darkness is growing darker and darker and darker, war is being prepared, war is being made ready. Watch Russia, watch Turkey, watch China, watch Iran, watch Pakistan, watch Saudi Arabia, for they are not your friends nor have they ever been your friends.  They are not my friends, saith your Father God, for they shall wage war against me in the last days, these are the last days. etc.. 

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etc. You will see Russia as she begins to move even more clearly than she has in the past. Syria, it will be gone such as you know it and the Muslims will have total control along with the nerve gas, along with the poison gas, along with their nuclear weapons. etc..

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etc. For I have warned you Russia is not your friend, I have warned you that China is not your friend, I have warned you that North Korea is not your friend and I have warned you that Iran is not your friend. etc.

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etc The end is upon you and you need to look and see the things that you should be doing, pay close attention to that. For I have told you things would change here, they would change. If you live near the Babylon that is going to fall I have told you to move at least seventy-five miles from there, at least. That goes for California, that goes for the center fault line, realize that war, war is at hand. Not only with ISIS, but you have got Russia, you have got China, you have got North Korea, wake up, wake up, for I have been telling you these things, it is getting very, very dangerous, very dangerous. etc

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the troubles that are going on here, the troubles that are going on there, the preparation for war, not just North Korea but Russia and other countries that hate America, they are preparing and getting ready.  For the hour is much later than most people think, it is far later than those that are walking in the false and tell you etc.

[ :: 1-28-18 am service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. you shall see Russia go to war very soon now, you shall see Babylon destroyed in twenty four hours, you shall see the great earthquake, you shall see these things etc

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Putin had to approve Russian attack on US troops

By Ralph Peters February 13, 2018 | 9:02pm | Updated

It was inevitable. Russian “mercenaries” attacked a forward base in Syria where they knew American advisors were stationed. It was a test. And our military passed. Let’s hope the administration passes, too. The most important thing about this attack on our troops is that it couldn’t have happened without Vladimir Putin’s personal approval. Nye vozmozhno. The core of the attacking force came from the Wagner Group, Russia’s version of the American thugs who worked for the company formerly known as Blackwater. But while the media refers to the Russians as mercenaries, the Wagner Group functions as an auxiliary of the Russian militaryit previously gave command performances in Crimea and eastern Ukraine. It exists to give Moscow (barely) plausible deniability. It also allows the Kremlin to avoid reporting formal military casualties. Putin remembers the popular disaffection in the 1980s because of the “zinky boys,” the young Russian soldiers returning home in zinc coffins in large numbers. But the bottom line is that these killers — primarily ethnic Russians, but also recruited regionally — work for Putin. Russian suggestions that this was a rogue operation are ludicrous: An armored task force including hundreds of Russian citizens doesn’t attack US troops and blindside Putin. Doesn’t work that way, comrade. And somewhere between several dozen and 200 of these Kremlin auxiliaries were killed, with hundreds more of the attackers wounded. We may never know the precise number, but the interesting point is that the higher casualty figures come from unofficial Russian sources. What happened? Last week, a Russian-directed task force with tanks and artillery crossed the agreed deconfliction line separating Assad’s turf and that liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces — our guys. The Russians knew our advisors were there because we told them. After about 5 miles, the Russians, thinly cloaked as regime forces, attacked. It was a very bad idea. Our ground-attack aircraft and drones struck back promptly to protect our troops. And the crucial difference between our pilots and Russians jet-jockeys is that we hit our targets. It was not a banner day for Mother Russia. But while the guided bombs struck, a charade continued, with US and Russian officers chatting on a hot line. We warned the Russians we were hitting the attackers. The Russians played dumb and didn’t interfere. (No plausible denial had they gotten openly involved.) And there would’ve been a lot of Russian aircraft strewn over the landscape. What now? The Russians will try to take revenge, one way or another. President Trump will be tested. In a phone conversation with Putin on Monday, the president and the czar didn’t discuss the events in Syria, according to the Russian side. Hard to believe, but what really matters will be what happens next. Nor did this event happen in a strategic vacuum. Almost simultaneously, Iran tested Israel by sending a drone into Israeli airspace. And Iran fared even worse than did those Russian yahoos with tanks. After butchering Syrian civilians with impunity, it must have shocked the Kremlin’s gangsters-in-uniform to face US airpower, but the Iranians in Syria paid a still-higher price: The IDF tore apart Assad’s air defenses and hit Iranian command-and-control nodes. We killed sergeants, the Israelis killed colonels. Iran wants Israel destroyed and all Jews dead. Putin wants the US out of Syria, but doesn’t really mind if Israel weakens Iran’s grip at this point — leaving Assad more reliant on Russia. Lot of moving parts in this scenario. But what’s clear as vodka is that Putin was willing to risk a large number of his men in the hope they’d kill enough American advisers to make us flee Syria. It didn’t work, but Putin won’t give up. He’s paid a much higher price in Syria than he initially expected, and he wants a return on his investment. He’ll try other ways to drive us out, perhaps using terror attacks to kill Americans. The Russians are at war with us, and we’re at war with them, but both sides would find an admission inconvenient. So we’ll continue deconflicting flight paths and coordinating boundaries . . . while Putin’s henchmen calculate how best to wound us, from attacking our elections to killing Americans in uniform. We passed a test last week. But that was a pop quiz, not the final exam. Ralph Peters is a retired US Army officer and author. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.


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Preparing for war in the north, Israel boosts air defenses

Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria, IAF pilots eject F-16

Pilot who shot down Iranian drone: Sent to protect the country's skies

By Anna Ahronheim February 11, 2018 11:41

Some 20 Syrian air defense missiles were fired towards Israeli jets during missions over Syria.  3 minute read. Israel has boosted its air defense in the North following a significant confrontation between the Jewish state, Syria and Iran that led to the loss of an F-16i fighter jet. While the army refused to comment on the reports, witnesses reported seeing a convoy of missile-defense batteries heading north near the Israeli-Arab city of Baka al-Gharbiya. Other witnesses posted photos of several trucks carrying the batteries on central highways in northern Israel. Israel’s air defenses currently include the Iron Dome, designed to shoot down short-range rockets; the Arrow system, which intercepts ballistic missiles outside of the Earth’s atmosphere; and the David’s Sling missile-defense system, which is designed to intercept tactical ballistic missiles, medium- to long-range rockets and cruise missiles fired from ranges of between 40 km to 300 km. Israel also has Patriot-missile batteries stationed in the North and has used them to intercept drones infiltrating into Israeli airspace from Syria. In September, an Iranian-built unmanned aerial vehicle breached the “Bravo line” that marks the Syrian demilitarized zone, and was intercepted by an Israeli Patriot anti-ballistic missile launched from a station near the northern city of Safed. The first use of the Arrow system was in April when it was launched to intercept three surface-to-air missiles fired toward IAF jets by Syrian-regime air defense. On Saturday, an Iranian drone, which took off from Syria’s T4 airbase in northern Homs province, flew through Jordanian territory before it infiltrated into Israel. It flew for about a minute and a half in the northern Jordan Valley before it was shot down by a helicopter flown by Lt.-Col. “L.”, commander of the 113 Squadron. “The squadron was sent to protect the country’s skies,” L. said. “We identified the aircraft as an Iranian drone, and when it crossed the border, we shot it down into Israeli territory. The squadron is ready and prepared for any task it is given.” IAF chief-of-air-staff Brig.-Gen. Tomer Bar, who is second in command of Israel’s air force, said the drone was an advanced model with a low signature that Israel had never intercepted before. It is currently being examined by the IDF. In retaliation for the incursion, eight jets took off to strike the drone’s launch site. During the operation, Syrian regime forces fired around 20 antiaircraft missiles at the jets. The pilot and navigator of one of the planes ejected themselves when they recognized that one of the missiles had locked onto their jet. According to the IDF, Iran and the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards have been operating at the T4 base “for a long time, backed by Syrian- army forces and with the approval of the Syrian regime.” “Iran has been using the base in recent months for the purpose of transferring weaponry to be used against Israel,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. “These actions by Iran at the base are ostensibly carried out under the guise of supporting the fighting against the global Islamic jihad forces, but the actions carried out in the past 24 hours prove that its real concern is direct, violent action against Israel.” “In the Iranian action, all the Israeli warnings against Iranian consolidation in Syria were realized,” it continued. “The attack was initiated and Israel was forced to respond first to the threat in its territory and then to the hostile elements operating from the Syrian territory opposite it.” A senior official in Israel’s defense establishment on Sunday warned that Iran is determined to entrench itself in Syria and will continue trying to attack Israel. “As far as we are concerned, the event is over but the Iranians are determined to continue to establish themselves in Syria; the next incident is only a matter of time,” he said, warning that Israel does not rule out that the Islamic Republic will continue trying to attack Israel. “We do not know what the mission of the Iranian drone was. It is their most advanced drone and they did not expect our radar to detect its penetration into our territory,” the senior official stated. “Our aerial freedom will not be harmed. We will continue to destroy targets.” 

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etc You are going to see Babylon fall in twenty-four hours.  You will see the west coast 
all the way from Canada to Mexico fall off into the ocean.  I talked to you about the fault 
that shall be opened because America is going to divide Israel again. etc.

[ :: 7-4-17 morning service Campmeeting 2017 :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

I know who this is for. This is for Donald Trump’s son-in- law. And somehow he is going to hear this and don’t ask me how. But God is saying to him: You divide your people and I will bring judgment upon you like you have never seen before. You will be like Jezebel and I will throw you off the roof and the dogs will eat your bones. Therefore, I say unto you, repent, I do not want my nation divided, I will not allow my nation to be divided, therefore, think your thoughts. Just because you are a Jew you cannot do the things that you desire to do, for I have a special covenant with you and you better study my covenant or it will fall upon your own personal family. Repent I say and turn from your wicked ways.

[ :: 8-13-17 pm service :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

Be not concerned at the things that are going on right at the moment, for if you look in my word you will find that some of these things have to come to pass and yet in just a few days I am giving a final warning to America not to divide Israel and to turn back to me while there is yet still time. For truly great disaster shall come at the appointed time, but that is not quite yet etc

[ :: 11-5-17 am service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

And I speak to you Israel, hear my voice, for you are stiff-necked, you are hardheaded and you refuse to obey and now judgment is about ready to come upon you.  Your arch old enemy is ready to begin to do the work that he does in the last days.  The world shall know his name even as you should know his name, for you hear him as he talks about his temple, his site, what he will do there and nobody else will do.  He tells you very plainly and you should have recognized his voice many years ago, but now is the hour, now is the time, for just over a year he will establish and set up his throne and you will have to flee.    So you better repent, you better find your Messiah Jesus Christ, for he has already come, if not, you will remain another three and a half years and it shall be pure hell here on earth. 

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In Jordan, Tillerson notes progress in Mideast peace plan

Tillerson comments on threats from Hezbollah and Syria

US and Iran call on each other to withdraw from Syria

By Tovah Lazaroff, REUTERS February 14, 2018 13:58

He spoke just two days after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The United States has a fairly well advanced Middle East peace plan that has been under development for a number of months, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Wednesday during a visit to Jordan. “It'll be up to the president to decide when he feels it's time and he's ready to put that plan forward. I will say it's fairly well advanced, is what I would say,” Tillerson said. “I don't want to get in front of the president or his team that's been working on that,” Tillerson told reporters. “I have seen the plan, the elements of the plan, it's been under development for a number of months. I have consulted with them on the plan, identified areas that we feel need further work,” Tillerson said. He spoke just two days after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to seek his backing for an internalization peace process to replace the US as the main interlocutor. In an interview Tillerson gave to Michel Ghandour of Al Hurra TV, he called on the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table. “I understand President [Mahmoud] Abbas, his concern about certain steps and decisions taken by the United States,” Tillerson said. “We hope that President Abbas will find his way back to the table.” The Palestinians have sought to replace the US in the peace process since US President Donald Trump announced that he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. At the press conference in Jordan, Tillerson said, “President Trump remains committed to seeing a Middle East peace process go forward, and as I indicated I think the decision taken on Jerusalem was about the United States and our recognition of Jerusalem and where we choose to place our embassy," Tillerson said. “But the president was clear, also in his statement and as I just indicated in my statement, that the final status, the final borders in Jerusalem are up to the parties to decide. So it does not preclude a two-state solution if that is the solution the parties seek, the US would support that," Tillerson said. He also called on the 193 United Nations member states to increase their funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees, the bulk of whose $1.2 billion budget comes from only 20 countries. The US is scaling back is annual support of $360 million and so far this year has provided only about $60 million in funds. 

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etc. Russia will make her first move for war, we are seeing her planes and her subs now, she is building more ammunition, more nuclear bombs while America sits down and does nothing. etc.

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 etc. Are you aware of how far they say you are behind in your military protection, etc.    

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Arkady SAVITSKY | 10.02.2018 | SECURITY / DEFENSE

The Russian Army Gets a New Tank: Cheap, Sophisticated, and Deadly

2018 is the year the Russian Army will add a new main battle tank (MBT) to its arsenal. The vehicle will eventually replace the aging T-90 and T-90A. At least one tank battalion (31 vehicles) will be reequipped with the new T-90Ms (Proryv-3s) within a period of few months. The lessons of the war in Syria have been learned and that invaluable experience has been put to good use. This vehicle is different from the T-90MS version, which is produced for export, and they should not confused. The T-90M and the T-72B3M, a new machine that was tested during the Zapad 2017 Russian-Belarusian strategic military exercise, will have complementary functions and operate as mainstays of the Russian tank force. They could be used for different types of missions. The T-90M is armed with both a 125mm 2A46M-4 smoothbore cannon, which is capable of firing standard artillery shells, as well as Refleks AT-11 Sniper-B anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) with a range of 4-5 km. Those can hit helicopters flying at low altitude. They can hold 40 rounds of ammunition. The carousel-type autoloader can carry 22 rounds. A removable turret bustle can store eight additional rounds. The Proryv-3 can fire while moving. A panoramic sight with a thermal imaging system can be used to detect and identify targets. The armament suite also includes a NSVT 12.7mm machine gun (MG) and PKT 7.62mm coaxial MG. A remote control makes it possible to fire the MGs from inside the MBT without exposure to enemy fire. The MBT has a crew of three: a commander, a gunner, and a driver. Its combat weight is 50 tons and ground clearance is 450 mm. The Proryv-3 can reach a speed of 60 km/h with a range of 550 km. The Kalina fire-control system incorporates a multichannel gunner's sight. A target can be identified at a range of 5,000 m. The minimum range for target identification through the thermal channel is 3,500 m. An object can be identified by the rangefinder at 7,500 m. Thanks to its digital communications system, the tank is an important element of a tactical network. The T-90M boasts a new composite armor. The Relikt ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) covers the front and each side of the all-welded turret to provide protection against tandem warheads and greatly reduce the probability (by over 50%) of penetration by armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot (APFSDS) rounds. If a bomb is detonated outside of the vehicle, the charge is designed to fire outward, away from the hull and turret of the Proryv-3. The ERA is easy to repair. Its rubber side skirts with built-in armor plates, cage armor and a special net to boost protection, NBC equipment and automatic fire suppression systems all boost its survivability under combat conditions. The interior is lined with spall liner. The Shtora-1 countermeasures system offers protection from anti-tank guided weapons with semi-automatic guidance. The Proryv-3 also sports a magnetic mine detection system that disables mines via an electromagnetic pulse before the vehicle runs them over. The MBT is powered by the new V-92S2F turbocharged multi-fuel diesel engine. It is capable of delivering 1,300 hp. Unlike other engines used to power Russian tanks, this one is comes with an automatic transmission. The T-90M is equipped with an auxiliary power unit that can power all systems whenever the main engine is not operating. The Proryv-3 is fitted with a self-entrenching blade, and an emplacement can be prepared in 12-40 minutes. The tank can be equipped with a mine plow and a deep wading kit, enabling it to ford water obstacles as deep as five meters. The T-90M is one of a kind. It has excellent “layered” armor: the basic armor is made up of varying composite and metal materials installed on top of one another. The explosive that is sandwiched between the two armor plates is what makes ERA really unique. The suite of self-defensive features is fairly robust. All these attributes greatly enhance the Proryv-3’s odds of survivability under contemporary combat conditions against the most sophisticated weapons systems. The use of lasers greatly improves the efficiency of the fire-control system. The unique defensive elements combined with superior firepower makes the new tank a deadly war machine. Uralvagonzavod has something to be proud of. Cheap and deadly, the T-90M really showcases what the Russian defense industry can do. 

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SUPER-FAST Russian rocket to reach International Space Station in RECORD BREAKING time

A RUSSIAN Soyuz rocket will deliver three tons of food, fuel and other supplies to the Expedition 54 crew on the International Space Station in just 3 and a half hours on Sunday morning.

By Thomas Mackie PUBLISHED: 07:33, Sun, Feb 11, 2018 | UPDATED: 07:39, Sun, Feb 11, 2018

The rocket, which will launch from Kazakhstan at 8.58am, will arrive at the International Space Station at 12:24pm, completing the mission in a record time of 3 hours and 26 minutes. Russia's space agency, Roscosmos, planned the route from Earth to the International Space Station with its last cargo launch of the Progress 68 spacecraft back in October. However, a last-minute delay forced the space agency to postpone the launch which meant that Roscosmos missed the launch window to try out the new, shorter rendezvous, NASA officials confirmed. "If any technical issues are identified by Russian flight controllers in the early stage of the flight, the spacecraft will be capable of defaulting to a standard, two-day rendezvous profile” NASA officials said. Progress cargo ships - who’s purpose is to deliver supplies needed to sustain a human presence in orbit - look a lot like Russia's crewed Soyuz capsules, and the agency has been using the uncrewed spacecraft to send cargo to the International Space Station since 2000. In 2013, Roscosmos cut the two-day travel time to just 6 hours for both Progress and Soyuz capsules, making the flights easier and more bearable for the astronauts and cosmonauts on board. This uncrewed cargo mission plans to deliver three tons of food, fuel and other supplies to the Expedition 54 crew. The record-breaking flight comes just one week after two Russian crew members at the International Space Station, Alexander Misurkin and Anton Shkaplerov, set a record for the longest Russian spacewalk. In another major advancement in Space exploration, just last week SpaceX launched the world's most powerful rocket to the so-called red planet in an incredible moment watched by millions around the globe. The 23-story-tall Falcon Heavy jumbo rocket, carrying a cherry red Tesla Roadster from the assembly line of Musk's electric car company as a mock payload, thundered off its launchpad in billowing clouds of steam and rocket exhaust at 8.45pm from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. Boisterous cheering could be heard from SpaceX workers at the company's headquarters in Hawthorne, California, as the rocket blasted off. And at least 2,000 spectators cheered the blastoff from a campground near Cocoa Beach, 5 miles (8km) from the space centre. Elon Musk decided to send the electric car into space to make the test launch less “boring”. He said: “Test flights of new rockets usually contain mass simulators in the form of concrete or steel blocks. That seemed extremely boring. “Of course, anything boring is terrible, especially companies, so we decided to send something unusual, something that made us feel. The car, which is being ‘driven’ by a mannequin named Starman, is now destined for an astronomical road-trip to the Red Planet. Unfortunately, while the rocket’s launch and landing were a complete success, Mr Musk later revealed that the Tesla had taken a wrong turn and will now plough straight into an asteroid belt. He tweeted: “Third burn successful. Exceeded Mars orbit and kept going to the Asteroid Belt.” 

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etc. But it is a very, very dark hour, a very wicked hour, a very evil hour with much going on every day, every moment of the day. You see it not maybe here in the sense that others are seeing it around the world. But I say unto you, open your spiritual eyes, open your spiritual eyes, see, see, see what is taking place. etc..

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World News

Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Allegedly Include Rosatom/UraniumOne Executive and Russian Source for Christopher Steele's "Dossier" against Trump

Category: World News Sunday, 11 February 2018 22:46

As most the world knows by now, a plane crashed in Russia this morning a few minutes after takeoff, killing everyone aboard. As Russian authorities released passenger names on the official Death list, several of those now-deceased names raised immediate "red flags" because they appear to be directly connected to the Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama UraniumOne Conspiracy and to the (fake) "Russian Dossier" used to smear President Trump. Now that they've been caught, it appears to many that "the Deep State" is cleaning house and getting rid of any loose ends who might testify! Sergei Millian, a Belarus-born businessman who briefly worked with the Trump Organization and was reportedly a key source in the explosive dossier alleging ties between President Donald Trump and Russia, was in the spotlight following release of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. Glenn Simpson, who cofounded the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, told lawmakers that a trip Trump Organization representatives took to Moscow several years ago had come onto the firm's radar as part of their research into Trump's business history. The trip was organized by Sergei Millian, Simpson said. He said Millian "came up in connection with Chris' work as one of the people around Trump who had a Russian background." Chris is a reference to Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence officer hired by Fusion to research Trump's Russia ties. (Story continues below Ad) This Russian Businessman Sergei Millian allegedly goes by another name; Sergey Panchenko. Sergey Panchenko just happens to be one of the dead passengers in today's Russian plane crash that killed 71 people. Also dead in today's plane crash is Ivanov Vyacheslav allegedly of Rosatom/UraniumONE who was involved in Hillary's Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama. There are other names on the list which correspond to other persons in UraniumOne and in high-level Russian government circles such as Oil and Energy development. These names are being verified and additional news stories will be published about them. For now, at least two people known to be directly involved the UraniumOne "deal" and the Russian Dossier are now apparently dead and cannot testify to anyone about anything. How convenient. I can now show you via the image above that the man whose face is circled is the alleged Rosatom Executive that MULTIPLE SOURCES have claimed to me, was targeted in the deadly plane crash that left 71 dead in Russia. Here is the alleged victim's Linked-In Profile: Direct Link:  For those of you who don't know what Rosatom is, it's the Russian nuclear company involved in Hillary's Uranium One deal in 2009 in the early part of the Obama administration. Many sources with whom I have spoken are claiming the plane crash to be "a hit" and the rumor mill is running wild alleging Hillary and the US Deep State was willing to kill 71 individuals to cover their tracks with Uranium One...Possibly making sure that Rosatom's Executive reportedly killed in the plane crash couldn't testify against Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and those connected to her APPEAR TO SOME PEOPLE to be trying to protect themselves from being held accountable in one of the largest acts of betrayal against America.


[ :: 2-25-15 pm service 2d word  ::  ::  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

etc. For truly the news media does not always tell you the truth, they tell you what they want you to hear, but not what is really going on, except for a little, do they know that later the truth will always find them out, for one can only cover up lies for so long before they come uncovered. etc.

[:: 8-20-17 am service (second word)  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::]

From this day forth, says your Father, the true news, the true news is going to have to come from me, because even those stations that at one time were true are now turning and going the other direction because of the power, because of the money people, because of those that want the one world government etc

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Forbes FBI/DOJ Corruption Article Mysteriously Vanishes - Did The Deep State Disappear Definitive Timeline Off Established MSM Website

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine February 11, 2018

The original article still shows up in Google search results, at least for the time being, as shown in the screen shot below, but clicking those Forbes' links brings us to the same 404 error page: ForbesTimelineDeletedArticle2.jpg Cached and archived version are available, because the nothing can truly be disappeared off the internet once it goes viral, and this story did, with over 150,000 views on Forbes before they mysteriously deleted it, and more on Mr. Del Beccaro's own website, Political Vanguard, where the article continues to be updated as new relevant information becomes public. Mr. Del Beccaro shared his Forbes link via Twitter on February 5, 2018, and by February 7th, he was responding to a multitude of users that were saying the article vanished, by linking to his own website, stating "Thanks so much!! Here is the new home for the piece  .

-the-election-an-annotated-timeline/  …. PLS Share." The article is so detailed and sourced with hyperlinks to his assertions, showing the deep rot within the FBI and DOJ that attempted to subvert the will of the American people using their positions of power to clear Hillary Clinton of criminal charges in her private email server and sharing classified information on the unsecured server, while framing Donald Trump for the "Russian collusion" narrative, that high profile members of the media, such as chief political columnist of Politico Roger Simon, called it an "ABSOLUTE MUST READ> Best overall analysis of FBI/DOJ scandal so far with timeline," and Glenn Reynolds from InstaPundit highlighted it, with other Twitter users referring to the piece by saying "great to see journalism is not completely dead," and many, many more complimentary comments about it. It truly is a must-read for all the information, laid out via a timeline, showing the insidious corruption within the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign and senior members of the FBI/DOJ, so it is highly recommended to read the entire piece, but the question here, is why did Forbes delete a piece that was garnering so much public attention, that was well sourced, providing their audience with a facts the liberal mainstream media will not report on? Forbes offers the standard disclaimer on the original, now deleted article, as can be seen on the archived and cached version taken from the Forbes site, which states "Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own," so from a business standpoint, deleting the article without explanation, makes no business sense, as it was bringing in ad revenue. It is sourced with both liberal media links like The Politico, CNN, CBS News, New York Times, and NPR, and with conservative media links like Fox News, National Review and Washington Examiner, along with source links to Real Clear Politics and The Hill, which offer more balance. The conclusions offered after the outstanding timeline are the writer's opinion of the events he documented, but the very definition of an op-ed is "opinion editorial," so the Forbes disclaimer reflects those opinions are those of the writer, so we have to wonder who forced Forbes to remove the article, one that was highly praised by a number of people, readers and professional writers and commentators alike? Previous examples of Forbes deleting articles show conclusively that Forbes does allow the publication to be intimidated by other entities, such as Google, as shown in a September 2017 article at Boing Boing, titled "Forbes removed article critical of Google after it asked nastily." After the meeting, I approached Google’s public relations team ...The press office confirmed it, though they preferred to say the Plus button “influences the ranking.” They didn’t deny what their sales people told me: If you don’t feature the +1 button, your stories will be harder to find with Google. ... Google never challenged the accuracy of the reporting. Instead, a Google spokesperson told me that I needed to unpublish the story because the meeting had been confidential, and the information discussed there had been subject to a non-disclosure agreement between Google and Forbes. (I had signed no such agreement, hadn’t been told the meeting was confidential, and had identified myself as a journalist.) It escalated quickly from there. I was told by my higher-ups at Forbes that Google representatives called them saying that the article was problematic and had to come down. The implication was that it might have consequences for Forbes, a troubling possibility given how much traffic came through Google searches and Google News. Forbes' Terms of Service do state that "Forbes reserves the right to delete, move or edit any submission at any time, for any reason or in its discretion, but has no obligation to review or remove any such content," but that does not explain why this specific piece was removed, which was generating a much-needed conversation via social media and other platforms, about the abuses conducted by corrupt individuals within the Obama administration and high level officials within the FBI and DOJ, which is all public knowledge now as multiple investigations are uncovering more and more every day. Del Beccaro's bottom line conclusions after detailing the timeline of events that occurred from 2015 up until after the 2016 presidential election, clearly shows why certain entities did not want this article to remain up, as he explains what the timeline of events indicates to him about how the Hillary Clinton investigation was rigged, how senior members of the FBI created the "insurance policy" to damage an incoming president with the "Russian collusion" storyline, and how those and other top level intelligence community officials used unverified information to obtain FISA warrants, where Del Beccaro ends his conclusions with the following statements: Watergate did not involve the DOJ and the FBI – two institutions which must be non-partisans for this Republic of ours. This case does involve the FBI and DOJ. It also is foolish not to assume that Loretta Lynch and President Obama were ignorant of the goings on – if not involved in them. Finally, the dishonest investigation of Hillary who committed actual crimes should not be acceptable. Nor should FBI or DOJ officials be allowed to alter events and Court proceedings for political purposes. If we let this go, and people are not brought to justice, we will have forever damaged our Republic and the World’s view of us as a nation of laws. That ladies and gentlemen is the problem, the deep state can't have an established member of the liberal media, demanding justice for the corruption during the Obama administration and the crooked members of the deep state itself within the intelligence community, because then they cannot label the Independent Media as "conspiracy theorists" for highlighting and demanding the same thing. BOTTOM LINE While not right, it is understandable if the big tech companies go after smaller Independent Media sites, sometimes there is no choice but to comply if something violates terms of service, such as missing videos, which Google will then claim since it is no longer available the publisher is "misleading" the public by referencing it in an article, when generally it was Google's video platform YouTube that deleted the video to begin with. Those are the games big tech play to force compliance when a smaller website refuses to toe the "official narrative" line and goes against Google's ideology, but Forbes has been around since 1917, it is an established household name, so removing such an important article about ongoing events within our own intelligence communities, showing corruption within the highest level of the U.S. government, with absolutely no explanation, is unacceptable. 

One of the most definitive Annotated timelines, of "Biased FBI and DOJ Officials Broke The Law And Tried To Decide The Election," published at Forbes on February 5, 2018, by Thomas Del Beccaro, who is an op-ed contributor at Forbes, has mysteriously disappeared off of Forbes website two days after it was published. No editors note has been offered explaining why the article vanished off the website, the URL simply brings up a 404 error. Previously deleted articles from Forbes have offered notification at the URL as to why an article was removed, as shown by a note from a piece deleted back in 2015:

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Hardcore Reality: Everything You Have Prepared So Far Will Be Pushed To The Limits And Beyond When SHTF

In the following article, Selco of SHTF School delves even further, detailing real-life scenarios, training tactics and other key information that will undoubtedly help save your life should the streets of America turn into a war zone. Pay attention because this no idealized collapse scenario – it’s reality. Selco is from the Balkan region, where from 92 to 95 the Bosnian War destroyed everything and for 1 whole year he lived and survived in a city without electricity, fuel, running water, real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government. When SHTF nobody told me how hard is gonna be and what things I will have to do to survive, there was no training or simulations, through most of the stuff I was going for the first time in my life, and I was hoping it is only temporary situation, it is not going to last for whole year. Few events opened my eyes, and somehow make me survivor right at the beginning, and I can say I have the luck to understand in very early stage how hard it is, and what it takes. During one of the first bigger events of killing in the streets, I was out together with my friend who also was a medical professional. Fire from machine guns was on people who were standing in front of the main city bread factory, and people started to scream and run over each other. My first impulse was to run to nearest cover but my friend got down to help some lady, so I stayed one meter next to him. I was confused about my decision and not sure to stay with him or run. Bullets from machine gun hit him over his legs, and I saw how his kneecap exploded, it looked like some bad movie special effect. He just looked at his legs, then at me, in silence. Even that was just seconds moments like this feel very long. Also read: During the Collapse: Know Your Enemy Part 1 – The Unprepared Neighbor I took him by the hands and drag him some 20 or 30 meters to safety. Only there I saw that he was missing his leg under the knee. It stayed with the dead lady on the street. And only then he started to scream. I used a belt to stop bleeding, ambulance still worked in that period. He went to the hospital and then evacuated from the city. He survived but never came back. Lessons learned?

In moments of chaos always listen to your instincts and do not hesitate. Especially if you are involved in a situation when someone is shooting at you with high caliber machine gun. Just accept that people will die, and you have to survive. To help others is a great thing, to survive is even better, also I realized that human being is so fragile and easy to destroy. Later I learned some things about weapons and how to use them, so I realize that more firepower does not necessarily mean more dangerous and better chance to kill. Owning a weapon is just absolutely necessary if you are preparing for a survival scenario, even more in urban survival. You just need to go and get as close as you can to the real stuff while you are doing the preparing and training for the SHTF, so it makes sense to go out and check your preps, to check your gear and yourself. For example pair of boots that you bought and store for bad days will not be used for walking only, it will be used for running, squatting, jumping, in mud, junk, blood, guts maybe or just running through a shallow river. Everything that you have prepared and stored for SHTF will be pushed to the limits. One thing is to go out into woods nearby and do a recording of your weapon testing on some beer bottles with your friends, and after that concluding that particular gun or rifle is best for SHTF and that you are a dangerous dude because of your accuracy rules. Some people gonna put that clip on youtube and go home convinced that they are ready and prepared. In reality, you do not know if you are prepared. A lot of survival stores that sell things sell the idea of buy this and you are safe. No, you are not. Also, you learn more about real urban survival scenario in my survival course and this helps you to mentally be better prepared but real deal when SHTF always comes as surprise. When the time comes again it gonna hit everyone like a hammer. Good news is that when you know you will get hit like that you can recover fast and use your skills, knowledge, and preps to make best out of the situation. Using weapon in real life, in real survival situation is something absolutely different from shooting beer bottles, and if you could do some real training that is realistic that would be maybe going to camping with trash bag as a tent, being on camping for 10 days with 10 small cans of food, and 10 liters of water, walking every day for 10 km. Related article: Blunt Reality: This Is What You Will Face If You Fail To Prep Accordingly And then on the 11th day run few kilometers and then shoot and see how accurate you are when your body is wasting away. And still, the most important thing is missing. While you are shooting at the beer bottles they do not shoot back at you in order to kill you. During some of the first battles in the city I was moving through the building behind a guy, we both had rifles. He was sweeping the rooms and shooting, it was the closest urban combat as it can be. In the moment when he runs out of ammo, he used his rifle as something between spear and bat. Now someone could say why he did not just switch to a pistol? He did not have one, also he did not have time to look for ammo. But there I learned how it is useful to have folded stock of rifle when shooting and moving in very confined spaces. Also, I learned that rifle with pretty sharp parts at the barrel can be very handy. He stabbed the guy to the cheek, ripping his face down and finishing him on the ground. One of the biggest misconceptions at the people who do not have fighting experience is what they need to practice. It is all about pressure. You need to learn: 1. What your weapon can take In terms of kicking, throwing, how often and when will it malfunction, and what the most common malfunctions are, and how to fix it, of course how to fix it in middle of the fight. If you find yourself in the middle of fighting, and your weapon “jams” does not be as we called “zblesavljen” or in English is probably looking like an idiot. I have seen that: a guy is shooting and in the middle of fighting his weapon jammed, and he surprisingly look at the weapon in a “what the f#ck?” state. And of course, in two seconds he ends up dead. You absolutely need to know how to manage small weapon jams without looking at the weapon, you need to look at the target while you are “repairing” weapon (clearing the bullet, switching to other magazines etc.) Other option would be to MOVE immediately when your weapon jams, move to cover in the same second or to drop it on the ground, or on your back and switch to your other weapon. But you need to learn to do all of above without thinking. You need to train that this becomes automatic. Small things like how quickly you can put your rifle on your back and a switch to pistol can be the difference between life and death if you somehow “trip” yourself while you are trying to put the rifle on your back in order to take pistol you can end up dead. 2. What you can take Remember this: while you are shooting at the bad guys, those bad guys will be SHOOTING AT YOU TOO. So shooting at the beer bottles in the woods with your buddies will not really do all the training you need. I am doing it often, but it just not covering everything. Fighting and surviving combat means constant moving and outsmarting the guys on the other side, you gonna need to run, squat, throw yourself in the ditch, lay down in all kinds of sh!t and shoot at the same time, and probably fix your rifle from jams, or switch to another weapon. Do some basic weapon training and learn about line of sight and how to get out off it. Very great percentage of shooting is done without aiming, just spraying bullets. It makes sense to do some airsoft or paintball in the woods to check how constant moving change whole game, and what kind of moving makes sense in order to survive a gunfight. For example how often you shoot from your weapon with both hands, dominant and not dominant? In urban fighting, you will need switch weapon around very often (moving through the apartments, rooms, around the corners etc.). When you are shooting behind a corner, and you are having the rifle in your right hand and corner is on your left side it makes sense to transfer the weapon to left hand. otherwise, it is dangerous to stick your left part of the body out in order to shoot form right hand. For all you who have some military experience, this all is basic stuff, but I have seen many guys who were killed in stupid ways. A real gunfight is a dynamic thing. Adrenaline is a weird thing too, so people can do tremendous things while adrenaline is pumping, but also with lack of training and common sense guy can do tremendously stupid things. I have seen a man who was pointing to something and he stood up from the cover and got shot. 3. How to train yourself Training is the key. You can not do anything else today except to train very hard. You can not experience real stuff today of course, but you can take it as close to real stuff as you can. Go out with your friends and think about all possible scenarios. But think about worst case scenarios. SHTF is not gonna wait for nice and sunny weather, you gonna be maybe hungry, dirty. Maybe have to give up your shelter and food storage on the second day of SHTF. Or you gonna be forced to use other weapons that you are not used to. Maybe you gonna be forced to hide for hours hidden under a pile of rubble and then you are gonna be forced to jump out and “kill” ten beer bottles. Sounds like fun? This is why resilience and mental strength is so important. Maybe you are gonna be cold and thirsty and in the middle of the battle. One thing is sure – very rarely it goes the way that you planned. So just be ready for many options and do not panic when things go another way. Want to get some funny sounding advice? Get good at suffering while still being able to work towards a goal. 4. What weapon, caliber, stopping power etc? It is a very hard question (that I get asked a lot). But think about fact that everything today is about mainstream and commercial. And somehow it is more about what other people say is good and not necessarily about what you need and what is good for YOU. You and your hand kill, the weapon is only a tool. I have seen a fight when a man with a knife is killing the guy with a rifle. He had mastered fighting with a knife and had the will to kill. Other guy had a rifle only, and he ends up dead. I also saw more than once people shot with rifle bullets still fighting, running for good amount of time. Some of them were not even aware that they are wounded before someone else pointed that out to them. What I am trying to say, do not expect miracles if you own a weapon that is at the moment most popular, having great stopping power, cool reviews. It is about practicing, weapon mastering and correct bullets placement. I said bullets for a reason, I have seen many things, but I did not see someone survive multiple shots in the correct place at the body. Have a weapon that is best for your case, and achieve perfection in using it. Do not expect that people will fly back if you shoot them with one bullet from some widely popular weapon and caliber (not talking about shotguns). So I am not gonna tell you what is the best weapon because what works for me maybe does not work for you or others. Having a weapon that is too rare, too good or too bad does not make too much sense for me. Do not find yourself in a situation when you lose your weapon and pick someone else and then find out that you do not have clue about it because your weapon was special and rare. Just have what everyone else around you has, because of gun parts, ammo and you look like everyone else. Your weapon is the only tool to survive, be ready to lose it if you need to lose it, and pick some other from the ground in the middle of the fight. I knew a guy who did some scary stuff with rusty shortened M48. He was old and poor looking dude, he played that part well until he would take out this old gun from under his coat and rob and kill people. Simple strategy but it worked for him. So look around and think what works for you. The Most Comprehensive Book Available Our grandfathers had more knowledge than any of us today and thrived even when modern conveniences were not available. They were able to produce and store their food for long periods of time. All the knowledge our grandfathers had, in one place. Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll find in the book: The Lost Ways is a far-reaching book with chapters ranging from simple things like making tasty bark-bread-like people did when there was no food to building a traditional backyard smokehouse… and much, much, much more! Discover how to survive: Most complete survival tactics, tips, skills and ideas like how to make pemmican, snowshoes, knives, soap, beer, smokehouses, bullets, survival bread, water wheels, herbal poultices, Indian roundhouses, root cellars, primitive navigation, and much more at The Lost Ways Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll find in The Lost Ways: From Ruff Simons, an old west history expert, and former deputy, you’ll learn the techniques and methods used by the wise sheriffs from the frontiers to defend an entire village despite being outnumbered and outgunned by gangs of robbers and bandits, and how you can use their wisdom to defend your home against looters when you’ll be surrounded. Native American ERIK BAINBRIDGE – who took part in the reconstruction of the native village of Kule Loklo in California, will show you how Native Americans build the subterranean roundhouse, an underground house that today will serve you as a storm shelter, a perfectly camouflaged hideout, or a bunker. It can easily shelter three to four families, so how will you feel if, when all hell breaks loose, you’ll be able to call all your loved ones and offer them guidance and shelter? Besides that, the subterranean roundhouse makes an awesome root cellar where you can keep all your food and water reserves year-round. From Shannon Azares you’ll learn how sailors from the XVII century preserved water in their ships for months on end, even years and how you can use this method to preserve clean water for your family cost-free. Mike Searson – who is a Firearm and Old West history expert – will show you what to do when there is no more ammo to be had, how people who wandered the West managed to hunt eight deer with six bullets, and why their supply of ammo never ran out. Remember the panic buying in the first half of 2013? That was nothing compared to what’s going to precede the collapse. From Susan Morrow, an ex-science teacher and chemist, you’ll master “The Art of Poultice.” She says, “If you really explore the ingredients from which our forefathers made poultices, you’ll be totally surprised by the similarities with modern medicines.” Well…how would you feel in a crisis to be the only one from the group knowing about this lost skill? When there are no more antibiotics, people will turn to you to save their ill children’s lives. If you liked our video tutorial on how to make Pemmican, then you’ll love this: I will show you how to make another superfood that our troops were using in the Independence war, and even George Washington ate on several occasions. This food never goes bad. And I’m not talking about honey or vinegar. I’m talking about real food! The awesome part is that you can make this food in just 10 minutes and I’m pretty sure that you already have the ingredients in your house right now. Really, this is all just a peek. The Lost Ways is a far-reaching book with chapters ranging from simple things like making tasty bark-bread-like people did when there was no food to building a traditional backyard smokehouse… and much, much, much more! And believe it or not, this is not all… Table Of Contents:

The Most Important Thing

Making Your Own Beverages: Beer to Stronger Stuff

Ginger Beer: Making Soda the Old Fashioned Way

How North American Indians and Early Pioneers Made Pemmican

Spycraft: Military Correspondence During The 1700’s to 1900’s

Wild West Guns for SHTF and a Guide to Rolling Your Own Ammo

How Our Forefathers Built Their Sawmills, Grain Mills, and Stamping Mills

How Our Ancestors Made Herbal Poultice to Heal Their Wounds

What Our Ancestors Were Foraging For? or How to Wildcraft Your Table

How Our Ancestors Navigated Without Using a GPS System

How Our Forefathers Made Knives

How Our Forefathers Made Snowshoes for Survival

How North California Native Americans Built Their Semi-subterranean Roundhouses

Our Ancestors’Guide to Root Cellars

Good Old Fashioned Cooking on an Open Flame

Learning from Our Ancestors How to Preserve Water

Learning from Our Ancestors How to Take Care of Our Hygiene When There Isn’t Anything to Buy

How and Why I Prefer to Make Soap with Modern Ingredients

Temporarily Installing a Wood-Burning Stove during Emergencies

Making Traditional and Survival Bark Bread…….

Trapping in Winter for Beaver and Muskrat Just like Our Forefathers Did

How to Make a Smokehouse and Smoke Fish

Survival Lessons From The Donner Party 

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Michael Savage accurately predicted what was coming.

World War I was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and set into motion a chain of events which killed tens of millions of people. In a similar fashion, the release of the FISA memo(s) is triggering a similar cataclysm. Mark my words, the globalists would rather rather destroy the planet than let the rising tide of populism around the world to proliferate as it leads to meaningful political and social change. The Stock Market Collapse It is a well-established fact that in the days leading up to the 1929 Stock Market collapse, the elite were withdrawing their money and this hastened the collapse of the American economy as the effects of the Great Depression spread throughout the world. We are living in very similar times. The fact is that the current release of the #memo has triggered a withdrawal, by the elite of stock market funds, through sell-offs, which is causing the market to set an all-time record for losses in the same day. Make no mistake about it, this is a direct assault upon Trump and the American people. Even before the release of the #memo, we saw the Deep State attempt to pull off an attempted mass murder event upon a train carrying dozens of GOP members. I promptly recognized this attack for what it was and immediately reported on it. I know I was correct in this assumption becaue Youtube banned this video even while it was uploading. I was not the only one to anticipate Deep State attacks because the economy was showing signs of life and the American people were starting to believe. However, even men of peace like Franklin Graham saw the coming danger and the direct threat to President Trump. I reported on this over a week ago. The #Memo Is Crushing the Deep State and They Reacted Accordingly The Deep State has invested themselves into the Democratic Party. The Deep Statea and the Democrats, they are one in the same. People are backing away from the Deep State, because they have withdrawn financial support for the Democrats. What is going on? What is going is that the Democrats are dead in the water. The Democrats are dead broke. Their donor base is drying up. When George Soros was in Davos, he threatened Trump and basically said his populism would fail. Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Peter Schiff, Michael Savage Are All Saying the Civil War Has Begun In a stunning article, Michael Adams tied together the quotes of notables from the Independent Media. All of the following quotes point to the same direction, namely, the Civil War has begun. Health Ranger (2016): “Globalists are setting up the perfect storm of financial apocalypse to be unleashed once Trump takes office…” Alex Jones- For those of you who supported Trump, his antics are the reason why the stock market is down. Peter Schiff: “the Fed would be happy to see a bear market… blamed on Trump” Michael Savage: “Trump’s stirring SOTU speech last week was so great that even CBS admitted 75 percent of the people who watched it approved of it and loved it. So what happened right afterwards? The Establishment, meaning the ‘Deep State,’ call it whatever you want, went into overdrive to destroy Trump, or try to destroy him, where he is strongest, because they couldn’t get him where they thought he was weakest. So they are taking the market down. They are trying to hurt you. They are the enemies of the average American. Make no mistake about it, they are going for you! These people are so evil and so power-drunk that they’d burn the nation to the ground rather than let Donald Trump live another day in office.” Conclusion The only things the globalists haven’t done is to bioengineer the flu and start WWIII in order to dstract the masses from the release of the memo(s) that implicate so many of them. Correction: The only thing that the globalists have not done is to start World War III. There is nothing that they will not do to prevent further exposure. And they damn sure will not allow themselves to face justice, no matter how many have to die. 

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etc.. Even the clouds are speaking forth the coming of my Son, are you hearing, are you seeing, are you understanding? For I say unto you, many, many disasters shall take place, the shortage of food shall even be greater, the drought shall expand

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Shrinkflation Intensifies – Stealth Inflation As Thousands of Food Products Shrink In Size, Not Price

by GoldCore Mon, 02/05/2018 - 07:47

- Shrinkflation continues to take hold across UK, Ireland and US for sixth year running

- Shrinkflation sees consumers gets less product, but at the same or increased price

- 2,500 products have shrunk according to Office of National Statistics in UK

- Reported inflation is between 1.7% and 3% but actually much higher

- Shrinkflation is financial fraud, unreported inflation in stealth mode

- Gold is hedging inflation and shrinkflation

Editor: Mark O'Byrne

Two bars of the Toblerone Swiss chocolate. New style 150 gram bar showing the reduction in triangular pieces (front) and older style 360 gram bar at back. Credit: Alastair Grant via The Telegraph Your wallet might still be feeling the pinch after Christmas. Shrinkflation means this is likely to continue. Now in its sixth (official) year the phenomenon that sees you get less product for the same price is beginning to be covered more frequently. Another example of this came last week when McVitie's biscuits, some of the most popular digestive biscuits in the UK and Ireland, saw a 20% cut in volume, but not in price. Officially, inflation is pretty low across the developed world. In the US, it is so low (1.8%) that it is proving to be a cause for concern for policy wonks. It is 1.7% in the EU and in the UK it is at 3%. None of those readings are a true reflection of where prices really are and how much the cost of living has increased. One of the best measures of inflation is shrinkflation. We've written about it before in reference to Toblerones and toilet rolls. This time, its all about the Brits' and Irish precious McVitie's Digestive biscuits. Last month the manufacturer announced they were shrinking the packet a 500g packet of 34 biscuits down to 400g. The price will be 10p less, but this is nowhere near the 20% cut in product amount. McVitie's insists the quality is the same. The reduction in biscuits is thanks to rising raw ingredient and manufacturing costs. Rather than increase the price onto customers they have decided to maintain quality, but with fewer biscuits. When the UK's rate of inflation fell from 3.1% to 3% last month, many economists and financial commentators were quick to point out that this was evidence that the era of low inflation had not yet come to an end. The problem is inflation measures as published by central banks and campaigned upon by governments, do not give markets a real portrayal of how much living really does cost. Shrinkflation is a real indicator of inflation Just a simple glance at a packet of biscuits gives you more information than any RPI or CPI reading can. For example, in the case of the digestive biscuits, under the RRP of £1.25 for the 500g packet, each biscuit cost roughly 0.037 pence. Now, the price is under the RRP of £1.15 for the 400g packet, which means each biscuit costs roughly 0.043 pence. McVitie's is just one in a long line (2,500 to be exact) of food and other household items that have fallen victim to the invisible inflation ray that has so far eluded the sights of so many economists. In the last four years Snickers, Toblerone and KitKat have each shrunk by at least 20% in size, not always accompanied by a matching price change. A bag of Snickers Bites rocketed from 74p per 100g to £1.26, up 70.9 per cent, whilst a four-finger KitKat bar lost just 3g in weight, dropping from 45g to 42g, a difference of 7.8 per cent, yet 100g of the snack soared by 62.7 per cent, from 89p to £1.45. The two main culprits of rising prices, according to the manufacturers is the cost of raw materials and the weak pound, which makes imports more expensive. Obviously the pound has gained in strength recently and the European import price of sugar has been falling since the middle of 2014, and reached a record low in March 2017, but consumers shouldn't expect these to make much difference. Food manufactures do not want to be seen bowing down to rising costs and passing them onto consumers. It's obviously bad for business as most food items have straight forward substitutes to which consumers have few qualms when it comes to switching to. Yet there is also a growing view amongst the consumers that 'rich' manufacturers should not pass on rising costs to the poor consumer. It is bad PR basically. But the manufacturer does still have to run a profitable business. Hence why shrinkflation is such a common phenomenon. They have been accused of lacking innovative ideas by Clive Black, head of research at Shore Capital. Speaking at the Food Manufacturer's Business Forum Black told leaders shrinkflation should be the last resort. He asked whether shrinkflation is "an admittance of a lack of innovation, a lack of capability to add value to a product and keep it relevant in consumers’ minds?”​It seems to me that manufacturers are perhaps showing little innovation but more likely they have little choice. Margins are being squeezed, uncertainty is rife when it comes to which manufacturers the Brexit deal will leave you able to work with and costs are rising despite statistics telling you otherwise. The BBC has recently tried to argue that a decrease in product size sometimes means sees a bigger fall in price. However when looking at their analysis it is clear to see that products which did not increase in price were mainly those in ‘bulk buy’ or large pack products. This just shows that economies of scale makes margins less stringent. This is perhaps the only place where 'innovation' can currently be seen. Ultimately a smaller pack size does mean a higher price. How to protect yourself from the rising of living This is a bit like the Emperor's New Clothes scenario. We can all see inflation is happening in front of our very eyes, yet economists and central banks are telling us the opposite. Shrinkflation is happening and real inflation is much higher than is being reported. Your purchasing power and your wealth can be preserved from the ravages of shrinkflation. Investments such as gold and silver by their very nature are immune to the shrinkflation effect and are an important hedge against it. Gold prices in GBP (10 Years) via GoldCore Next time you’re considering that packet of biscuits at the supermarket checkout, just imagine how much is missing compared to when you would have bought it say 10 years ago, or anytime before the financial crisis. Then consider how much a bar of gold would have changed since then. The fact is that it hasn’t. You would still have the same sized gold bars (1 oz), with the same gold content or purity and they are worth a lot more now than they were 10, 15 or 20 years ago. 

[ :: 4-22-12 am service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc.. The clock is ticking, the midnight hour is already striking, the horses have been riding and yet many see not the things I have told them. They understand not what my word has said, etc..

Rev 6:4
4 And another horse appeared, a red one. Its rider was given a mighty sword and the authority to remove peace from the earth. And there was war and slaughter everywhere. (NLT)

[ :: 9-23-12 pm service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :::: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::  ::  ::] 

etc. Throughout the world there is a struggle, throughout the world the antichrist pushes himself to the top, throughout the world the economy has gone over the hill into disaster zone.  Countries make ready for war and yet my people seem to be astonished, unlearned, not knowing, not understanding the things that are there or the things that are taught to them. Etc.

:: 2-11-18 Haaretz :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Hezbollah: Downing of Israeli F-16 Marks 'Start of New Strategic Phase'

Iran calls Israeli drone claims 'ridiculous'; Russia calls to respect Syrian sovereignty following Israeli strikes

Jack Khoury and Reuters Feb 11, 2018 8:25 AM

Hezbollah said that an Israeli F-16 was shot down on Saturday marks the "start of a new strategic phase," in an official statement released on Saturday. The comments come after multiple Israeli strikes on Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria, following a downing of an Iranian drone which entered Israeli airspace, and a downing of an Israeli F-16 by Syrian air defenses. Hezbollah condemned Israeli aggression, stating that exploitation of Syrian airspace will be limited. "Today's developments mean the old equations have categorically ended," said the statement. Moscow also expressed serious concerns about the latest developments in Syria and called on the sides to exercise restraint and avoid an escalation of the situation, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday. "We urge all sides to exercise restraint and to avoid any actions that could lead to an even greater complication of the situation," the ministry said in a statement. "It is necessary to unconditionally respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and other countries in the region." Iran, meanwhile, issued its first official response to the events, with its Foreign Ministry rejecting as "ridiculous" reports that Israel had intercepted an Iranian drone launched from Syria. "Reports of downing an Iranian drone flying over Israel and also Iran's involvement in attacking an Israeli jet are so ridiculous ... Iran only provides military advice to Syria," TV quoted Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi as saying. Earlier on Saturday, the pro-Assad military alliance, which includes Iran and Hezbollah, warned Israel that any new act of what it called "terrorism" will be met with a "severe and serious response." The statement said that Israel claims the drone entered Israeli airspace are "a lie," adding that the drones were being used to combat the Islamic State. A senior official was quoted in the statement saying he does not believe matters will develop into a regional war. Meanwhile, the deputy head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards Corps declined to comment on the drone incident, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported. "We cannot confirm this report on the drone because Israelis are liars ... if Syrians confirm it, Iran will confirm it as well," Brigadier General Hossein Salami said, according to Tasnim. On Saturday, Israel targeted 12 sites around Damascus after an Israeli F-16 was downed. According to the Israeli army, Syrian anti-aircraft missiles targeted the jet after Israel responded to the infiltration of an Iranian drone with a strike in Syria. The two F-16 pilots ejected as the plane went down in northern Israel. The pilots were taken to the hospital in stable condition. One of the pilots is in serious condition. Following the downing of the jet Israel responded with a fresh "large-scale strike" in Syria. An Israeli military spokesman said that Syria and Iran are "playing with fire" and will pay a heavy price. The Prime Minister's Office has instructed cabinet ministers not to speak publicly about the events on the northern border. 

:: 2-11-18 The Jerusalem Post :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

WATCH: Israel downs Iranian drone, destroys its operating base

Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria, IAF pilots eject F-16

Israel warns: Iran and Syria are playing with fire

By REUTERS February 10, 2018 14:38

Footage released by the IDF shows Israel's reaction to airspace violation. JERUSALEM/BEIRUT - Israel launched heavy air strikes in Syria on Saturday, saying it hit air defenses and Iranian targets, and the Syrian army claimed to have brought down an Israeli F-16 that crashed in northern Israel in a major escalation of tension. The Israeli military said early assessments indicated the jet had been shot down by Syrian fire, but this was still unconfirmed. It marked the most serious confrontation yet in Syria between Israel and Iranian and Iran-backed forces that have established a major foothold in the country while fighting in support of President Bashar Assad in the civil war. Israel said the F-16 crashed during a mission to strike Iranian drone installations in Syria. It said it sent its jets into Syria after shooting down an Iranian drone over Israeli territory earlier on Saturday. The military alliance fighting in support of Assad denied any of its drones had entered Israeli air space. In a statement, it said Israel had targeted an air base in the Homs desert that is being used to fly drones in missions against Islamic State. Such "terrorist action" by Israel would be met with a "severe and serious response," it said. The Israeli military spokesman said Israel did not seek escalation in the region, calling its action a "defensive effort triggered by an Iranian act of aggression." Iran's expanding clout during Syria's nearly seven-year-long war, including deployments of Iran-backed forces near the Golan frontier, has raised alarm in Israel, which has said it would act against any threat from its regional arch-enemy Tehran. Iranian and Iran-backed Shi'ite forces, including Lebanon's Hezbollah, have deployed widely in support of Assad. Iran's military chief warned Israel last October against breaching Syrian airspace and territory. Israel's air force has targeted Syrian military and Hezbollah targets in Syria on an almost regular basis, but its attacks on Saturday appeared to be the most intense yet. Referring to the downed Israeli F-16, an official in the pro-Assad alliance said a "message" had been delivered to Israel. "I do not believe matters will develop to a regional war," the official said. US HAWKISH ON IRAN In Washington, President Donald Trump’s administration has backed Israel’s hawkish stance on Iran, and declared containing Tehran's influence an objective of its Syria policy. On a visit to Israel last month, US Vice President Mike Pence called Iran the world’s "leading state sponsor of terror." US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is also expected to visit the region in the coming week to discuss the crisis in Syria and other issues, and is scheduled to visit Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and other countries. Hezbollah and Israel last fought a major conflict in 2006. Tensions have also spiked across the frontier between Israel and Lebanon over Israeli plans for border wall, and Lebanese plans to exploit an offshore energy block which is partly located in disputed waters. The Israeli military said 12 targets, including three aerial defense batteries and four Iranian targets that are part of Iran's military establishment in Syria were attacked. "During the attack, anti-aircraft missiles were fired towards Israel, triggering alarms that were heard in Northern Israel," the military said. Syrian state media reported two separate Israeli attacks. In the first one, a military source said Syrian air defenses had opened fire in response to an Israeli act of "aggression" against a military base, hitting "more than one plane." Later, state media said air defenses were responding to a new Israeli assault and air defenses had thwarted attacks on military positions in southern Syria. Israel said one of its attack helicopters shot down an Iranian drone at around 4.30am (0230 GMT) that had come from Syria into Israel. "In response, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) targeted Iranian targets in Syria," the military said.

"MASSIVE" ANTI-AIRCRAFT FIRE Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus said a "substantial" number of Israeli warplanes on the mission had come under "massive Syrian anti-air fire," and only one Israeli jet was harmed. The F-16 came down in a field near the northern Israeli village of Harduf, television footage showed, and one of the pilots was injured as they ejected, the military said. David Ivry, a former Israeli Air Force chief, told Reuters he believed it was the first time an Israeli F-16 was brought down since Israel began using the jets in the 1980s. "We don't know if the pilots ejected because of the (Syrian) fire," Conricus said. It was also unclear at what stage of the mission they ejected, he said, "but it is of extreme concern to us if they were shot down." The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Israel had targeted areas in the countryside southwest of Damascus, near the Syrian-Lebanon border west of Damascus and in the eastern countryside of Homs province for several hours since dawn. It said another set of raids hit southwest of Damascus, and another struck around the Damascus-Beirut highway near the border with Lebanon. In Israel, uniformed military personnel could be seen gathered around the burnt and tangled metal in Harduf by mid-morning, with what appeared to be white foam on the surrounding grass. Others knelt in the grass, inspecting pieces of the jet. Rocket alert sirens sounded in the Israeli-held Golan Heights and in northern Israel. There were no reports of casualties. Flights in to Israel's main airport near Tel Aviv were suspended for about 15 minutes and take-offs were held for about 20 minutes on Saturday morning. "Ben Gurion Airport is now operating as usual," Israeli Airport Authority spokesman Ofer Lefler said. The airport's online live flight schedule showed flights were departing and landing. 

[ :: 10-3-12 pm service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. But it is a very, very dark hour, a very wicked hour, a very evil hour with much going on every day, every moment of the day.

:: 2-12-18 WABC TV 7 :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Wife of Donald Trump Jr. taken to hospital after opening envelope containing white powder

By Eyewitness News Updated 54 mins ago

SUTTON PLACE, Manhattan (WABC) -- The wife of Donald Trump Jr. was taken to a New York City hospital Monday after she opened an envelope containing an unknown white powder. The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr. and sent to his mother-in-law's apartment on East 54th Street, just east of First Avenue, in Manhattan. This was the scene outside their Sutton Place apartment early Monday afternoon: There, Trump Jr.'s wife, Vanessa, opened the letter just after 10 a.m. She and two other people were decontaminated by firefighters at the scene. All three taken to the hospital for evaluation, FDNY officials said. Everyone exposed to the powder appears to be fine, officials said. "The substance was deemed to be non-hazardous and is being transported to a lab in New York City for further analysis," NYPD spokesman Peter Donald said. Investigators said the letter was postmarked from Boston. Police and Secret Service agents are at the scene investigating. This is a breaking news story. Keep checking for the latest information. 

:: 2-11-18 Washington Times :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Israelis, Palestinians uninterested in U.S.-brokered peace efforts, Trump says

By Carlo Muñoz - The Washington Times - Sunday, February 11, 2018

President Trump said Israelis and Palestinians remain unwilling to pursue any U.S.-led effort to forge a peace deal, issuing rare criticism of the Jewish state. Mr. Trump characterized a lack of enthusiasm on both sides for brokering peace as “foolish,” accusing both of squandering an opportunity to end the decades-long conflict. “Right now, I would say the Palestinians are not looking to make peace, they are not looking to make peace. And I am not necessarily sure that Israel is looking to make peace. So we are just going to have to see what happens,” Mr. Trump said Sunday during an interview with the Israel Hayom newspaper. “I think it is very foolish for the Palestinians and I also think it would be very foolish for the Israelis if they don’t make a deal. It’s our only opportunity and it will never happen after this,” he added during the interview, which also focused on his administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. The Trump White House infuriated the Arab world in December with its proclamation on Jerusalem and its intention to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to the holy city. “Jerusalem is and always will be the capital of Palestine,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said during an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, shortly after the White House announcement. Characterizing the White House’s policy shift on Jerusalem as “the greatest crime” committed by Washington against Palestinians, Mr. Abbas said the U.S. no longer could play a role in the Middle East peace process. During his first State of the Union speech last month, Mr. Trump issued a thinly-veiled threat to nations who have voiced opposition to U.S. efforts in Jerusalem. “In 2016, American taxpayers generously sent those same countries more than $20 billion dollars in aid,” he said. “That is why, tonight, I’m asking the Congress to pass legislation to help ensure American foreign-assistance dollars always serve American interests — and only go to friends of America, not enemies of America.” Administration officials already have vowed to block future financial aid to the Palestinian Authority unless Palestinians agree to peace talks with Israel. But Sunday, Mr. Trump walked back claims his administration had taken Jerusalem off the table, reiterating that the city’s borders would be determined through bilateral peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. “By taking Jerusalem off the table I wanted to make it clear that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and as for specific boundaries, I would support what both sides agreed to,” he said Sunday. Other nations, most recently Russia, have recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, but noted those borders only extend to the western part of the city, Mr. Mneimneh explained. That delineation has always been taken in anticipation of East Jerusalem being the capital of a future Palestinian state. Mr. Trump also cautioned Israel from pursuing more settlements in disputed areas within the Palestinian territories, saying such efforts would further impede efforts to get peace talks on track. “The settlements are something that very much complicates and always have complicated making peace,” he said. “I think Israel has to be very careful with the settlements.” 

[:: 2-3-14 am service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

:: 2-11-18 The Jerusalem Post :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Israel to be key player in the next chapter of Syria’s war

Preparing for war in the north, Israel boosts air defenses

Syrians suffering under Iranian-supported regime praise Israel’s strikes

By Anna Ahronheim February 11, 2018 18:58

For Israel, the next chapter in Syria’s war will be a nightmare scenario.

The incident on Israel’s northern border on Saturday was not only a significant event for Israel, but a serious incident that shows how the disastrous war in Syria is far from over, A new chapter in fact is just beginning, with Israel poised to be a central character. Since the intervention of the Russians and the Iranian- backed Shi’ite militias including Hezbollah, the tide has turned in favor of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who has become more brazen as he regains control over more territory. Early on Saturday morning, an advanced Iranian drone believed to be a copy of a US stealth drone that was downed in Iran in 2011, drone took off from the T4 airbase deep in the Syrian province of Homs. The drone was spotted by Israel and was intercepted near the town of Beit She’an by an Apache attack helicopter after it had flown 1.5 minutes into Israeli territory. In response, Israeli F-16 fighter jets took off to strike the launch site and were met by massive Syrian antiaircraft fire, over 20 missiles launched from SA-5 and SA-17 batteries. The pilots of one of the F16s ejected from their jet, which crashed in the lower Galilee. It is assumed that the jet was hit by shrapnel by the Syrian antiaircraft fire. It was the first time in 30 years that an Israeli jet was lost in a combat situation. This led to an extensive retaliation by Israel with additional strikes against both the Syrian missile batteries and Iranian military targets. According to IAF chief of air staff Brig.-Gen. Tomer Bar, the second in command of Israel’s air force, it was the most extensive Israeli attack against Syrian air defenses since 1982. Syria’s army was almost decimated over the course of the deadly civil war, with some questioning how “Syrian Arab” is the Syrian Arab Army, which is propped up by some 80,000 fighters belonging to the Lebanese Shia terror group Hezbollah and another 10,000 other Shi’ite militia fighters. As troops loyal to Assad continue to march back to Israel’s border, winning battles with local rebel and al-Qaida linked groups, Israel is watching with concern. Officials have been warning of Iranian entrenchment on the Golan Heights, an area of key strategic importance for the Jewish state, stressing that it is a red line for Jerusalem. Once the Assad regime re-cements its hold on the entirety of the country, these fighters, who have been trained and equipped by Iran are unlikely to return to their homes in Lebanon, Afghanistan or Iran. Their sights will likely turn towards Israel, Syria’s old foe. On Sunday, OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Yoel Strick warned that while Israel is not interested in escalating the situation, the IDF would not allow an Iranian presence in Syria. “Those who cross the border will, on any level, receive an appropriate response. Iranian involvement in the region is a disturbing threat to Israel and the entire world. Iran wants to create a front command in Syria – we will not allow it,” he said at a ceremony marking the change of the command in the Northern Command’s 210th “Bashan” Division, which is responsible for guarding the Syrian border and the Golan Heights. “We are not inclined toward escalation, but we have high-level capabilities and we will not hesitate to use them,” Strick added. Incoming commander Brig.-Gen. Amit Fisher warned not only of the Iranian entrenchment across the border but the return of Syrian troops to an area which was relatively quiet for close to six years while under the control of rebels. “We must prepare ourselves operationally and in terms of intelligence for the growing threat: The return of the Syrian army and Iranian forces, Hezbollah and others.” For Israel, the next chapter in Syria’s war will be a nightmare scenario.  “We must prepare ourselves operationally and in terms of intelligence for the growing threat: The return of the Syrian army and Iranian forces, Hezbollah and others. ”For Israel, the next chapter in Syria’s war will be a nightmare scenario. 

[ :: 8-14-16 am service forth word  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

For the ways of man have become more evil than at anytime on the face of the earth, anytime.  The demon spirits are extremely active and they are entering into those that have not a covering over them. etc.

[ :: 8-28-16 am service second word  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

For the world has become very evil and they desire the evil more than they desire those things that are righteous and they desire to walk the way of the evil.  You can even see it in the elections, they are willing to accept the evil and reject that which would be good.  This is a sign that you have crossed the line, that there is no turning back, that my judgment must come upon the face of the earth, etc

:: 2-5-18 All News Pipeline :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Something So Huge Is Coming It Will Bring Deep State To Their Knees And They Are 'Terrified' As Their Conspiracy To Overthrow President Trump Is Exposed

February 5, 2018 By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When President Trump tweets liberals melt down, they scream "bully" when he goes after someone or names wrongdoing by someone, they mock him relentlessly when he makes a claim that the media either knows nothing about or has actively tried to hide the information from the public, such as when President Trump informed the country his communications were "wire-tapped" by the Obama administration, which the world finally found out was one hundred percent true, after they criticized him for months over his claim. The reason we watch the president's Twitter feed is that we have noted, time and time again, to note the names he names, the claims he makes and understand that he is informing the public of what is coming at a later date. One such example was President Trump's March 2017 tweets about Uranium One which stated "Why isn't the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill & Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech....", then he continued on to say " to Bill, the Hillary Russian "reset," praise of Russia by Hillary, or Podesta Russian Company. Trump Russia story is a hoax. #MAGA!" President Trump was informing people what was coming at a later date and sure enough, in October 2017, The Hill's John Solomon busted open a story regarding Uranium One, showing that the Obama administration while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State knew of an ongoing bribery investigation implicating Russian nuclear officials, which they kept from the public and from Congress, as they approve the Uranium One deal. That report also uncovered significant amounts of money was given to the Clinton Foundation by Russian entities. On February 5, 2018, President Trump offered another tidbit of information, which taken in conjunction with newly revealed information by investigative journalist Sara Carter, explains why she says high level Obama administration intelligence members are "terrified." It is noteworthy that for months, from the information about Obama administration officials "unmasking" Americans, specifically Trump campaign team members, for political purposes, all the way until the most recent FISA abuse memo, Carter has been in front of it all, with her sources offering her enough to be able to inform the public, without revealing classified information, of what was coming and to date, her predictions by citing her high level sources, have been spot on. Trump tweeted on February 5, 2018: "Little Adam Schiff, who is desperate to run for higher office, is one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington, right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper! Adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. Must be stopped!" As you can hear by Carter above, the OIG report has former Obama officials terrified, but she also highlights, just as the president did, that there will be details about leaks, in some cases including classified information leaked to the press, contained with the OIG report, which also matches the OIG's mandate in the press release announcing his investigation which began in January 2017. Via that press release: "Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz announced today that, in response to requests from numerous Chairmen and Ranking Members of Congressional oversight committees, various organizations, and members of the public, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will initiate a review of allegations regarding certain actions by the Department of Justice (Department) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in advance of the 2016 election. Cognizant of the scope of the OIG’s jurisdiction under Section 8E of the Inspector General Act, the review will examine the following issues: " • Allegations that Department or FBI policies or procedures were not followed in connection with, or in actions leading up to or related to, the FBI Director’s public announcement on July 5, 2016, and the Director’s letters to Congress on October 28 and November 6, 2016, and that certain underlying investigative decisions were based on improper considerations; • Allegations that the FBI Deputy Director should have been recused from participating in certain investigative matters; • Allegations that the Department’s Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs improperly disclosed non-public information to the Clinton campaign and/or should have been recused from participating in certain matters; • Allegations that Department and FBI employees improperly disclosed non-public information; and • Allegations that decisions regarding the timing of the FBI’s release of certain Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents on October 30 and November 1, 2016, and the use of a Twitter account to publicize same, were influenced by improper considerations. "Finally, if circumstances warrant, the OIG will consider including other issues that may arise during the course of the review." The president specifically highlighted leaks in his tweet, but he also named two very high level former Obama officials, namely, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from March 2013 to January 2017, John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who resigned in November 2016. A look back through older news, we see that Brennan was accused of leaking information back in December 2016, after Donald Trump had won the presidential election, in the very midst of the ongoing communications between high level FBI employees discussing an "insurance policy" against Donald Trump should he become the president, which was later revealed to be the whole "Russia collusion" narrative we have heard ad nuaseam for the last year. Interestingly, the information Brennan was accused of leaking to the press, was in relation to "Russian hacking" of the DNC servers, in what Representaive Peter King called "a hit job" against the then president-elect Donald Trump. At the time King told ABC's This Week show "“That's what infuriates me about this, Martha, is that we have John Brennan, supposedly John Brennan, leaking to The Washington Post, to a biased newspaper like The New York Times, findings and conclusion that is he's not telling the intelligence committee." Related: Trump Claims CIA Director Brennan Leaked Unsubstantiated Report Flashback from Circa News, May 22, 2017: Former CIA director John Brennan confirmed he unmasked the identities of Americans in his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee. Upon questioning from Rep. Trey Gowdy, (R- SC) Brennan acknowledged he requested for U.S. citizen's name to be unmasked and said that he did not unmask anyone on his last day at work, January 20. When asked if ambassadors requested names to be unmasked Brennan said that it may have "rang a vague bell," but that he "could not answer with any confidence." Brennan said the CIA respected American citizens right to privacy. "[There is] a right of all Americans to privacy, and that sometimes information is collected about U.S. persons who may or may not be involved in any matter of criminal activity. And therefore, respecting that privacy of U.S. citizens, the intelligence community goes to great lengths to cover the identity of U.S. persons if they may be uncovered, but happen to be included in U.S. intelligence collection," Brennan said. There is growing evidence the agency he oversaw has become one of the largest consumers of unmasked intelligence about Americans even though its charter prohibits it from spying on U.S. citizens. The Senate Judiciary Committee is also seeking communications regarding Brennan, along with 39 others, from a variety of entities, including The Democratic National Committee (DNC), Hillary for America (HFA), Former DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, HFA Chair John Podesta, and HFA Chief Strategist Joel Benenson. As to James Clapper, who President Trump also mentions in his tweet, back in May 2017, both he and former deputy AG Sally Yates were questioned by Senator Chuck Grassley about "unmasking Trump communications," and sharing it will others. In January 2017, before President Trump was inaugurated, he accused the Intelligence Community of leaking the Kremlin sourced, Steele dossier that was funded in part by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, and it was Clapper quoted by multiple sources in denying that claim. This was the same Steele dossier that the recent FISA abuse memo highlighted as being unverified, yet used by the intelligence community to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil Trump campaign members. Perhaps the most damning thing against Clapper was his assertion before it was verified that the Trump campaign did in fact have their communications surveilled, and that the Steele dossier was used to obtain a FISA warrant, was Clapper's outright denial of knowledge about any FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Via The Hill in March 2017, before the public learned that Trump and his campaign was surveilled and about the FISA warrant against Carter Page, that allowed Obama intelligence officials to collect "incidental" communications of other Americans that communicated with Carter Page, specifically, other Trump campaign members, that were then "unmasked." Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Sunday denied President Trump's allegations that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower before the election. During an interview on NBC's "Meet The Press," Clapper was asked if he would be aware if something like that had happened. "I would certainly hope so. ... Obviously I can't speak officially anymore," Clapper said on NBC's "Meet The Press." "But I will say that for the part of the national security apparatus that I oversaw as DNI, there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time, as a candidate, or against his campaign." Clapper also said he would know if a court order through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) existed for "something like this." "And at this point you can't confirm or deny whether that exists?" host Chuck Todd asked. "I can deny it," Clapper said in response. "There is no FISA court order?" Todd asked. "Not to my knowledge," Clapper responded. With the information now available, we now know James Clapper was lying back in that March 2017 interview. Not only was the Trump campaign survielled, but the FISA warrant was granted, and extended multiple times using the same Steele dossier that Clapper denied leaking knowledge of to the press. MORE MEMOS EXPECTED AS EVERYONE WAITS FOR OIG REPORT The DOJ's Office of Inspector General has already released 1.2 million documents to the House Intelligence Committee, where the most recent FISA abuse memo was released from, and reports indicate that memo, which Democrats, the DOJ and FBI, attempted to prevent the public from seeing, is just the beginning, as there are approximately five more memos, dealing with different agencies, expected to come out of that committee. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., suggested that more memos, in addition to the one released Friday that outlines alleged surveillance violations by the U.S. government, may soon be released, with the next one targeting the State Department. “Yes, this completes just the FISA abuse portion of our investigation,” Nunes told Fox News host Bret Baier on Friday, referencing abuses related to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. “We are in the middle of what I call ‘phase two’ of our investigation, which involved other departments,” Nunes said. “Specifically the State Department and some of the involvement they had in this.” The first memo detailed FISA abuses, it is believed the subsequent House Intelligence memos will be revealing illegal actions taken from high level members from individual agencies, building the bigger picture of a group of "deep state" intelligence community members plotting to arrange the overthrow of a sitting president THE "CONSPIRACY" TO OVERTHROW PRESIDENT TRUMP WENT STRAIGHT TO THE TOP What is critical to remember as all this information is being thrown at us, with new revelations coming each week, while Democrats, liberals and the MSM continue to try to downplay it all, is that 1) Trump offered warnings and hints, sometimes months in advance of what was going to be revealed, and; 2) More importantly, the leaks to the press have been coming from a variety of high level sources. (Former FBI director James Comey admitted to "leaking" his memos to a friend with the sole purpose of having him leak it to the press in order to prompt a special counsel into the Russia collusion probe, and FBI Agent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page recently exposed as leakers to another journalist) because; 3) these leaks were made possible because Barack Obama, right before leaving office in January 2017, issued new rules under Executive Order 12333 that allowed "the NSA—which collects information under that authority with little oversight, transparency, or concern for privacy—share the raw streams of communications it intercepts directly with agencies including the FBI, the DEA, and the Department of Homeland Security." Many believe, and the recent revelations seem to offer the theory some credence, that high level members of multiple intelligence agencies manufactured a hoax regarding "Russia collusion with the Trump campaign," then proceeded to use unverified documents to obtain FISA warrants on Trump campaign member(s), then "unmask" other names that communicated with the person listed in the warrant, then Barack Obama, who was the president at that time, initiated new rules to allow those same agencies to share raw data (meaning American names were not masked) with each other, so that it would take hundreds of investigative hours to unravel exactly who leaked what and when and to who. Related: Clinton associates fed information to Trump dossier author Steele, memo says BOTTOM LINE Between the Senate Judiciary Committee, the House Intelligence Committee, millions of documents, and a year-long OIG oversight investigation, we are finally starting to see some top members of the FBI, along with other top members of the DOJ, along with the former Director of the CIA, and the DNI, be exposed publicly, as not only leakers, but as liars whose lies were captured and preserved on video, all engaged in a huge conspiracy to overthrow the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. This is all so incredibly huge it will bring the deep state to its knees. No wonder Democrats, the MSM who helped them all, and former Obama administration members are all "terrified." Stepping back and looking at the past lies, the recent news, the FISA abuse memo, the OIG investigation, it is a lot easier to see why Congress members have been comparing the actions of Obama intelligence members to the KGB, calling this huge conspiracy to take down a sitting president "explosive," and "jaw-dropping," and what Judge Jeanine Pirro calls the actions seen in "third world countries." 

:: 2--18 Countdown to Zero Time :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::


“They would rather see Trump do badly than our country do well”

President Trump on Monday accused Democrats of “treasonous” behavior during his State of the Union address, escalating partisan tensions during a crucial stretch for Congress. Trump took aim at Democratic lawmakers who refused to applaud during his speech last week when he mentioned his achievements during his first year in office, a reaction he called “un-American.” “Can we call that treason? Why not?” the president said during a speech in Ohio. “They certainly didn’t seem to love our country very much.” Trump signaled that Democrats’ refusal to cheer “very positive news” in his speech, such as low unemployment rates for Hispanics and African-Americans, will make it difficult for him to work with them on government spending and immigration. He said the Democrats “would rather see Trump do badly than our country do well,” calling their behavior “very selfish.” Lawmakers are facing a Thursday deadline to fund the government and must act by March 5 to preserve protections for young immigrants living illegally in the U.S., both issues that have been stalled by partisan gridlock. The president used the 47-minute speech as a warm-up act for the 2018 midterm elections, even though the White House billed it as an official event, and not a political one, meaning taxpayers footed the bill. He took repeated shots at Democratic congressional leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) and praised Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Renacci, who is running for Senate in the fall. Trump also attacked Democratic incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio) for voting against his tax overhaul, which the president said is bolstering the economy. “We had no Democrats. Nobody. Not one, including your other senator. He voted against it,” Trump said. “If they ever took over, your taxes would go way up and you would see some bad things happen.” A jobs report released Friday showed the economy adding 200,000 jobs in January. It also showed some wage growth, another data point suggesting a strengthening economy. full story the hill President Donald Trump SLAMS Democrats calls their behavior TREASONOUS at Tax Reform Speech in Ohio Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer proved Trump’s point as he told a pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign gathering that Trump is “probably the most dangerous and worst man” to ever to hold the Presidency “We are dealing with probably the most dangerous and worst man in the presidency we have ever had in the history of this nation, but we are going to win the fight,” Schumer said. “My friends at HRC, we are against someone far worse than Lyndon Johnson, and the dangers to America are even greater,” Schumer said. “But I have never seen such activism in the streets, such protests and resist [sic] and email and calling and writing. I have never seen that except in the Vietnam War days.” Schumer vowed that Democrats will “take back the Senate,” in order to railroad Trump. “That means that I will have the sole power to determine what goes on the floor of the Senate, and that will mean we will not get another backward, right-wing judge on the Supreme Court, period,” Schumer said. “It means we’ll be able stop Donald Trump from putting all his junk on the floor and stop the anti-LGBT cascade of things that come into the United States Senate.” “We will take this country back! … We’re going to win! We’re going to win! We’re going to win!” Schumer yelled at the crowd. Make no mistake we are in a war of huge proportions the TRUMP counter attack is now full on the lance is sharp NWO SCUM FEEL THE WRATH OF THE PEOPLE YOU DISGUSTING SICK SATANIC FILTH YOUR TIME HAS COME GODS HOUNDS LANCES ARE NOW AIMED AT YOUR THROAT 

[ :: 12-30-01  At the altar after PM Service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

Put your money, your time, your efforts into what I tell you to do, for I will cause you to have a victory such as you have never seen. And it shall be so clear, yes; it shall be so clear what you are all to do. Yes, for I shall speak to you, my power shall be awesome and miracles shall come to pass. It shall not be the fake gold or the fake feathers or the false shaking or the animal noises or the falling under the power and not coming away with permanent results or changed lives. My prophetic shall speak concerning things to come in a clear concise manner that no one shall want to miss or read second hand. For they will want to hear it under the anointing of the prophets and to receive the anointing of the prophet that shall manifest miracles, signs and wonders. People shall now see the signs of the last days like never before. Not only in a strange and confusing weather, the heat, the drought, the floods, the forest fires, the volcanoes, lack of jobs, shortage of money, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, sandstorms, straight wind, electrical storms, electrical shortages, hail, locusts, pestilence’s, the sicknesses, terrorists attacks, wars, the uniting of the false church under the false prophet, the rise of the anti-christ, the riots, the crime, the drugs, alcoholism, great open gay activities and movies, more open sex on TV, more street people, homeless, lack of crops, food shortages, great fear in those who do not know me. No peace as my word says for the world. The UN taking more control, martial law established, rationing and many more disasters that shall now begin to come. etc.

:: 2-6-18 USA Today :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Winter Olympics security workers hit with vomiting illness; military personnel called in for backup

Rachel Axon | USA TODAY Sports Updated 12:59 p.m. EST Feb. 6, 2018

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – The organizing committee for the Pyeongchang Olympics has called in 900 military personnel after more than 1,200 security workers were pulled off duty because of concerns about the spread of the Norovirus, Christophe Dubi, IOC executive director of the Olympic Games said Tuesday. Later Tuesday evening, the organizing committee said 32 cases of Norovirus had been confirmed and those people were quarantined after being treated. Those 32 cases involve 21 private security staff members from the Horeb Youth Center and 11 people from other locations, including three foreigners. In a statement, POCOG said that starting Sunday workers reported headaches, stomach pain and diarrhea. The Gangwon Province Health and Environment Research Center found 41 workers with symptoms that might be related to the virus. The others have been pulled from duty to prevent possible spreading of the illness. The workers are largely responsible for checking credentials and screening baggage entering the venues. The military personnel were brought in from about 40 minutes away. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Norovirus is considered highly contagious and typically includes symptoms of diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting and nausea. The organizing committee said ground water used in food and beverages at the Horeb Youth Centre -- a housing facility -- was suspected. In a statement late Tuesday, the committee said the Ministry of Food And Drug Safety and Ministry of Environment had checked the water used for cooking and consumption over five days and found it tested negative for Norovirus. On Monday, the Korean Centre for Disease Control and Prevention began a survey of everyone staying there. Those workers displaying symptoms will be sent to the hospital and those that do not will remain at the center until there are no further cases. The affected workers have been isolated and asked to stay in their accommodations. In their absence, 900 military personnel will work across 20 venues until the affected workers can return. The organizing committee is working with the Korean CDC to stop the spread of the virus, including disinfecting facilities and equipment. Organizers shared tips to help prevent the virus, which include washing hands with soap for more than 30 seconds, eating food that is thoroughly cooked and boiling water before drinking. 

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Report: Massive radiation leak at Fukushima plant — Extremely high levels being detected outside reactor — Officials can’t explain why — Expert warns of global threat: “It’s a disaster of unseen proportions” (VIDEO)

Published: February 6th, 2018 at 7:23 am ET By ENENews

The Independent, Feb 2, 2018 (emphasis added): Fukushima nuclear disaster: Lethal levels of radiation detected in leak… Expert warns of ‘global’ consequences unless the plant is treated properly… [Tepco] found eight sieverts per hour of radiation, while 42 [sieverts] were also detected outside its foundations… It came as Tepco said the problem of contaminated water pooled around the plants three reactors that is seeping into the ground has caused a major headache in its efforts to decommission the plant… Mycle Schneider, an independent energy consultant and lead author of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, said that Tepco “hasn’t a clue what it is doing” in its job to decommission the plant. He added that the contaminated water that is leaking at the site could end up in the ocean if the ongoing treatment project fails and cause a “global” disaster, he told The Independent… “I find it symptomatic of the past seven years, in that they don’t know what they’re doing, Tepco, these energy companies haven’t a clue what they’re doing, so to me it’s been going wrong from the beginning. It’s a disaster of unseen proportions.” Mr Schneider added that the radiation leaks coupled with the waste from the plant stored in an “inappropriate” way in tanks could have global consequences… “This can get problematic anytime, if it contaminates the ocean there is no local contamination, the ocean is global, so anything that goes into the ocean goes to everyone.” He added: “It needs to be clear that this problem is not gone, this is not just a local problem. It’s a very major thing.” NHK, Feb 1, 2018: High radiation detected at Fukushima plant… A remote-controlled inspection of the Unit 2 reactor containment vessel last month detected a maximum of 8 sieverts per hour of radiation… [Tepco] said the radiation reading was taken near what appeared to be fuel debris, the term used to describe a mixture of molten fuel and broken interior parts… radiation levels remain so high that they present a major challenge to decommissioning work. During the probe, 42 sieverts per hour of radiation was also detected outside the foundations of the reactor. But officials said they have doubts about the accuracy of the reading because a cover had not been removed from the measuring instrument at the time. They added that they don’t know why radiation levels were lower near the suspected fuel debris than around the foundations. They gave a number of possible reasons, such as that cooling water may have washed radioactive materials off the debris… RT, Feb 2, 2018: An inspection of the Fukushima nuclear plant has detected extremely high amounts of radiation, says operator TEPCO… Experts can’t explain why radiation levels in fuel debris were lower than outside the reactor’s foundations… Sputnik, Feb 4, 2018: ‘Global Consequences’ of Lethal Radiation Leak at Destroyed Japan Nuclear Plant… While 8 Sv/h is deadly, outside of Fukushima’s Reactor Number 2 foundations… a much higher level of 42 Sv/h was detected. A strange occurrence, and experts are still arguing what caused the discrepancy. One possible explanation is that cooling water washed radioactive material off debris, taking it somewhere else. But here’s a truly terrifying catch: according to the report, Tepco highly doubts the new readings, because, as was discovered later, a cover was not removed from the robot-mounted measurement device at the time of the inspection, NHK World reports… While that radiation dosimeter cover negligence prevents precise calculations, the actual picture inside Unit 2 is thought to be much worse… 

[ :: 12-30-01  At the altar after PM Service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

Put your money, your time, your efforts into what I tell you to do, for I will cause you to have a victory such as you have never seen. And it shall be so clear, yes; it shall be so clear what you are all to do. Yes, for I shall speak to you, my power shall be awesome and miracles shall come to pass. It shall not be the fake gold or the fake feathers or the false shaking or the animal noises or the falling under the power and not coming away with permanent results or changed lives. My prophetic shall speak concerning things to come in a clear concise manner that no one shall want to miss or read second hand. For they will want to hear it under the anointing of the prophets and to receive the anointing of the prophet that shall manifest miracles, signs and wonders. People shall now see the signs of the last days like never before. Not only in a strange and confusing weather, the heat, the drought, the floods, the forest fires, the volcanoes, lack of jobs, shortage of money, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, sandstorms, straight wind, electrical storms, electrical shortages, hail, locusts, pestilence’s, the sicknesses, terrorists attacks, wars, the uniting of the false church under the false prophet, the rise of the anti-christ, the riots, the crime, the drugs, alcoholism, great open gay activities and movies, more open sex on TV, more street people, homeless, lack of crops, food shortages, great fear in those who do not know me. No peace as my word says for the world. The UN taking more control, martial law established, rationing and many more disasters that shall now begin to come. etc.

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Cape Town braces for civil unrest as city's water crisis continues to worsen

By Paul Tilsley | Fox News

The picturesque port city of Cape Town, South Africa has long had the distinction of being one of the world’s top tourist destinations. But now, the city is on track to top another list it doesn’t want to be included in: The first major city in the modern era to have its water supply chain switched off. The city is experiencing a record-low water drought and city officials say soon they may have to take extraordinary steps to restrict water usage. Experts say this kind of drought only comes once in 300 years. Dam water levels are dangerously low, at an average of 25 percent. In some areas, levels are dropping by as much as 1 percent a day. Under Level 6B restrictions introduced this week, residents and tourists can only use about 13 gallons – or 50 liters – of water a day, or face stiff fines. That’s the equivalent of a small to medium-sized tub of water. So taking a bath as is out. People are being urged to take only two short showers a week, or use washcloths to clean themselves. They are also being asked to flush the toilet only once a day. Many restaurants have shut off the water at sinks and are asking customers to use bottled hand sanitizers. Long lines are forming at two wells in the city, where residents can get some water, about six gallons each. A brewery that owns the land where one of the wells sits offers limited water on a first-come, first-served basis. Many residents are trying to stock up because, even with these restrictions, “Day Zero” is likely to come. Barring a miracle, on May 11 – or sooner – most of the city’s water taps will be shut off. Already, police and security agencies are bracing for possible civil unrest. "It will be honestly horrific when day zero comes,” said Wendy Swiel, a local resident told reporters while in line at one of the wells. “It's going to be very scary but I think it's a reality, unfortunately.” Analysts are blaming the ANC-led national government, which is responsible for supplying water, for not acting sooner, despite being warned several years ago about the issue. Some analysts claim that the ANC is punishing Cape Town's voters for recently booting the party in local elections. Cape Town was the first of South Africa’s major cities where voters turned their back on the ruling party in local elections, ostensibly because of corruption, nepotism and mismanagement by the late Nelson Mandela’s party. Three of South Africa’s other largest cities, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth have also dumped the ANC. Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille, a leader of the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, claimed that for months she has been trying to get a meeting with the country’s President, Jacob Zuma, to get national help – to no avail. The municipality purchased new desalination plants, but they won’t be ready in time to avert Day Zero. There’s a growing panic in town. The price of bottled water has shot up – if someone is lucky enough to find one. Shops sell out as soon as supplies enter stores. Even large chain stores are being heavily criticized for price gouging bottled water. In Johannesburg, so many locals are collecting water for family and friends in Cape Town that authorities are asking people to stop doing so, because Johannesburg itself is in danger of running low in this arid country. But many are most concerned about the poor, many of whom collect water from communal taps instead of individual taps at home like in the richer suburbs, according to the Associated Press. The rich are already trucking in tankers of water, and filling their swimming pools, or converting them to operate on salt water. In the Cape township of Khayelitsha, however, poor residents have always had to stand in line for water. So, for them, there is an ironic satisfaction that many in the more affluent areas of the city will now have to make lines for water. Experts say they foresee clashes between those desperate for water – and those hoarding it. Paul Tilsley is a freelance correspondent covering Africa for Fox News. You can follow his African stories on Twitter @paultilsley 

:: 2-5-18 Daily Mail :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Desert Island HACK! Professional castaway reveals neat trick for making fire - using a plastic bag filled with water

Spanish castaway Alvaro Cerezo makes a living testing out uncharted territories

He has revealed footage of himself starting a fire with a bag full of sea water

It worked like a magnifying glass by pinpointing the Sun's rays on dry kindling

By Tim Stickings For Mailonline Published: 16:55 EST, 5 February 2018 | Updated: 16:56 EST, 5 February 2018

This real life Robinson Crusoe has revealed his unbelievable trick for making fire using only a plastic bag filled with water. Spanish castaway Alvaro Cerezo has visited more than 400 uncharted territories since he decided to trade civilization for surviving on unspoiled pockets of paradise aged 19. The 36-year-old now makes a living abandoning brave holidaymakers on far-flung desert islands to survive for days or weeks at a time - and has to test out the most treacherous locations himself first. Now he has revealed amazing new video footage of himself creating a fire on a beach on a desert island in the Philippines in seconds - using only a clear plastic bag full of sea water. In the clip, Alvaro, from Malaga, uses the plastic bag in the same way as a magnifying glass to pinpoint the sun's burning rays onto dry coconut kindling, which quickly sets alight. The survival expert said: 'I have used this method to make fire so many times. 'People are usually surprised you can use a plastic bag to make fire - they normally cannot believe it. 'If explorers don't carry plastic bags with them, there are always some on the shore of any desert island that have been pulled from the sea. 'The problem is most of them have little holes which would make the coconut hair wet, meaning it would be impossible to start a fire. 'Because of this you need to be lucky to find the right plastic bag, as it also must be transparent. 'Once you fill it with water - either fresh or salty - you need to create a round shape by pressing the sides. 'Then, the water creates the same effect as a magnifying glass.' Alvaro set up his company, Docastaway, in 2003 after staying on an island on the remote archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar in India and realising he could never work in an office. He has since helped more than 500 people - from backpackers to millionaires - experience the shipwrecked life for just $1,500 USD per week. He scours the world for suitably untrodden islands and limits each one to one person or couple at a time and withholds geographic details to ensure genuine isolation. Alvaro has also successfully used a lightbulb to start a fire and said making a saw out of bamboo to create friction is another commonly-used method. He added: 'When I can't find a plastic bag, I try to find a lightbulb. 'They are round and so make for the perfect shape, like when you press a plastic bag. 'You open them carefully and put water inside to create the same magnifying glass effect.'

Read more: 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Secret Alliance: Israel Carries Out Airstrikes in Egypt, With Cairo’s O.K.

The New York Times By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK 4 days ago

The jihadists in Egypt’s Northern Sinai had killed hundreds of soldiers and police officers, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, briefly seized a major town and begun setting up armed checkpoints to claim territory. In late 2015, they brought down a Russian passenger jet. Egypt appeared unable to stop them, so Israel, alarmed at the threat just over the border, took action. For more than two years, unmarked Israeli drones, helicopters and jets have carried out a covert air campaign, conducting more than 100 airstrikes inside Egypt, frequently more than once a week — and all with the approval of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The remarkable cooperation marks a new stage in the evolution of their singularly fraught relationship. Once enemies in three wars, then antagonists in an uneasy peace, Egypt and Israel are now secret allies in a covert war against a common foe. For Cairo, the Israeli intervention has helped the Egyptian military regain its footing in its nearly five-year battle against the militants. For Israel, the strikes have bolstered the security of its borders and the stability of its neighbor. Their collaboration in the North Sinai is the most dramatic evidence yet of a quiet reconfiguration of the politics of the region. Shared enemies like ISIS, Iran and political Islam have quietly brought the leaders of several Arab states into growing alignment with Israel — even as their officials and news media continue to vilify the Jewish state in public. American officials say Israel’s air campaign has played a decisive role in enabling the Egyptian armed forces to gain an upper hand against the militants. But the Israeli role is having some unexpected consequences for the region, including on Middle East peace negotiations, in part by convincing senior Israeli officials that Egypt is now dependent on them even to control its own territory. Seven current or former British and American officials involved in Middle East policy described the Israeli attacks inside Egypt, all speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss classified information. Spokesmen for the Israeli and Egyptian militaries declined to comment, and so did a spokesman for the Egyptian foreign ministry. Both neighbors have sought to conceal Israel’s role in the airstrikes for fear of a backlash inside Egypt, where government officials and the state-controlled media continue to discuss Israel as a nemesis and pledge fidelity to the Palestinian cause. The Israeli drones are unmarked, and the Israeli jets and helicopters cover up their markings. Some fly circuitous routes to create the impression that they are based in the Egyptian mainland, according to American officials briefed on their operations. In Israel, military censors restrict public reports of the airstrikes. It is unclear if any Israeli troops or special forces have set foot inside Egyptian borders, which would increase the risk of exposure. Mr. Sisi has taken even more care, American officials say, to hide the origin of the strikes from all but a limited circle of military and intelligence officers. The Egyptian government has declared the North Sinai a closed military zone, barring journalists from gathering information there. Behind the scenes, Egypt’s top generals have grown steadily closer to their Israeli counterparts since the signing of the Camp David accords 40 years ago, in 1978. Egyptian security forces have helped Israel enforce restrictions on the flow of goods in and out of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian territory bordering Egypt controlled by the militant group Hamas. And Egyptian and Israeli intelligence agencies have long shared information about militants on both sides of the border. Israeli officials were concerned in 2012 when Egypt, after its Arab Spring revolt, elected a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to the presidency. The new president, Mohamed Morsi, pledged to respect the Camp David agreements. But the Israelis worried about the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideological kinship with Hamas and its historic hostility to the Jewish state itself. A year later, Mr. Sisi, then the defense minister, ousted Mr. Morsi in a military takeover. Israel welcomed the change in government and urged Washington to accept it. That solidified the partnership between the generals on both sides of the border. The North Sinai, a loosely governed region of mountainous desert between the Suez Canal and the Israeli border, became a refuge for Islamist militants in the decade before Mr. Sisi took power. The main jihadist organization, Ansar Beit al Maqdis — the Partisans of Jerusalem — had concentrated on attacking Israel, but after Mr. Sisi’s takeover it began leading a wave of deadly assaults against Egyptian security forces. A few weeks after Mr. Sisi took power, in August 2013, two mysterious explosions killed five suspected militants in a district of the North Sinai not far from the Israeli border. The Associated Press reported that unnamed Egyptian officials had said Israeli drones fired missiles that killed the militants, possibly because of Egyptian warnings of a planned cross-border attack on an Israeli airport. (Israel had closed the airport the previous day.) Mr. Sisi’s spokesman, Col. Ahmed Ali, denied it. “There is no truth in form or in substance to the existence of any Israeli attacks inside Egyptian territory,” he said in a statement at the time, promising an investigation. “The claims of coordination between the Egyptian and Israeli sides in this matter are totally lacking in truth and go against sense and logic.” Israel declined to comment, and the episode was all but forgotten. Two years later, however, Mr. Sisi was still struggling to defeat the militants, who by then had killed at least several hundred Egyptians soldiers and policemen. In November 2014, Ansar Beit al Maqdis formally declared itself the Sinai Province branch of the Islamic State. On July 1, 2015, the militants briefly captured control of a North Sinai town, Sheikh Zuwaid, and retreated only after Egyptian jets and helicopters struck the town, state news agencies said. Then, at the end of October, the militants brought down the Russian charter jet, killing all 224 people aboard. It was around the time of those ominous milestones, in late 2015, that Israel began its wave of airstrikes, the American officials said, which they credit with killing a long roster of militant leaders. Though equally brutal successors often stepped in to replace them, the militants appeared to adopt less ambitious goals. They no longer dared trying to close roads, set up checkpoints or claim territory. They moved into hitting softer targets like Christians in Sinai, churches in the Nile Valley or other Muslims they view as heretics. In November 2017, the militants killed 311 worshipers at a Sufi mosque in the North Sinai. By then, American officials say, the Israelis were complaining to Washington that the Egyptians were not holding up their end of the arrangement. Cairo, they said, had failed to follow the airstrikes with coordinated movements of its ground troops. Although Israeli military censors have prevented the news media there from reporting on the strikes, some news outlets have circumvented the censorship by citing a 2016 Bloomberg News report, in which an unnamed former Israeli official said there had been Israeli drone strikes inside of Egypt. Zack Gold, a researcher specializing in the North Sinai who has worked in Israel, compared the airstrikes to Israel’s nuclear weapons program — also an open secret. “The Israeli strikes inside of Egypt are almost at the same level,” he said. “Every time anyone says anything about the nuclear program, they have to jokingly add ‘according to the foreign press.’ Israel’s main strategic interest in Egypt is stability, and they believe that open disclosure would threaten that stability.” Inside the American government, the strikes are widely known enough that diplomats and intelligence officials have discussed them in closed briefings with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers in open committee hearings have alluded approvingly to the surprisingly close Egyptian and Israeli cooperation in the North Sinai. In a telephone interview, Senator Benjamin L. Cardin of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, declined to discuss specifics of Israel’s military actions in Egypt, but said Israel was not acting “out of goodness to a neighbor.” “Israel does not want the bad stuff that is happening in the Egyptian Sinai to get into Israel,” he said, adding that the Egyptian effort to hide Israel’s role from its citizens “is not a new phenomenon.” Some American supporters of Israel complain that, given Egypt’s reliance on the Israeli military, Egyptian officials, diplomats and state-controlled news media should stop publicly denouncing the Jewish state, especially in international forums like the United Nations. “You speak with Sisi and he talks about security cooperation with Israel, and you speak with Israelis and they talk about security cooperation with Egypt, but then this duplicitous game continues,” said Representative Eliot L. Engel of New York, the ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Relations Committee. “It is confusing to me.” Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has also pointedly reminded American diplomats of the Israeli military role in Sinai. In February 2016, for example, Secretary of State John Kerry convened a secret summit in Aqaba, Jordan, with Mr. Sisi, King Abdullah of Jordan and Mr. Netanyahu, according to three American officials involved in the talks or briefed about them. Mr. Kerry proposed a regional agreement in which Egypt and Jordan would guarantee Israel’s security as part of a deal for a Palestinian state. Mr. Netanyahu scoffed at the idea. Israeli’s military was already propping up Egypt’s military, he said, according to the Americans. If Egypt was unable to control the ground within its own borders, Mr. Netanyahu argued, it was hardly in a position to guarantee security for Israel. 

[ :: 1-17-18 pm service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

For as I have said unto you and as you have noticed the weather, the weather, the weather, the troubles that are going on here, the troubles that are going on there, the preparation for war, not just North Korea but Russia and other countries that hate America, they are preparing and getting ready.  For the hour is much later than most people think, it is far later than those that are walking in the false and tell you that you have ten, twenty, thirty years, far later.  But many of them do not understand the word because the word starts in the very beginning in Genesis etc

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Russia calls in army after 'snowfall of the century' in Moscow

Reuters Staff 2 Min Read

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian soldiers have been drafted in to help clear the streets of Moscow and the surrounding region after a record snowfall which delayed flights, felled hundreds of trees, and turned some roads and pavements into an obstacle course. More than a month’s worth of snow fell on Moscow within just 36 hours at the weekend as the temperature hovered below zero degrees Celsius, the biggest snowfall in the Russian capital since meteorological records began. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, calling the event “the snowfall of the century”, said one person had been killed when a tree brought down electricity lines, one of over 2,000 trees toppled under the sheer weight of the snow. At least five other people were injured in separate incidents, Sobyanin said. The Russian military said in a statement it had sent 100 soldiers, two snowploughs and a truck to help clear the snow in one Moscow district and at a location in the Moscow region. Children in Moscow were given the day off school on Monday when the temperature stood at minus 12 degrees Celsius. The authorities encouraged people to leave their cars at home and use public transport instead. “I have just left home but have already fallen over because the snow has not been cleared from the pavements,” said Lilya Belkina, a Moscow resident. “It is very difficult to cross the road.” Reporting by Andrew Osborn, Gennady Novik and Valery Stepchenkov; Editing by Alison Williams 

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Colts owner to pay for funeral of NFL player killed in crash

CNN Wire

(CNN) — The driver suspected of hitting and killing NFL linebacker Edwin Jackson and his ride-share driver on Sunday had a prior conviction for driving under the influence and had twice been deported, according to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Indiana State Police identified the suspected driver as Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37, an undocumented immigrant who is a Guatemalan citizen. Police said he gave them an alias at the scene — Alex Cabrera Gonsales — and attempted to flee on foot. Orrego-Savala was taken to the Marion County Jail, accused of driving without a license and on suspicion of intoxicated driving. He was briefly in court on Tuesday for an “advisement of rights” appearance ahead of his initial hearing, which will be held on Wednesday in Marion County Circuit Court.z When Orrego-Savala appeared before the judge he was assisted by an interpreter. He questioned why he was in court, as he claimed he wasn’t driving the car in the fatal crash that killed the two men, according to the court clerk. Orrego-Savala does not currently have an attorney, but one will be appointed before Wednesday morning’s initial hearing. Jackson, 26, was a linebacker with the Indianapolis Colts and was a passenger in the ride-share vehicle. Jeffrey Monroe, 54, of Avon, Indiana, was the ride-share driver who also was killed in the crash around 4 a.m. Sunday. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay will pay for the funerals of Jackson and Monroe, a team spokesperson confirmed to CNN. Trump tweets on crash President Donald Trump referenced Orrego-Savala’s immigration status in a tweet Tuesday morning, saying it was “disgraceful that a person illegally in our country” killed Jackson. He also called on Democrats to “get tough on the Border, and with illegal immigration, FAST!” Indiana State Police said Monday they are working with the prosecutor’s office to file criminal charges in Orrego-Savala’s case. Orrego-Savala was deported in 2007 and 2009, according to ICE. He had entered the US illegally in July 2004 and he was convicted of driving under the influence in Redwood City, California, in 2005, ICE said. “Additionally, he has many other misdemeanor criminal convictions and arrests in California and Indiana,” the statement from ICE said. As part of his call for tighter immigration policy, Trump has repeatedly highlighted suspected crimes in which the suspect is an undocumented immigrant. On the campaign trail, he spoke often about the 2015 killing of Kate Steinle, a 32-year-old in San Francisco, allegedly by a man who had been deported five times previously. The man, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, was found not guilty of murder in the case. Vice President Mike Pence, the former governor of Indiana, tweeted about Jackson’s death Monday, describing it as “a senseless & avoidable tragedy.” Fatal crash details Before the crash on Sunday morning, Monroe had pulled his 2018 Lincoln to the side of Interstate 70 in Indianapolis because Jackson had become ill, according to state police. Monroe was believed to have stepped out of the car to help Jackson, police said. Both men were standing outside the car when a black Ford F-150 pickup truck drove onto the emergency shoulder and struck them and the back of the car. One of the men was thrown into the center lane. A state trooper spotted the wreckage and as he slowed to stop for the crash, he struck the body in the center lane, officials said. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene by the Marion County coroner’s office. Police said Orrego-Savala was the driver of the F-150. ICE said it has placed an immigration detainer on Orrego-Savala at the Marion County Jail. A man listed as Alex Cabrera Gonsales — the alias officials say Orrego-Savala used — was arrested in March 2017 in Whitestown, Indiana, after a driving infraction, according to a Whitestown Police report. Whitestown Police confirmed that Cabrera Gonsales and Orrego-Savala are the same person. After being pulled over for failing to stop at a stop sign, he told police he did not have a driver’s license but had a Mexico ID card, according to the police report. Cabrera Gonsales was arrested and accused of operating a vehicle while never receiving a license, and was handcuffed and taken to Boone County Jail for further processing. Scott Rolston of Whitestown Police said the department generally would not communicate with ICE for a typical traffic stop. “After an arrest, a suspect would be brought to the Boone County Jail, where they would be fingerprinted, processed, and if ICE were to be engaged it would be at that part of the process,” Rolston said. Cabrera Gonsales pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle while never receiving a license, which is a misdemeanor, according to documents provided by CNN affiliate WISH-TV. He was sentenced to two days in the Boone County Jail and was released after one day served, according to the court documents. Jackson was from Atlanta but made a home for himself with the Colts. The inside linebacker started eight games in 2016 for the Colts but did not play this past season due to an injury. “Edwin was loved by all in the Colts organization,” the team said. “We admired his outgoing personality, competitive spirit and hardworking mentality. He was well-respected among all with whom he crossed paths, and he will be greatly missed in our locker room and throughout our entire organization.” Jackson was an undrafted free agent out of Georgia Southern in 2015. The team’s head football coach, Chad Lunsford, said in a statement that Jackson represented “how a young man should live his life. He earned everything that he was given and left this world way too soon.” 

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After winning Super Bowl MVP honors, Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles gives ‘all the glory to God’ (VIDEO)

Posted on February 5, 2018 by True Pundit Staff

Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles led his team to victory in Super Bowl 52 Sunday night. But he knew all along where his strength truly came from. But Foles, a diehard Christian, knew who to thank first after receiving the honors. “Unbelievable,” Foles said, holding his young daughter. “All the glory to God.”- READ MORE 

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etc. truly darkness, darkness is growing darker and darker and darker, war is being prepared, war is being made ready. Watch Russia, watch Turkey, watch China, watch Iran, watch Pakistan, watch Saudi Arabia, for they are not your friends nor have they ever been your friends.  They are not my friends, saith your Father God, for they shall wage war against me in the last days, these are the last days. etc.. 

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Russian-Turkish axis in Syria faces meltdown

With suspicions running high that the nominal allies drew each other's blood on February 3, Ankara may well seek a modus vivendi with the US

By M.K. Bhadrakumar February 6, 2018 1:26 PM (UTC+8)

Two things differentiate the downing of a Russian Su-25 ground-attack jet in the western province of Idlib on February 3 from the drone attacks on the Russian air base at Hmeimim a month earlier. One, Russia could thwart the attack on January 5 by a wave of drone aircraft but singularly failed to anticipate the use of man-portable air defense systems by extremists operating in Idlib under Turkish watch. Russia lost an ace fighter pilot in the latter attack. Two, Moscow sensed an American hand in the drone attack on January 5, but this time around Russia’s Tass news agency promptly highlighted an American denial on record. The Kremlin’s Dmitry Peskov made a point of cautioning against speculations “before one gets precise information as to how terrorists in Syria got that particular man-portable air defense system and other weapons that they have.” Notably, however, an influential lawmaker – Dmitry Sablin, coordinator of the Russia-Syria parliamentary friendship group – went ahead to “speculate,” saying: “We have information that the MANPADS used to bring down our jet was brought into Syria from a neighboring country several days ago. Countries from whose territory weapons arrive, that are then used against Russian servicemen, must understand that this will not go unpunished.” Idlib province is situated right on Syria’s border with Turkey. It is supposed to be a “sealed border” under strict surveillance by Turkish security agencies. If what Sablin alleged was based on factual information, Russian intelligence recently monitored the transfer of MANPADS from Turkey to extremists. Curiously, the day after Sablin spoke, Turkey came out with a counter-allegation of its own, attributed to “security sources,” to the effect that the weaponry used in the attack against a Turkish army tank on February 3 by Kurds in Afrin “might have been a Russian-made 9M113 Konkurs” and that the “claim is being evaluated.” Five Turkish soldiers were killed in that attack. Suffice to say, the air is thick with innuendos and dark hints that Russia and Turkey may have drawn each other’s blood on February 3, despite notionally being allies in Syria’s hybrid war. In January, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reached out to President Vladimir Putin to clarify the situation. But over the latest incident, no such exchange has so far taken place, even though Erdogan is under obligation to initiate one – according to the understanding reached in talks in Astana last year following the Syrian ceasefire, Turkey is entrusted with setting up “observation posts” in Idlib to monitor the activities of extremist groups. Meanwhile, on February 5, Putin sent an effusive message to Nicos Anastasiades congratulating him on his re-election as the President of the Republic of Cyprus. Putin’s message expressed confidence that the “constructive dialogue” and “joint work” by the two countries are in the mutual interests of both and “in keeping with efforts to improve stability and security in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.” Cyprus’ relations with Turkey have been unfriendly ever since the Turkish invasion and occupation of the northern part of the country in 1974. For Turkey, the knot is three-fold. Firstly, it cannot come to terms with the new reality that Russia (which has civilizational ties with Greece and Cyprus) has today become the dominant power in the Eastern Mediterranean. Secondly, it disapproves of ongoing Syrian military operations, supported by air power, to regain control of Idlib from opposition groups that have enjoyed Turkish support. And, above all, thirdly, Erdogan’s grand design to establish a permanent Turkish foothold in Syria (which was ruled by the Ottomans), will remain a pipedream so long as Russia underpins Syria’s unity and territorial integrity. Turkey has all along viewed Moscow’s links with the Kurds in Afrin suspiciously. Typically, therefore, Erdogan will now seek a modus vivendi with the US. Of course, it will be a dream come true for the US if the hairline crack in the Russian-Turkish axis in Syria widens and becomes a rift in the coming weeks. In their opposition to the establishment of Russian bases in Syria, Washington and Ankara are on the same page. On the other hand, the Pentagon will expect Erdogan to give up his plans to launch any military operation to attack the Kurds in Manbij. The US simply cannot accede to the Turkish demand that it break its alliance with Syria’s Kurds. US Defence Secretary James Mattis hinted on Friday that talks are going on with Turkey to dissuade Erdogan from ordering an operation on Manbij. For his part, Erdogan will seek a tradeoff with the Trump administration to create conditions for a broader rapprochement with the US. He is well aware that the US will see advantages in the developing situation to push its containment strategy against Iran more effectively in Syria and to isolate the Assad regime. Indeed, a rift in the Russian-Turkish axis in Syria opens an entirely new ball game in the country, one that enables the US to create new facts on the ground and negotiate harder on the terms of a future Syrian settlement. Israel is also a stakeholder here. Erdogan all along hankered for an enhanced role for Turkey as the flag carrier in the West’s strategies in Syria, fancying himself to be the role model for the Muslim Middle East. But President Barack Obama was disinterested in any such dalliance with the mercurial Sultan in Ankara. Things are very much in flux, though. Erdogan met Pope Francis on Monday. It was the first time in 59 years that a Turkish President had visited the Vatican. 

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etc. it shall not be a good week, many things shall take place.  Watch the stock market, and if you have money hoarded up in there, you are going to lose it, you are going to lose it.  Listen carefully, pay attention, place your money where you know that it is safe etc.

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Asian shares tumble after Dow has worst day since 2011

Associated Press By ELAINE KURTENBACH, AP Business Writer 2 days ago

TOKYO — Asian markets were rattled Tuesday by the miseries on Wall Street, with Japan's Nikkei 225 index briefly dipping more than 7 percent, but investors seemed to be taking the gyrations in stride. The Tokyo benchmark bounced throughout the day, closing 4.7 percent lower at 21,610.24. All regional bourses were battered a day after the Dow Jones industrial average suffered its worst percentage decline since August 2011 and its biggest point drop ever. The Shanghai Composite index fell 3.4 percent to 3,370.65 and Hong Kong's Hang Seng skidded 4.4 percent to 30,827.73. Australia's benchmark S&P ASX 200 slid 3.2 percent to 5,833.30 and South Korea's Kospi declined 1.5 percent to 2,453.31. Two days of steep losses erased the U.S. market's gains from the start of this year, ending a spate of record-setting calm for stocks in a pullback that market pros have been predicting for some time. Declines of 10 percent or more are common during bull markets. There hasn't been one in two years, and by many measures stocks have been looking expensive. The same is true of many global markets, where investors have been bracing for a correction while hoping not to see one. "There would be few places to hide from the risk-off atmosphere that is expected to extend its stay in Asian markets today in a significant manner," Jingyi Pan of IG said in a commentary. "This is fear rolling over itself," she said. Panic in other markets can send investors racing for the "safe haven" of Japanese yen holdings, she noted. That is painful for Japanese and other regional export manufacturers, whose competitiveness is hurt by stronger currencies that push their prices relatively higher. Japanese officials sought to downplay the losses. "The economy has had record high corporate earnings and improving wages and labor conditions. Consumer spending is also recovering and so the Japanese economy is stable," said Toshimitsu Motegi, the economy minister. "As for market movements, I will watch closely for any impact on the economy." The U.S. dollar was flat at 109.12 yen. The euro rose to $1.2390 from $1.2369. At its lowest ebb during Monday's roller-coaster trading on Wall Street, the Dow was down 1,597 points from Friday's close. That came during a 15-minute stretch where the 30-stock index lost 700 points and then gained them back. The Dow finished down 4.6 percent at 24,345.75. The Standard & Poor's 500 index, the benchmark most professional investors and many index funds use, sank 4.1 percent, to 2,648.94. That was its biggest loss since August 2011, when stocks were reeling as investors fretted over European government debt and the U.S. credit rating was downgraded after the debt ceiling impasse. The Nasdaq composite fell 3.8 percent to 6,967.53, while the Russell 2000 index of smaller-company stocks sank 3.6 percent to 1,491.09. Investors have sold shares out of concern that with inflation creeping higher, the Federal Reserve might raise interest rates more quickly, making it more expensive for people and businesses to borrow money and derailing the economic expansion and the prolonged share price rally. The S&P 500 has fallen 7.8 percent since it set its latest record high on Jan. 26. Monday's drop was bad, but there were worse days during the financial crisis, including a 777-point plunge in the Dow in September 2008 that was equivalent to 7 percent, far bigger than Monday's decline. A 10 percent drop from a peak is referred to on Wall Street as a "correction." The last such decline came in early 2016, when oil prices were plunging as investors worried that slowing global growth might sharply reduce demand. U.S. crude hit a low of about $26 a barrel in February of that year. On Tuesday, oil prices were steady. Benchmark U.S. crude fell 56 cents to $63.59 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. On Monday, it gave up $1.30 to $64.15 per barrel. Brent crude, which is used to price international oils, shed 62 cents to $67.00 per barrel. The highest bond yields in years are making bonds more appealing to investors compared with stocks. Bond prices jumped after a steep decline on Friday. On Tuesday, the yield on the 10-year Treasury slipped to 2.73 percent from 2.84 percent. Lower interest rates hurt banks because they cannot charge as much money for mortgages and other types of loans. AP Markets Writer Marley Jay contributed to this story from New York. He can be reached at  His work can be found at 

AP writer Rod McGuirk contributed to this story from Canberra, Australia and Mari Yamaguchi contributed from Tokyo. 

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Fidelity Reports Web Issues After Robo-Adviser Sites Crash

By Brandon Kochkodin, Suzanne Woolley, and Ben Steverman February 5, 2018, 4:50 PM EST Updated on February 6, 2018, 12:59 PM EST

Fidelity Investments had intermittent technology issues with its website a day after robo-advisers struggled in the market rout. Fidelity customers faced some difficulties accessing the firm’s home page on Tuesday. By early afternoon, the issues were resolved, said Michael Aalto, a company spokesman. The websites of two of the country’s biggest robo-advisers -- Wealthfront Inc. and Betterment LLC -- crashed on Monday as the S&P 500 Index sank. Complaints quickly spread across Reddit and other internet sites from people who had trouble logging onto their accounts. “Really?” wrote @jlpatel23 after he received a message from Wealthfront saying its site was down. The glitches at the robo-advisers represent a setback for a niche of the financial market industry that has been booming as people have become more comfortable making investment decisions without speaking to human advisers. Vanguard Group and Charles Schwab Corp. reported outages on Monday and said those didn’t recur today. Wealthfront acknowledged in a statement that its clients lost access to their accounts for “a short period of time today” and said it’s working to ensure that “clients don’t experience this again.” Betterment clients "experienced log-in issues for approximately 30 minutes this afternoon," Joe Ziemer, a company spokesman, said in an email on Monday. "Accounts were secure throughout and portfolio management activities like rebalancing and tax loss harvesting continued." Betterment and Wealthfront said they had no such issues on Tuesday. Read more: A QuickTake explainer on robo-advisersAt Vanguard, "some clients may have experienced sporadic difficulty accessing their accounts" online and by phone, spokeswoman Emily Farrell said in an email. Increased demand delayed logons for some clients at Schwab "for a few minutes," said spokeswoman Mayura Hooper. Assets at four top robo-advice firms almost doubled last year to a combined $150.2 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. — With assistance by Caleb Melby, and Sabrina Willmer 

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For as I have said unto you and as you have noticed the weather, the weather, the weather, the troubles that are going on here, the troubles that are going on there,

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Moscow is blanketed by the HEAVIEST snowfall in 100 years as 17 inches of the white stuff and freezing -12C lows sees 100 cars CRUSHED by falling trees

Sheer weight of snow in the Russian capital caused 2,000 trees to fall in the city

Emergency services to avoid public transport due to risk of snowdrifts and ice

City's army of workers cleared 1.2 million cubic metres of snow in 24 hours

By Alex Matthews For Mailonline Published: 20:14 EST, 5 February 2018 | Updated: 12:13 EST, 6 February 2018

Moscow has been blanketed by its heaviest snowfall in 100 years as flurries see cars crushed by falling trees while temperatures drop to -12C. An army of city workers have been furiously clearing roads in the Russian capital as 17 inches of snow falls over the course of the weekend. Crews have cleared 1.2 million cubic metres of snow in the last 24 hours, while the sheer weight of the white stuff on trees in the city have caused 2,000 to fall - with more than 100 of those on vehicles. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said there had already been one fatality due to the poor weather. He wrote on social media: 'One person died from a falling tree that hit an electric power line.' Meanwhile more than 100 flights have been delayed and children have been kept home from school as a result of the snowfall, which is 20 per cent higher than usual. The emergency services also urged drivers to use public transport unless there was 'extreme need' due to the risk of snowdrifts and black ice. Deputy mayor Pyotr Biryukov said: 'This is the first time in 100 years there's been such a quantity of snow.' Russia's RIA Novosti news agency dubbed the conditions a 'snowy apocalypse.' 'In the first five days of February the monthly average (snowfall) was reached,' Nadezhda Tochenova, the deputy head of Russia's Hydrometcentre weather research centre said. 'That's an anomaly of course.' A depth of snow of 21 inches was measured at one city weather station, Tochenova said, while denying reports that the snowfall was an all-time record. In a city well accustomed to wintry weather, the heavy snowfall did not affect central heating or power supplies and public transport was largely running.

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etc. For truly the news media does not always tell you the truth, they tell you what they want you to hear, but not what is really going on, except for a little, do they know that later the truth will always find them out, for one can only cover up lies for so long before they come uncovered. etc.

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Game Over? Newsweek Fires Top Editors, Staffers Told To Go Home

by Tyler Durden Mon, 02/05/2018 - 19:26

Employees at Newsweek were informed today that editor-in-chief Bob Roe and executive editor Ken Li have been fired, along with journalist Celeste Katz - who had written articles covering an active investigation into parent company Newsweek Media Group, sources tell CNN. Staff in Newsweek's New York offices were told they could stop working and go home for the day on Monday afternoon, the source close to the newsroom told CNN. "Can confirm I was fired. I know nothing else. Can say nothing else yet," Roe told CNN in an email. It is unclear whether the firings are related to Katz's ongoing coverage of the Manhattan DA's ongoing financial investigation of Newsweek, whose New York offices were raided January 18. Katz reported that authorities were investigating a potential "money trail" between former Newsweek Media Group executives and Olivet University, a California Christian College. Investigators from the Manhattan DA's office remove servers from Newsweek (source: Newsweek) A search of Olivet’s publicly available tax records shows that in 2014, IBT Media Inc., later renamed Newsweek Media Group, paid the school $1.63 million for a R&D agreement. The company is listed as a “former trustee.” In 2013, Olivet’s tax filing listed another similar payment from the media organization to the school: $1.26 million for a licensing agreement. Agents seized 18 computer servers as part of a criminal probe into the company’s finances, which sources said had been underway for at least 17 months at the time authorities executed a search warrant. -Celeste Katz, Newsweek Also of note that Newsweek placed Chief Content Officer Dayan Chandappa on leave following allegations that he sexually harassed women while he was a top Reuters official, which fired journalist Celeste Katz wrote about last week. The chief content officer of Newsweek Media Group, which publishes Newsweek and a suite of other digital properties, is taking an immediate leave of absence Monday following a news report that he had been dismissed from his previous job after a subordinate filed a sexual harassment complaint against him, the company announced Monday. -Celeste Katz, Newsweek Aaaaaand, she's gone - along with two top Newsweek editors who ostensibly green lighted the articles. Police visited the Newsweek offices in December to investigate a white substance had been mailed to now-fired Executive News Director Ken Li, which they were then told turned out to be a false alarm. The firings are the latest in a series of major issues for the beleaguered publication. As we reported last week, Newsweek's parent company was busted by an independent ad fraud researcher for defrauding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by selling the agency online advertising which included a signficant amount of "cheap junk traffic with a share of bots." When it comes to IBT’s fraudulent traffic practices, Social Puncher’s findings align with reporting from BuzzFeed News on IBT India, and with separate data gathered by Pixalate, an ad fraud detection company, and DoubleVerify, a digital media measurement company. (Social Puncher and BuzzFeed News previously collaborated on ad fraud investigations, but worked separately in this case.) Based on what it described as a detailed investigation, DoubleVerify this week classified IBT’s US, UK, India, and Singapore sites as “as having fraud or sophisticated invalid traffic,” according COO Matt McLaughlin. DoubleVerify is now blocking all ad impressions on these sites on behalf of customers. In response to questions from BuzzFeed News, Newsweek Media Group, the parent company of IBT, acknowledged it purchases audiences from ad networks that sell pop-up and pop-under traffic. It said this traffic represents a “small percentage of traffic on our sites” and denied any fraudulent activity. -Buzzfeed The CFPB, now headed by Trump appointee Mick Mulvaney, told BuzzFeed News that the bureau is looking into the allegations. While defrauding the CFPB would seem to be a federal case - the Manhattan DA would also have jurisdiction for any fraud which has occurred within the state. So - the moral of the story for aspiring journalists appears to be that if your parent company is under active investigation, and your chief content officer has taken a leave of absence for sexual harassment, you may be fired if you report on it. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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'Jerusalem will be the capital of the Islamic Caliphate'

Islamic Movement leader slams Palestinian Authority for crying 'crocodile tears,' promises Jerusalem will be capital of Islamic Caliphate.

Contact Editor Dalit Halevi, 05/02/18 09:13

Sheikh Kamal al-Khatib, Deputy Head of the illegal Islamic Movement in Israel, published an article expressing his opinion what Jerusalem's status should be. The article, published in the Gaza newspaper Falestin, slams those who talk a lot about their love and connection to Al-Aqsa Mosque and notes that those who really love Al-Aqsa are the ones "who are active on the ground, hold Islamic activities in the mosque, renovate Muslims' homes in the Old City of Jerusalem, and were arrested or forced to pay a fine for their activities." According to al-Khatib, the Palestinian Authority is "competing with us in their love for Jerusalem" but they are also the ones who negotiated Jerusalem during the Oslo Accords and were willing to negotiate regarding Jerusalem. Today, when Jerusalem is becoming more Jewish, they cry crocodile tears. "The city of Al-Quds is the capital city of the Islamic Caliphate, which is run properly," al-Khatib wrote. "With the help of Allah, this will soon become reality." Al-Khatib, who serves as deputy chief of the outlawed Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, was banned until October 2017 from entering Jerusalem or Al-Aqsa mosque. In July 2017, he claimed that Israeli authorities "persecute the activists by arresting dozens of them, preventing their entry to Jerusalem and Al Aqsa, and forbidding them to travel abroad." 

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'Jerusalem will soon be 50% Arab'

Experts warn city on track to lose Jewish majority as thousands of PA residents flood into city's outer neighborhoods.

Contact Editor David Rosenberg, 05/02/18 12:26

Will the capital of the Jewish state have an Arab majority in the near future? Israel’s National Security Council is weighing various options for preserving Jerusalem’s shrinking Jewish majority, as experts warn that an ongoing flood of Arab migration into the city from the Palestinian Authority will completely reshape the demographic balance in the holy city. Jews have constituted a majority of Jerusalem’s population going back at least to the 19th century. In 1944, as the Second World War raged on and a full four years before Israel achieved independence, Jews made up about 62% of the city’s total population. Following the city’s reunification under Israeli sovereignty in 1967, three out of every four Jerusalemites were Jewish. Over the past half century, however, the demographic balance in the Israeli capital has shifted dramatically, with a net Jewish migration out of the city and Arab migration into Jerusalem. While Jews made up 72% of the city’s population in 1980 and 68% in 2000, over the past fifteen years, the demographic shift has accelerated dramatically. Despite the city’s large Orthodox Jewish population and relatively high fertility rate, from 2000 to 2015, the Jewish population increased by just 17%, due to the net migration of Jews out of the city as housing prices there skyrocketed. According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the city’s Jewish majority fell to just 61% in 2015. Senior Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs researcher Nadav Shragai warns that since 2015, that figure has fallen even further, dropping below 60%. “We’re fast approaching the dangerous situation in which 50% of Jerusalem is Arab,” Shragai said, according to a Makor Rishon report Sunday night. While the high birthrate among the city’s Muslim Arab residents has contributed to part of the demographic change, Shragai suggests that the unauthorized immigration of tens of thousands of Palestinian Authority residents into the city may be the primary driver of the rapid increase in the Arab population. In 2003, Israel built a security barrier - part fence, part wall – around the city’s eastern border as part of the larger security fence separating pre-1967 Israel from the Palestinian Authority. While most of the city’s Arab neighborhoods are to the west of the fence, several neighborhoods were effectively separated from the city by the barrier, sitting to the east of the wall. Since then, the so-called “isolated neighborhoods” – including part of Shuafat and Kafr Aqab (Kfar Akab) have become increasingly lawless, with high crime rates, scant law enforcement, and fewer and fewer municipal services provided by the City of Jerusalem as the security situation deteriorated. Yet the Arab neighborhoods on the east side of the barrier have seen an explosive level of growth – tripling their total population since 2003 to 140,000. By comparison, Shragai notes, the total population of Arab neighborhoods ‘inside’ the barrier have increased by just 71% over that same period. Unencumbered by building inspectors or police interference, massive illegal housing projects have been built in neighborhoods like Kafr Aqab and Shuafat, including even ten-story apartment buildings. Due to the law enforcement vacuum in the isolated neighborhoods, wildcat building projects have flourished and the average price of new apartments have dropped to under 400,000 shekels ($115,000) – cheaper even than many comparable apartments in Palestinian Authority-controlled cities. That has drawn a flood of immigration from the PA, with tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs illegally residing in neighborhoods on the edge of Jerusalem – outside the security barrier but still under Israeli sovereignty and within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries. According to Shragai, as many as 40% of the 140,000 Arabs living in Jerusalem neighborhoods east of the barrier are actually PA residents. These 56,000 or so illegal Arab residents make up about 18% of the city’s total Arab population. Discounting them from the city’s population statistics means that among legal residents, Jerusalem’s Jewish population is about 66%, compared to between 31% and 32% of legal residents who are Arab. Given the demographic change in the capital, Israeli political leaders have presented a series of proposals aimed at preserving Jerusalem’s Jewish majority. Last year, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat reportedly pushed for the demolition of six illegal high-rise apartment buildings in Kafr Aqab. The demolition, to be carried out using a series of explosive charges, would open up space for a planned road and demonstrate that Israeli sovereignty still applies to the area. Since the initial report on the planned demolition, however, the Jerusalem District Court has placed a temporary order blocking the operation. Lawmakers have offered up more comprehensive solutions, including the proposed “Greater Jerusalem Law” being pushed by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud). The law, if passed, would expand the municipal borders of Jerusalem to include the city of Maaleh Adumim to the east, which is currently home to nearly 38,000 Israelis. In addition, the town of Givat Zeev to the northwest, the city of Beitar Illit to the south, the town of Efrat, and other communities in Gush Etzion would all be incorporated into Jerusalem. It would not, however, officially annex these areas to Israel. According to Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud), the plan would add some 150,000 Jews to the city, increasing the total population to over one million. Jerusalem Affairs Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud) offered an alternative plan, which would establish a separate municipal body to administer some of the city’s Arab neighborhoods and enforce Israeli law there. A third option, proposed by Anat Berko (Likud), would cede municipal authority over neighborhoods outside of the security barrier, like Kafr Aqab, to the Palestinian Authority. 

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etc. You will see the antichrist if you know who he is and you should know who he is and you shouldn’t be searching for him, for I have already revealed him.  TV has even done a two and a half hour special on him, there is no reason the Christians should not know who he is, pay attention. etc.

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Jerusalem is top priority for Jordan

[2/6/2018 12:52:09 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jerusalem is a top priority in the policy of Jordan under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Secretary General of the Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs, Abdullah Kanaan, said. In a lecture at the Jordan Society for Scientific Research (JSSR), which was moderated by its president Anwar Battikhi, Kanaan said that "Jerusalem has been Jordan's top priority since the establishment of the Emirate of Transjordan in 1921. " The Hashemites have asserted the Arab identity of Palestine, preserved the Arab and Islamic identity of Jerusalem and protected its Islamic and Christian holy sites," he said. Kanaan also emphasized the necessity to establish an independent Palestinian state in accordance with the two-state solution on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. "Without the Jordanian policy, Israel would have long ago closed the file of its occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem and Arabs, whether Muslims or Christians, across the Islamic world and beyond, wouldn't have an issue called Jerusalem" he added. Kanaan pointed to Jordan's opposition to US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, pointing out Jordan's efforts at the international forums to address the repercussions of the American decision, and its pursuit to reinvigorate the peace process in accordance with international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative. "Jerusalem belongs to both Muslims and Christians, it is part and parcel of the Islamic faith and it is the duty of Arabs, Muslims, and Christians to support Jordan to stand against the Israeli aggression", he added, stressing that there will be no peace in the region without the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. 

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etc. For the disasters that shall take place are many, the flooding shall be far greater than in times past, the mudslides far greater than in times past, the earthquakes shall be more numerous and far greater than in times past. The tornadoes, oh the savageness of the tornadoes that shall rip across the land, the straight winds, the hurricanes, the forest fires, the volcanoes shall erupt, the rising of the sea level that will be marked not in inches but in feet. etc.. 

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Strongest earthquake in three years

An earthquake of magnitude 4,9 on the Richter scale was measured on the north side of the caldera Bárðarbunguaskja at 7.24 pm last night. The quake is the stongest one to be measured since the volcanic eruption in the lava field Holuhraun ceased on February 28th, 2015. The eruption had been ongoing since August 31st, 2014. Bjarki Kaldalóns Fries, specialist of natural disasters at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, said to "On October 27th last year we measured two earth quakes, each of magnitude 4,7, and they were at the time the stongest ones that had been measured in Bárðarbunguaskja since the end of the eruption". Kaldalóns Fries says they are monotoring the area even though it's unlikely there will be another eruption. Earlier last night three earth quakes were measured on the north-east side of Bárðarbunga, of magnitude 3,7, 2,9 og 3,8 on the Richter scale. Around 20-30 afterquakes have been measured in the area since the spate began right before 6 pm last night. 

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California is overdue a major earthquake that could kill millions and there may be NO warning before it hits, warns top geophysicist

Many areas of the San Andreas Fault system could produce large earthquakes

These major quakes typically occur with no warning whatsoever

For major events California is actually in an earthquake drought

Professor Richard Aster explains the importance of preparing for the worst

By Professor Richard Aster For The Conversation Published: 04:24 EST, 31 January 2018 | Updated: 04:44 EST, 31 January 2018

Most people don't know how dire the earthquake situation in California really is, according to a top geophysicist. Many areas of the San Andreas Fault system are now so stressed they could produce large and damaging earthquakes that could kills millions. However, these major quakes typically occur with no warning whatsoever - and it is only a matter of time before they strike. Writing for the Conversation, Professor Richard Aster from Colorado State University explains the importance of preparing for the worst in order to mitigate the damage of the next 'Big One' if - or when - it strikes. California earthquakes are a geologic inevitability. The state straddles the North American and Pacific tectonic plates and is crisscrossed by the San Andreas and other active fault systems. The magnitude 7.9 earthquake that struck off Alaska's Kodiak Island on January 23 2018 was just the latest reminder of major seismic activity along the Pacific Rim. Tragic quakes that occurred in 2017 near the Iran-Iraq border and in central Mexico, with magnitudes of 7.3 and 7.1, respectively, are well within the range of earthquake sizes that have a high likelihood of occurring in highly populated parts of California during the next few decades. The earthquake situation in California is actually more dire than people who aren't seismologists like myself may realise. Although many Californians can recount experiencing an earthquake, most have never personally experienced a strong one. For major events, with magnitudes of 7 or greater, California is actually in an earthquake drought. Multiple segments of the expansive San Andreas Fault system are now sufficiently stressed to produce large and damaging events. The good news is that earthquake readiness is part of the state's culture, and earthquake science is advancing – including much improved simulations of large quake effects and development of an early warning system for the Pacific coast. The last big one California occupies a central place in the history of seismology. The April 18, 1906 San Francisco earthquake (magnitude 7.8) was pivotal to both earthquake hazard awareness and the development of earthquake science – including the fundamental insight that earthquakes arise from faults that abruptly rupture and slip. The San Andreas Fault slipped by as much as 20 feet (six meters) in this earthquake. Although ground-shaking damage was severe in many places along the nearly 310-mile (500-kilometre) fault rupture, much of San Francisco was actually destroyed by the subsequent fire, due to the large number of ignition points and a breakdown in emergency services. That scenario continues to haunt earthquake response planners. Consider what might happen if a major earthquake were to strike Los Angeles during fire season. Seismic science When a major earthquake occurs anywhere on the planet, modern global seismographic networks and rapid response protocols now enable scientists, emergency responders and the public to assess it quickly – typically, within tens of minutes or less – including location, magnitude, ground motion and estimated casualties and property losses. And by studying the buildup of stresses along mapped faults, past earthquake history, and other data and modeling, we can forecast likelihoods and magnitudes of earthquakes over long time periods in California and elsewhere. However, the interplay of stresses and faults in the Earth is dauntingly chaotic. WHAT IS THE 'BIG ONE' AND HOW ARE PEOPLE PREPARING? The 'Big One' is a hypothetical earthquake of magnitude 8 or greater that is expected to happen along the San Andreas fault. Such a quake is expected to produce devastation to human civilisation within about 50-100 miles (80-160km) of the quake zone, especially in urban areas like Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Contingency plans warn upward of 14,000 people could die in worst-case scenarios, with 30,000 injured, thousands left homeless and the region's economy setback for years, if not decades. Last year a report from the US Geological Survey warned the risk of 'the big one' hitting California has increased dramatically. Researchers analysed data from the state's complex system of active geological faults, as well as new methods for translating these data into earthquake likelihoods. The estimate for the likelihood that California will experience a magnitude 8 or larger earthquake in the next 30 years has increased from about 4.7 per cent to about 7.0 per cent, they say. Federal, state and military officials have been working together to draft plans to be followed when the 'Big One' happens. These contingency plans reflect deep anxiety about the potential gravity of the looming disaster: upward of 14,000 people dead in the worst-case scenarios, 30,000 injured, thousands left homeless and the region's economy setback for years, if not decades. As a response, what planners envision is a deployment of civilian and military personnel and equipment that would eclipse the response to any natural disaster that has occurred so far in the US. There would be waves of cargo planes, helicopters and ships, as well as tens of thousands of soldiers, emergency officials, mortuary teams, police officers, firefighters, engineers, medical personnel and other specialists. 'The response will be orders of magnitude larger than Hurricane Katrina or Super Storm Sandy,' said Lt. Col. Clayton Braun of the Washington State Army National Guard. And even with continuing advances in basic research and ever-improving data, laboratory and theoretical studies, there are no known reliable and universal precursory phenomena to suggest that the time, location and size of individual large earthquakes can be predicted. Major earthquakes thus typically occur with no immediate warning whatsoever, and mitigating risks requires sustained readiness and resource commitments. This can pose serious challenges, since cities and nations may thrive for many decades or longer without experiencing major earthquakes. California’s earthquake drought The 1906 San Francisco earthquake was the last quake greater than magnitude 7 to occur on the San Andreas Fault system. The inexorable motions of plate tectonics mean that every year, strands of the fault system accumulate stresses that correspond to a seismic slip of millimetres to centimetres. Eventually, these stresses will be released suddenly in earthquakes. But the central-southern stretch of the San Andreas Fault has not slipped since 1857, and the southernmost segment may not have ruptured since 1680. The highly urbanised Hayward Fault in the East Bay region has not generated a major earthquake since 1868. Reflecting this deficit, the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast estimates that there is a 93 per cent probability of a 7.0 or larger earthquake occurring in the Golden State region by 2045, with the highest probabilities occurring along the San Andreas Fault system. Can California do more? California's population has grown more than 20-fold since the 1906 earthquake and currently is close to 40 million. Many residents and all state emergency managers are widely engaged in earthquake readiness and planning. These preparations are among the most advanced in the world. For the general public, preparations include participating in drills like the Great California Shakeout, held annually since 2008, and preparing for earthquakes and other natural hazards with home and car disaster kits and a family disaster plan. No California earthquake since the 1933 Long Beach event (6.4) has killed more than 100 people. Quakes in 1971 (San Fernando, 6.7); 1989 (Loma Prieta; 6.9); 1994 (Northridge; 6.7); and 2014 (South Napa; 6.0) each caused more than $1 billion (£0.7bn) in property damage, but fatalities in each event were, remarkably, dozens or less. Strong and proactive implementation of seismically informed building codes and other preparations and emergency planning in California saved scores of lives in these medium-sized earthquakes. Any of them could have been disastrous in less-prepared nations. Casualties are hard to predict Nonetheless, California's infrastructure, response planning and general preparedness will doubtlessly be tested when the inevitable and long-delayed 'big ones' occur along the San Andreas Fault system. Ultimate damage and casualty levels are hard to project, and hinge on the severity of associated hazards such as landslides and fires. Several nations and regions now have or are developing earthquake early warning systems, which use early detected ground motion near a quake's origin to alert more distant populations before strong seismic shaking arrives. This permits rapid responses that can reduce infrastructure damage. Such systems provide warning times of up to tens of seconds in the most favorable circumstances, but the notice will likely be shorter than this for many California earthquakes. Early warning systems are operational now in Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and Romania. Systems in California and the Pacific Northwest are presently under development with early versions in operation. Earthquake early warning is by no means a panacea for saving lives and property, but it represents a significant step toward improving earthquake safety and awareness along the West Coast. Managing earthquake risk requires a resilient system of social awareness, education and communications, coupled with effective short- and long-term responses and implemented within an optimally safe built environment. As California prepares for large earthquakes after a hiatus of more than a century, the clock is ticking.

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Today Should Be “Memo Release Day”…

Posted on February 1, 2018 by sundance

If the apparent Nunes, Grassley, Goodlatte and Horowitz timing remains as previously evidenced, today should be Memo Release Day. The White House having allowed a full 36 hours of media discussion time to talk through the SotU address, is poised to permit the Executive Branch declassification approval of the Legislative Branch intelligence work product. In a last minute effort to block the executive approvals, Minority Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, claimed last night there were changes to the legislative work product. Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes shared with Adam Schiff some minor edits to the drafted memo that resulted from the executive branch (FBI Director Wray) making a request upon initial review: Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff BREAKING: Discovered late tonight that Chairman Nunes made material changes to the memo he sent to White House – changes not approved by the Committee. White House therefore reviewing a document the Committee has not approved for release. 10:00 PM - Jan 31, 2018 Counting on people not to know the FBI is part of the executive branch, Schiff claimed, wrongly, that any changes made the initial work product contrary to that which was approved for submission by the House Intelligence Committee. A desperate attempt to stop the declassification by the White House, as quickly pointed out by Chairman Nunes: View image on Twitter Emma Loop @LoopEmma JUST IN: Nunes spokesman says the “material changes” cited by Democrats are "minor edits to the memo, including grammatical fixes and two edits requested by the FBI and by the Minority themselves.” 

11:29 PM - Jan 31, 2018 In the back-and-forth it becomes evident why we stated last week to pay attention to the process. The memo is classified legislative work product of the legislative branch. The legislative branch is asking the executive branch to declassify the memo. When Devin Nunes invited FBI Director Christopher Wray to review the memo on Sunday night he was inviting the executive branch to preview the work-product prior to submission. It would be ordinary for any minor executive-branch-requested adjustments to be made, prior to submission/approval for executive declassification. That’s exactly what happened. Minor adjustments were made at the request of the FBI Director prior to submission for declassification approval. Majority Chairman Devin Nunes shared those adjustments with Minority Chair Adam Schiff. Schiff tried, and failed, to make a political issue out of a simple process. Additionally, Minority Chair Adam Schiff, along with most corporate media, are trying to present the intelligence community (DOJ/FBI) as a fourth branch of government. As silly as it sounds, former DNI James Clapper attempted the same argument on Wednesday night during a CNN appearance. They’re not. All of the intelligence community resides under the executive branch and the Chief Executive is President Donald Trump. The normal review for any declassification request is a review by the National Security Council, the Office of Legal Counsel (all depts); all impacted cabinet officials; all heads of potentially impacted national security departments (DOJ-NSD, FBI Counterintelligence, NSA, CIA, State, DoD etc.); along with the White House Chief-of-Staff (General Kelly). That review complete, it’s now up to the Chief Executive, President Trump, to sign off and release. This is the formal process, and this is the process that has been followed. As much as the formal and appropriate process annoys Representative Adam Schiff, all of the correct procedures have been followed. Additionally, the memo itself is not the biggest benefit to exposing the corruption. The real goal will be reviewing the underlying documents and evidence that support the memo. That’s phase two: Beyond the obvious reasons, the political reason Adam Schiff is annoyed is that his party leadership is intent on selling a false narrative that President Trump is undermining the institutions of the Intelligence Community. If people accurately review events against the backdrop of factual structures of government: Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Executive Branch, the claims by Democrats toward “undermining institutions” fall flat. A desire by the President to address needed structural reform resulting from revealed corruption within the Justice Department is no different than the desire by the President to reform a corrupt Veterans Affairs department. Same/Same. Both fall under the authority of the executive; both agency officials capable of gross misconduct. The Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), Devin Nunes, (by position) is directly responsible to conduct oversight on the intelligence apparatus within the national security departments as they relate to potential FISA and FISC abuses. As a Gang of Eight member, that specific aspect of oversight falls to the HPSCI Chairman. The person directly above the HPSCI chairman in this regard is the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Devin Nunes has followed the correct procedure for notifying the chain-of-command of a violation based on his oversight findings. Paul Ryan was notified. Once the issue of intelligence abuse is identified via committee review, and with the House Speaker informed of the committee findings, the next step is to inform the head of the Executive Branch, that’s President Trump. Now that President Trump has been notified of abuses within the intelligence apparatus, directly under the supervision of the executive, President Trump is compelled to take action to resolve those abuses. In the matter of this specific FISA-702 abuse, solely as an outcome of the specific DOJ/FBI conduct, the office responsible for dealing with the misconduct is also the office victimized by the misconduct. Thus we see the historic nature of corruption within what has taken place. The intelligence apparatus of the United States Justice Department, via the DOJ and FBI was weaponized against the person running to hold executive authority over the United States Justice Department; and the misuse of the offices within the DOJ and FBI continued after the election – as the same officials sought to eliminate the person who holds ultimate accountability and authority over them. The U.S. corporate media has been working overtime trying to cloud this structural reality by attempting to create, out of loincloth, some non-existent separation of authority between the Office of the President and the U.S. Justice Department. The Executive Branch did not create the DOJ or FBI, the Legislative Branch did. However, when the legislative branch created those entities – they placed them directly under the Executive Branch. President Trump is the Chief Executive and he can reform any agency under his executive authority. Period. 

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etc.. All these things are end-time signs, the economy, the loss of jobs, the government control. You are in a time that the world has never seen before and that time does not get better, etc..

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Lying, Spying and Hiding

By Andrew P. Napolitano February 1, 2018

I have argued for a few weeks now that House Intelligence Committee members have committed misconduct in office by concealing evidence of spying abuses by the National Security Agency and the FBI. They did this by sitting on a four-page memo that summarizes the abuse of raw intelligence data while Congress was debating a massive expansion of FISA. FISA is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, which was written to enable the federal government to spy on foreign agents here and abroad. Using absurd and paranoid logic, the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which only hears the government’s lawyers, has morphed “foreign intelligence surveillance” into undifferentiated bulk surveillance of all Americans. Undifferentiated bulk surveillance is the governmental acquisition of fiber-optic data stored and transmitted by nearly everyone in America. This includes all telephone conversations, text messages and emails, as well as all medical, legal and financial records. Ignorant of the hot potato on which the House Intelligence Committee had been sitting, Congress recently passed and President Donald Trump signed a vast expansion of spying authorities — an expansion that authorizes legislatively the domestic spying that judges were authorizing on everyone in the U.S. without individual suspicion of wrongdoing or probable cause of crime; an expansion that passed in the Senate with no votes to spare; an expansion that evades and avoids the Fourth Amendment; an expansion that the president signed into law the day before we all learned of the House Intelligence Committee memo. The FISA expansion would never have passed the Senate had the House Intelligence Committee memo and the data on which it is based come to light seven days sooner than it did. Why should 22 members of a House committee keep their 500-plus congressional colleagues in the dark about domestic spying abuses while those colleagues were debating the very subject matter of domestic spying and voting to expand the power of those who have abused it? The answer to this lies in the nature of the intelligence community today and the influence it has on elected officials in the government. By the judicious, personalized and secret revelation of data, both good and bad — here is what we know about your enemies, and here is what we know about you — the NSA shows its might to the legislators who supposedly regulate it. In reality, the NSA regulates them. This is but one facet of the deep state — the unseen parts of the government that are not authorized by the Constitution and that never change, no matter which party controls the legislative or executive branch. This time, they almost blew it. If just one conscientious senator had changed her or his vote on the FISA expansion — had that senator known of the NSA and FBI abuses of FISA concealed by the House Intelligence Committee — the expansion would have failed. Nevertheless, the evidence on which the committee members sat is essentially a Republican-written summary of raw intelligence data. Earlier this week, the Democrats on the committee authored their version — based, they say, on the same raw intelligence data as was used in writing the Republican version. But the House Intelligence Committee, made up of 13 Republicans and nine Democrats, voted to release only the Republican-written memo. Late last week, when it became apparent that the Republican memo would soon be released, the Department of Justice publicly contradicted President Trump by advising the leadership of the House Intelligence Committee in very strong terms that the memo should not be released to the public. It soon became apparent that, notwithstanding the DOJ admonition, no one in the DOJ had actually seen the memo. So FBI Director Chris Wray made a secret, hurried trip to the House Intelligence Committee’s vault last Sunday afternoon to view the memo. When asked by the folks who showed it to him whether it contains secret or top-secret material, he couldn’t or wouldn’t say. But he apparently saw in the memo the name of the No. 2 person at the FBI, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as one of the abusers of spying authority. That triggered McCabe’s summary departure from the FBI the next day, after a career of 30 years. The abuse summarized in the Republican memo apparently spans the last year of the Obama administration and the first year of the Trump administration. If it comes through as advertised, it will show the deep state using the government’s powers for petty or political or ideological reasons. The use of raw intelligence data by the NSA or the FBI for political purposes or to manipulate those in government is as serious a threat to popular government — to personal liberty in a free society — as has ever occurred in America since Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, which punished speech critical of the government. What’s going on here? The government works for us; we should not tolerate its treating us as children. When raw intelligence data is capable of differing interpretations and is relevant to a public dispute — about, for example, whether the NSA and the FBI are trustworthy, whether FISA should even exist, whether spying on everyone all the time keeps us safe and whether the Constitution even permits this — the raw data should be released to the American public. Where is the personal courage on the House Intelligence Committee? Where is the patriotism? Where is the fidelity to the Constitution? The government exists by our consent. It derives its powers from us. We have a right to know what it has done in our names, who broke our trust, who knew about it, who looked the other way and why and by whom all this was intentionally hidden until after Congress voted to expand FISA. Everyone in government takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. How many take it meaningfully and seriously? 

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etc. For truly they can only hide the truth for so long because many are now beginning to see the lies because man cannot continue to lie and lie and lie and continue to cover it up.  For truly they have run out of lies and now the world shall soon find out the things that I have already shown my people, the things that you should know, be not deceived etc.

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When All Else Fails, Roll out a Kennedy

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Ray Starmann

The Democrats are on the run and they know it. The FISA Memo will soon be released detailing KGB style tactics to steal the 2016 Election among Hillary disciples at the FBI. The economy is booming, African-American unemployment is the lowest in history. General Mattis and Fighting Joe Dunford have smashed ISIS and sent the monsters to the gates of Hades in one year. The once blue collar, working man’s party has metastasized into a globalist elite clique attempting to keep the border open in order to bring in foreigners who are their ONLY voting block outside of coastal California, Manhattan and Vermont. In a desperate attempt by the Democrats, Congressman Joe Kennedy III delivered the liberal rebuttal to President Trump’s SOTU speech, feebly attempting to channel the Ghosts of Kennedy Past. Mr. Kennedy’s rebuttal was full of sound, Spanish and fury, while signifying nothing. He began by praising the people of Fall River, Massachusetts: “From textiles to robots, this is a place that knows how to make great things. The students who are with us here this evening from the auto tech program at Diman Regional Technical School, carry on that rich legacy. Like many American hometowns, Fall River has faced its share of storms.” Yes, Mr. Kennedy, Fall River’s economy suffered at the hands of the globalist Democrats who outsourced its factories, while Barack Obama’s economy put the final nail in the coffin of any economic improvement. He continued; “Corporate profits fall but fail to give their workers their fair share.” On the contrary, Mr. Kennedy, the news has been inundated lately with stories of corporations handing out bonuses and increasing wages as the shackles of the Obama economy and its endless governmental regulations have been torn off. Kennedy continued: “Russia, knee deep in our democracy.” Gotta keep up the Russian Fairy Tale, CNN party line. “Hatred and supremacy proudly marching in our streets.” Actually, Mr. Kennedy, nearly ALL of the hatred and violence has been committed by liberals in the streets, liberals who believe they are intellectually supreme to millions of Deplorables. “This nagging and thinking feeling, no matter your political beliefs, this is not right, this is not who we are.” It is not who Republicans are, but it is what your party is now, Mr. Kennedy; a party of left-wing kooks, Marxist wannabes and those who wish to commit violence, in order to protest a failed election by a woman whose only concern was, is and will always be for herself. That, Mr. Kennedy, is WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOUR PARTY IS in 2018. You are representing a party that your uncle and grandfather would look on with horror in their eyes. The rebuttal continued: “Folks, it would be easy to dismiss this past year’s chaos. Partisanship as politics, but it is far, far bigger than that. This administration is not just targeting the laws that protect us, they are targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection.” Truth be told, Mr. Kennedy, it was the Obama Administration who went after whistleblowers, who sought to stymie the press at every turn, who illegally conducted surveillance on a Presidential candidate, who conducted a fake investigation of Hillary Clinton’s national security crimes. “For them, dignity is not something you are born with, but something you measure by your net worth, your celebrity, your headlines, your crowd size.” Yet, there are very few conservative celebrities, Congressman Kennedy. Your party is saturated with liberal fools from Hollywood who wish to inculcate their warped ideals on the American public every day. “Not to mention, the gender of your spouse, the country of your birth, the color of your skin, the God of your prayers. their record has rebuked our highest American ideals, the belief that we are all or the, we are all equal, that we all count in the eyes of our laws, our leaders, our God, and our government. That is the American promise.” Conservatives have nothing against anyone of any color and judge every person on the content of their character. We only wish one thing – that every immigrant is here LEGALLY. Your party has abandoned God and this is evident every time Christmas is replaced by Winter Solstice and the Ten Commandments are removed from a public locale because of liberal grievances. What would a Democratic rebuttal be without the endless drumbeat that they truly care about everyone, when in actuality they push policies that destroy the American worker, and seek to crucify the average American with endless governmental regulations? Mr. Kennedy rattled on: “Today, ladies and gentlemen, today that promise is being broken by in administration that decides who makes the cut and who can be bargained away. they are turning American lives into a zero-sum game. For one to win, a nether must lose. We can guarantee America’s safety if we slash our safety net. Where we can extend health care in Mississippi if we get it in Massachusetts. — gut it in Massachusetts. We can cut taxes if we raise them on families to model. We can take care of sick kids if we sacrificed rumors. We are bombarded with one false choice after another. Coal miners or single moms, rural communities are inner cities. The coast or the heart line. The daycare worker in Birmingham, bitter rights rather than mutual casualties of a system forcefully rigged towards those at the top. The parent who lies awake terrified that their transgender son or daughter will be beaten and bullied at school. Nothing is more shattering been a daughter in the grips of an opioid addiction. Here is an answer that Democrats offer tonight. We choose both.” “We choose the better deal for all who call our country home. We choose a living wage and a paid leave, affordable tried your — a formal childcare that your family needs to survive.” What deal is that, Mr. Kennedy? Your economy out sourced jobs and put the American worker on life support. Your Obamacare is a socialist abomination that put an unconstitutional tax on every American who refused to have government-mandated health care. Your better deal is nothing more than Euro-socialism. “We choose Fall River. We choose that thousands of Americans communities whose roads are not paid with power or privilege, but with an honest effort of good faith, and the results to build something better for your kids. That is our story.” That was your story, Mr. Kennedy. Get it through your head. Your party no longer represents the working man and woman in America. Your party represents Madonna, the View, Jimmy Kimmel, Silicon Valley billionaires, transgender bathrooms, a loser national security policy, FBI corruption and the Clinton Foundation. That is your party in 2018. In that last part of the rebuttal, Mr. Kennedy catered to the Democrats’ number one voting block, illegals: “It began the day our Founding Fathers and mothers set sail for a new world fleeing oppression and intolerance. To all the dreamers watching tonight, let me be absolutely clear, you are part of our story, we will fight for you and we will not walk away— we will not walk away.” Our Founding Fathers were British colonists who were here, legally, Mr. Kennedy, imagine that. The Dreamers were and are here ILLEGALLY. They have no rights as American citizens now. “America, we carry that story on our shoulders.” No, we don’t congressman. Your ancestors from Ireland arrived here LEGALLY. Most Americans, wherever their ancestors came from, arrived here LEGALLY. Mr. Kennedy went on to speak of E Pluribus Unum, yet the Democratic Party supports the Balkanization of America. He also praised the Me Too Movement and Black Lives Matter. Good God. Two points for the congressman: Uncle Jack, with his massive tax cuts and hard line national security attitude, would be a Republican if he was alive in 2018 and Grandpa Bobby was all about helping Americans in places like West Virginia and Watts, suffering from poverty, not about catering to foreigners here illegally. Mr. Kennedy’s rebuttal did nothing to help his party, nor the nation he serves. Most Americans do not want open borders, hate Obamacare, believe Black Lives Matter are Marxist terrorists and love the Trump economy. Mr. Kennedy is as out of touch as every other Democrat in Congress. 

:: 1-29-18     :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: /support-unfettered-immigration-minimum-wage-shocking-connection

Support for both unfettered immigration and the minimum wage: The shocking connection

January 29, 2018AdminJohn

Wouldn’t it seem contradictory that a group of people who support the minimum wage, an effort considered by most to favor less skilled workers, also support an immigration policy that allows for others to be hired, trained, and employed far below the legal limit of pay? If such a group of people were truly concerned that low skilled workers were not making a living wage, why would they, at the same time, welcome and enable those who will willfully fill these jobs at a much lower rate? Although these questions seem impossible to answer, when one looks at the real intent of this politically motivated effort, the answer is quite clear. Although the masses of people who support the minimum wage are either too lazy to do much more than parrot talking points or too unintelligent to think otherwise, most political leadership that supports the minimum wage knows exactly what they are doing. To these people, the minimum wage is not about helping low skill workers get ahead; their goal is to move as many people as possible from self sufficiency to dependence. Here is how the minimum wage and cheap migrant labor works for those who favor both: It is important for those who seek a dependent society, in other words a welfare state, to completely ignore or deny the effects of a politically imposed minimum wage.[1] The effect is, obviously, an increase in the cost of human capital, in other words the cost to hire workers. As with any increase in cost for a business, whether it is the cost to employ people or the cost to buy steel or wood, the demand for it decreases. This is why when a minimum wage supporter is asked, “If the minimum wage works, why not make it $1,000 an hour?” The response is anything but the answer to the question. One would think, if those who support the minimum wage really wanted those workers to make more money, they would be the first group to insist upon a very stringent policy that would limit migrant workers from voluntarily attaining lower than minimum wage employment. Furthermore, it would seem to follow that such people would also favor penalties on employers who happily employ such low wage workers in order to diminish the cost effect of the minimum wage. Yet they do not. Why? Because their intent is not to help low skilled workers find work, but in fact inhibit their ability to find gainful employment. Therefore, it is important for those who seek a dependent society to impose as many barriers to honest work as possible. By imposing an artificially high minimum wage, the benefit to leftists is immense. Such laws encourage businesses to either: Automate processes that previously required human labor Outsource that labor to other countries in which the cost of labor is low Hire workers that exist outside of the law, i.e. migrant workers No matter which option an employer chooses, the result is favorable to the person who desires a dependent society because the result is the same: Americans who previously earned the dignity and self worth of financial independence are diminished and transformed into a person convinced they need the money and property of others to survive. The obvious intent of supporting both the minimum wage and unfettered immigration is to price American workers out of the workforce while filling those jobs with people who have only known and lived in a socialist state. This is a clear path towards a socialized and dependent society, hence the reason why those who adore political power over freedom and self determination take a seemingly contrary position on immigration and the minimum wage. 

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Gates Foundation Funds “DNA Vaccine” Delivered By Electrical Current

Old-Thinker News | Feb. 1, 2018 By Daniel Taylor

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding research to develop a synthetic DNA vaccine for malaria. The Gates foundation gave a $1.4 million grant to the Wistar Institute to develop the vaccine. According to Forbes, “The Wistar Institute will collaborate with the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute and Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc… which was created in the lab of David B. Weiner, Ph.D.” The DNA vaccines work by delivering genetically engineered DNA to cells via electrical current. The New York Times reported on the developing vaccine technology in 2015. As reported, animal tests on the synthetic DNA vaccine effectively “re-engineered” monkeys genetics. The Gates foundation has heavily influenced vaccine delivery and production world-wide. The GAVI Alliance, founded in 2000 with the help of the Gates Foundation, has the goal of vaccinating all of the third world. The fact that such a global mechanism like GAVI exists – in the hands of outspoken population control advocates – for delivering vaccines to millions of people across the world should be disconcerting to say the least. With the ability to re-engineer the genes of human beings with vaccines in the name of fighting disease, what kind of “unintended” consequences will humanity face? 

[ :: 8-17-14 pm service (third word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

etc. you see all the things that are going on in the world, you see the darkness, you see the troubles, etc.

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etc darkness is only going to continue to grow darker, the turmoil and the disaster in the world is only going to continue to get worse and every week you see how my word is being fulfilled even more so, saith the Lord. etc

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Everyday Misery In Venezuela—Millions of people are facing inhuman conditions in Venezuela right now

“There is no food in Venezuela,” my Venezuelan friend wrote. “Maybe this is the last time you hear from me.” I was shocked with these two sentences. Like him, millions of people are facing inhuman conditions in Venezuela right now. It was not easy for him to reach me. He had to write a letter, give it to his brother who was visiting and his brother sent it to me from abroad. International phone calls are blocked. All the letters they send are opened, as well as everything they receive is opened and checked. There is no privacy, no liberty of expression and “big brother” is watching 24/7. Even their internet access is limited and controlled. And the military in the streets is ready to use violence and to make detentions. Like millions of Venezuelans, my friend goes to bed feeling hungry and wakes up feeling hungry. After nine hours in a line, he might get some flour. Yesterday it was actually a good day; it only took him only six hours in a line to get some basic food. So far, he has already lost 33 pounds (15 kilos). One was praised as the great depression “food miracle”. The people that knew about it banished hunger for good…while the rest where starving and tightening their belts! Not only that you will learn the exact process of making it the right way, but you’ll use it to preserve meat in it and create one of the most finger-licking, mouth-watering tastiest foods you’ll ever eat. And the best part? It lasts up to two whole years without refrigeration. The other food was also long-lasting. Invented by one of the most vicious samurais in history, it was born out of war and necessity. So don’t expect a gourmet meal here – but do expect this “samurai superfood” to be so nutrient rich and probiotic-packed that you and your entire family won’t need anything else for months on end. With these 3 superfoods alone, you’ll probably have a complete stockpile in your group and you’ll never need to depend on anyone else in times of crisis. Watch the video below and learn more. Many kids don’t go to school and are standing in the food lines with their parents. Others go to school, but many faint, because of hunger and malnourishment. The worst situation happens if someone gets sick, or needs hospital treatment. Hospitals have no conditions and many doctors have left the country. Medicine cabinets in hospitals and pharmacies are as empty as the supermarket shelves. My friend has asthma and he cannot find medicine, a nebulizer and drops anywhere. Together with other international friends, we tried to contact him to get him help. However, even our help is extremely difficult to reach him. First, he cannot receive foreign money. Second, he cannot have a passport to leave the country, unless he pays a lot of money to a corrupt public worker. But then again, with his income of $29 a month, that would be impossible. There are no basic goods there either. He was taking showers only with water until a friend from abroad sent him 10 soaps, from which he only received half, the rest was taken away as bribery. Before this economic crisis devastated Venezuela, my friend used to be an engineer with a good life, a house, and a car. Now he is almost starving, his rights are all gone and there is little we can do to help him. All media in the country is controlled by President Nicolás Maduro. CNN in Spanish was banned. And the government makes a lot of fake propaganda. Maduro’s Twitter account is publishing photos of big smiles, hugs, and people celebrating life, pretending that Venezuela is a wonderful country and trying to cover up reality. Of course, political opposition is not allowed either, the Supreme Court has upheld the almost 14 years in jail sentence of the opposition leader, Leopoldo López. As my friend expressed, “Every Venezuelan depends on the government, there are no private institutions and all public ones are taken by the government, there is no escape.” Remember the rolling blackouts, the shortages of common supplies, like toilet paper, the eating of zoo animals (and domestic animals) because people were starving, the looting, and the spikes in crime? Yeah, that’s all coming from the socialist utopia of Venezuela. The medical system has also totally collapsed, with hospitals not having basic items like gloves or soap. One doctor described the situation as “something out of the 19th century.” Then, there’s the footage of Venezuelans eating out of garbage cans because of the food shortage. On average, people have lost 19 pounds due to food shortages. It’s a total disaster and Venezuelans are dying: By morning, three newborns were already dead. The day had begun with the usual hazards: chronic shortages of antibiotics, intravenous solutions, even food. Then a blackout swept over the city, shutting down the respirators in the maternity ward. Doctors kept ailing infants alive by pumping air into their lungs by hand for hours. By nightfall, four more newborns had died. “The death of a baby is our daily bread,” said Dr. Osleidy Camejo, a surgeon in the nation’s capital, Caracas, referring to the toll from Venezuela’s collapsing hospitals. At a time when the country needs government services the most, they’re only working two days a week. The people are hungry, law and order have broken down, the hospitals are disaster zones, and the nation is so broke it can’t even print its own currency. Sadly, the same Venezuela that used to be a beautiful country, is now one of the worst places on Earth. 

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John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. (KJV)

Luke 21:17 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake. (KJV) 

[ :: 10-19-08 am service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc.. You shall be hated by the world, the world shall be against you, etc.

John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. (KJV)

[ :: 12-31-11 / 1-1-12 New Years Eve Service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

etc. Have you read my word, do you know that Ezekiel thirty eight and thirty nine is knocking on the door, as a matter of fact, its got a battering-ram and it is knocking the door down, but you are not aware of that.  Are you aware of how they are removing the Bible, are you aware of how they are fighting Christians, are you aware of the countries that are killing every Christian that is there?  And then you think I can delay another five years or another ten years.  Have you not read in my word where they are laying under my altar and they are crying out, how much longer, how much longer?  Oh what a sad state the world is in. etc.

[ :: 11-3-13 am service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

etc.  for the world hates the Christians more now than at anytime in history.  Even during the days Jesus walked on earth, it is much worse now and it is not going to get better because those that don’t believe the truth are going to come against you like never before because they don’t want you to know the truth etc.

[ :: 3-31-02 At the altar after the pm service (second word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc.. Hear my voice and know what hour this is. It is the hour just before the first three and a half years of the seven years. Do not fear the Islamic revolution, nor the Russian warhead, for I plan to break their power, for they have blasphemed my name and made little of my son Jesus and have established their own god and deliverer. Fear not the false prophet or the anti-christ nor his army. Fear not the anarchy and the terrorism and the monetary collapse. etc..

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FBI Takes On ‘Islamophobia'

White nationalism seen as bigger threat than jihad terror.

January 31, 2018 Leo Hohmann

Two Michigan residents attended a quarterly BRIDGES meeting hosted by the Detroit office of the FBI recently that left them stunned by the blatant Islamist infiltration of the Bureau. BRIDGES is an FBI outreach program whose roots can be traced back to the initial years following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The acronym stands for Building Respect in Diverse Groups to Enhance Sensitivity and involves FBI-hosted workshops for law enforcement and various immigrant communities. The workshops have been held in Boston, Detroit, New York, Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis-St. Paul and other cities. According to the FBI website, BRIDGES "brings together members of diverse communities and state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies to discuss issues and concerns within their communities." In southeastern Michigan, those diverse communities include an array of Islamic migrant enclaves, both Shia and Sunni, as well as Coptic, Chaldean and Assyrian Christians forced to flee their Middle Eastern homelands by the Islamic State and other jihadist groups. The outreaches can sometimes go to bizarre lengths to demonstrate the FBI's respect for Islam. In St. Paul, for example, the FBI boasted in its Oct. 7, 2014 edition of the Law Enforcement Bulletin that the local police department "hosted its first halal cookout" with the Somali Muslim community. The Jan. 10 BRIDGES meeting in Michigan serves as a fresh reminder of how the FBI has made a concerted effort to divert the eyes of law enforcement officers away from Muslim communities as potential breeding grounds for terror and refocus attention on "Islamophobic" American citizens. The meeting, held at the Troy Police and Fire Training Center in Oakland County, an affluent suburb of Detroit, was described as "painful to watch" by two guests who attended. Dick Manasseri, an activist with Secure Michigan and a resident of Oakland County, was one of about 80 people present. He and a friend were able to get in by way of a guest invitation from the American Middle Eastern Christian Congress, a regular attendee. But he said there was no emphasis placed on the plight of persecuted Middle Eastern Christians now living in Oakland County. Instead, almost the entire hour-and-a-half meeting was spent focusing on Islamic religious and cultural practices and trying to debunk any derogatory information police officers may have about Islamic ideology. The FBI's point person for this task was Bushra Alawie, a young female Muslim wearing a full head covering, or hijab. Alawie served in the Army National Guard and upon leaving the Guard in September 2016 the FBI hired her to be its "community outreach specialist" in Detroit. "I get that initial look like, ‘is that really Bushra’ because of my visibly Muslim attire," Alawie told Detroit's WXYZ-TV in 2016. “Immediately those rumors are dispelled and it’s business as usual.” Alawie admitted in the WXYZ interview that her real mission at the FBI is not to ferret out tips and information useful in the apprehension of terrorists but rather it is to "combat Islamophobia." That just happens to be the same exact mission of the Muslim Brotherhood-offshoot Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has an entire division called the Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia. And while he did not attend on Jan. 10, CAIR's Michigan chapter head, Dawud Walid, has a standing invitation to the FBI's quarterly BRIDGES meetings in metro Detroit. Alawie went to great lengths to dismiss any concerns about the phrase "Allahu Akbar," so frequently shouted during the commission of Islamic terrorist attacks. "Allahu Akbar," she said, is: Said by Muslims 85 times a day Was said by Jews and Christians before Islam began Would be used to celebrate the birth of a child or in the prayer of a sick person It’s normal and not particularly associated with violent jihad. She explained that “jihad” means: An inner struggle – for her it's to "not eat cheesecake." Higher jihad – inner struggle Lower jihad – to defend one's property. She mentioned that “jihad” was even a name taken by Christian men on occasion and that there was an FBI employee of Palestinian descent whose name was Jihad. Philip Haney, a former armed Customs and Border Protection officer who became a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security in 2003 and a member of the Advanced Targeting Team before retiring in July 2015, said the FBI did not get to rolling out Bushra Alawie as an expert on terrorism overnight. It took years. When Haney tried to blow the whistle on Homeland Security ineptitude, he found himself investigated repeatedly before being exonerated and honorably discharged. "She wouldn't have been given that platform under the old rules," Haney said of Alawie. "These concessions to Islam have been developing for a long time." Haney said the campaign to sanitize Islam began right after 9/11 and was international in scope. Since at least 2005, "Combatting Islamophobia" on a global basis has been a top priority of the United Nations and the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a 57-nation group of Muslim-majority nations that makes up the largest voting bloc at the U.N. The OIC adopted its 10-year Strategic Action Plan to Overcome Islamophobia in 2005, calling for nations to pass new laws "including deterrent punishments" for those guilty of Islamophobia. This crime was described as any speech that counters the OIC's statement that "Islam is the religion of moderation and tolerance." This 10-year plan served as the basis for the 2011 U.N. Human Rights Resolution 16/18, which encourages every nation in the world to pass hate-speech laws making "defamation of religion" a crime. Many nations in Western Europe, including the UK, Germany and Sweden obliged, as did Canada, and passed hate-speech laws geared toward punishing "Islamophobes." It was also around this same time frame – 2010 to 2012 – that lesson plans in public schools across the United States started incorporating large sections on Islam, emphasizing it as a religion of peace and tolerance. In 2013 the OIC opened an office in Brussels explicitly for the purpose of combatting Islamophobia in Europe. In February 2017 U.N. Secretary General Antonio Gutteres cited "Islamophobia" as the fuel that ignites global terrorism. This U.N. focus on Islamophobia came during the peak offensives of ISIS, al-Nusra and other jihadist groups in their genocide of Christian minorities in Iraq and Syria – exposing the global body's agenda as more concerned about speech deemed offensive to Muslims than beheadings, rapes and mass-murdering of Christians. One of the more crucial developments came in 2011 – the same year the U.N. adopted Resolution 16/18 – in the form of a letter sent by representatives of more than 50 Muslim organizations, many with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, requesting that Obama's then-deputy national security advisor John Brennan remove all references to Islam from FBI training manuals that were deemed offensive to Muslims. They also requested that the FBI and DHS rid themselves of all "biased experts" – people like Haney – and "immediately create an inter-agency task force to address the problem." Brennan and then-FBI chief Robert Mueller fell over like a stack of dominos. They immediately set about purging the Bureau of its best and brightest terrorism experts and scrubbing training manuals to the delight of CAIR and other offended Islamist organizations. Instead of true terrorism experts, police cadets would receive training from people like Bushra Alawie. Since most local police chiefs get instruction from the FBI Academy, the same drivel that now passes for training at the Bureau has filtered down to police departments across the U.S. Other highlights from the BRIDGES meeting: Troy Mayor Dane Slater welcomed the meeting attendees to the "most diverse city in Michigan." Troy Police Chief Gary Mayer, along with four of his senior officers, welcomed their federal counterparts from the FBI and witnessed the guidance provided by the FBI regarding the normalcy of "Allahu Akbar" and benevolent jihad. Praise was offered for the Obama-appointed former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade who was fired by Trump. Examples offered of domestic terrorism repeatedly focused on white supremacist groups, who are seen as more dangerous than Islamic terrorism according to the teaching of the previous administration and the United Nations-endorsed Strong Cities Network. Mental health was injected as an explanation for violent activity per the Muslim Brotherhood playbook. Celebration of the long-standing civil rights partnership between the FBI and the Muslim community was marked with recognition awards. "Everything was about welcoming, welcoming, welcoming," Manasseri said. "It was terribly discouraging, including when they talked about domestic terrorism and they kept coming back to white supremacism and how do you protect us from white nationalism? Stunning." To counter the watered-down message coming from the FBI, Manasseri said he has co-founded a project called Sharia Crime Stoppers with a retired police chief. "In order to honor their oath, local law enforcement must demand expert Sharia training," he said, adding that the Sharia Crime Stoppers training is free except for travel costs. 

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 etc. Are you aware of how far they say you are behind in your military protection, etc.    

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US military test to shoot down incoming dummy missile from Hawaii fails AGAIN as concerns grow over North Korea's developing nuclear program

A US missile test carried out to shoot down an incoming dummy missile from Hawaii failed, an official said on Wednesday

The SM-3 Block IIA missile was launched from an Aegis Ashore test site in Hawaii, but failed to hit another missile launched from an aircraft

Missile, which is being developed by Raytheon Co, is used to target intermediate range missiles and is being developed with Japan

By Reporter and Reuters Published: 14:18 EST, 31 January 2018 | Updated: 08:08 EST, 1 February 2018

The US military carried out an unsuccessful test to shoot down an incoming dummy missile from Hawaii on Wednesday, a US official said, amid heightened concerns about North Korea's developing missile and nuclear program. The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said a SM-3 Block IIA missile was launched from an Aegis Ashore test site in Hawaii, but failed to hit another missile launched from an aircraft. The missile, which is being developed by Raytheon Co, is used to target intermediate range missiles and is being developed with Japan. The Missile Defense Agency did not comment on the outcome of the test, but confirmed that one had taken place. 'The Missile Defense Agency and US Navy sailors manning the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Test Complex (AAMDTC) conducted a live-fire missile flight test using a Standard-Missile (SM)-3 Block IIA missile launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii, Wednesday morning,' Mark Wright, a spokesman for the agency, said. A defense official said the test was a failure and investigators have opened a probe. Wednesday's failure comes after another unsuccessful test in June of the missile, but a test firing in February 2017 was successful. The US has so far spent about $2.2 billion on the system and Japan about $1 billion. According to Raytheon, the Block IIA missile is still in testing but is on track for deployment at sea and on land in Poland this year. The last year has seen ramped-up North Korean missile launches, some of them over Japanese territory, and its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. These actions have prompted a stepped-up US-led campaign to toughen UN sanctions, which Pyongyang has called an act of war. On Wednesday it was also confirmed that North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Un, will move forward with a large-scale military parade, the day before the Winter Olympics begins in South Korea. Dozens of long-range missiles will be displayed along a route through North Korea's capital city of Pyongyang on February 8, two diplomatic sources with information on Jong-Un's intentions told CNN on Wednesday. The display of 'hundreds' of missiles and rockets would be intended 'to scare the hell out of the Americans,' said one of the sources. The news comes after President Donald Trump criticized Kim in his State of the Union address on Tuesday. He also celebrated North Korean defector Ji Seong-ho, along with the parents of Otto Warmbier, the American student who died shortly after spending 17 months in captivity in North Korea for the attempted theft of a propaganda poster from his hotel room. The event in Pyongyang is expected to include dozens of intercontinental-range Hwasong-15 missiles, which are the same missiles that were test-fired for the first time by Kim's military in late November, the sources said. The official purpose of the parade in North Korea is the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the country's military, but officials refuse to confirm what exactly is planned for the event.

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U.S. National News

"Continuity of Government" Bunker Located at "Resort" Where Members of Congress Traveled yesterday before train they were on Collided with Truck

Category: U.S. National News Thursday, 01 February 2018 05:18

By now, all of you know that on Wednesday, members of Congress were on a chartered AMTRAK train traveling from Washington, DC to the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia for a "Retreat." That train somehow struck a truck which was crossing the railroad tracks. While the truck driver was killed, no members of Congress were seriously hurt. Did you ALSO know that beneath the Greenbriar Resort is a Continuity of Government Bunker built specifically for Congress? It's true. Did you also know that one of the Rothschild's, specifically David M. Rothschild, Tweeted before President trump's State of the Union address "no one is going to remember this speech in the morning?" Did Rothschild know (or think) that Congress was going to be wiped out in a train wreck? The Greenbrier's Bunker History Construction began in 1958 on the 112,544-square-foot bunker, which was built 720 feet into the hillside under The Greenbrier's West Virginia Wing. Once complete in 1961, the facility was maintained in a constant state of readiness by a small group of government employees working undercover as Forsythe Associates, a company hired by the resort for audio/visual support services. During its Eisenhower-Era use, The Bunker provided the following: Four entrances; three to The Greenbrier's grounds and one to the main building 25-ton blast door that opens with only 50 lbs. of pressure Decontamination chambers 18 dormitories, designed to accommodate over 1,100 people Power plant with purification equipment and three 25,000-gallon water storage tanks Three 14,000-gallon diesel fuel storage tanks Communications area, including television production area and audio recording booths Clinic with 12 hospital beds, medical and dental operating rooms Laboratory Pharmacy Intensive care unit Cafeteria Meeting rooms for the House and Senate, the Governor's Hall and Mountaineer room (See image below) Over the 30 years that it was an active facility, communications and other equipment were updated, keeping The Bunker at full-operation status. The location of the facility, critical to its effectiveness, remained a secret for more than three decades. On May 31, 1992, The Washington Post published an article which exposed the facility. As a direct result, the U.S. government began de-commissioning The Bunker and ended the lease agreement with The Greenbrier in 1995. From the Greenbriar Resort's Web Site Today, daily Bunker Tours are offered to registered hotel guests and the general public. The declassified Bunker at The Greenbrier is a must-see experience that takes you behind the scenes and walks you through a fascinating period in the resort's history. Carved deep into the mountainside beneath our West Virginia Wing is an emergency Cold War fallout shelter. Once a top secret U.S. government relocation facility for Congress, The Bunker is now open to anyone interested in reliving a legendary piece of The Greenbrier history. Bunker Tours provide a unique and in-depth look behind the hidden doors and let you explore an aspect of The Greenbrier that no other resort can claim. Reserve your place in our history today! BUNKER TOURS Bunker Tours are generally offered daily to registered hotel guests as well as the general public. Tours are approximately 90 minutes in length and are available for guests 10 years of age and older. HOURS (subject to change) 9:30am - 3:30pm, Daily RESERVATIONS General Tours: 844-223-3173 Groups (15+) & Private Tours: 304-536-7810 No tours are offered: April 9-12, 2018 October 29-November 1, 2018 December 25, 2018 TOUR RATES Adults: $39 per person Youth (10-18): $20 per youth Pricing above include 6% West Virginia sales tax and 6.5% Historic Preservation Fund Gratuity is not included PRIVATE TOURS Before 5:00pm: $850* per private tour + $25 gratuity (1-25 guests) 5:00pm - 6:30pm: $1,245* per private tour + $100 gratuity (1-25 guests) 6:30pm - 8:00pm: $1,245* per private tour + $150 gratuity (1-25 guests) *Gratuity, 6% West Virginia sales tax and 6.5% Historic Preservation Fund additional GUIDELINES Reservations are required. Maximum tour size is 25 persons. Tours depart from the Trellis Lobby near the Lobby Bar. Guests should check in at the Trellis Lobby no later than 15 minutes prior to the tour. Comfortable shoes are recommended. No one under the age of 10 will be permitted. To our day visitors, please allow ample time for parking and arrival at the Trellis Lobby. No cameras, electronic equipment or cell phones are permitted. (Items may be secured with The Bunker office.) Weapons of any kind are not permitted. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone not adhering to the Bunker Tour guidelines. CANCELLATION POLICY Reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the time of the tour. Tours that are booked the day of the tour may not be cancelled. Fee for non-cancellation is $34 per person. HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBILITY The Bunker Tour is wheelchair accessible with the exception of the decontamination area and the lower level of the power plant. The decontamination area can be bypassed, and benches are available if one does not go down the 25 steps to the lower level of the power plant. Wheelchairs are available. If at all possible, it is preferable that guests supply their own wheelchairs. If an individual has mobility problems or uses a wheelchair, please notify us when making your reservation so that special arrangements can be made. Things "Decommissioned" can be Recommissioned If the Bunker was Decommissioned after the 1992 Washington Post story, it could be recommissioned. Why else would the Greenbriar web site from which the material above was obtained, tell "visitors" taking tours that "No cameras, electronic equipment or cell phones are permitted." What about the train accident yesterday? There are now numerous reports that Wednesday morning's collision between the truck(s) and the train was a "hit" - an ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT AGAINST CONGRESS! This is from Jim Stone's website. The newest information is at the top. CONFIRMED: THE CONGRESSMEN ABOARD THE TRAIN WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN SESSION. THEY WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HEADED TO A "RESORT" THAT DOUBLES AS A DOOMSDAY (COG) FACILITY Adding to the credibility of the theory they were fleeing a threat is the fact that they had family members aboard the train, including children that should have been in school. OVERWHELMINGLY PROBABLE: THEY RECEIVED DEATH THREATS OVER THE MEMO, AND WERE HEADING TO A SAFE PLACE WHEN THEY WERE STOPPED BY A STAGED "ACCIDENT" UPDATE: CONFIRMED - They did not turn back, they continued on to the safe facility in buses, including the injured. THAT THERE ALONE SAYS IT ALL. Here's the story, which is all now 100 percent confirmed. A majority of Republican congressmen who voted to release the Fisa memo, which exposes an enormous amount of deep state corruption, were on an escorted train when they were supposed to be in session, with all roads closed ahead of the train (for security reasons) and the train receiving helicopter escort. Despite all the roads being closed, the train hit a garbage truck while going 70 mph. The front wheels of the front engine derailed, but the rear wheels stayed on the tracks. With all the roads closed for security reasons, the only way the garbage truck could have gotten in the way of the train would be if it was done intentionally. Even some Congressmen are now saying the accident had to have been staged, and that it was an attempt to kill a large number of congressmen who voted to release the memo. Large numbers of deaths would have occurred if the train did derail, (as planned) but with the will of God it mostly stayed on the tracks and none of the cars or engines tipped over. If that had happened at 70 MPH the results would have been devastating. HEADS UP: Rogue factions in the United States government are attempting a violent coup with "plausible deniability. Fortunately only minor injuries happened, but having this end up being minor defies all probability, it was supposed to be a disaster and it was definitely, without question, not an accident. My original coverage of this topic follows: BOOM: BLOCKBUSTER UPDATE: IT IS NOW CONFIRMED THIS WAS AN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. ALL THE ROADS WERE SHUT DOWN AHEAD OF THE TRAIN, WHICH HAD HELICOPTER ESCORT. THERE'S NO WAY THE GARBAGE TRUCK COULD HAVE BEEN WHERE IT WAS, ABSENT AN OUTRIGHT ATTEMPT TO GET IT IN FRONT OF THE TRAIN. Uh oh! "Choppers were following the train and the rail road crossings were supposed to be shut down for the senators to have priority per Rachel Campos Duffy, wife of Sean Duffy R-WI on Fox" THIS IS NOW A CONFIRMED HIT ON REPUBLICAN SENATORS WHO VOTED TO RELEASE THE MEMO. The photos of the accident scene are a little misleading, the train in fact hit the dump truck at the prior crossing, and carried it to the next crossing. the train did not just stop on a dime. CHARTERED TRAIN LOAD OF REPUBLICAN SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES HAD AN ACCIDENT EVERYONE SUSPECTED THERE WOULD BE A FALSE FLAG, AND BOOOOOM! WE JUST HAD IT. BOOM: SESSIONS HAS ANNOUNCED HE THINKS THE COLLISION WAS COORDINATED AND NOT AN ACCIDENT. Most likely the train was sent into a truck that had been hijacked via remote and driven with precision straight into the train's path. UPDATE: It is now confirmed the train did not hit the brakes, which means they were probably disabled via remote. UPDATE: It now appears that TWO trucks were involved. The initial hit was an 18 wheeler, and the second hit was a dump truck at a different crossing. That is why the dump truck is close to where the train stopped. This still needs confirmation, but it is the only thing that matches reports, senators are saying there were two impacts, and they are reporting the big hit was a semi. Two separate trucks is not yet confirmed. UPDATE: THE PEOPLE ON THE TRAIN WERE THOSE WHO VOTED TO RELEASE THE MEMO. UPDATE: The attack was (SORT OF) a failure. It is obvious the deep state wanted a 70 MPH derailment so the cars would flip and kill people. That did not happen, the train stayed on the tracks. UPDATE: People are speculating that the truck was electronically hijacked and shut off when it was on the tracks. I'd say that is highly plausible. Here's how that would be done: The train's location and speed is known. All the garbage trucks have chips in them to let central management know where they are. So the speed of the train and the velocity of the truck was matched (via remote) to create a collision where it looked like the truck driver was trying to beat the train. He's dead and can't speak up. Case closed. UPDATE: NOW CONFIRMED. THE TRAIN WAS GOING 70 MPH AND THE OBVIOUS GOAL WAS TO GET IT TO FLIP AND KILL EVERYONE. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN, IT STAYED ON THE TRACKS Everyone was thrown from their seats, and there are mixed reports about injuries, people who were on the train are tweeting that many people got head injuries because the impact was severe, and that one has a broken leg. Rumor that the train engineer is dead. Confirmed the truck driver is dead. That way he can't talk. This is an obvious setup. The train hit a very heavy truck. Since it was a fleet vehicle it overwhelmingly probably had a tracking chip, and anything less than 14 years old now can be controlled via remote. OBVIOUS: After Trump's state of the union success and memo release, a hit was put out on Republican lawmakers and someone sent the Amtrak they were on into a truck in an effort to kill as many as possible, all at once. They were on their way to a retreat on a specially chartered Amtrak, all in one place at the same time, and someone made an attempt to kill as many as possible. I am gathering details now. Folks, this is an obvious setup. There's no way such an event happened by accident with such perfect timing, THIS IS AN OBVIOUS SETUP, someone wanted as many Republican lawmakers taken out of commission as possible, all with "plausible deniability." VIDEO OF CRASH SCENE So if local roads near the train tracks were all "closed" for security, then how did the truck get to the train tracks? If there was a helicopter above the train providing security, how could the collision even take place? Didn't the helicopter see the unauthorized truck? Didn't the helicopter radio the train telling it to stop? ROTHSCHILD TWEET David M. Rothschild, of the famous/notorious Rothschild Family - the wealthiest family on earth by many accounts - made an ominous Tweet before president Trump's State of the Union Speech last night. The tweet said: Hahahahahahahaha. No one is going to remember this speech in the morning. Here is the original tweet from Twitter: David Rothschild @DavMicRot Hahahahahahahaha. No one is going to remember this speech in the morning. 11:17 PM - Jan 30, 2018 210 210 Replies 22 22 Retweets 37 Did Rothschild know that Congress was going to have "an accident?" Was the train crash a "hit" against Congress? Was Congress heading to the Continuity of Government Bunker because something horrific is about to take place? Be VERY watchful today . . . Did Rothschild know that Congress was going to have "an accident?" Was the train crash a "hit" against Congress? Was Congress heading to the Continuity of Government Bunker because something horrific is about to take place? Be VERY watchful today . . . PLEASE LINK TO THIS STORY AND TELL AS MANY AMERICANS AS POSSIBLE. WE NEED THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO KNOW WHAT MAY BE TAKING PLACE BEFORE IT GOES OFF. SPREAD THIS STORY FAR AND WIDE PLEASE. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!


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Shocking Story From West Virginia Proves 'Big Pharma' Is The Biggest 'Drug Pusher' In America - Is President Trump Preparing To Take On 'The Big Pharma Mafia'?

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die February 1, 2018

While according to this recent story over at far-left Vox, 'big pharma' had won 'round 1' in the fight against President Donald Trump and his goals to get the pharmaceutical industry to lower their prices, as several ANP readers pointed out in the comment section of this ANP State of the Union open thread, President Trump has just made his future intentions known. Not only lashing out at big pharma's high drug prices but also the horrific opioid problem in America and the difficulty of people dying from terminal diseases to gain access to experimental, alternative health options, as ANP reader Phil S commented, "Yes ....... He declared war against Big Pharma ......... He's serious about "fair trade" policies as far as I can tell.." And while the SOTU won't translate into noticeable results overnight and 'big pharma' still has one of the most powerful lobbying arms in Washington DC, we could hear the anger and frustration in President Trump's voice as he brought up some outstanding points, including the fact that people in other countries pay far less than Americans do for the same medications as big pharma's lobbying arm and their bought and paid for politicians feed the opioid crisis in America according to this October 2017 story from the Guardian. With President Trump also targeting the 'dealers and pushers' who have helped spread their scourge of death across America, helping to make opioid overdoses the leading cause of death among young Americans, it's clear that 'big pharma' and their enablers in Congress are the biggest 'pushers', pushing their poisons into big cities and small towns across America. Perfectly exemplified in this new story from National Public Radio West Virginia which recently reported that drug distributors had shipped 20.8 million painkillers between in nearly a decade into a West Virginia town of only 3,000 people, is it any wonder that the great state of West Virginia led the nation with the highest rate of drug overdose deaths? As this new Ars Technica story reports, an ongoing investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee has come up with some absolutely startling numbers. From their story.: Drug companies hosed tiny towns in West Virginia with a deluge of addictive and deadly opioid pills over the last decade, according to an ongoing investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. For instance, drug companies collectively poured 20.8 million hydrocodone and oxycodone pills into the small city of Williamson, West Virginia, between 2006 and 2016, according to a set of letters the committee released Tuesday. Williamson’s population was just 3,191 in 2010, according to US Census data. “These numbers are outrageous, and we will get to the bottom of how this destruction was able to be unleashed across West Virginia,” committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.) and ranking member Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.) said in a joint statement to the Charleston Gazette-Mail. The nation is currently grappling with an epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that, on average, 115 Americans die each day from opioid overdoses. West Virginia currently has the highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the country. The letters released Tuesday are addressed to two regional drug distributors, Ohio-based Miami-Luken and Illinois-based HD Smith. Both companies have distributed eye-popping numbers of pills to small cities in the state. In the letters, the committee lays out distribution data it has collected and asks questions about the companies’ distribution practices, including why they increased distribution so sharply in some towns and why they didn’t flag suspicious orders. But Miami-Luken and HD Smith are not the only distributors that have drawn the committee’s attention. The letters are just the latest in the committee’s ongoing probe into what it calls “pill dumping” amid the opioid crisis. Last year, the committee sent similar letters to three other drug companies, asking about their drug distribution in the state. The committee also sent a letter to Miami-Luken asking for information about its distribution practices and orders in West Virginia, among other things. While individuals selling drugs will get locked away for a long time for pushing drugs into communities, why are big pharma groups such as Miami-Luken, HD Smith and the list goes on being permitted to do the same thing under the cover of 'legality'? As President Trump pointed out in his speech, there have been far too many Americans killed via accidental overdose of poisons created by these companies. While we understand that painkilling medications will always play their proper role in society, alternative health practitioners and natural products have given Americans numerous less-deadly and as efficient alternatives. As Mike Adams recently reported over at Natural News, in what was an absolutely riveting State of the Union speech, "President Trump targeted Big Pharma's price monopolies", a moment within his speech that immediately led Susan Duclos to remark to me that President Trump better triple his security. With what appears to be an all-out war upon alternative and holistic health practitioners with at least 84 dead since 2015 as Erin Elizabeth has been steadfastly keeping track of over at Health Nut News, those particular remarks by President Trump showing a willingness to go after 'big pharma' prices and the inability of the dying to easily try experiment treatments were certainly one of the high points in the speech for us along with his slam-dunk "Americans are dreamers, too" along with his asking Americans to stand for the National Anthem and respect our glorious flag. Yet as commenter David S wisely mentions as seen in the comment screenshot below from that Natural News story, dating back decades, the FDA and DEA have given big pharma the monopoly they have long exploited while attempting to demonize alternative medicines such as cannabis and kratom, with Congress making them illegal to help maximize big pharma's profits. davids_comment.png With such a corrupt system long firmly entrenched, we certainly won't be holding our breaths waiting for the changes that President Trump has emphasized yet as Erin Elizabeth also pointed out in this January 26th story over at Health Nut News, President Trump may have just made the first BIG step in stopping mandatory vaccinations via a press release that "he has created a new division in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) — the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division." This coming at a time when there is great concern about a possibly weaponized flu killing people across America with concerns flu vaccines are actually spreading the flu according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which found that "people who receive flu shots emit 630% more flu virus particles into the air" than the unvaccinated. When we add in the fact that many flu-shot vaccinated children are dying from the flu all across America as Mike Adams also recently reported over at Natural News as is also heard in the first video below, we urge President Trump to follow through in his attempts to take down those pushing deadly drugs into America's big cities and small towns while making experimental treatment options available for those fighting terminal diseases, despite what big pharma and their friends in Congress might think. 

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etc. For truly the news media does not always tell you the truth, they tell you what they want you to hear, but not what is really going on, except for a little, do they know that later the truth will always find them out, for one can only cover up lies for so long before they come uncovered. etc.

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Clark County Coroner releases 58 autopsy reports, all names redacted, no ballistics, Stephen Paddock’s autopsy kept secret

By Lexi Morgan - February 1, 2018, @8:43 am EST

It appears that a further cover-up is underway in regards to the 1 October massacre in which 58 people were killed LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — The Coroner finally released the autopsy for the 58 victims but not for the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock after a judge ruled that the coroner release all the documents and pay $32,000 in legal fees. Not only did the coroner drag his feet and release the autopsy reports late Wednesday but all of the names are redacted in the reports and there is no mention of ballistic data, bullet caliber, or trajectories. Although, the report does state that recovered bullet fragments were turned over to the police. Moreover, against public law, the coroner has still not released the autopsy report for “Stephen Paddock” after an Intellihub article definitively proved the body recovered in Mandalay Bay room 32-135 was not Paddock’s. In fact, the coroner claims that he still has to “finalize” the report despite the fact the autopsy was conducted.

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Even now, saith your Father, they plot for a one world banking system, a one world government, a one world controlled by one man, etc..

[ :: 10-13-13 pm service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc.. For the days are numbered pertaining to this world, they are numbered, they are numbered and they get down to a seven year period as you know by studying my word and you have entered into that and I have told you those times. I have spoken unto you many things, but at times it seems like man does not want to believe. But I say, beware of the beast, beware of the antichrist, beware of the six six six, beware; for the hour is running down, time is closing out. etc..

[ :: 1-17-18 pm service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

For as I have said unto you and as you have noticed the weather, the weather, the weather, the troubles that are going on here, the troubles that are going on there, the preparation for war, not just North Korea but Russia and other countries that hate America, they are preparing and getting ready.  For the hour is much later than most people think, it is far later than those that are walking in the false and tell you that you have ten, twenty, thirty years, far later.  But many of them do not understand the word because the word starts in the very beginning in Genesis and as you follow the things through the Bible you get a clear picture of what it was like and what it shall return to, for I have taught you everything goes in a circle and we are headed back now toward the garden once again.  It started in the garden and ends in a sense in the garden way before the white throne judgment.  Things are coming to pass, if you check them very carefully they will all fall in perfect place and you don’t have to walk in doubt, you don’t have to walk in fear, for I have opened your understanding.  Yes, demon activity is far greater, far greater today than it has been, but if you go back to the time of Nimrod you will see the same thing right there.  You will see why I had to cause the languages to be divided and the people to be separated, because they had a mind and whatever they thought, they were purposing to do and today we are seeing the very same things. It is not something new my children, for if you read what I have written and don’t add in to it, you will have a clear picture of everything that is taking place and you will even understand exactly where you are.  For I have spoken to you about the antichrist taking on his new spirit, that should tell you something by itself, that alone is a giant key that I have given unto my church that they may wake up and walk in the fullness of the things that I have given unto them.  Remember this winter it is not over, I will keep this area safe, it will be far safer than other areas, but winter is not over.

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The rise of the Antichrist and modern technology. All they need is the right conditions: a totalitarian world dictatorship to put it into effect

February 1, 2018 danama Alternative

With modern technology and advanced systems, computer chips and hi-tech surveillance, “Big Brother” is watching, and it’s now “all systems go!” Everything’s falling into place for the global economy to take off, and the technology and necessary computing power are with us now, the actual infrastructure is already in place, developed, tested and proven. The Anti-Christ world leader will be the author of confusion, the master counterfeiter, and through his many images he will deceive the nations. The Antichrist will come on the world stage peaceably, with flatteries, via powerful persuasion and propaganda. By this means he is able to creep into houses and lead captive the masses. Through his many images and idols he shows himself clever, for acceptance of his 666 mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:16-18) will be the fashion–the logical, the reasonable, the convenient, the safest, the securest, the vital, the norm, that which is accepted in the eyes of man, both small and great. It’s getting darker and colder all the time, and many people in the world can feel it. They may not understand it, and they don’t always want to admit it, but it’s happening. The sun is setting, the darkness is falling, and the world is looking for hope, for some ray of light. The nations question “Why this and why that? Why all the pain and strife in the world? Why the slaughter of the innocents? Why troubles and sorrows?” These questions are being raised in people’s hearts and minds, and those whose foundations have been built on the sand, or others who had no foundations to begin with, have no answers. Never in all of history until now has the technology existed for a world dictatorship to rule the world. All they need is the right conditions: a totalitarian world dictatorship to put it into effect. The Antichrist government will use the computer to rule the world in the form of an image to the antichrist. The image of the Beast! REVELATION 13:14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast (Antichrist); saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast (Antichrist), which had the wound by a sword, and did live. REVELATION 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. REVELATION 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: REVELATION 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. REVELATION 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. 666 The technology for the Antichrist’s One World monetary system and “Mark of the Beast” is already developed and ready to be put into effect. Just think, all the peoples of the Earth united, on the same wavelength, the same channel. All around, every single day, there are signs of the coming End, signs of the Antichrist, signs of the coming One World Order. Man’s knowledge has also increased in these last two years, as it has in other recent years, but it now heads in more dangerous directions than in the past, including attempts to clone human beings, fuse man and beast in the embryo, or genetically modify man. As men seek to unravel the secrets of life, they also seek to combine it with machine. They seek new and improved robots to serve man, giving them artificial intelligence and mobility such as they’ve not had before. They seek to make man himself more of a machine, implanting chips, sensors, and electrodes to enhance man’s powers and intelligence. These chips and implants come with many benign purposes: They increase security for children and protect them from abduction; they monitor criminals; they check the health of their subjects and release medicine into the body; they make identification quick and easy; they prevent fraud; they monitor and increase productivity; they make life more convenient in many ways. In the last two years we’ve seen a great increase in the knowledge that has made such things possible and public acceptance of the devices themselves. Despite the promises of technology, modern comforts and conveniences, and affluence unknown in the past, poverty persists. War threatens. Disease stalks and kills many. The world thinks they’ve entered the great new age of technology, and the 21st century is going to thrust them into the greatest glories of their “techno-age.” The technology known as biometrics, for example, the process of collecting, processing and storing details of a person’s physical characteristics, has excited the interest of governments and companies because, unlike other forms of ID (cards, papers, etc.), it knows the target human as well as a mother knows her children. The most popular forms of biometric identification are retina scans, hand geometry, thumb scans, fingerprints, voice recognition, and digitized photographs. This is the sort of power that will be needed to run the Antichrist’s computers and government. here’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the technology and being able to do things faster and better. But these will be useful mechanisms of the Antichrist’s New World Order. Technology has broken down borders and nations are becoming less important, which will make the creation of his one-world government relatively simpler. It’s happening so gradually that global government will just be a logical next step. The world will accept him, only to find that the heaven on earth he’s promised them has become hell on earth, with hell hereafter for those who take his 666 Mark of the Beast. They’re trying to control living beings with technology, with chips that they’ve finally managed to incorporate in their brains. And they’ll go on developing that technology until it reaches its apex in the Mark of the Beast, with which evil men would seek to control and monitor men even more. Are you ready for these great and final events of the end? You can get ready now by receiving Jesus into your heart. Simply pray this little prayer and He will come in: “Dear Jesus, I believe that You are the Son of God and that You died for me. Please forgive me for all my sins. I ask You, Jesus, to please come into my heart and give me Your free Gift of Eternal Life. 

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etc throughout the world there is disaster here, there is disaster there, there is calamity here and there is calamity there, for many things are happening right now, saith your Father God.  Learn about the silent bomb, study it, study the national grid, understand the things that I am saying to you because this shall not just be a day or a two-day or a three-day thing. Make sure you can take care of yourself for at least three months, at least three months. etc

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etc We are going to see a magnetic reversal affecting the power grids.  Remember the Lord talked to us about buying generators, we can see, boy, that is coming. etc

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The magnetic field is shifting, the poles are flipping and this will get really bad!

By Strange Sounds - Jan 31, 2018

The shield that protects the Earth from solar radiation is under attack from within. We can’t prevent it, but we ought to prepare. ONE DAY in 1905, the French geophysicist Bernard Brunhes brought back to his lab some rocks he’d unearthed from a freshly cut road near the village of Pont Farin. When he analyzed their magnetic properties, he was astonished at what they showed: Millions of years ago, the Earth’s magnetic poles had been on the opposite sides of the planet. North was south and south was north. The discovery spoke of planetary anarchy. Scientists had no way to explain it. Today, we know that the poles have changed places hundreds of times, most recently 780,000 years ago. Sometimes, the poles try to reverse positions but then snap back into place, in what is called an excursion. The last time was about 40,000 years ago. We also know that when they flip next time, the consequences for the electrical and electronic infrastructure that runs modern civilization will be dire. The question is when that will happen. In the past few decades, geophysicists have tried to answer that question through satellite imagery and math. They have figured out how to peer deep inside the Earth, to the edge of the molten, metallic core where the magnetic field is continually being generated. It turns out that the dipole — the orderly two-pole magnetic field our compasses respond to — is under attack from within. The latest satellite data, from the European Space Agency’s Swarm trio, which began reporting in 2014, show that a battle is raging at the edge of the core. Like factions planning a coup, swirling clusters of molten iron and nickel are gathering strength and draining energy from the dipole. The north magnetic pole is on the run, a sign of enhanced turbulence and unpredictability. A cabal in the Southern Hemisphere has already gained the upper hand over about a fifth of the Earth’s surface. A revolution is shaping up. If these magnetic blocs gain enough strength and weaken the dipole even more, they will force the north and south poles to switch places as they strive to regain supremacy. Scientists can’t say for sure that is happening now — the dipole could beat back the interlopers. But they can say that the phenomenon is intensifying and that they can’t rule out the possibility that a reversal is beginning. It’s time to wake up to the dangers and start preparing. The Earth’s magnetic field protects our planet from dangerous solar and cosmic rays, like a giant shield. As the poles switch places (or try to), that shield is weakened; scientists estimate that it could waste away to as little as a tenth of its usual force. The shield could be compromised for centuries while the poles move, allowing malevolent radiation closer to the surface of the planet for that whole time. Already, changes within the Earth have weakened the field over the South Atlantic so much that satellites exposed to the resulting radiation have experienced memory failure. That radiation isn’t hitting the surface yet. But at some point, when the magnetic field has dwindled enough, it could be a different story. Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder, one of the world’s experts on how cosmic radiation affects the Earth, fears that parts of the planet will become uninhabitable during a reversal. The dangers: devastating streams of particles from the sun, galactic cosmic rays, and enhanced ultraviolet B rays from a radiation-damaged ozone layer, to name just a few of the invisible forces that could harm or kill living creatures. How bad could it be? Scientists have never established a link between previous pole reversals and catastrophes like mass extinctions. But the world of today is not the world of 780,000 years ago, when the poles last reversed, or even 40,000 years ago, when they tried to. Today, there are nearly 7.6 billion people on Earth, twice as many as in 1970. We have drastically changed the chemistry of the atmosphere and the ocean with our activities, impairing the life support system of the planet. Humans have built huge cities, industries and networks of roads, slicing up access to safer living spaces for many other creatures. We have pushed perhaps a third of all known species toward extinction and have imperiled the habitats of many more. Add cosmic and ultraviolet radiation to this mix, and the consequences for life on Earth could be ruinous. And the perils are not just biological. The vast cyber-electric cocoon that has become the central processing system of modern civilization is in grave danger. Solar energetic particles can rip through the sensitive miniature electronics of the growing number of satellites circling the Earth, badly damaging them. The satellite timing systems that govern electric grids would be likely to fail. The grid’s transformers could be torched en masse. Because grids are so tightly coupled with each other, failure would race across the globe, causing a domino run of blackouts that could last for decades. But these dangers are rarely considered by those whose job it is to protect the electronic pulse of civilization. More satellites are being put into orbit with more highly miniaturized – and therefore more vulnerable – electronics. The electrical grid becomes more interconnected every day, despite the greater risks from solar storms. No lights. No computers. No cellphones. Even flushing a toilet or filling a car’s gas tank would be impossible. And that’s just for starters. One of the best ways of protecting satellites and grids from space weather is to predict precisely where the most damaging force will hit. Operators could temporarily shut down a satellite or disconnect part of the grid. But progress on learning how to track damaging space weather has not kept pace with the exponential increase in technologies that could be damaged by it. And private satellite operators aren’t collating and sharing information about how their electronics are withstanding space radiation, a practice that could help everyone protect their gear. We have blithely built our civilization’s critical infrastructure during a time when the planet’s magnetic field was relatively strong, not accounting for the field’s bent for anarchy. Not only is the field turbulent and ungovernable, but, at this point, it is But these dangers are rarely considered by those whose job it is to protect the electronic pulse of civilization. More satellites are being put into orbit with more highly miniaturized – and therefore more vulnerable – electronics.  etc 

[ :: 6-28-09 am service ( first word ) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc.. All these things are end-time signs, the economy, the loss of jobs, the government control. You are in a time that the world has never seen before and that time does not get better, etc..

[ :: 5-15-11 am service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::  ::]

etc. But it is not an exciting time for the lukewarm or the ungodly, it shall be a terrible time, a time of a dictator, a dictator government that dictates, that takes away your rights, that takes away your freedoms, that takes away the things that you have, the things that you never expected that they would control, they shall control. Oh, what an hour is just ahead. etc..

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In New York, Gun Owners Balk At New Handgun Database

This week marked the official deadline for more than 370,000 handgun owners in the state of New York to register those guns with state police. New York is trying to use that information to build a comprehensive record of gun owners — something only one other state has done. The database that California started in 2007 has gotten mixed reviews. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, has said he wants to make sure that people who can’t legally own guns – those with criminal convictions, serious mental health issues, or active restraining orders — aren’t somehow falling through the cracks and holding onto their firearms. Anyone who took out a handgun license in New York before 2013 — the year the state passed a landmark gun control law — had to contact state police by Jan. 31 or risk criminal charges. That’s caused a real backlash, particularly among rural gun owners, who don’t entirely trust their state’s intentions. A common sense plan? The Albany Gun Show is a winter fixture in upstate New York. On the show’s opening day in mid-January, Tom King, president of the NRA-affiliated New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, posted up beyond all the folding tables stacked with rifles and holsters. King said he spent hours and hours answering a question that seemed to be on everyone’s mind. “People are saying, ‘Do I have to register or don’t I have to register?’ So yeah,” King said. “There is a lot of confusion.” The confusion, he said, is about why the state of New York wants information for its new handgun database. It’s actually been on the books since 2013. In the months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, several states adopted tougher gun control measures. New York passed a law known as the SAFE Act, which banned most assault weapons. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he wanted to go even further. “We’ll have for the first time a statewide handgun database that will allow the state, allow local officials to check periodically,” Cuomo said. The plan lawmakers approved calls for detailed information on hundreds of thousands of legally licensed handgun owners and their weapons – down to make, model and serial numbers. Some of that information was already available on gun permit applications filed at county clerk’s offices across the state, but it was often outdated or incomplete. State police will build a database they can check against criminal records, alerts filed by mental health professionals, and restraining orders. Only law enforcement can see the information, not the public. Cuomo described it as a system based on common sense. “You don’t want criminals and people who are mentally ill to have guns,” he said. Once the law passed, state police began collecting information from every person who applied for a new handgun permit. “You can’t make them criminals.” The SAFE Act has been popular in urban areas, according to polling data. But some rural gun owners have resisted from the beginning. As the first big handgun registration deadline approached this winter, for people who got their guns prior to 2013, the pushback grew more intense. Talk radio host Bill Robinson has lashed out at the state on “The Second Amendment Radio Show,” which he hosts for a small station near Rochester. “The government shouldn’t have master lists of us gun owners and the specific guns we have,” Robinson said in a recent episode. “They don’t need it!” A lot of gun owners are angry. While they can agree that so-called “bad guys” shouldn’t have access to weapons, some fear that New York is trying to turn them into those bad guys. It goes back to the penalties associated with this registration process. The SAFE Act says failure to register handguns is a felony offense — and gun permits are automatically revoked. “You just can’t do that to people that live in your state, that are lawful gun owners,” Tom King said. “You can’t make them, overnight, criminals.” King is most worried about those who had handguns before the 2013 law went into effect, but all handgun owners will have to check back in every five years. No response from 81,000 gun owners As of the deadline, more than 81,000 people – or 20 percent of affected handgun owners in New York – haven’t responded to the state’s request. But New York State Police spokesman Beau Duffy argues that concern about this gun database has been overblown. He said felony charges are off the table for now. “We’re not going to take criminal enforcement action, particularly with those people who were unaware of this re-certification process,” Duffy said. The next big question is how this registry is going to be used and who’s going to follow up with gun owners. Laura Cutilletta, legal director for the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, believes it could be a game-changer for police. “This kind of tool seems like something law enforcement would really welcome and would make a priority if they can,” Cutilletta said. “Because to know who is determined to be dangerous already and has a gun — I mean, what better information could you give law enforcement than something like that?” But Cutilletta doesn’t think these systems will start popping up nationwide. They’re too expensive, she said. New York set aside $28 million for its database, and California tucked away $24 million. Instead, Cutilletta said, she and other gun control advocates are pushing for new kinds of restraining orders – called “extreme risk protection orders.” They allow families and police to take their concerns to court and request permission from a judge to take guns away from people who could potentially do harm. California, Washington, and Oregon have already passed legislation allowing these protection orders. New York’s lawmakers are considering a similar bill this year. 

[ :: 8-11-02 At the altar after the pm service ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::]

etc there is a unification of the Babylonian system that is going on that you do not see or understand. Illuminati is making their plots and their plans. Many things are taking place right now that are far beyond your understanding etc

:: 1-29-18 The Express :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

TRUTH about Davos? World Economic Forum is REALLY an Illuminati gathering - claims

THE Davos World Economic Forum is a meeting of the alleged sinister Illuminati global elite, who are plotting to create a global government, conspiracy theorists have claimed.

By Jon Austin

PUBLISHED: 18:08, Wed, Jan 24, 2018 | UPDATED: 18:19, Wed, Jan 24, 2018

The international event, attended by world political and business leaders, starts today until Friday in Davos, in the Swiss Alps. Officially, the WEF is a Swiss non-profit foundation, set up in 1971 to "improve the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas". British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet US President Donald Trump and share the stage with Tony Blair and Angela Merkel, to discuss the global economy and the future of Europe after Brexit. But, according to conspiracy theorists, who believe a secret Illuminati of global leaders actually run all world governments, the WEF is actually part of a sinister plot to create a New World Order. The Illuminati conspiracy theory claims a secret elite runs the world from behind the scenes and is attempting to install the New World Order upon the Earth, which would ultimately be one global Government controlled by them. There is no real evidence to support the myth, but many people across the world subscribe to it. Conspiracy theorist Titus Frost said in a YouTube video: "The WEF is an annual meeting of a bunch of world elite Illuminati who all come out to tell us what exciting things they have planned for us." Conspiracy theory website describes the event as "the Illuminati’s annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland". Arch conspiracy theorist David Icke also believes the WEF is an Illuminati gathering, and in an article on his website claimed the global elite were running scared of the so-called populism of Brexit and Donald Trump which threatens to de-stabilise the "New World Order" plot. Icke wrote: "The great and the good of Davos agree they have a problem with populism. Finding a solution is the hard part. "On the second day of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting (2017) in the Swiss Alps, delegates disagreed on how best to address the upending of the western political order, a debate made doubly urgent by the string of elections in Europe this year where anti-establishment parties could gain more ground. "While International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde urged a list of policies from programs to retrain workers to more social spending, others fretted that the turbulence is only starting. "Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio warned on a panel chaired by Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua that 'we may be at a point where globalisation is ending, and provincialisation and nationalisation is taking hold'". Conspiracy website wrote an article on how it was disturbed by the fact that the WEF discussed meditation being good for business at the 2015 meeting. The article, entitled 'This is a very unusual event at the World Economic Forum, and it's diagnostic of something much larger that is happening', said: "World leaders are actively creating a one world government and religion and it is going full steam ahead! "These world leaders OPENED THEIR MINDS willingly to the satanic powers of this world! "The world leaders that control the economy of nations not only want to create a One World Government, they also come with a religion as well. "It is a pagan religion based on idols and the worship of self, and it has begun to openly manifest itself at the highest levels of business. "That is why this year at the Davos conference, the world’s most-powerful money men and women silenced themselves and handed over control of their minds to the gods of this world.” But according to fellow conspiracy theory website, the WEF and the annual G8 Summit, are "mere sideshows" for the Illuminati, with the major event being the annual Bilderberg meeting. Set up in 1954, the Bilderberg Group holds a global top-secret meeting for world political and business leaders, and is seen as the public face of the Illuminati. It has been described as the world’s most secretive gathering of global leaders and elites, with prime ministers and presidents, bankers and former heads of the CIA and MI6 topping the guest list for 2016 in Dresden, Germany. The outlandish claims are completely denied by the organisers of both the WEF and the Bilderberg meeting, who say they are just talks designed to help improve the world as a whole. 

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Now concerning the terrorists and the terrorist’s attacks, there is no way in the natural that man can stop this. For you have two borders, Mexico, Canada, you have open traffic from Cuba to Florida, you have freighters, you have oil tankers, they come into the harbor daily, sometimes in large numbers. Realize that your prayers cannot turn this back, it is part of the end-time events that shall take place. But your prayers can save lives, your prayers can warn people, but realize that this is going to be part of a lifestyle until the anti-christ establishes a peace treaty throughout the world. etc

[ :: 12-31-02 / 1-01-03 New Years (eve) service  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::]

etc. What about the trouble on the border with Mexico, are they talking to you about that? Have they told you those things, that you cannot trust her, that the borders are unsafe, that many enemies shall cross the borders? Have they not said that they got through this year without terrorism, and yet that is a lie? For the terrorists struck here and the terrorists struck there and some times they did not even know it was the terrorists. They look to man and they did not realize what the enemy was doing. Oh, I say unto you, hear; hear what the Spirit has to say to the church etc

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Trump pushes hardline immigration policies even as he urges unity

Steve Holland, Jeff Mason

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump urged lawmakers on Tuesday to work toward bipartisan compromises, but pushed a hard line on immigration, insisting on a border wall and other concessions from Democrats as part of any deal to protect the children of illegal immigrants. Trump, in his first State of the Union speech, gave no ground on the contentious issue of whether to shield young immigrants known as “Dreamers” from deportation. Aiming to keep conservative supporters happy as he looks to November congressional elections, Trump stood by a set of principles opposed by Democrats, including the border wall with Mexico and new restrictions on how many family members that legal immigrants can bring into the United States. “Tonight, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve,” Trump said in his address. Trump used the hour-and-20-minute speech, given annually by presidents to Congress, to try to overcome doubts about his presidency at a time when he is battling a probe into his campaign’s alleged ties with Russia and suffering low job approval ratings. Trump made no mention of the federal probe into whether his campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential election, a controversy that is dogging his presidency. Trump has denied collusion and has called the probe a “witch hunt.” The speech was short on details about Trump’s policy proposals. But his sober, measured approach was welcomed by the public. A CNN/SSRS snap poll said 48 percent of those surveyed had a “very positive” response to the speech and 22 percent “somewhat positive.” There was little sign of unity inside the House of Representatives chamber where Trump spoke. Republican lawmakers cheered wildly at the president’s applause lines. Democrats often sat in their seats silently and many booed when he laid out his immigration proposals. DENOUNCES NORTH KOREAN LEADERSHIP Turning to foreign policy late in the speech, Trump denounced the “depraved character” of North Korea’s leadership and said Pyongyang’s “reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homeland.” “We are waging a campaign of maximum pressure to prevent that from happening,” he said. In a surprise moment, he singled out a North Korea defector in the crowd, Ji Seong-ho, as an example of what he called the reclusive country’s brutal nature. Trump also said he had signed an order to keep open the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for foreign terrorism suspects. Former Democratic President Barack Obama had vowed to close the prison, which has been condemned by human rights groups, but was unable to shut it down completely. Whether Trump would follow through on his appeal for bipartisan harmony was far from clear. Trump’s past attempts at a unifying message have been undermined by his later rancorous tweets and divisive statements that angered Democrats and frequently annoyed lawmakers in his own Republican Party. The unity plea will first be put to the test in his drive for a compromise on protecting 1.8 million Dreamers - people brought illegally to the country as children - who face a March 5 deadline on whether they can begin to be deported. Republicans welcomed Trump’s immigration proposals, with U.S. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma saying Trump tried to strike a middle ground. “My Democratic colleagues can say he didn’t move enough, but you can’t deny he moved a lot. There are people in his core base who think he has moved way too far.” But Senator Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat and the longest-serving senator, said Trump’s words about unity, after a year of “divisive actions, petty insults and disgraceful race-baiting ... ring hollow.” Trump said he was “extending an open hand” for an immigration deal and that he would provide Dreamers a pathway to citizenship over 10 to 12 years in exchange for funding the border wall, which he promised during his campaign, and restrictions on legal immigration. He called his plan a “down-the-middle compromise,” but some Democrats hissed when he said he wanted to rein in “chain migration,” the ability of legal immigrants to bring a wide-ranging number of family members into the country. “Let’s come together, set politics aside and finally get the job done,” Trump said. INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN Trump took credit for U.S. economic gains including a soaring stock market and a low jobless rate. He boasted about the economic growth he believes will result from tax cuts Republicans pushed through Congress late last year. “This is our new American moment. There has never been a better time to start living the American Dream,” he said. Trump said he would like a compromise over a plan to rebuild aging roads, bridges and other infrastructure. He said he wanted legislation to generate at least $1.5 trillion through a combination of federal, state and local spending as well as private-sector contributions. Market reaction was muted, with S&P 500 futures drifting higher, but investors saying there was little new for Wall Street in the speech. “Futures lifted a bit because it was not a negative speech. He was calm. He celebrated America. He avoided his own failures,” said Tim Ghriskey, chief investment officer at Cresset Wealth Advisors in Chicago. While Trump spoke of compromise, his speech provided some reminders of partisan battles over the past year. He singled out a speech guest, 12-year-old Preston Sharp, for leading an effort to put American flags on the graves of 40,000 veterans, saying the initiative was “why we proudly stand for the national anthem.” His criticism of National Football League players who refused to stand for the anthem in protest against police shootings of minorities and racial disparities in the justice system, dominated headlines last autumn. Additional reporting by Richard Cowan, Susan Cornwell, Roberta Rampton, Makini Brice, Eric Beech and Eric Walsh; Editing by Peter Cooney 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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IDF Spokesman warns Lebanon of war with Israel if Iranian presence grows

Lebanese president vows to resist Israel by 'all available means'

Lebanon army chief asks troops for readiness at Israel border

By Anna Ahronheim January 28, 2018 11:40

“The future of Lebanese citizens is in the hands of a dictator who sits in Tehran,” said Manelis. IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis warned in a rare op-ed on a Lebanese opposition website that a war with Israel could break out if Iran develops precision missiles in the country. “Lebanon has become - both by its own actions and omissions and by a blind eye from many members of the international community - one large missile factory,” Manelis wrote on the Ahewar website. "It's no longer a transfer of arms, funds or consultation. Iran has de-facto opened a new branch, the 'Lebanon branch.' Iran is here," he said. “In Lebanon, Hezbollah does not conceal its attempt to take control of the state,” he continued, adding that “in the shadow of Nasrallah’s bullying behavior” the terror group has built “terror infrastructure and factories to manufacture weapons under the nose of the Lebanese government.Israel and Hezbollah fought a deadly 33-day war in 2006, which came to an end under UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which called for disarmament of Hezbollah, for withdrawal of the Israeli army from Lebanon, for the deployment of the Lebanese army and an enlarged UN force in the south. “This past year (2017), like the 11 years that preceded it since the end of the Second Lebanon War, was characterized by relative stability on the Lebanese front. This quiet is for the benefit of residents on both sides,” Manelis wrote. “The fact that northern Israel and southern Lebanon have children who have not heard an alarm in their lives is a significant achievement of the Second Lebanon War, and the best proof of the stability of Israeli deterrence and the burning memory among the Lebanese about the magnitude of Nasrallah's previous mistake.” Nevertheless according to IDF assessments, Hezbollah has since rebuilt its arsenal with at least 100,000 short-range rockets and several thousand more missiles that can reach central Israel. In addition to a massive arsenal of rockets and missiles, Hezbollah is able to mobilize close to 30,000 fighters and has flouted its tunnel system, complete with ventilation, electricity, and rocket launchers. Hezbollah has also increased its military capabilities due to its fighting in Syria on the side of President Bashar Assad, and has spread its troops across the entire Middle East. “The past year has been further proof that Hezbollah serves as an operational arm of Iran. In every place where there was instability, we discovered the fingerprint of Iran and everywhere we discovered Hezbollah's involvement,” Manelis wrote. Some 200 villages in south Lebanon have also been turned into “military strongholds” from which Hezbollah militants are able to watch Israeli soldiers at any moment.The ordinary citizen will be mistaken to think that this process turns Lebanon into a fortress, it is nothing more than a barrel of gunpowder on which he, his family and his property are sitting,” Manelis said in his op-ed on Sunday. “One in every three or four houses in southern Lebanon is a headquarters, a post, a weapons depot or a Hezbollah hideout. We know these assets and know how to attack them accurately if required.” Israeli officials have repeatedly voiced concerns over the smuggling of sophisticated weaponry to Hezbollah and the growing Iranian presence on its borders, stressing that both are red-lines for the Jewish State. Senior officials from Israel’s defense establishment have repeatedly stated that while the chance of escalation on the border is low, the smallest incident or a miscalculation by either side has the possibility to lead to conflict. “The future of Lebanese citizens is in the hands of a dictator who sits in Tehran,” Manelis wrote, adding that “I think it is right to warn the residents of Lebanon of the Iranian game in their security and in their future.” In September, Israel carried out its largest military exercise on the northern border in 20 years with tens of thousands of soldiers from all branches of the army simulating a war with Hezbollah. “The past year has been used by the IDF to significantly improve preparations for war on the northern front,” Manelis wrote. “If our enemies understood how much we knew about them, they would be deterred from entering into another conflict for many more years to come.” 

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Israel, Lebanon Argue Over Offshore Energy Reserves, Beirut Slams 'Threat'

Lieberman urges int'l firms not to bid on 'very provocative' Lebanese offshore oil and gas exploration in disputed territory on the countries’ maritime border

Reuters Jan 31, 2018 6:45 PM

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman described as “very provocative” on Wednesday a Lebanese offshore oil and gas exploration tender in disputed territory on the countries’ maritime border, and urged international firms not to bid. Lebanese President Michel Aoun, whose country considers Israel an enemy state, described the comments as “a threat" to Lebanon. “When they issue a tender on a gas field, including Block 9, which by any standard is ours ... this is very, very challenging and provocative conduct here,” Lieberman said. “Respectable firms” bidding on the tender “are, to my mind, making a grave error - because this is contrary to all of the rules and all protocol in cases like this,” he told an international security conference hosted by Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, a think-tank. His remarks come after Lebanon in December approved a bid by a consortium of France’s Total, Italy’s Eni and Russia’s Novatek for two of the five blocks put up for tender in the country’s much-delayed first oil and gas offshore licensing round. One of the awarded blocks, Block 9, borders Israeli waters. Lebanon has an unresolved maritime border dispute with Israel over a triangular area of sea of around 860 square kilometers that extends along the edge of three of the blocks. “Lieberman’s words about Block 9 are a threat to Lebanon and its right to sovereignty over its territorial waters,” Aoun said on his official Twitter account. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said the country would take up the comments with the “relevant international bodies to affirm its right to act in its territorial waters." “For the past few days Israeli officials have been deliberately sending threatening messages to Lebanon,” Hariri said in a statement from his press office. Hariri said Lieberman’s words were “blatant provocation." The contracts are expected to be officially signed on February 9, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration said, allowing exploration to begin. The licensing round was relaunched in January 2016 after a three-year delay caused by political paralysis. Lebanon is on the Levant Basin in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, where a number of big sub-sea gas fields have been discovered since 2009, including the Leviathan and Tamar fields located in Israeli waters near the disputed marine border with Lebanon. Israel last went to war in Lebanon in 2006, against the Iran-backed Hezbollah militia. With tensions rising anew, Lieberman said Lebanon would “pay in full” for any new Hezbollah attacks on Israel. But he said Israel sought no war, adding: “We try to conduct ourselves determinedly and responsibly.” 

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Hamas founder dies after 'accidentally' shooting himself

Hamas 'founding father' responsible for alliance with Iran dies weeks after 'accidental' self-inflicted gunshot wound.

David Rosenberg, 30/01/18 09:35

A senior member of the Hamas terrorist organization has died, a Hamas spokesman said Tuesday, three weeks after he suffered what the terror organization claimed was an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound in the head. On January 9th, Fawzy Barhoum, spokesman for the Gaza-based Islamist terror group, said that Imad al-Alami, one of the movement’s most senior officials, was critically wounded when his personal firearm accidentally discharged. Al-Alami, 61, was "inspecting his personal weapon in his home and is in critical condition,” Barhoum said at the time. The Hamas leader was rushed to a Gaza City hospital. On Tuesday, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem reported that Al-Alami had succumbed to his wounds, dying in Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital. Outlawed by the US in 2003 for his position in Hamas, al-Alami was considered one of the Gaza terror group’s most important assets, due to his extensive ties with the Iranian governmenta major sponsor of Hamas – and his personal relationship with Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, himself a client of the Tehran regime. In recent years, al-Alami operated out of Turkey, where he received medical treatment. A founding father of the Hamas terror group, al-Alami returned to the Gaza Strip in 2012, where he previously served as deputy chief of Hamas’ Political Bureau, and once chaired its “Intifada Committee”. In November, 2016, al-Alami was reportedly selected as Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh’s designated successor. The shooting incident fueled a variety of conspiracy theories within the Palestinian Authority, ranging from claims al-Alami was assassinated, to suggestions he may have committed suicide following years of serious health problems. In 2014, al-Alami’s residence was hit during the conflict between Hamas and Israel, leading to the amputation of one of his legs. He has received numerous treatments in Turkey for injuries resulting from the bombing.   

[ :: 4-14-13 pm service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. even though you shall see the pestilence that shall come, even though you see these things etc..

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The Flu Is FAR WORSE Than We’re Being Told: Tens of Thousands of Americans Are DYING

by Cat Ellis

We all know that this year’s flu season is bad. I have been pouring over numbers and reports over the past few days, and it’s actually even worse than we’re hearing about. Tens of thousands of Americans are dying. It’s now worse than the 2009 swine flu outbreak and is on track with the 2014-15 strain. And it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Despite this, the media is downplaying the severity of the flu and the government makes the statistics pretty difficult to find. Are they trying to avoid a panic? Do they know something we don’t? Here’s what you need to know about why this year’s flu is so dangerous. This Year’s Flu Strain Is More Deadly The dominant Influenza strain this year is H3N2. This particular strain has a history of causing more hospitalizations and more deaths. According to the CDC: In the past, H3N2-predominant seasons have been associated with more severe illness and higher mortality, especially in older people and young children, relative to H1N1- or B-predominant seasons. Between 1976 and 2007, for example, CDC estimates that an average of 28,909 people died from flu during H3N2 seasons, compared to 10,648 people during non-H3N2 predominant years. That’s a difference of 18,261 adults each year. And that’s in a good year. In addition to H3N2 producing a more serious infection in general, this year’s particular H3N2 influenza virus is particularly virulent. The number of deaths due to influenza or complications to the flu, such as pneumonia (a secondary bacterial infection following influenza), varies from year to year. An August 27, 2010 MMWR report entitled “Thompson MG et al. Updated Estimates of Mortality Associated with Seasonal Influenza through the 2006-2007 Influenza Season. MMWR 2010; 59(33): 1057-1062.,” provided estimates of the range of flu-associated deaths that occurred in the United States during the three decades prior to 2007. CDC estimated that from the 1976-1977 season to the 2006-2007 flu season, flu-associated deaths ranged from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people. The Current Flu Has Already Killed 44,116 People In comparison, the current flu has already resulted in 44,116 deaths this flu season. To give that number some meaning, this year’s flu has already led to more deaths than the average for H3N2 years. Furthermore, we aren’t even in the middle of cold and flu season yet. At 44,116 deaths and counting, we are already nearly to the high end (49,000 people) of the normal flu-associated deaths range. Fun With Numbers You would think the CDC would publish an easy-to-find running tally of influenza mortality. They don’t. They only post that information for pediatric mortality. Currently, that number stands at 37. A total of 37 influenza-associated pediatric deaths have been reported for the 2017-2018 season. They do, however, provide the information for you to do the math for yourself. On the same page as the above graphic, the CDC provides a chart with the mortality rate presented as a percentage. Here’s that chart. Below that chart is the option to open up the chart data. This opens an Excel file with the number of people who died from both influenza and pneumonia by week dating back to 2015. I added up the total deaths for the flu and for pneumonia starting in Week 40 (October 2, 2017) and ending in Week 1 (January January 7, 2018). This is what those figures came to: If you add those two totals together, you reach a total of 44,146 people dead. To make matters even more confusing, the CDC does report lab-confirmed cases of influenza at the top of the same web page. This is the chart. This chart is somewhat misleading, as it does not compare apples to apples. It presents only cases of lab-confirmed influenza, but not Influenza-Like Illnesses (ILI). ILI cases are just labeled “Elevated”. Thanks, but I could tell that already by just reading my Facebook news feed. The chart also does not include pneumonia cases. This leaves thousands of cases off the chart. To add yet another twist, the pediatric mortality total is posted on this same chart. This compares apples to oranges and gives the impression that there are much fewer people sick and dying than there actually are. Numbers don’t lie. But, they can mislead. If you do add the lab-confirmed cases of influenza together, you get 19,869 cases. That’s a far cry from the 44,146 deaths recorded so far. The Flu Vaccine Is Historically Less Effective on H3N2 Not only does this influenza strain produce a more intense and deadly flu, the flu vaccine is less effective against it. This Centers for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) article discusses a study published in The Lancet spanning 11 years that demonstrates H3N2 is more resistant to the flu vaccine. The study, in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, covered more than 11 flu seasons, from Jan 1, 2004, to Mar 31, 2015. The H3N2 strain has been associated with more severe influenza seasons independent of vaccine effect, according to senior author Edward Belongia, MD, of the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation (MCRF) in Wisconsin. Among the explanations he and his coauthors offered for the lower strain-specific protection were manufacturing-related factors. Also from the above CIDRAP article, the flu vaccine demonstrates only a 33% vaccine effective (VE) rate with the average H3N2 strain. This is down significantly from the VE rates against other strains. The research team determined that pooled VE for the 56 studies was 33% (95% confidence interval [CI], 26%-39%) for H3N2, 54% (95% CI, 46%-61%) for type B, 61% (95% CI, 57%-65%) for 2009 H1N1, and 67% (29%-85%) for prepandemic H1N1. This Year’s Vaccine Is Even Less Effective than Prior Years To make matters worse, this year’s flu vaccine isn’t even close to the average 33% VE rate of prior years. This year’s vaccine is performing at approximately a 10% VE rate. This report from CBS News explains how we know this. What’s more, this year’s flu shot may not be up to the task. It is the same formulation that was used during Australia’s most recent flu season — which typically sets a pattern for what the U.S. will face — and it was only 10 percent effective there. Nonetheless, the medical community and media are still pushing the ineffective flu vax with all their might. Resources and Services Are At Risk The other day, I did an informal “Flu Check-In” through my social media accounts. It was a great way to touch base with hundreds of people around the country. There were loads of reports of hospitals reaching surge capacity, school closings due to high numbers of influenza cases, and people being told by their employers to stay home and telecommute if possible. Hospitals are at capacity. Hospitals and medical facilities are usually extra busy during flu season. However, this year, many hospitals are reaching what is called “surge capacity”. Surge capacity is the ability to handle a sudden and dramatic increase in the number of patients needing immediate care. This is happening because there are more patients seeking out emergency care, and they are staying in the hospital longer. This is leading to a scarcity of hospital beds and available staff. There seems to be quite a few hospitals at capacity. This is just a tiny sample of hospitals that are either full or almost full. Oklahoma City has several hospitals which are full. New Jersey hospitals are seeing “patients in the ICU for days and days with influenza”. A hospital in Syracuse had to turn people away from the emergency room. This Florida hospital had to set up beds in conference rooms. All of Augusta, GA hospitals are full with flu patients. The LA Times calls the situation local hospitals are facing a “war zone” as they put up tents for the surge of flu patients. Whether or not you have the flu, hospitals reaching capacity is a risk to everyone. I wrote about this at length in my book Prepping for a Pandemic. When an epidemic or pandemic disease has led to hospitals turning away patients, it doesn’t matter if you get the disease itself. You could have a heart attack, need an emergency c-section, or need have a burst appendix removed. No beds means no beds. At best, you might be directed to go to another hospital. At worst, they may not have any beds either and send you to another facility at capacity. School Closings There are plenty of school closings as well. This is an important step in saving lives, as the H3N2 strain of influenza hits both the elderly and children harder than adults. This can, however, make it tough on parents that cannot get time off of work. Here are just a few places with schools closing. They span all across the country. Mai Oklahoma Texas Idaho New Mexico Kansas Michigan Alabama Here’s What to Do Right Now Peak flu season is still to come. Flu season typically begins in October and can run as late as the following May. February is peak flu season. This month historically sees the most cases of flu or influenza-like illnesses. Stay away from enclosed populations with influenza if possible. These can include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, shopping centers, college dormitories, gyms, locker rooms, and anywhere else large numbers of people gather where the air is recirculated. If you are visiting someone who is in a care facility, do not bring young children or aging parents. They are more at risk than the rest of the population. Wash your hands frequently with soap. Soap provides friction which helps to remove pathogens from your hands. Stop touching your face. I know this one is hard, but we don’t need to give the flu any help infecting us. Take extra good care of your immune system. You will need to fight the flu! Get plenty of rest. Avoid unhealthy foods. Stay hydrated. Avoid smoking. Here is a great article from Harvard with ideas to support healthy immune function and one from this website about reducing your risk of catching the flu. Telecommute to work if possible. Disinfect things like doorknobs, handles, phones, and anything that multiple people touch throughout the day. The flu has an incubation period of 1-4 days before symptoms show, and is contagious a day before symptoms are obvious. Tidiness, clean linens, and fresh air help prevent the spread of germs before symptoms appear. If someone at home gets the flu, have them sleep separately, in a room by themselves. Keep your towels separate and your toothbrushes away from the sick person’s items. This one is deadly. This virus has the potential to be the worst we’ve seen in a century. You need to take every precaution to keep your family healthy and if someone does get sick, don’t take any risks. Seek medical attention. How bad is the flu in your area? Share your stories in the comments section. 

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New school closings, deaths reported as flu epidemic intensifies

By Katie Kindelan Jan 26, 2018, 2:05 PM ET

School closings in Florida and Oklahoma and the deaths of a 12-year-old Florida boy and 37-year-old Indiana woman, both reportedly from influenza, are the latest signs of a growing epidemic across the United States, experts say. Karlie Illg Slaven, a mother of two, died Jan. 22, three days after being diagnosed with the flu, her father told ABC Cincinnati affiliate WCPO-TV. How to clean your house to help keep your family safe from the flu 7 things pediatricians want parents to know about the flu epidemic Slaven started feeling ill after her children and husband recovered from the flu, Karl Illg told WCPO.  Slaven, who according to her dad did not get a flu shot, went to the doctor twice before being admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit, where she died. “Eventually, there was nothing else that could be done,” Illg said. “And we all were there, standing around her, and she left about 6:30 in the morning.” Dylan Winnik, a middle school student in Palm Beach County, Florida, died Jan. 23 because of what family members say was the flu. Palm Beach County health officials have not confirmed the cause of death, however, according to ABC Palm Beach affiliate WPBF-TV. “We lost a wonderful 12-year-old boy,” Mike Medwin, the boyfriend of Dylan’s mother, told the station. “[It’s] shocking. You get a call that he’s passed. How the hell does that happen?” The Florida Department of Health is reporting "above peak activity" this year compared to previous flu seasons. The panhandle region of North Florida is experiencing the largest increases in flu activity, the agency reported. One school district in Florida's panhandle, Gulf District Schools, closed all its schools today because of the "significant impact from influenza-like cases in our school system." So far 37 flu-related deaths in children have been confirmed across the U.S. since Oct. 1, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). New York, Puerto Rico and 39 other states are experiencing high activity of influenza-like illness, according to the CDC's most recent activity report. Nearly 10 school districts in Oklahoma have canceled classes for one to two days because of the large number of flu-related student absences, ABC Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO-TV reported. Meanwhile, as schools and families struggle to fight the flu, the most well-known antiviral treatment -- Tamiflu -- is in short supply. "We're told that it was on back order," Marissa Sgambati, a Florida woman in search of Tamiflu for her daughter, told ABC Orlando affiliate WFTV-TV. "It was just very challenging." Walgreens, the national drugstore chain, told ABC News the sudden surge in demand for Tamiflu means some versions of the medication, or some dosages, may be unavailable. The company also said it expects more inventory to arrive in the coming days. Tamiflu, and its generic version, oseltamivir, are "modestly effective" at treating the flu but more effective when used to help prevent the flu, according to ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Ashton said it is simply "not feasible" to expect everyone to take Tamiflu for the entire flu season, which runs from October to around May. People at higher risk for complications from influenza – such as those younger than 5 (especially younger than 2) or older than 65, pregnant woman and people with pre-existing conditions – are recommended for an antiviral treatment for prevention of flu, according to the CDC. 

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etc. Though there are wars, though there is fighting in the streets, though there is much bloodshed, though the storms are greater, the fires grow larger, the drought grows farther, the flooding grows even more than it has, destroying crops and homes, oh truly my children the hour is late and yet I am there for you. Reach out to me, etc.

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Coming Soon: The National Guard Homeland Response Force (HRF) for FEMA Region 7

On January 25, 2018 By apocalypsenewswatchIn Uncategorized

Last October I was talking to an acquaintance of mine who is a high ranking Missouri National Guard soldier. As we talked over coffee he starts to talk about how he wouldn’t trust anything electronic right now. What do you mean? I asked him. CB He proceeded to talk about a meeting he was called into over the weekend with the Missouri Adjutant General, one that involved all the Missouri National Guard commands in the state. He said they were worried about North Korean EMP weapons. I got the impression the meeting may have been prompted from higher up but he didn’t specify. He then warned, I better have some food stored and a way to cook it, said he personally went out and bought 6 months worth supplies for him and his household. As he talked, told me to remember the term of ‘Focus Units’ I think he said “line” focus units, units that can be ready at a moment’s notice and that’s what they are calling them at this time, at least for the National Guard. You should understand it is very unusual to have National Guard units to be prepared in advance. Usually when units are called up we go through several months of training and get issued new equipment at that time if it’s needed. It reminded me of another National Guard soldier I know. He had been telling me about all the new equipment they were getting in the Guard. Units in the Mo Guard are being issued brand new M-4 rifles along with brand new Aimpoint red dot scopes. They are also receiving several brand new M-2 .50 cal machine guns, M-240B 7.62mm NATO light machine guns, and M-249 SAW 5.56 NATO light machine guns. Brand new M-320 grenade launchers (pictured above mounted on an M4 rifle) as well. In addition to the new weapons they are receiving New NVG’s and M-4 mountable thermal scopes. I filed it all in the back in my memory bank as a little odd. It’s not too unusual for the National Guard to be prepared, but it is somewhat unusual for so much money to be spent on National Guard units. Generally the new equipment goes to active duty units, and the National Guard gets the active duty leftovers. This week I noticed something unusual on the Missouri National Guard’s website. In the job listings are several listings for volunteers to serve for 5 to 7 months on something called the Missouri National Guard Homeland Response Force (HRF). The ‘in country’ deployment dates are 01Feb-30Apr 2018 with tour ending 30SEP 2018. Here is a link to one of the job listings but it closes in late Jan and will probably be taken down then. The various jobs were open only to National Guard members, all MOS’s (military jobs) ranks E4 up to O3 (enlisted and officers). Do these jobs have anything to do with the “Focus Units”? I asked around and nobody seemed to know. I also asked around as to what exactly is the “Homeland Response Force” Again nobody seemed to know. So I did some digging and found a document from the Rand Corp. written in 2010. National Guard document on the same. “SecDef has approved the implementation of a plan to restructure the CCMRFs which includes an integrated state response capability based on the CSTs, CERFPs and the standup of 10 NG Regional Homeland Response Forces (HRFs) ‐ one per FEMA regional. These geographically distributed HRFs will improve the ability of DoD to quickly respond in case of a major or catastrophic CBRNE CM event by providing the necessary life saving capabilities to the incident area within hours vice days. The NG is committed to providing this capability to the DoD, the Governors of the 54 states and territories and the American people.” Yes it states 54 states. Here are the Acronym translations from FEMA: CCMRF- Consequence Management Response Force CST- Civil Support Team (National Guard–for WMD) CERFP- Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Yield Explosive (CBRNE) Enhanced Response Force Package (CERFP) NG- National Guard FEMA- Federal Emergency Management Agency DoD- Department of Defense CBRNE-CM- Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive – Consequence Management According to the Rand Doc, a Homeland Response Force: “When directed the NG Homeland Response Force (HRF) alerts, assembles and deploys to save lives and mitigate human suffering and prepares for follow-on forces.” “The HRFs mission is simple – conduct operations to save lives and to reduce human suffering in the event of a CBRNE incident” It goes on to describe a 48 hour response to any emergency including Nuclear, biological, chemical and/or explosive events. There are 10 HRF’s each responsible for their respective FEMA region. Even though I was unable to find anyone within the Mo Guard who knew what this unit was all about, a simple Google search showed me they are nothing new. In 2010 Congressman Ike Skelton (retired) announced them to the state, and they have had several training exercises. Here is a Department of Defense announcement about them as well. But why now? Is this anything unusual, or is it just training as usual. This time the Homeland Response Force will be on a 6 month deployment inside Missouri, I wonder if they will be activated for the other FEMA regions as well. In Matthew 24 Jesus told us: “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” This could be nothing more than a rumor. This could be nothing more than just good old fashioned preparedness. I didn’t need my friend to tell me to store extra food, as this is something I have told people for years. It’s good to be reminded of it though. I did feel somewhat vindicated because several years ago whenever I brought the subject up people treated me like a “doomsday prepper”. It never hurts to be prepared, a lesson I learned in a particularly bad ice storm we had several years back. I had not stored extra food before that, but have ever since. Do yourself a favor, store some extra food and water for you and your family. It may be up to 48 hours or more for the National Guard to save you. 

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etc. there shall be those and you shall hear of earthquakes and volcanoes.  Do not be troubled, for these are but signs that verify what my word says etc. 

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Thursday, 25 January 2018

A mag 6.2 - Russia rocks the Pacific ring again! It's now 6 major quakes and 6 extremely active volcanoes in the last 7 days: Disaster imminent? Earthwindmap Click on image to enlarge 6 major quakes in 7 days circling the entire Pacific ring. 6 extremely active volcanoes with at least 2 claiming massive eruption imminent. California gets lucky again The mag 6.2 - 38km NE of Nikol'skoye, Russia this morning is yet another major quake on the Pacific rim, the 6th in the last 8 days, see above, add to it the 6 most active volcanoes and it's easy to see the Pacific ring of fire is bursting at the moment. With the Mayon volcano in Indonesia and the Kadova Island volcano Papua New Guinea expecting imminent explosions and three major quakes in 24 hours including the powerful Alaskan quake something big could be in the offing. The whole Pacific Ring is rumbling, from Alaska to Papua New Guinea and Chile to Russia and Philippines to Mexico with one exception, once again the US West coast has come away unscathed but for how long? With nearly 200,000 people evacuated or affected by Pacific Ring volcano activity and the fact that millions got lucky along US and Canada coast once again yesterday when a massive 7.9 quake rocked Alaska, we must surely be asking ourselves when not if will the big one strike!. Today's major quake is the 9th major quake to strike our planet this month and of course 2018. And with the Earth still exiting a stream of fast-moving solar wind from the recent Coronal hole, today's and yesterdays quake has recorded an impressive 9 from 9 major earthquakes this year to have occurred during solar wind and or a coronal hole influencing the Earth's magnetosphere. It is a Big Wobble project this year to document just how many major quakes occur during a coronal hole facing Earth, so far so good, it's 9 from 9, 100 %. Home Gary Walton at 5:05 pm 

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etc Oh, the Cascades, the Cascades, the Cascades as they go crumbling down all the way down Interstate 5 all the way into Mexico, seven million people shall die.  The east coast, the east coast shall fall under a shaking there as every eye shall see the fireball and they shall know what is happening.  And again you will find over seven million people destroyed, destroyed, things are popping, things are coming to pass.  The mid-fault, the mid-fault, the new mid-fault that shall also be very active. etc

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etc You shall see Babylon fall in twenty-four hours and I have told you how long the revival shall last after, after it has been destroyed.  It will be completely, completely destroyed and no life living there ever again and it shall be a vicious attack upon the USA.  You will see the great earthquake from the Cascade Mountains in Washington all the way down to Mexico.  After the great shaking you will find people who will suddenly rush here to do the things that I want done etc.

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etc For judgment is quickly coming upon the face of the earth and you shall see Babylon fall in twenty four hours, you shall see the earthquakes on the West Coast all the way to the rocky mountains, the Cascade mountains all the way down into Mexico, that is including both mountain ranges if you heard me, both. And the tidal waves and the disaster that shall take place shall make you wonder, can anything be safe? Yes etc

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The Really Big One: The next rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone will spell the worst natural disaster in the history of the continent

By Strange Sounds - Jul 24, 2016

An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when. And keep in mind: The next full-margin rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone will spell the worst natural disaster in the history of the continent. When the 2011 earthquake and tsunami struck Tohoku, Japan, Chris Goldfinger was two hundred miles away, in the city of Kashiwa, at an international meeting on seismology. As the shaking started, everyone in the room began to laugh. Earthquakes are common in Japan—that one was the third of the week—and the participants were, after all, at a seismology conference. Then everyone in the room checked the time. Seismologists know that how long an earthquake lasts is a decent proxy for its magnitude. The 1989 earthquake in Loma Prieta, California, which killed sixty-three people and caused six billion dollars’ worth of damage, lasted about fifteen seconds and had a magnitude of 6.9. A thirty-second earthquake generally has a magnitude in the mid-sevens. A minute-long quake is in the high sevens, a two-minute quake has entered the eights, and a three-minute quake is in the high eights. By four minutes, an earthquake has hit magnitude 9.0. When Goldfinger looked at his watch, it was quarter to three. The conference was wrapping up for the day. He was thinking about sushi. The speaker at the lectern was wondering if he should carry on with his talk. The earthquake was not particularly strong. Then it ticked past the sixty-second mark, making it longer than the others that week. The shaking intensified. The seats in the conference room were small plastic desks with wheels. Goldfinger, who is tall and solidly built, thought, No way am I crouching under one of those for cover. At a minute and a half, everyone in the room got up and went outside. It was March. There was a chill in the air, and snow flurries, but no snow on the ground. Nor, from the feel of it, was there ground on the ground. The earth snapped and popped and rippled. It was, Goldfinger thought, like driving through rocky terrain in a vehicle with no shocks, if both the vehicle and the terrain were also on a raft in high seas. The quake passed the two-minute mark. The trees, still hung with the previous autumn’s dead leaves, were making a strange rattling sound. The flagpole atop the building he and his colleagues had just vacated was whipping through an arc of forty degrees. The building itself was base-isolated, a seismic-safety technology in which the body of a structure rests on movable bearings rather than directly on its foundation. Goldfinger lurched over to take a look. The base was lurching, too, back and forth a foot at a time, digging a trench in the yard. He thought better of it, and lurched away. His watch swept past the three-minute mark and kept going. Oh, shit, Goldfinger thought, although not in dread, at first: in amazement. For decades, seismologists had believed that Japan could not experience an earthquake stronger than magnitude 8.4. In 2005, however, at a conference in Hokudan, a Japanese geologist named Yasutaka Ikeda had argued that the nation should expect a magnitude 9.0 in the near future—with catastrophic consequences, because Japan’s famous earthquake-and-tsunami preparedness, including the height of its sea walls, was based on incorrect science. The presentation was met with polite applause and thereafter largely ignored. Now, Goldfinger realized as the shaking hit the four-minute mark, the planet was proving the Japanese Cassandra right. For a moment, that was pretty cool: a real-time revolution in earthquake science. Almost immediately, though, it became extremely uncool, because Goldfinger and every other seismologist standing outside in Kashiwa knew what was coming. One of them pulled out a cell phone and started streaming videos from the Japanese broadcasting station NHK, shot by helicopters that had flown out to sea soon after the shaking started. Thirty minutes after Goldfinger first stepped outside, he watched the tsunami roll in, in real time, on a two-inch screen. In the end, the magnitude-9.0 Tohoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed more than eighteen thousand people, devastated northeast Japan, triggered the meltdown at the Fukushima power plant, and cost an estimated two hundred and twenty billion dollars. The shaking earlier in the week turned out to be the foreshocks of the largest earthquake in the nation’s recorded history. But for Chris Goldfinger, a paleoseismologist at Oregon State University and one of the world’s leading experts on a little-known fault line, the main quake was itself a kind of foreshock: a preview of another earthquake still to come. Most people in the United States know just one fault line by name: the San Andreas, which runs nearly the length of California and is perpetually rumored to be on the verge of unleashing “the big one.” That rumor is misleading, no matter what the San Andreas ever does. Every fault line has an upper limit to its potency, determined by its length and width, and by how far it can slip. For the San Andreas, one of the most extensively studied and best understood fault lines in the world, that upper limit is roughly an 8.2—a powerful earthquake, but, because the Richter scale is logarithmic, only six per cent as strong as the 2011 event in Japan. Just north of the San Andreas, however, lies another fault line. Known as the Cascadia subduction zone, it runs for seven hundred miles off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, beginning near Cape Mendocino, California, continuing along Oregon and Washington, and terminating around Vancouver Island, Canada. The “Cascadia” part of its name comes from the Cascade Range, a chain of volcanic mountains that follow the same course a hundred or so miles inland. The “subduction zone” part refers to a region of the planet where one tectonic plate is sliding underneath (subducting) another. Tectonic plates are those slabs of mantle and crust that, in their epochs-long drift, rearrange the earth’s continents and oceans. Most of the time, their movement is slow, harmless, and all but undetectable. Occasionally, at the borders where they meet, it is not. Take your hands and hold them palms down, middle fingertips touching. Your right hand represents the North American tectonic plate, which bears on its back, among other things, our entire continent, from One World Trade Center to the Space Needle, in Seattle. Your left hand represents an oceanic plate called Juan de Fuca, ninety thousand square miles in size. The place where they meet is the Cascadia subduction zone. Now slide your left hand under your right one. That is what the Juan de Fuca plate is doing: slipping steadily beneath North America. When you try it, your right hand will slide up your left arm, as if you were pushing up your sleeve. That is what North America is not doing. It is stuck, wedged tight against the surface of the other plate. Without moving your hands, curl your right knuckles up, so that they point toward the ceiling. Under pressure from Juan de Fuca, the stuck edge of North America is bulging upward and compressing eastward, at the rate of, respectively, three to four millimetres and thirty to forty millimetres a year. It can do so for quite some time, because, as continent stuff goes, it is young, made of rock that is still relatively elastic. (Rocks, like us, get stiffer as they age.) But it cannot do so indefinitely. There is a backstop—the craton, that ancient unbudgeable mass at the center of the continent—and, sooner or later, North America will rebound like a spring. If, on that occasion, only the southern part of the Cascadia subduction zone gives way—your first two fingers, say—the magnitude of the resulting quake will be somewhere between 8.0 and 8.6. That’s the big one. If the entire zone gives way at once, an event that seismologists call a full-margin rupture, the magnitude will be somewhere between 8.7 and 9.2. That’s the very big one. Flick your right fingers outward, forcefully, so that your hand flattens back down again. When the next very big earthquake hits, the northwest edge of the continent, from California to Canada and the continental shelf to the Cascades, will drop by as much as six feet and rebound thirty to a hundred feet to the west—losing, within minutes, all the elevation and compression it has gained over centuries. Some of that shift will take place beneath the ocean, displacing a colossal quantity of seawater. (Watch what your fingertips do when you flatten your hand.) The water will surge upward into a huge hill, then promptly collapse. One side will rush west, toward Japan. The other side will rush east, in a seven-hundred-mile liquid wall that will reach the Northwest coast, on average, fifteen minutes after the earthquake begins. By the time the shaking has ceased and the tsunami has receded, the region will be unrecognizable. Kenneth Murphy, who directs FEMA’s Region X, the division responsible for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska, says, “Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast.” In the Pacific Northwest, the area of impact will cover* some hundred and forty thousand square miles, including Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene, Salem (the capital city of Oregon), Olympia (the capital of Washington), and some seven million people. When the next full-margin rupture happens, that region will suffer the worst natural disaster in the history of North America. Roughly three thousand people died in San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake. Almost two thousand died in Hurricane Katrina. Almost three hundred died in Hurricane Sandy. FEMA projects that nearly thirteen thousand people will die in the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami. Another twenty-seven thousand will be injured, and the agency expects that it will need to provide shelter for a million displaced people, and food and water for another two and a half million. “This is one time that I’m hoping all the science is wrong, and it won’t happen for another thousand years,” Murphy says. In fact, the science is robust, and one of the chief scientists behind it is Chris Goldfinger. Thanks to work done by him and his colleagues, we now know that the odds of the big Cascadia earthquake happening in the next fifty years are roughly one in three. The odds of the very big one are roughly one in ten. Even those numbers do not fully reflect the danger—or, more to the point, how unprepared the Pacific Northwest is to face it. The truly worrisome figures in this story are these: Thirty years ago, no one knew that the Cascadia subduction zone had ever produced a major earthquake. Forty-five years ago, no one even knew it existed. In May of 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, together with their Corps of Discovery, set off from St. Louis on America’s first official cross-country expedition. Eighteen months later, they reached the Pacific Ocean and made camp near the present-day town of Astoria, Oregon. The United States was, at the time, twenty-nine years old. Canada was not yet a country. The continent’s far expanses were so unknown to its white explorers that Thomas Jefferson, who commissioned the journey, thought that the men would come across woolly mammoths. Native Americans had lived in the Northwest for millennia, but they had no written language, and the many things to which the arriving Europeans subjected them did not include seismological inquiries. The newcomers took the land they encountered at face value, and at face value it was a find: vast, cheap, temperate, fertile, and, to all appearances, remarkably benign. A century and a half elapsed before anyone had any inkling that the Pacific Northwest was not a quiet place but a place in a long period of quiet. It took another fifty years to uncover and interpret the region’s seismic history. Geology, as even geologists will tell you, is not normally the sexiest of disciplines; it hunkers down with earthly stuff while the glory accrues to the human and the cosmic—to genetics, neuroscience, physics. But, sooner or later, every field has its field day, and the discovery of the Cascadia subduction zone stands as one of the greatest scientific detective stories of our time. The first clue came from geography. Almost all of the world’s most powerful earthquakes occur in the Ring of Fire, the volcanically and seismically volatile swath of the Pacific that runs from New Zealand up through Indonesia and Japan, across the ocean to Alaska, and down the west coast of the Americas to Chile. Japan, 2011, magnitude 9.0; Indonesia, 2004, magnitude 9.1; Alaska, 1964, magnitude 9.2; Chile, 1960, magnitude 9.5—not until the late nineteen-sixties, with the rise of the theory of plate tectonics, could geologists explain this pattern. The Ring of Fire, it turns out, is really a ring of subduction zones. Nearly all the earthquakes in the region are caused by continental plates getting stuck on oceanic plates—as North America is stuck on Juan de Fuca—and then getting abruptly unstuck. And nearly all the volcanoes are caused by the oceanic plates sliding deep beneath the continental ones, eventually reaching temperatures and pressures so extreme that they melt the rock above them. The Pacific Northwest sits squarely within the Ring of Fire. Off its coast, an oceanic plate is slipping beneath a continental one. Inland, the Cascade volcanoes mark the line where, far below, the Juan de Fuca plate is heating up and melting everything above it. In other words, the Cascadia subduction zone has, as Goldfinger put it, “all the right anatomical parts.” Yet not once in recorded history has it caused a major earthquake—or, for that matter, any quake to speak of. By contrast, other subduction zones produce major earthquakes occasionally and minor ones all the time: magnitude 5.0, magnitude 4.0, magnitude why are the neighbors moving their sofa at midnight. You can scarcely spend a week in Japan without feeling this sort of earthquake. You can spend a lifetime in many parts of the Northwest—several, in fact, if you had them to spend—and not feel so much as a quiver. The question facing geologists in the nineteen-seventies was whether the Cascadia subduction zone had ever broken its eerie silence. In the late nineteen-eighties, Brian Atwater, a geologist with the United States Geological Survey, and a graduate student named David Yamaguchi found the answer, and another major clue in the Cascadia puzzle. Their discovery is best illustrated in a place called the ghost forest, a grove of western red cedars on the banks of the Copalis River, near the Washington coast. When I paddled out to it last summer, with Atwater and Yamaguchi, it was easy to see how it got its name. The cedars are spread out across a low salt marsh on a wide northern bend in the river, long dead but still standing. Leafless, branchless, barkless, they are reduced to their trunks and worn to a smooth silver-gray, as if they had always carried their own tombstones inside them. What killed the trees in the ghost forest was saltwater. It had long been assumed that they died slowly, as the sea level around them gradually rose and submerged their roots. But, by 1987, Atwater, who had found in soil layers evidence of sudden land subsidence along the Washington coast, suspected that that was backward—that the trees had died quickly when the ground beneath them plummeted. To find out, he teamed up with Yamaguchi, a specialist in dendrochronology, the study of growth-ring patterns in trees. Yamaguchi took samples of the cedars and found that they had died simultaneously: in tree after tree, the final rings dated to the summer of 1699. Since trees do not grow in the winter, he and Atwater concluded that sometime between August of 1699 and May of 1700 an earthquake had caused the land to drop and killed the cedars. That time frame predated by more than a hundred years the written history of the Pacific Northwest—and so, by rights, the detective story should have ended there. But it did not. If you travel five thousand miles due west from the ghost forest, you reach the northeast coast of Japan. As the events of 2011 made clear, that coast is vulnerable to tsunamis, and the Japanese have kept track of them since at least 599 A.D. In that fourteen-hundred-year history, one incident has long stood out for its strangeness. On the eighth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year of the Genroku era, a six-hundred-mile-long wave struck the coast, levelling homes, breaching a castle moat, and causing an accident at sea. The Japanese understood that tsunamis were the result of earthquakes, yet no one felt the ground shake before the Genroku event. The wave had no discernible origin. When scientists began studying it, they called it an orphan tsunami. Finally, in a 1996 article in Nature, a seismologist named Kenji Satake and three colleagues, drawing on the work of Atwater and Yamaguchi, matched that orphan to its parent—and thereby filled in the blanks in the Cascadia story with uncanny specificity. At approximately nine o’ clock at night on January 26, 1700, a magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck the Pacific Northwest, causing sudden land subsidence, drowning coastal forests, and, out in the ocean, lifting up a wave half the length of a continent. It took roughly fifteen minutes for the Eastern half of that wave to strike the Northwest coast. It took ten hours for the other half to cross the ocean. It reached Japan on January 27, 1700: by the local calendar, the eighth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year of Genroku. Once scientists had reconstructed the 1700 earthquake, certain previously overlooked accounts also came to seem like clues. In 1964, Chief Louis Nookmis, of the Huu-ay-aht First Nation, in British Columbia, told a story, passed down through seven generations, about the eradication of Vancouver Island’s Pachena Bay people. “I think it was at nighttime that the land shook,” Nookmis recalled. According to another tribal history, “They sank at once, were all drowned; not one survived.” A hundred years earlier, Billy Balch, a leader of the Makah tribe, recounted a similar story. Before his own time, he said, all the water had receded from Washington State’s Neah Bay, then suddenly poured back in, inundating the entire region. Those who survived later found canoes hanging from the trees. In a 2005 study, Ruth Ludwin, then a seismologist at the University of Washington, together with nine colleagues, collected and analyzed Native American reports of earthquakes and saltwater floods. Some of those reports contained enough information to estimate a date range for the events they described. On average, the midpoint of that range was 1701. It does not speak well of European-Americans that such stories counted as evidence for a proposition only after that proposition had been proved. Still, the reconstruction of the Cascadia earthquake of 1700 is one of those rare natural puzzles whose pieces fit together as tectonic plates do not: perfectly. It is wonderful science. It was wonderful for science. And it was terrible news for the millions of inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest. As Goldfinger put it, “In the late eighties and early nineties, the paradigm shifted to ‘uh-oh.’ ” Goldfinger told me this in his lab at Oregon State, a low prefab building that a passing English major might reasonably mistake for the maintenance department. Inside the lab is a walk-in freezer. Inside the freezer are floor-to-ceiling racks filled with cryptically labelled tubes, four inches in diameter and five feet long. Each tube contains a core sample of the seafloor. Each sample contains the history, written in seafloorese, of the past ten thousand years. During subduction-zone earthquakes, torrents of land rush off the continental slope, leaving a permanent deposit on the bottom of the ocean. By counting the number and the size of deposits in each sample, then comparing their extent and consistency along the length of the Cascadia subduction zone, Goldfinger and his colleagues were able to determine how much of the zone has ruptured, how often, and how drastically. Thanks to that work, we now know that the Pacific Northwest has experienced forty-one subduction-zone earthquakes in the past ten thousand years. If you divide ten thousand by forty-one, you get two hundred and forty-three, which is Cascadia’s recurrence interval: the average amount of time that elapses between earthquakes. That time span is dangerous both because it is too long—long enough for us to unwittingly build an entire civilization on top of our continent’s worst fault line—and because it is not long enough. Counting from the earthquake of 1700, we are now three hundred and fifteen years into a two-hundred-and-forty-three-year cycle. It is possible to quibble with that number. Recurrence intervals are averages, and averages are tricky: ten is the average of nine and eleven, but also of eighteen and two. It is not possible, however, to dispute the scale of the problem. The devastation in Japan in 2011 was the result of a discrepancy between what the best science predicted and what the region was prepared to withstand. The same will hold true in the Pacific Northwest—but here the discrepancy is enormous. “The science part is fun,” Goldfinger says. “And I love doing it. But the gap between what we know and what we should do about it is getting bigger and bigger, and the action really needs to turn to responding. Otherwise, we’re going to be hammered. I’ve been through one of these massive earthquakes in the most seismically prepared nation on earth. If that was Portland”—Goldfinger finished the sentence with a shake of his head before he finished it with words. “Let’s just say I would rather not be here.” The first sign that the Cascadia earthquake has begun will be a compressional wave, radiating outward from the fault line. Compressional waves are fast-moving, high-frequency waves, audible to dogs and certain other animals but experienced by humans only as a sudden jolt. They are not very harmful, but they are potentially very useful, since they travel fast enough to be detected by sensors thirty to ninety seconds ahead of other seismic waves. That is enough time for earthquake early-warning systems, such as those in use throughout Japan, to automatically perform a variety of lifesaving functions: shutting down railways and power plants, opening elevators and firehouse doors, alerting hospitals to halt surgeries, and triggering alarms so that the general public can take cover. The Pacific Northwest has no early-warning system. When the Cascadia earthquake begins, there will be, instead, a cacophony of barking dogs and a long, suspended, what-was-that moment before the surface waves arrive. Surface waves are slower, lower-frequency waves that move the ground both up and down and side to side: the shaking, starting in earnest. Soon after that shaking begins, the electrical grid will fail, likely everywhere west of the Cascades and possibly well beyond. If it happens at night, the ensuing catastrophe will unfold in darkness. In theory, those who are at home when it hits should be safest; it is easy and relatively inexpensive to seismically safeguard a private dwelling. But, lulled into nonchalance by their seemingly benign environment, most people in the Pacific Northwest have not done so. That nonchalance will shatter instantly. So will everything made of glass. Anything indoors and unsecured will lurch across the floor or come crashing down: bookshelves, lamps, computers, cannisters of flour in the pantry. Refrigerators will walk out of kitchens, unplugging themselves and toppling over. Water heaters will fall and smash interior gas lines. Houses that are not bolted to their foundations will slide off—or, rather, they will stay put, obeying inertia, while the foundations, together with the rest of the Northwest, jolt westward. Unmoored on the undulating ground, the homes will begin to collapse. Across the region, other, larger structures will also start to fail. Until 1974, the state of Oregon had no seismic code, and few places in the Pacific Northwest had one appropriate to a magnitude-9.0 earthquake until 1994. The vast majority of buildings in the region were constructed before then. Ian Madin, who directs the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI), estimates that seventy-five per cent of all structures in the state are not designed to withstand a major Cascadia quake. FEMA calculates that, across the region, something on the order of a million buildings—more than three thousand of them schools—will collapse or be compromised in the earthquake. So will half of all highway bridges, fifteen of the seventeen bridges spanning Portland’s two rivers, and two-thirds of railways and airports; also, one-third of all fire stations, half of all police stations, and two-thirds of all hospitals. Certain disasters stem from many small problems conspiring to cause one very large problem. For want of a nail, the war was lost; for fifteen independently insignificant errors, the jetliner was lost. Subduction-zone earthquakes operate on the opposite principle: one enormous problem causes many other enormous problems. The shaking from the Cascadia quake will set off landslides throughout the region—up to thirty thousand of them in Seattle alone, the city’s emergency-management office estimates. It will also induce a process called liquefaction, whereby seemingly solid ground starts behaving like a liquid, to the detriment of anything on top of it. Fifteen per cent of Seattle is built on liquefiable land, including seventeen day-care centers and the homes of some thirty-four thousand five hundred people. So is Oregon’s critical energy-infrastructure hub, a six-mile stretch of Portland through which flows ninety per cent of the state’s liquid fuel and which houses everything from electrical substations to natural-gas terminals. Together, the sloshing, sliding, and shaking will trigger fires, flooding, pipe failures, dam breaches, and hazardous-material spills. Any one of these second-order disasters could swamp the original earthquake in terms of cost, damage, or casualties—and one of them definitely will. Four to six minutes after the dogs start barking, the shaking will subside. For another few minutes, the region, upended, will continue to fall apart on its own. Then the wave will arrive, and the real destruction will begin. Among natural disasters, tsunamis may be the closest to being completely unsurvivable. The only likely way to outlive one is not to be there when it happens: to steer clear of the vulnerable area in the first place, or get yourself to high ground as fast as possible. For the seventy-one thousand people who live in Cascadia’s inundation zone, that will mean evacuating in the narrow window after one disaster ends and before another begins. They will be notified to do so only by the earthquake itself—“a vibrate-alert system,” Kevin Cupples, the city planner for the town of Seaside, Oregon, jokes—and they are urged to leave on foot, since the earthquake will render roads impassable. Depending on location, they will have between ten and thirty minutes to get out. That time line does not allow for finding a flashlight, tending to an earthquake injury, hesitating amid the ruins of a home, searching for loved ones, or being a Good Samaritan. “When that tsunami is coming, you run,” Jay Wilson, the chair of the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission (OSSPAC), says. “You protect yourself, you don’t turn around, you don’t go back to save anybody. You run for your life.” The time to save people from a tsunami is before it happens, but the region has not yet taken serious steps toward doing so. Hotels and businesses are not required to post evacuation routes or to provide employees with evacuation training. In Oregon, it has been illegal since 1995 to build hospitals, schools, firehouses, and police stations in the inundation zone, but those which are already in it can stay, and any other new construction is permissible: energy facilities, hotels, retirement homes. In those cases, builders are required only to consult with DOGAMI about evacuation plans. “So you come in and sit down,” Ian Madin says. “And I say, ‘That’s a stupid idea.’ And you say, ‘Thanks. Now we’ve consulted.’ ” These lax safety policies guarantee that many people inside the inundation zone will not get out. Twenty-two per cent of Oregon’s coastal population is sixty-five or older. Twenty-nine per cent of the state’s population is disabled, and that figure rises in many coastal counties. “We can’t save them,” Kevin Cupples says. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it and say, ‘Oh, yeah, we’ll go around and check on the elderly.’ No. We won’t.” Nor will anyone save the tourists. Washington State Park properties within the inundation zone see an average of seventeen thousand and twenty-nine guests a day. Madin estimates that up to a hundred and fifty thousand people visit Oregon’s beaches on summer weekends. “Most of them won’t have a clue as to how to evacuate,” he says. “And the beaches are the hardest place to evacuate from.” Those who cannot get out of the inundation zone under their own power will quickly be overtaken by a greater one. A grown man is knocked over by ankle-deep water moving at 6.7 miles an hour. The tsunami will be moving more than twice that fast when it arrives. Its height will vary with the contours of the coast, from twenty feet to more than a hundred feet. It will not look like a Hokusai-style wave, rising up from the surface of the sea and breaking from above. It will look like the whole ocean, elevated, overtaking land. Nor will it be made only of water—not once it reaches the shore. It will be a five-story deluge of pickup trucks and doorframes and cinder blocks and fishing boats and utility poles and everything else that once constituted the coastal towns of the Pacific Northwest. To see the full scale of the devastation when that tsunami recedes, you would need to be in the international space station. The inundation zone will be scoured of structures from California to Canada. The earthquake will have wrought its worst havoc west of the Cascades but caused damage as far away as Sacramento, California—as distant from the worst-hit areas as Fort Wayne, Indiana, is from New York. FEMA expects to coördinate search-and-rescue operations across a hundred thousand square miles and in the waters off four hundred and fifty-three miles of coastline. As for casualties: the figures I cited earlier—twenty-seven thousand injured, almost thirteen thousand dead—are based on the agency’s official planning scenario, which has the earthquake striking at 9:41 A.M. on February 6th. If, instead, it strikes in the summer, when the beaches are full, those numbers could be off by a horrifying margin. Wineglasses, antique vases, Humpty Dumpty, hip bones, hearts: what breaks quickly generally mends slowly, if at all. OSSPAC estimates that in the I-5 corridor it will take between one and three months after the earthquake to restore electricity, a month to a year to restore drinking water and sewer service, six months to a year to restore major highways, and eighteen months to restore health-care facilities. On the coast, those numbers go up. Whoever chooses or has no choice but to stay there will spend three to six months without electricity, one to three years without drinking water and sewage systems, and three or more years without hospitals. Those estimates do not apply to the tsunami-inundation zone, which will remain all but uninhabitable for years. How much all this will cost is anyone’s guess; FEMA puts every number on its relief-and-recovery plan except a price. But whatever the ultimate figure—and even though U.S. taxpayers will cover seventy-five to a hundred per cent of the damage, as happens in declared disasters—the economy of the Pacific Northwest will collapse. Crippled by a lack of basic services, businesses will fail or move away. Many residents will flee as well. OSSPAC predicts a mass-displacement event and a long-term population downturn. Chris Goldfinger didn’t want to be there when it happened. But, by many metrics, it will be as bad or worse to be there afterward. On the face of it, earthquakes seem to present us with problems of space: the way we live along fault lines, in brick buildings, in homes made valuable by their proximity to the sea. But, covertly, they also present us with problems of time. The earth is 4.5 billion years old, but we are a young species, relatively speaking, with an average individual allotment of three score years and ten. The brevity of our lives breeds a kind of temporal parochialism—an ignorance of or an indifference to those planetary gears which turn more slowly than our own. This problem is bidirectional. The Cascadia subduction zone remained hidden from us for so long because we could not see deep enough into the past. It poses a danger to us today because we have not thought deeply enough about the future. That is no longer a problem of information; we now understand very well what the Cascadia fault line will someday do. Nor is it a problem of imagination. If you are so inclined, you can watch an earthquake destroy much of the West Coast this summer in Brad Peyton’s “San Andreas,” while, in neighboring theatres, the world threatens to succumb to Armageddon by other means: viruses, robots, resource scarcity, zombies, aliens, plague. As those movies attest, we excel at imagining future scenarios, including awful ones. But such apocalyptic visions are a form of escapism, not a moral summons, and still less a plan of action. Where we stumble is in conjuring up grim futures in a way that helps to avert them. That problem is not specific to earthquakes, of course. The Cascadia situation, a calamity in its own right, is also a parable for this age of ecological reckoning, and the questions it raises are ones that we all now face. How should a society respond to a looming crisis of uncertain timing but of catastrophic proportions? How can it begin to right itself when its entire infrastructure and culture developed in a way that leaves it profoundly vulnerable to natural disaster? The last person I met with in the Pacific Northwest was Doug Dougherty, the superintendent of schools for Seaside, which lies almost entirely within the tsunami-inundation zone. Of the four schools that Dougherty oversees, with a total student population of sixteen hundred, one is relatively safe. The others sit five to fifteen feet above sea level. When the tsunami comes, they will be as much as forty-five feet below it. In 2009, Dougherty told me, he found some land for sale outside the inundation zone, and proposed building a new K-12 campus there. Four years later, to foot the hundred-and-twenty-eight-million-dollar bill, the district put up a bond measure. The tax increase for residents amounted to two dollars and sixteen cents per thousand dollars of property value. The measure failed by sixty-two per cent. Dougherty tried seeking help from Oregon’s congressional delegation but came up empty. The state makes money available for seismic upgrades, but buildings within the inundation zone cannot apply. At present, all Dougherty can do is make sure that his students know how to evacuate. Some of them, however, will not be able to do so. At an elementary school in the community of Gearhart, the children will be trapped. “They can’t make it out from that school,” Dougherty said. “They have no place to go.” On one side lies the ocean; on the other, a wide, roadless bog. When the tsunami comes, the only place to go in Gearhart is a small ridge just behind the school. At its tallest, it is forty-five feet high—lower than the expected wave in a full-margin earthquake. For now, the route to the ridge is marked by signs that say “Temporary Tsunami Assembly Area.” I asked Dougherty about the state’s long-range plan. “There is no long-range plan,” he said. Dougherty’s office is deep inside the inundation zone, a few blocks from the beach. All day long, just out of sight, the ocean rises up and collapses, spilling foamy overlapping ovals onto the shore. Eighty miles farther out, ten thousand feet below the surface of the sea, the hand of a geological clock is somewhere in its slow sweep. All across the region, seismologists are looking at their watches, wondering how long we have, and what we will do, before geological time catches up to our own. via The New Yorker 

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etc. you see all the things that are going on in the world, you see the darkness, you see the troubles, etc.

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Read Newly Released Text Messages Between Corrupt FBI Agents That Have Now Been Revealed As Press Leaks

- Everything These Two FBI Employees Touched Is Tainted

January 27, 2018 By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

According to newly released text messages between high level FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, we are learning more about the outright corruption with the FBI, not only in relation to setting up President Trump with a hoax investigation into Russia collusion which they previously referred to as an "insurance policy," but we now learn they were scared of political retaliation from Hillary Clinton if she were to win the presidential election if they were to "loaded for bear" in interviewing her in the investigation of classified information on her private email server. Newly released texts show discussions about leaking information to the press, and that while the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton regarding her private email server and using it to communicate classified information, breaking the law in the process, the two high level employees were also transmitting "federal records pertaining to the Clinton investigation on private, non-government services." That separate issue is addressed in a hard hitting letter and request for answers and documentation by Senate Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley, to FBI Director Christopher Wray. Newly released texts and Grassley's letter are embedded a little further down in the article. QUICK RECAP Over the last week information has been flowing out almost faster than we can keep up with, starting with the House Intelligence Committee vote, where Republicans voted to let the entire 435 members of the House to read a classified FISA abuse memo, with all Democrats on the committee voting against it, which we now know "names names" as to where FBI/DOJ abuses of power were used to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil members of the Trump presidential campaign team. The memo and abuses have been compared to Russia's KGB practices, "Jaw-Dropping," "explosive," and a number of other descriptors, while Democrats in a blind panic have been hitting the news circuit to try to blunt the impact because House Republicans plan to release this information to the general public. The DOJ and FBI are demanding to see the memo before it is released, the House Intelligence Republicans are refusing, which considering the amount of leaks within the FBI and DOJ, and that they obtained all information contained within the memo from those two agencies, seems logical. Then we learned the FBI conveniently "lost" five months worth of texts messages between the two FBI employees, and within the week the DOJ's Office of Inspector General had recovered the majority of them and was in the process of recovering the rest. Last but not least in the information ANP has already covered, Peter Strzok was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller's team after the OIG informed him of the extreme anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton biases revealed in the previously release text messages between Strzok and Page, but both high level FBI employees had worked on both the Hillary Clinton investigation and the Russia probe before being assigned to Mueller's team. In other words, the FBI and the DOJ have a huge mess on their hands since these two obviously biased employees played key roles the two massively high profile investigations. THINGS JUST GOT WORSE NEW texts between the two have now been published and what we thought was a big mess to begin, has become exponentially messier, as evidenced by the content of not only Grassley's letter to Wray, but contained within the publicly available texts themselves. Grassley's letter to Wray is embedded below and under that are the actual redacted documentation showing the texts themselves (first one is two pages of texts, the next is seven pages), and beneath those are some highlights that we noted while going through the documentation. Grassley Letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray (Strzok Page Texts - Clinton Conflict, Special Counsel, Re... by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd January 25, 2018 VIA ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION The Honorable Christopher Wray Director Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20535 Dear Director Wray: The Committee on the Judiciary is conducting oversight of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and their investigation of classified information on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server. On January 19, 2018, in response to previous requests from the Committee, DOJ produced to Congress 384 pages of text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. 1

However, according to a cover letter accompanying the production, the FBI did not preserve text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page between December 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017. The text messages that were provided raise serious concerns about the impartiality of senior leadership running both the Clinton and Trump investigations. Pulling Punches in the Clinton Investigation.

On February 25, 2016, Strzok and Page discussed via text how many personnel from DOJ and FBI would be included in the Clinton investigation and what the best ratio should be. In that discussion, Ms. Page issued the following warning to Mr. Strzok, about dealing with Secretary Clinton: Page:

One more thing: she might be our next president. The last thing you need us going in there loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more doj than fbi? Strzok: Agreed. I called Bill and relayed what we discussed. He agrees. I will email you and [redacted] same. 2 1 Letter from Stephen Boyd, Assistant Attorney Gen. for Legislative Affairs, Dep’t of Justice, to Sen. Charles Grassley, Chairman, S. Comm. on the Judiciary (Jan. 19, 2018). The letter also included 384 pages of text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page. 2 DOJ-PROD-0000060. Emphasis added.

Strzok Page Text Messages 5-19-17 by Kristina Wong on Scribd

It is important to note that Strzok was also involved in the "review" of those State Department emails that were found on Weiner's laptop, as New York Post highlights in a December 2017 article. BOTTOM LINE With every new revelation about Strzok and Page it is clear that every investigation that in any way involved Hillary Clinton, President Trump or anybody associated with either of them, that these two high level employees took part in, must be reopened and re-investigated because their bias obviously tainted everything they touched or were involved in. 

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Let your spiritual eyes be open, for many things shall come to pass, many things you shall see, for you have not seen the big terrorist attack here in America yet, but you will see it, you will see it.  For you shall yet see great and mighty attacks here in the United States, you shall see these things come to pass.  You will also see the stock market, if you have got money there get it out, says the Lord, get it out now, for later will be too late.  Also you shall see many things taking place overseas like you have never seen before in your life.  And the political realm shall get even, even darker now, you shall hear things that you did not know, etc

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True Lies: The Financial Press Just Admitted the Markets are a Sham

Corbett • 01/21/2018

Take a recent story that bubbled up amid all the hype about the all-time record highs in the “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” manipulated stock markets. You might have seen it. It was reported all over the usual MSM dinosaur fake news financial press outlets. Here’s the headline that the mother ship of the banksters’ fake news press, the Financial Times, ran with: “Nervous investors put the Bank of Japan in the spotlight” And here’s the NY Times formulation: “Investors Spooked at Specter of Central Banks Halting Bond-Buying Spree” And, perhaps most telling of all, this hot take from perennial market pimp CNBC: “Investors fear after Japan move the last of the global market ‘punch bowls’ are being taken away” The global market “punch bowls?” That sounds like a Corbett Report headline, not something from CNBC. So what’s going on here? For full access to the subscriber newsletter, and to support this website, please become a member. For free access to this editorial, please CLICK HERE. by James Corbett January 21, 2018

Sometimes the truest of hard truths are to be found smack dab in the middle of the fakest of fake news. You just have to read between the lines. Take a recent story that bubbled up amid all the hype about the all-time record highs in the “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” manipulated stock markets. You might have seen it. It was reported all over the usual MSM dinosaur fake news financial press outlets. Here’s the headline that the mother ship of the banksters’ fake news press, the Financial Times, ran with: And here’s the NY Times formulation: And, perhaps most telling of all, this hot take from perennial market pimp CNBC: The global market “punch bowls?” That sounds like a Corbett Report headline, not something from CNBC. So what’s going on here? Well, the story is about the Bank of Japan’s (BOJ) recent decision to scale back its purchases of Japanese government bonds (JGBs). You may or may not know that the BOJ has been single-handedly propping up the Japanese bond market for the last five years by engaging in (in the characteristically blunt words of the banksters themselves) “Outright Purchases of Japanese Government Bonds.” These purchases have amounted to several trillion yen (i.e. several billion dollars) worth of bonds per month every month since 2013, a buying spree that has seen the BOJ become the largest holder of JGBs in the market. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the BOJ actually promised unlimited bond purchases (literally whatever it takes to “calm markets”) last summer when word came that other central banks were starting to tighten their own monetary spigots. Not the subject of these particular headlines, but very relevant to the larger story, is the fact that the BOJ’s purchase of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) made it into a top 10 shareholder of 90% of the companies in the Nikkei 225 in 2016 and the largest single shareholder of 55 different companies in “Japan Inc.” What these latest headlines speak to is the fact that investors who have been riding the waves of BOJ-fueled euphoria in the rising Japanese stock market are now freaking out that the central banksters are getting ready to take away (as even CNBC calls it) the “punch bowl” of central bank funny money. The key words there are “getting ready.” As even (Rothschild) Reuters notes, “When Japan’s central bank made a small cut to its regular bond purchases this week, what should have been an unremarkable market operation to manage monetary policy shot the yen and bond yields higher as investors began to price in a rapid exit from crisis-era stimulus.” To be clear: This is not a change in policy. This is not an end of the BOJ’s JGB buying spree. This is just easing the foot off the gas pedal ever so slightly. And people are freaking out. So, in other words, the heroin might be in danger of running out sometime in the foreseeable future and the junkie is having pre-withdrawals. This is understandable. You don’t have to be a Corbett Report die-hard to know that the central banks have been behind the incredible decade-long bull run that has emerged in the wake of the Lehman debacle. Even the normiest of normies who only get their news from Yahoo! found out last year that a whopping 93% of that bull run was directly caused by the Fed’s intervention. As I say, you don’t have to be a regular at to know that the central banks blew this market bubble…but it helps. After all, I’ve talked about it over and over and over and over since the very beginning of the Lehman crisis. In fact, as I noted in a previous article: This point is not even controversial. It has been the universal consensus of institutions ranging from the Bank for International Settlements to the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, and from OECD officials to former Fed Governors and even Alan “Bubbles” Greenspan himself. In fact, analyst after analyst and pundit after pundit–including the most mainstream of mainstream publications–have been sounding the alarm on the stock market bubble for much of the past year. And so finally, after our 10 year voyage through the looking-glass into economic wonderland, where bad news is good news because it means more central bank intervention, we now find ourselves traveling back the other way. Now good news (growing economic productivity, reflation, increasing optimism) is bad news because it means the BOJ and its bankster counterparts around the world are about to stop the carnival ride. Brace yourself accordingly. But is there anything deeper we can take out of this topsy-turvy journey? Perhaps this: the markets run on perception. When people believe the central banksters are willing to rain helicopter money down on Wall Street to keep the party going, they’ll invest and manifest that perception in reality. Markets will rise in response. When people believe the central banksters are going to take the punch bowl away, they’ll sell off their investments and manifest that perception in reality. Markets will fall in response. This is why the banksters call themselves the “Wizards of Wall Street.” It’s because they are performing magic. Magic in its non-mystical sense, that is: manifesting will into reality. The banksters can make the markets rise or fall, and believe themselves to be masters of the universe. Like all magic, it is an illusion. A trick. A sleight of hand. They get you looking at their jiggering of interest rates and buying of bonds to get you focused on a narrative that becomes self-fulfilling. “Don’t fight the Fed,” they say, and, because no one does, they usually end up being right. But the trick is that the banksters don’t have the power. You do. If you buy their narrative and follow their lead, you will bring their wishes into reality. And if you fight it, you’ll get steamrolled by the zombie hordes of Fed followers. The only alternative, it would seem, is to find your own path. One that doesn’t depend on the banksters and their rigged markets in the first place. Good thing I’ve talked about some of those alternatives in the past and will continue to talk about them in the future. In the meantime, watch for more bumps in the road as the BOJ and the European Central Bank and the Fed start to unwind some of the excess of the past 10 years. And look for the “madness of crowds” effect to take the stock markets in unexpected ways as people start believing in (and manifesting) the “Make America Goldman Again” stock market boom. But you and I know the real action will be on that third path. The one that the bankers don’t even want you to know about… etc.


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George Soros: Facebook and Google a menace to society

Billionaire says social media companies’ ‘days are numbered’

Soros warns of ‘far-reaching adverse consequences’ for democracy

Olivia Solon in San Francisco @oliviasolon Fri 26 Jan 2018 02.35 EST

Facebook and Google have become “obstacles to innovation” and are a “menace” to society whose “days are numbered”, said billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday. “Mining and oil companies exploit the physical environment; social media companies exploit the social environment,” said the Hungarian-American businessman, according to a transcript of his speech. “This is particularly nefarious because social media companies influence how people think and behave without them even being aware of it. This has far-reaching adverse consequences on the functioning of democracy, particularly on the integrity of elections.” In addition to skewing democracy, social media companies “deceive their users by manipulating their attention and directing it towards their own commercial purposes” and “deliberately engineer addiction to the services they provide”. The latter, he said, “can be very harmful, particularly for adolescents”. “The power to shape people’s attention is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few companies. It takes a real effort to assert and defend what John Stuart Mill called ‘the freedom of mind’. There is a possibility that once lost, people who grow up in the digital age will have difficulty in regaining it. This may have far-reaching political consequences.” Soros warned of an “even more alarming prospect” on the horizon if data-rich internet companies such as Facebook and Google paired their corporate surveillance systems with state-sponsored surveillance – a trend that’s already emerging in places such as the Philippines. “This may well result in a web of totalitarian control the likes of which not even Aldous Huxley or George Orwell could have imagined,” he said. The companies, which he described as “ever more powerful monopolies” are unlikely to change their behaviour without regulation. “The internet monopolies have neither the will nor the inclination to protect society against the consequences of their actions. That turns them into a menace and it falls to the regulatory authorities to protect society against them,” he said. He said Davos was a good place to announce: “Their days are numbered.” He also echoed the words of world wide web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee when he said the tech giants had become “obstacles to innovation” that need to be regulated as public utilities “aimed at preserving competition, innovation and fair and open universal access”. During the same speech, Soros also criticised Donald Trump’s leadership, saying he had put the US on course for a nuclear war with North Korea. Soros is the latest high-profile business person to speak out about these internet platforms at Davos. Earlier this week, Salesforce’s chief executive, Marc Benioff, said that Facebook should be regulated like a cigarette company because it’s addictive and harmful. In November, Roger McNamee, who was an early investor in Facebook, described Facebook and Google as threats to public health. In the same month Facebook’s founding chairman, Sean Parker, criticised his former employer: “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains,” he said. 

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YouTube: Keeping Americans in the Dark on Islam

A look at the more subtle side of the two-pronged war on the West.

January 26, 2018 Raymond Ibrahim

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center

In certain respects, the real struggle between Islam and the West has less to do with an inherently weak Islam and more to do with subversive Western elements that cover up for and thus empower Islam. Out-and-out censorship is one of these tactics. In a January 10 email titled, “We’re Suing Google – Here’s Why,” Prager University, which produces short videos on subjects “important to understanding American values,” explained that “YouTube has chosen repeatedly to restrict some of our videos for violating their ‘Community Guidelines.’ Those guidelines are meant to protect users against viewing sexual content, violent or graphic content, and hate speech,” even though “our videos contain nothing even remotely close to any of these categories.” Prager U had “filed a complaint with YouTube, hoping that there was some kind of innocent mistake. That’s when we were told by YouTube that after reviewing our videos, they determined that they were, indeed, ‘not appropriate for a younger audience.’” Accordingly, several Prager U videos do not appear on YouTube accounts that block sexual or graphic content. (For more on this matter and/or to sign Prager U’s petition against YouTube’s decision, click here.) To appreciate just how much YouTube’s decision is based on preventing Americans (especially its youth, its future) from understanding the threats Islam poses—and thereby empowering Islam vis-à-vis America—consider the videos I made for Prager U, which are among those currently being restricted by YouTube. The first is called “Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology.” Although in it I distinguished between “radical” Muslims and those many Muslims in name only; although I (very conservatively) suggested that perhaps ten percent of the world’s Muslims are “Islamists,” and of those, only two percent are willing to take violent action to enforce their supremacist worldview; and although I said things like “Islamists have killed far more Muslims than members of any other group”—YouTube still deemed that video “inappropriate” for younger audiences. My other Prager U video is even more telling. Titled, “The World's Most Persecuted Minority: Christians,” it is dedicated to shedding light on the plight of Christians, specifically in Muslim lands, where the majority of persecution takes place. This too is censored. In other words, shedding light on what many Western authorities have referred to as a “genocide” of Christians, is, for YouTube, as “inappropriate” for youth as sexual, graphic, or hate filled videos. Needless to say, not only are there no real images in the video (sexual, graphic or otherwise), but I attribute the violence against Christians to “fundamentalists” and “fundamentalist interpretations” of the Koran, meaning there’s certainly no “hate” either. Meanwhile, “other videos on similar topics — but from a liberal perspective — are not” restricted by YouTube. Videos dealing with the alleged or real mistreatment of Muslims at the hands of non-Muslims—which fits the narrative well—are not restricted. When both my Prager U videos came out, they each quickly reached over one million views. Once YouTube restricted them, their views dropped accordingly—meaning mission (keeping America’s youth in the dark about Islam) achieved. This, of course, is one of many personal and impersonal examples of YouTube’s cover up efforts. Back on April 22, 2015, I came across a short Islamic State video that was only available on Arabic websites at the time. In it, IS members were videotaped destroying crosses inside and atop churches, while Koran verses against “polytheism” were recited in the background. I decided to upload and post it on YouTube—to show the people of the West what the people of the Muslim world were privy to. YouTube took the video down and sent me a “warning” email. By this perverse logic, it is not the Islamic State that is engaging in hate by destroying crucifixes, but rather me—for simply exposing it. This episode recently came to mind when President Trump retweeted (from an account since suspended) an image of an IS member holding a Virgin Mary statue (which he later smashed). If that rather innocuous image went viral, consider if Trump and/or others had seen and drawn attention to the much more graphic video and images of IS members destroying numerous crosses and desecrating churches? Thanks to YouTube censorship, this possibility was not allowed. The people of the West need to wake up to the fact that they are involved in a war on two fronts: one with a people that wishes to subjugate them and another with smiley-faced, homegrown elements that go to great lengths to keep these ugly truths hid. 

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Researchers create tiny robots powered only by moisture

They can move without any need for a power supply.

Mallory Locklear, @mallorylocklear 01.26.18 in Robots

Tiny robots that can move on their own stand to have a variety of uses in fields ranging from medicine to the military. But having to supply them with constant power is a bit of a hindrance, especially when that power poses a safety hazard -- you can't really have robots running around a human body if their batteries are at risk of exploding. However, in a new study, researchers turn to plants in order to get around this problem and the result is a tiny, inchworm-like robot that runs on humidity. What inspired the researchers behind these little robots were plants like Pelargonium carnosum, the seeds of which can screw themselves into the ground, and pine cones that open and close depending on the humidity in order to ensure their seeds spread as far as possible. These plants are able to do this because they have multiple layers of cells, some of which are affected by moisture and some of which aren't. When the plants come in contact with moisture, those layers that are responsive to it tend to stretch or swell and since other layers don't, it results in some sort of useful motion -- either a spinning motion that can drive seeds into the ground or an open and close motion that can keep seeds in place until conditions are optimal for dispersal. The researchers mimicked these plants by developing a dual-layered material made from nanofibers. When that material came in contact with moisture, one layer swelled while the other stayed the same, causing the material to move. When it dried, the moisture-responsive layer shrank back to its original state, resulting in movement in the opposite direction. And with that motion, the team was able to create tiny robots that can move along a surface kind of like an inchworm or wriggle like a snake. They researchers say such devices could be used for military or industrial applications or even in the medical world. To demonstrate, they loaded one of these "hygrobots" up with an antibiotic and had it inch across a petri dish filled with media. Afterwords, when most of the dish's contents were covered with bacteria, the strip along the bot's path was completely bacteria-free. The research team is now working on giving these robots a greater range of motion and equipping them with sensors that will let them respond to particular gases. The study was published this week in Science Robotics. 

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Suicide bomber in ambulance kills at least 103, over 230 injured in Afghanistan


KABUL, Afghanistan — At least 103 people were killed and more than 230 were wounded on Saturday when an ambulance packed with explosives was detonated in central Kabul, officials said. The explosion was the third high-profile attack in Afghanistan in a week, and the deadliest this year, highlighting the fragile security situation in the country, more than 16 years after a U.S. invasion ousted the Taliban from power. The vehicle made it past a checkpoint in a heavily secured area near the capital’s Sadarat Square — about a mile from the US Embassy and NATO’s Resolute Support headquarters — before being stopped at a second checkpoint, where it exploded, Basir Mujahid, a spokesman for Kabul Police said. It was lunchtime and many people were in the street. “Most of the victims are civilians,” Mujahid said. “It was a terrible attack that killed women, children, shopkeepers and visitors to the area.” Dejan Panic, a coordinator with the NGO Emergency, which operates a nearby hospital that treated victims, described the scene as “a massacre.” Central Command chief Gen. Joseph Votel was at the Afghan Defense Ministry in Kabul when the bombing took place, reporters from the Wall Street Journal and Defense One who were accompanying Votel said on Twitter late Saturday. Votel and his traveling party were not hurt and have since continued onward. The Taliban claimed responsibility and said the bombing targeted a building used by the Interior Ministry and High Peace Council, a body set up in 2010 to negotiate with insurgents. A number of police officers were killed or wounded, a statement by the group added. After the attack, dozens of people waited outside the Emergency Hospital for news of their loved ones, including Mohammadullah, a young travel agent whose friend was missing. “Our government is doing nothing for us,” Mohammadullah, who like many Afghans uses just one name, said. “People are living in fear—they can’t go to their jobs. Instead of getting better, it’s getting worse day-by-day, and the attacks are getting deadlier.” Officials expect the death toll from the attack, already one of the highest of the war, to rise. The deadliest attack happened last May, when a truck-bomb attributed to the Taliban-allied Haqqani Network exploded near the German Embassy in Kabul, killing over 150. The U.S. has recently increased airstrikes against the Taliban and other militant groups in Afghanistan in the hopes of breaking a stalemate and getting the insurgents to the negotiating table. After a recent visit to Afghanistan, the U.S.’s ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said the aggressive policy was working and that peace talks were closer than ever. Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah condemned Saturday’s bombing, calling it, “insane, inhuman, heinous and a war crime.” “We will bring its perpetrators to justice and take necessary measures to avoid such barbarism in the future,” Abdullah said on Twitter. Tadamichi Yamamoto, head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, said in a statement the attack was “nothing short of an atrocity.” “While the Taliban claim suggested the purpose of the attack was to target police, a massive vehicle bomb in a densely populated area could not reasonably be expected to leave civilians unharmed,” the statement said. NATO vowed to stand with the Afghan government, following the explosion. The blast came three days after militants affiliated with a local branch of the Islamic State group attacked a Save the Children office in the eastern city of Jalalabad, killing at least four people. Four days before that attack, a group of gunmen stormed Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel, killing at least 22 people, including four Americans. Chad Garland and Zubair Babakarkhail contributed to this report.  

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etc For truly in the world right now, saith your Father God, is much trouble, trouble that they know not how to deal with. etc

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etc. Babylon destroyed in twenty-four hours, and you shall see the other earthquake on the west coast, you shall see the one in the middle and that shall come unto you soon, just as soon as they divide my land again, saith your Father God, you shall see that.  For it is that hour and it is that time and it shall come to pass, etc.

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Do not allow the enemy to divide you again, for I have spoken to you time and time again the land is mine, not yours, do not allow it to be divided again. Even though they put pressure on you stand strong, for when you stand strong then you become victors, you become overcomers. Stand, I say, stand, for it is the hour, it is the time to stand, therefore, stand.

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Trump to Netanyahu: We took Jerusalem off the table in future peace negotiations

U.S. president says past Israeli Palestinian peace deals failed because of disagreement over Jerusalem, so he "took off the toughest issue." • Chief Palestinian negotiator says taking Jerusalem off the table is tantamount to "taking peace off the table."

Eldad Beck, Shlomo Cesana, Erez Linn, Yoni Hersch, Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff

Speaking alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump dramatically changed the rules of the decades long Israeli Palestinian peace process, saying that "we took Jerusalem off the table." At a press conference ahead of the bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the conference, Trump placed the full responsibility for restarting the peace talks on the Palestinians. Breaking from his previous assertion that his Dec. 6 recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel did not indicate that he had taken a stance on the future of Jerusalem in negotiations, Trump said that "there were never any deals that came close because [of] Jerusalem. You couldn't ever get past Jerusalem. So when people said, oh, I 'set it back' – I didn’t set it back. I helped it. Because by taking it off the table, that was the toughest issue. And Israel will pay for that." "It's great to be with Prime Minister Netanyahu," Trump began. "We've developed a great relationship, both as countries where I think it's never been stronger – and I can honestly say that – and also, as personal friends." Touching on his "big" and "historic" pledge to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as part of the official recognition of the Israeli capital, Trump went on to say that it was "way ahead of schedule, by years, and we anticipate having a small version of it opened sometime next year." Trump has yet to unveil his plan for the peace process, one he has touted in the past as the "ultimate deal." When asked whether a plan was forthcoming, he replied: "Yes, we have a proposal for peace. It's a great proposal for the Palestinians. I think it's a very good proposal for Israel. It covers a lot of the things that were over the years discussed and agreed on." Trump then admonished the Palestinians for boycotting U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who visited the region this week and reiterated his threat that he would withhold aid from them unless they return to the negotiating table. "I spoke to some of the people involved, and I said did you ever talk about the vast amount of money that we give to the Palestinians? Because it is hundreds of millions of dollars," Trump said. "When they disrespected us a week ago by not allowing our great vice president to see them, and we give them hundreds of millions of dollars in aid and support, tremendous numbers, numbers that nobody understands. That money's on the table. That money's not going to them unless they sit down and negotiate peace." He added, however, that "I don't know that it [peace talks] will ever take place," stressing that Israel wants "to make peace, and I hope the Palestinians want to make peace. And if they do, everybody is going to be very happy in the end. We'll see what happens." Addressing Trump directly, Netanyahu said, "This is the first meeting we've had since your historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to move the embassy, and now to expedite the movement of the embassy, to Jerusalem." "I want to say that this is a historic decision that will be forever etched in the hearts of our people for generations to come. People say that this pushes peace backward. I say it pushes peace forward because it recognizes history, it recognizes the present reality, and peace can only be built on the basis of truth," Netanyahu said. Netanyahu also stressed that Israel supports Trump "completely in your stalwart position on the Iran nuclear deal," referring to the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and world powers in 2015 that aimed to curb Iran's nuclear aspirations in exchange for lifting crippling sanctions. "You've said it's a disastrous deal. You've said that if its fatal flaws are not fixed, that you should walk away from it. And I want you to know that if you decide to do that, then we will back you all the way," he said. After the conclusion of the meeting, Netanyahu said he was "fully convinced that the United States backs Israel's opposition to Iranian military entrenchment in Syria, with the explicit goal that Iran doesn't hide of trying to destroy Israel from Syria." "The President [Trump] couldn't have been more explicit in his support for our right of self-defense," Netanyahu said. Netanyahu said the Iranian nuclear deal was "flawed", and is creating an opportunity for Iran to "produce an arsenal of nuclear weapons" that would fuel Iran's aggression, which he said, should be stopped by all leaders. Iran says its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes and that it will stick to the accord as long as world powers respect it, but will "shred" the deal if Washington pulls out. Regarding the halted peace process, Netanyahu said, "Yes, I'm ready for peace. I explained that to President Trump. I reaffirmed my willingness and Israel's willingness to engage in an effort to achieve peace with the Palestinians – an effort that is being advanced by his very able team. We are interested in pursuing it." Netanyahu also said that, together with the support of U.S. President Trump, he is willing to "engage in an effort to achieve peace with Palestinians." Meanwhile, Thursday, Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat condemned Trump's comments. "Saying that Jerusalem is off the negotiating table translates into saying that peace is off the negotiating table," Erekat said. "This is very disrespectful to the international community, very disrespectful to international law, this is just rewarding the Israeli aggression and occupation, and throwing this region down a path of chaos and loneliness and bloodshed. This must stop." What Palestinians and Israelis need," he went on to say, "they need a meaningful peace process that would lead to the two-state solution, the state of Palestine with east Jerusalem as its capital to live side by side in peace and security with the State of Israel on the 1967 rights. Anything else would be to throw Palestinians and Israelis deeper and deeper into this cycle of violence and counter-violence." 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Trump to Netanyahu: Palestinians ‘disrespected’ Pence and stand to lose aid

January 25, 2018 11:21am

(JTA) — President Donald Trump said Palestinians disrespected Vice President Mike Pence when they snubbed him this week and threatened to cut off assistance to the Palestinians unless they returned to the negotiating table. “When they disrespected us a week ago by not allowing our great vice president to see them and we give them hundreds of millions of dollars in aid and support, tremendous numbers, numbers that nobody understands, that money’s on the table, that money’s not going to them unless they sit down and negotiate peace,” Trump said Thursday at a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland. Palestinians declined to meet with Pence during his visit to the region, blaming Trump’s decision last month to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump has since threatened to cut all funding to the Palestinians, and in recent weeks, the administration froze $65 million in U.S. funding for UNRWA, the organization that delivers relief to Palestinian refugees and their descendants. It is allowing another $60 million to go through. Trump suggested that should negotiations resume, Netanyahu would have to come up with concessions. “You win one point,” Trump said, looking at Netanyahu and apparently referring to his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, “and you’ll give up some points later on in the negotiation if it ever takes place. I don’t know that it ever will take place.” He also said he believed Israel wanted to negotiate peace. “I can tell you that Israel does want to make peace and they’re [the Palestinians] going to have to want to make peace too or we’re going to have nothing to do with it any longer,” he said. Pence said during his Israel trip this week that the United States would move its embassy to Jerusalem to 2019, and Trump added some detail on Thursday. “We anticipate having a small version of it open by next year,” Trump said, apparently confirming reports that the embassy will temporarily be in a building already owned by the United States, while a larger new embassy is built. Netanyahu thanked Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and promising to move the embassy, for his support for Israel’s position on the Iran nuclear deal and for U.S. support at the United Nations. “As you finish your first year in office, I want to say that I look forward to continuing our remarkable, tremendous friendship in the years ahead, and I want to express the appreciation of the people of Israel to you,” said Netanyahu. 

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etc. For you will see the terrorists as they rise up, you will see the killings as the blood rolls in the street, you will see buildings as they are blown up, you will see many, many things as they take place now. etc

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Kabul attack: Taliban kill 95 with ambulance bomb in Afghan capital

5 minutes ago

Attackers drove an ambulance laden with explosives past a police checkpoint in a secure zone, home to government offices and foreign embassies. The target is believed to have been an interior ministry building, but many people were hit while walking by. The Taliban have said they carried out the attack, the deadliest for months. A week ago, Taliban militants killed 22 people in a luxury Kabul hotel. Witnesses say the area - also home to offices of the European Union, a hospital and a shopping zone known as Chicken Street - was crowded with people when the bomb exploded on Saturday at about 12:15 local time (08:45 GMT). Plumes of smoke were seen from around the city. MP Mirwais Yasini told the BBC the area looked like a butchers afterwards. He was having lunch at his family home, just metres away, when the blast went off. "First of all we thought it was inside our house," he said. Then he went outside and saw scattered bodies. "It is very, very inhumane." Who are the Taliban? Four days behind the Taliban front line How Kabul's Chicken Street fell on hard times Another witness, a software engineer who wished to remain anonymous, told the BBC he was about a 1km away when he heard the noise. "I saw a huge flame," he said. "The smoke was pungent. It entered my eyes and I was not able to see for some time." He said when he moved closer he saw the dead bodies, and it looked like a "brutal graveyard". "It was a terrible moment. [The area] is completely destroyed." The International Committee of the Red Cross said the use of an ambulance was "harrowing". Nasrat Rahimi, deputy spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, said the attacker got through a security checkpoint after telling police he was taking a patient to nearby Jamhuriat hospital. He detonated the bomb at a second checkpoint, said Mr Rahimi. The BBC's Zia Shahreyar, speaking from the scene, says it is not easy to get through the checkpoints. Cars are searched and drivers' identities checked. He adds that questions will be asked about how the attacker got through. This is the deadliest attack in Kabul in several months. In October, 176 people were killed in bomb attacks across Afghanistan in one week. The country's security forces in particular have suffered heavy casualties at the hands of the Taliban, who want to re-impose their strict version of Islamic law in the country. In May, 150 people were killed by a suicide bomb attack in Kabul. The Taliban denied any role, but the Afghan government says its affiliate, the Haqqani group, carried it out with support from Pakistan. Pakistan denies supporting militants that carry out attacks in Afghanistan. This month, the US cut its security aid to Pakistan, saying it had failed to take action against terrorist networks on its soil. The Taliban control large swathes of Afghanistan and parts of neighbouring Pakistan. They were ousted from power in Afghanistan after a US-led invasion in 2001 but returned to run some key areas. 

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etc.. All these things are end-time signs, the economy, the loss of jobs, the government control. You are in a time that the world has never seen before and that time does not get better, etc..

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etc. But it is not an exciting time for the lukewarm or the ungodly, it shall be a terrible time, a time of a dictator, a dictator government that dictates, that takes away your rights, that takes away your freedoms, that takes away the things that you have, the things that you never expected that they would control, they shall control. Oh, what an hour is just ahead. etc..

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ICE To Start Scanning People’s License Plates

Eric Lieberman Tech and Law Reporter 2:06 PM 01/26/2018

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has secured access to “a commercially available license plate reader database,” according to an ICE Official. “Like most other law enforcement agencies, ICE uses information obtained from license plate readers as one tool in support of its investigations,” ICE spokeswoman Dani Bennett told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “ICE conducts both criminal investigations and civil immigration enforcement investigations.” Bennett added that they are not trying to develop a license plate reader database and promises that it will not collect any data and subsequently contribute to any other databases through the awarded contract, which was first reported by The Verge. The contract was publicized Jan. 8 through the General Services Administration’s (GSA) federal license website. The details, though, were sparse. The contract, according to an ICE official, is with “West Publishing (TRSS)” which is partnering with Vigilant Solutions to provide the service. The official says that any agent trying to use the service will be forced to agree to a set of rules beforehand, like inputting “a reason code” and pledging to not share the data with other internal system users or external parties. Civil liberties advocacy groups have long complained of such technology, specifically that it’s being abused to spy on law-abiding, innocent citizens. The American Civil Liberties Union, for example, alleges: The information captured by the readers – including the license plate number, and the date, time, and location of every scan – is being collected and sometimes pooled into regional sharing systems. As a result, enormous databases of innocent motorists’ location information are growing rapidly. This information is often retained for years or even indefinitely, with few or no restrictions to protect privacy rights. The Department of Homeland Security, which has jurisdiction over ICE, originally nixed a plan to acquire a tracking system for license plates in February 2014. Due to certain privacy concerns, officials then mandated that all future, similar plans be thoroughly probed before implementation. However, ICE circumvented the new protocol and signed a one-year contract with a company offering a commercially-available license plate database, according to The Washington Post. ICE officials at the time also assured that it was not going to use it in any excessive ways, and that it was limited to criminal investigations already far into the law enforcement process. That contract was also with Vigilant Solutions, which told WaPo that roughly 3,200 law enforcement agencies across the country (local, state, and federal) use their National Vehicle Locator Service. “As a tool, it was very useful,” an anonymous agency official told WaPo in 2014. “We were after illegal aliens who were wanted on aggravated felonies or who had warrants as drug dealers. It helped narrow down to an apartment complex or city block. You locate the vehicle, then you can start watching the vehicle to find the person. It was very successful.” The DHS then reportedly scaled back the tracking system again. An ICE official says that was in fact ultimately cancelled, “due to failed price negotiations.” Past instances seemed to have fueled their purpotedly genuine desire to ensure that nothing improper occurs. “Due to privacy concerns during a previous solicitation, in 2015, ICE completed a privacy impact assessment which was used to create a framework for use of the technology,” said Bennett. “The privacy impact assessment was updated prior to ICE’s use of any license plate reader database, to reflect how the contract meets the established privacy requirements. These are the most stringent requirements known to have been applied for the use of this technology.” The ACLU, in its report titled “You Are Being Tracked,” says such capabilities “would pose few civil liberties risks if they only checked plates against hot lists,” but that often the data is stored and used for other purposes, going beyond the bounds of the target — even if law enforcement says it’s not supposed to be that way. “More and more cameras, longer retention periods, and widespread sharing allow law enforcement agents to assemble the individual puzzle pieces of where we have been over time into a single, high-resolution image of our lives,” the report states. “The knowledge that one is subject to constant monitoring can chill the exercise of our cherished rights to free speech and association.” It’s not just ICE and the larger DHS employing the service. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), part of the U.S. Department of Justice, has also been accused of using and abusing license plate-tracking technology. 

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etc.  for the world hates the Christians more now than at anytime in history.  Even during the days Jesus walked on earth, it is much worse now and it is not going to get better because those that don’t believe the truth are going to come against you like never before because they don’t want you to know the truth etc.

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Florida legislators favor ‘In God We Trust’ motto in schools

By Adelle M. Banks | January 25, 2018

(RNS) — A Florida legislative subcommittee has unanimously approved a bill that calls for the state’s motto, “In God We Trust,” to be placed in every public school. The bill, which calls for each district school board to adopt rules about displaying the motto “in a conspicuous place,” was co-sponsored by state Rep. Kimberly Daniels, a Democrat and a minister affiliated with churches in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale. “This motto is inscribed on the walls of this great capital and inked in our currency and it should be displayed so that our children will be exposed and educated on this great motto, which is a part of this country’s foundation,” said Daniels in brief remarks Tuesday (Jan. 23) before the panel. Other legislators voiced support for the measure, citing a national trust in God. But Maggie Garrett, legislative director for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, told the Tampa Bay Times such a stance would differ from court rulings barring schools from promoting religion. “Not all kids in Florida public schools believe in God,” Garrett noted, and they shouldn’t feel pressured while in school.” A parent opposing the measure said the proposal was unnecessary because a state statute already requires schools’ display of the state flag, which includes the motto. The phrase has been part of the state seal since 1868 and has been the state’s official motto since 2006. “That current statute satisfies the requirement to display our state motto, which is, of course, on our state flag,” Sue Woltanski of the group Common Ground told the panel. “Common Ground is opposed to bills that fail to address real issues in education and waste taxpayer dollars and time.” In response to a question from another legislator about the costs of the proposal, Daniels said she didn’t think it would be significant. “I think the importance of our children knowing their history and being able to see this will far much outweigh whatever small cost that there may be,” said Daniels, author of “The Demon Dictionary,” published by Pentecostal publisher Charisma House. “This motto is inscribed on the walls of this great capital and inked in our currency and it should be displayed so that our children will be exposed and educated on this great motto, which is a part of this country’s foundation.” — Florida state Rep. Kimberly Daniels State Rep. Ralph Massullo, a Republican, said he agreed with Daniels and compared the display of the motto to that of posted pictures of elected officials in public buildings and changing them in new administrations “If there would be a time when the motto of our state would change for whatever reason — and God help us if it does — then that can change as well,” he said. The motto “In God We Trust” has been on U.S. coins since 1864 and on paper currency since 1957. Its presence — on coins to license plates — has been a subject of debate for decades. In 2017, Tennessee approved an optional license plate that says “In God We Trust.” In 2014, atheists lost their latest fight over removing it from currency when a court ruled it does not violate the U.S. Constitution. 

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etc.. For it is that hour, saith your Father God, it is an hour of great disaster, great disaster, when you see the eyes of the people, that they prefer a Muslim over others, it should wake you up, it should be a sign to you of the end times etc.

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etc.. For you made your choice, you made your choice on who would run the country even though you knew he didn’t know me, even though you knew he wasn’t a Christian, even though you knew he was a Muslim, even though you knew these things, you made your choice and now and now you shall see what that choice has brought.

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Hidden photo of Obama and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan surfaces after 13 years

by Katie Leach | Jan 25, 2018, 6:10 PM

A photo of former President Barack Obama and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan from 2005 surfaced on Thursday after more than a decade of a journalist keeping the encounter under wraps. The photo of Obama and Farrakhan was taken at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting in 2005, but it never reached the public eye after the caucus asked the photographer, Askia Muhammad, to hand it over in fear that it would stain Obama’s political future. “I sort of understood what was going on,” Muhammad told Talking Points Memo, who was allowed to print the picture with his permission. “I promised and made arrangements to give the picture to Leonard Farrakhan,” the leader’s chief-of-staff and son-in-law. The Congressional Black Caucus allegedly contacted Muhammad in a “panic” shortly after the event and asked him to hand over the photograph. Muhammad said he made a copy of the photograph on his computer before he gave “the disk” from his camera over to a staff member. “Realizing that I had given it up, I mean, it was sort of like a promise to keep the photograph secret,” the photographer said, while explaining he didn’t release his copy because he didn’t want to betray that promise. “I was really, I guess, afraid of them,” he continued. Muhammad was afraid that someone would “break into his apartment” in search of the photo, like “that Watergate crap” if he was to ever release it. During the 2008 presidential election, Farrakhan made headlines for his alleged ties to then-Senator Obama and his anti-Semitic remarks, which Obama denounced during a debate. 

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Put your money, your time, your efforts into what I tell you to do, for I will cause you to have a victory such as you have never seen. And it shall be so clear, yes; it shall be so clear what you are all to do. Yes, for I shall speak to you, my power shall be awesome and miracles shall come to pass. It shall not be the fake gold or the fake feathers or the false shaking or the animal noises or the falling under the power and not coming away with permanent results or changed lives. My prophetic shall speak concerning things to come in a clear concise manner that no one shall want to miss or read second hand. For they will want to hear it under the anointing of the prophets and to receive the anointing of the prophet that shall manifest miracles, signs and wonders. People shall now see the signs of the last days like never before. Not only in a strange and confusing weather, the heat, the drought, the floods, the forest fires, the volcanoes, lack of jobs, shortage of money, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, sandstorms, straight wind, electrical storms, electrical shortages, hail, locusts, pestilence’s, the sicknesses, terrorists attacks, wars, the uniting of the false church under the false prophet, the rise of the anti-christ, the riots, the crime, the drugs, alcoholism, great open gay activities and movies, more open sex on TV, more street people, homeless, lack of crops, food shortages, great fear in those who do not know me. No peace as my word says for the world. The UN taking more control, martial law established, rationing and many more disasters that shall now begin to come. etc.

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Aussie flu virus H3N2 killing around 100 people per week in the US while flu fatalities have soared by 77 percent in just one week in England

Monday, 22 January 2018 Posted by Gary Walton at 1:46 pm

While the impact of flu varies, it places a substantial burden on the health of people in the United States each year. CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9.2 million and 35.6 million illnesses, between 140,000 and 710,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 and 56,000 deaths annually since 2010. Credit CDC. It's exactly 100 years since the Spanish flu infected 500 million and killed an estimated 100 million people around the world. Fast forward to 2018 and experts are worried another monster pandemic is emerging called "The Australian Flu!" And the caveat is, this season's flu vaccines are no match for this new virus. There are four types of influenza viruses: A, B, C and D.  Human influenza A and B viruses cause seasonal epidemics of disease almost every winter in the West. The emergence of a new and very different influenza A virus is infecting people and causing an influenza pandemic in the West. A devastating A virus- H3N2, sometimes referred to as the Aussie flu is proving to be "a very different influenza" and is causing concern among experts with a new influenza pandemic on the horizon. The name Aussie flu comes from the H3N2 strain which caused big problems for Australia during their winter in 2017, which was their worst flu season in 10 years.  Fast forward to the Northern Hemisphere in January 2018, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has announced deadly flu virus H3N2 has been killing around 100 people per week in the US since mid-December. According to the Independent, A report published by the CDC with the latest figures showed there were 759 flu deaths between 7 October and 23 December. It also said since early December more than 100 people were dying every week from the flu and the death toll could increase as there has been a further rise in the number of hospital admissions. The Daily Mail claims flu fatalities have soared by 77 percent in just a week in England, Government figures reveal as fears of the worst outbreak in 50 years loom large. In the UK, 149 people have so far died and last week 4,500 people were hospitalised, according to Public Health England figures. Some 120 flu deaths have been recorded in England, 21 in Scotland and eight in Northern Ireland. There is no precise data available for Wales. Japanese flu Another strain of flu, Yamagata or Japanese flu, was reported to have infected people in Greater Manchester this week. Japanese flu is a subtype of Influenza B, whereas Aussie flu is a type A. It has similar symptoms to other sub-types of 'flu but it's generally milder than A strains, according to Dr Coyle He added: “Yamagata also tends to affect mainly children and is much more contagious as a result because children spread viruses more easily than adults.

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Scientists are worried a mysterious “zombie” disease killing deer could spread to humans

January 20, 2018 10:37 am

Deer across North America are dying from a mysterious disease that gradually destroys the animals’ nervous systems. And scientists are concerned that the infection could make its way to humans. Chronic wasting disease — or “zombie deer disease” — was first observed in 1967 in Fort Collins, Colorado, and has since infected wild herds in 24 states and Canada, as well as in South Korea and Norway, NPR reported. “CWD passes from animal to animal through prions, misfolded proteins that cause other proteins to misfold around them,” NPR reported. “Different prion diseases tend to only harm certain species, but can evolve to overcome those limitations.” In some herds, as many as half of the animals carry prions. But direct contact isn’t the only way prions are transmitted. According to The New York Times, sick animals and cadavers can spread prions through plants and soil, which could be coated with deformed proteins for years, perhaps even decades. An animal infected with the disease can live two years before signs of symptoms — such as a vacant stare, thick saliva, exposed ribs or drooping heads — become visible. There have been no reported human illnesses due to the disease, and scientists don’t have conclusive evidence that infected meat has ever harmed people, suggesting there is a “species barrier” between humans and deer. Researchers led by Mark Zabel, associate director at Colorado State University’s Prion Research Center, found that macaque monkeys who ate infected deer contracted the disease, the first time the disease was shown to spread to a primate through meat. “While most research shows there’s a robust species barrier, this recent study showed that barrier might not be quite as robust as we once thought,” Matt Dunfee, head of the Chronic Wasting Disease Alliancein Fort Collins, Colorado, told NPR. Zabel and his team also found that the prions involved in the “zombie disease,” which scientists have only known about for 50 years, are probably still evolving, “which leads us to believe it’s only a matter of time before a prion emerges that can spread to humans,” NPR reported. Mad cow disease, for example, is a prion disease that evolved from scrapie, a deadly disease that afflicts sheep. Once the prions were passed to cows, the cows developed a prion disease of their own (mad cow disease). And when humans ate the beef from those sick cows, they developed prions in their own brains. As of 2016, according to the Food and Drug Administration, 231 people had died from the condition. Zabel believes the only way to get rid of CWD prions is to set controlled fires. But “there’s a lot that we still don’t know and don’t understand about the disease,” Zabel said in an interview with The New York Times. According to Michael Miller, senior wildlife veterinarian for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, mule deer transmission more than tripled toward the end of 2017, and CWD continues to be prevalent in Colorado. Public health officials in the area have been monitoring for CWD and human brain-wasting diseases, such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. But over the past 21 years, rising rates of both diseases haven’t impacted human health. Still, as a precaution, Dunfee told NPR, “if you are hunting in an area where CWD is found, have your animal tested. If it comes back positive, don’t eat the meat.” Read the full study published in the “Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews” at

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etc. For the disasters that shall take place are many, the flooding shall be far greater than in times past, the mudslides far greater than in times past, the earthquakes shall be more numerous and far greater than in times past. The tornadoes, oh the savageness of the tornadoes that shall rip across the land, the straight winds, the hurricanes, the forest fires, the volcanoes shall erupt, the rising of the sea level that will be marked not in inches but in feet. etc.. 

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Philippine volcano explodes, villagers flee back to shelters

By jim gomez, associated press Jan 22, 2018, 7:48 AM ET

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines' most active volcano ejected a huge column of lava fragments, ash and smoke in a thunderous explosion Monday, sending thousands of villagers back to evacuation centers and prompting a warning that a violent eruption may be imminent. The midday explosion sent superheated lava, molten rocks and steam between 3.5 to 5 kilometers (2 to 3 miles) into the blue sky, and then some cascaded down Mount Mayon's slopes and shrouded nearby villages in darkness, Renato Solidum of the Philippine Institute of Seismology and Volcanology and other officials said. From the crater, the deadly debris billowed about three kilometers (1.8 miles) down on the southern plank of Mayon toward a no-entry danger zone. There were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries, officials said. The explosion was the most powerful since the volcano started acting up more than a week ago. Due to its relatively gentle eruption last week, thousands left emergency shelters and returned to their communities in Legazpi city outside the danger zone. But Monday's blast sent nearly 12,000 fleeing back to evacuation centers, raising the number of people in those shelters to more than 30,000, Yucot said. Authorities on Monday raised the alert level to four on a scale of five, which means an explosive eruption is possible within hours or days. A danger zone around Mayon was expanded to 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the crater, which means thousands of villagers will have to leave their homes, officials said. Airplanes were ordered to stay away from the crater and ash-laden winds and several flights were canceled. Volcanic ash fell in about a dozen towns in coconut-growing Albay province, where Mayon lies, and in nearby Camarines Sur province, with visibility being heavily obscured in a few towns because of the thick gray ash fall, Jukes Nunez, an Albay provincial disaster response officer, said by telephone. "It was like night time at noon, there was zero visibility in some areas because the ash fall was so thick," Nunez said. More than 30,000 ash masks and about 5,000 sacks of rice, along with medicine, water and other supplies, were being sent to evacuation centers, Office of Civil Defense regional director Claudio Yucot said. Mayon lies about 340 kilometers (210 miles) southeast of Manila. With its near-perfect cone, it is popular with climbers and tourists but has erupted about 50 times in the last 500 years, sometimes violently. In 2013, an ash eruption killed five climbers who had ventured near the summit despite warnings. Mayon's first recorded eruption was in 1616 and the most destructive, in 1814, killed more than 1,200 people and buried the town of Cagsawa in volcanic mud. The belfry of Cagsawa's stone church still juts out from the ground in an eerie reminder of Mayon's fury. The Philippines lies in the "Ring of Fire," a line of seismic faults surrounding the Pacific Ocean where earthquakes and volcanic activity are common. In 1991, Mount Pinatubo in the northern Philippines exploded in one of the biggest volcanic eruptions of the 20th century, killing about 800 people.

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For as I have said unto you and as you have noticed the weather, the weather, the weather, the troubles that are going on here, the troubles that are going on there, the preparation for war, not just North Korea but Russia and other countries that hate America, they are preparing and getting ready.  For the hour is much later than most people think, it is far later than those that are walking in the false and tell you that you have ten, twenty, thirty years, far later.  But many of them do not understand the word because the word starts in the very beginning in Genesis and as you follow the things through the Bible you get a clear picture of what it was like and what it shall return to, for I have taught you everything goes in a circle and we are headed back now toward the garden once again.  It started in the garden and ends in a sense in the garden way before the white throne judgment.  Things are coming to pass, if you check them very carefully they will all fall in perfect place and you don’t have to walk in doubt, you don’t have to walk in fear, for I have opened your understanding.  Yes, demon activity is far greater, far greater today than it has been, but if you go back to the time of Nimrod you will see the same thing right there.  You will see why I had to cause the languages to be divided and the people to be separated, because they had a mind and whatever they thought, they were purposing to do and today we are seeing the very same things.  It is not something new my children, for if you read what I have written and don’t add in to it, you will have a clear picture of everything that is taking place and you will even understand exactly where you are.  For I have spoken to you about the antichrist taking on his new spirit, that should tell you something by itself, that alone is a giant key that I have given unto my church that they may wake up and walk in the fullness of the things that I have given unto them.  Remember this winter it is not over, I will keep this area safe, it will be far safer than other areas, but winter is not over. 

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Human levitation and Star Trek-style tractor beams on horizon as scientists crack how to suspend large objects

By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor 22 January 2018 • 6:00am

Human levitation and Star Trek-style tractor beams have moved a step closer after scientists proved they can stably hold a large object suspended in mid-air, using only sound. Researchers have been trying for decades to trap objects using only the power of sound but it has always proved impossible to hold an item steady if it was larger than the wavelength of the sound. Objects inevitably ended up spinning uncontrollably and eventually shooting away from the beams, after picking up the movement of the rotating sound field. But now engineers from the University of Bristol say they have solved the problem. Instead of using a spinning field of sound to hold an object in place, they have built a device which turns to soundwaves into mini tornadoes. etc. and the news article continues.. 

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World's Biggest Conspiracy Theory: The Bluebeam Project aims to create a new world order

By Nirmal Narayanan January 15, 2018 13:15 +08

In the last two episodes of 'World's biggest conspiracy theory', we discussed 'The Philadelphia Experiment' and 'The Montauk Project'. In this episode, we are explaining another popular conspiracy theory named 'Project Blue Beam', an alleged ongoing experiment which is being conducted by NASA to establish the new world order on the planet. This theory was initially put forward by Serge Monast in 1994, where he claimed that NASA is attempting to implement a new age global religion in the world with the Antichrist as its head, using a technologically simulated second coming of Christ. Now, let us learn more about this popular conspiracy theory put forward by Serge Monast putting NASA and United Nations as the puppets in the hands of New World Order. What is Project Blue Beam? The basic purpose of 'Project Blue Beam' is to establish a new age religion in the world. According to conspiracy theorists, without the Universal belief in a new age religion, the success of new world order will be impossible. According to Monast, NASA, the United States space agency and the United Nations have worked hand-in-glove to propagate the new age religion. Conspiracy theorists divide this project into four steps. In the first step, the Government will fake earthquakes at precise locations all around the planet. The widespread occurrence of natural disasters will sow fears in the minds of the general public and pave the way for step two of the project. Step two of this project marks the real beginning of Project Blue Beam. This step involves a gigantic space show where three-dimensional laser projections will be used to project holograms in the skies all around the globe. As per theorists, the projections will be made in the shape of particular deities which are dominant in particular regions. At the end of this gigantic cosmic show, all the projected gods will all merge into one sole entity, 'The Antichrist'. Conspiracy theorists claim that UFO sightings above the skies are actually part of Project Blue Beam. As per these theorists, the sightings of UFO in the skies are actually tests conducted by elite forces in the world to check the efficiency of Project Blue Beam. Around a year back, the Internet was taken to storm as images of an advanced city appeared in Chinese skies. Proponents of Project Blue Beam strongly believe that this is a part of this secret experiment aimed to create a new world order. Step three is the most complicated phase of the 'Blue Beam Project'. In this phase, using Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication, authorities will make people think that God is talking to them directly. As per conspiracy theorists, extremely low-frequency waves will be used to manipulate the thoughts of the general public. However, the feasibility of the successful completion of this phase still remains a dilemma. In step four, people will start thinking that alien invasion will happen in all the major cities of the globe. Soon Christians will start thinking that rapture is going to happen soon, and at this juncture, their only way of escape is accepting the new world order. Unsolved mysteries continue Exclusive details about Project Blue Beam are very limited, as Serge Monast, the person who put forward this theory died within two years after introducing this concept. In 1995 and 1996, Monast was hunted down by legal authorities as he leaked messages which come under the network of prohibited information. Monast claimed that he is being targeted by police working undercover, and due to fear, he homeschooled his children. Several stories also popped up during this time stating that Monast's daughter was kidnapped by the Canadian Government to dissuade him from investigating Project Blue Beam. An unnamed journalist too helped Monast to proclaim the theories associated with Project Blue Beam, but unfortunately, both of them died of heart attack in 1996. Believers of Project Blue Beam claim that Monast and the journalist were killed by the vicious hands of new world order with the help of psychotronic weapons. Supporters of Monast also added that the conspiracy theorist was very healthy. He was in his middle ages during his death which added up to the mystery quotient. That is all about Project Blue Beam, and in the next episode, we will present you the conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack, a terrorist act which shook the entire humanity. 

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Portable sequencer prepped for Mars life mission

Canadian researchers trial handheld DNA tech in proof-of-concept for detecting life on other planets. Jeff Glorfeld reports.

The Red Planet is enjoying a surge in popularity, thanks to the recent television series Mars, by director Ron Howard, based on the 2015 book How We'll Live on Mars, by Stephen Petranek. The deserts of Morocco acted as the fourth planet in the TV series, but for a team of scientists looking for better ways of identifying life in hostile environments, the high Arctic permafrost of northern Canada was deemed an ideal stand-in. The aim of the study, published recently in Frontiers in Microbiology, was to demonstrate how existing, low-cost and lightweight technology can be used to search for life on distant planets. "The search for life is a major focus of planetary exploration," says Jacqueline Goordial, one of the study authors. "But there hasn't been direct life-detection instrumentation on a mission since the 1970s, during the Viking missions to Mars. We wanted to show a proof-of-concept that microbial life can be directly detected and identified using very portable, low-weight, and low-energy tools." At present, most instruments on astrobiology missions look for habitable conditions, small organic molecules and other biological evidence that generally could not be formed without life being present. But these provide only indirect evidence. Most of the available life-detecting tools are relatively large and heavy and consume lots of energy, rendering them unsuitable for missions to Europa and Enceladus - moons of Jupiter and Saturn - which, along with Mars, are the primary targets in the search for ET in our solar system. Goordial, Lyle Whyte, and other scientists from Canada's McGill University, took a different approach: they built a modular "life detection platform", using existing equipment that was small, lightweight, low-cost, energy efficient and robust, with which they could culture microorganisms from soil samples, assess microbial activity, and sequence DNA and RNA. With the aim being to search for life on Mars and other extremely cold environments, the platform would need to work in extreme temperatures. "Mars is a very cold and dry planet, with a permafrost terrain that looks a lot like what we find in the Canadian high Arctic," Goordial says. "For this reason, we chose a site about 900 kilometres from the North Pole as a Mars analogue, to take samples and test our methods." Using an Oxford Nanopore MiniON, a commercially available, portable, miniature DNA sequencing device, the researchers demonstrated its use in examining environmental samples in extreme and remote settings, and also that it can be combined with other tools to detect active microbial life in the field. The researchers were able to isolate microorganisms that thrive in extreme conditions, and which have never been cultured before, detect microbial activity, and sequence DNA from active microbes. Whyte adds: "Successful detection of nucleic acids in Martian permafrost samples would provide unambiguous evidence of life on another world." "The presence of DNA alone doesn't tell you much about the state of an organism, however - it could be dormant or dead, for example," Goordial says. "By using the DNA sequencer with the other methodology in our platform, we were able to first find active life and then identify it and analyse its genomic potential, that is, the kinds of functional genes it has." Despite its success in the Canadian cold, the platform is not yet ready for a space mission. "Humans were required to carry out much of the experimentation in this study, while life detection missions on other planets will need to be robotic," Whyte explains. "The DNA sequencer also needs higher accuracy and durability to withstand the long timescales required for planetary missions." Nevertheless, Goordial and her team hope this study will act as a starting point for future development of life detection tools. The platform has potential applications here on earth. "The types of analyses performed by our platform are typically carried out in the laboratory, after shipping samples back from the field, Goordial says. "We show that microbial ecology studies can now be done in real time, directly on site - including in extreme environments like the Arctic and Antarctic." This could be useful in remote and hard to sample areas, in cases where bringing samples back to the lab may change their composition, and for gaining information in real time, such as detecting and identifying pathogens during epidemics in remote areas, or when conditions are rapidly changing. And one day it may indeed provide conclusive evidence for life beyond earth. "Several planetary bodies are thought to have habitable conditions, it's an exciting time for astrobiology," Goordial says. 

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28,380 views  The WTF Files™

Published on Jan 19, 2018

Is Sophia the artificial intelligent Robot from Hanson Robotics now fully ALIVE, with FEELINGS? Well we would have to say that is a very bold statement for what some are considering a talking toaster, or chat box, whom we are assuming cant even make toast as of yet. This brings to question; What are the plans for a robot with feelings of being truly alive? With such a wide range to choose from, which "feelings" would Sophia as a robot most adapt to? Pain maybe? Love? Anger? What is the necessary reason for robots with human feeling? We as humans undoubtedly always let our own feeling get in the way of our everyday life, and sometimes lead us into a lot of trouble. So again, we would ask Why? Well David Hanson of Hanson Robotics seems to think its only fair that robots should have feelings and be considered ALIVE!. Hanson told Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year that the robot was “basically alive,”. While we can easily get lost arguing the philosophy and semantics of judging what is and is not “alive,” it’s more obvious to say that this statement is grossly misleading. Sophia the robot was made a citizen of Saudi Arabia last month, but a lot of people weren’t happy about it. Some noted the grim irony of a robot receiving ‘rights’ in a country where women were only recently allowed to drive. Others said it set a bad precedent for how we might treat robots in future. (AI ethicist Joanna Bryson told The Verge the stunt was “obviously bullshit.”) Some were annoyed about the perception of Sophia itself — a robot that’s also a media star, with magazine cover-shoots, talk show appearances, and even a speech to the UN. Experts in the field sometimes decry Sophia as emblematic of AI hype, and say that although the bot is presented as being a few software updates away from human-level consciousness, it’s more about illusion than intelligence. Do you believe Sophia the AI robot should be considered ALIVE with REAL FEELINGS? and an even better question, do you think she should have been made a citizen of Saudi Arabia? 

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15 mind-blowing projection mapping demos

By Paul Roberts September 22, 2017 Digital art

Transform anything into a screen with the art of projection mapping.

A few years ago, video projection mapping (aka spatial augmented reality, or projecting video onto 3D surfaces such as buildings) was a fledgling art form, with a handful of noteworthy examples. Now, a head-turning projection is par for the course for any building opening, product launch, award ceremony or even a big birthday party (if it's good enough for the Queen). Inspiring examples of 3D art Video projection mapping has the capacity to transform any object into a screen. Forget flat projection, as projection mapping has the ability to take a real-world object, such as a building, and project onto its walls without any distortion. Events combine motion graphics, 3D, animation, and video to playfully highlight, deconstruct, rotate, recontextualise and generally manipulate a building's usual geometry. Often site-specific, the best work enhances rather than effaces the architecture it's projected onto. The sheer scale can be breathtaking and the illusion of everyday and static objects around us becoming animate and playfully reworked can be incredibly exciting. Just look at the expressions on the audience's faces during a projection and you see an almost childlike glee. We've picked our favourite examples of projection mapping that you must see, ranging from O2's stunning rose, to micro projections on the petals of a flower, to an incredible display the full height of the Sagrada Familia. Established in 1947 to provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit in the aftermath of the Second World War, the Edinburgh International Festival celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2017. To mark the occasion, 59 Productions conceived an opening event that transformed the whole of St Andrew Square into a magical night garden and saw buildings burst into life in a floral explosion of colour, texture and sound. And rather than being a one-off event, Bloom ran for two nights at the start of the festival, from 10pm to midnight on a 20-minute loop, allowing the audience to enjoy the spectacle at their own pace. The winner of both the Jury's Choice and People's Choice awards at the 2016 iMapp Bucharest competition, Interconnection transformed the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, into a psychotropic exploration of the interconnectedness of all things, man. Created by Limelight 3D Projection Mapping, it draws inspiration from contemporary visionary art and architecture, sacred geometry, physics and chemistry, and mixes them all up into a properly mind-altering five-minute trip. In September 2015, the O2 joined forces with Projection Artworks to create the world's largest projection mapping project to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. Making use of 68 projectors and more than 122 moving head light fixtures, the roof of the venue was transformed into the English rose emblem. According to O2, the show could be seen from space. Projection Artworks was also part of the team that created the world’s brightest projection mapping show in Easter 2015. Global design consultancy JUSTSO collaborated with Projection Artworks to illuminate the windows of world-famous department store Harrods. Conceived for Fabergé's Easter storefront display, the 360-degree mapped 3D installation is based on the company's pendent designs – which are 1/100th of the size of the 1.5m model – and incorporates an interactive touchscreen element to showcase the detail of the jewellery. This video from Bot & Dolly was created without any special effects. As the performer engages with a morphing set, unfathomable shapes, graphics and animations are revealed. As the video continues, we're eventually shown that it is in fact, a robotic mechanism hidden behind every illusion. Using their state of the art robotic camera systems 'Iris' and 'Scout', the technique allows for millimeter precision of the robot arms. 06. Battersea Power Station Annual Party Battersea Power Station invited Drive, a UK-based agency that specialises in projection mapping, to create an awe-inspiring visual experience to raise awareness for the iconic building's spectacular redevelopment. This is the result: 360,000 lumens of immersive visuals celebrating the building's past, present and future. 07. Tokyo Station Vision JR East celebrates the opening of the reconditioned Tokyo Station with a spectacular projection mapping experiment by NHK Enterprise. Brickwork peels away to reveal pistons; clockwork automata strum pilasters while trumpets and cymbals blow and crash from behind bays; at one point a route-map inscribes itself across the facade like a 150m long game of Snake. This is a great projection, sympathetic not only to the architectonics of the building, but its function too. 08. Dr Blighty at Brighton Pavilion Dr Blighty was a free production that became one of the highlights of the 2016 Brighton Festival, transforming the Brighton Pavilion, on England's south coast, into an Indian scene. Produced by Nutkhut and animated by motion design and projection mapping specialist NOVAK, it celebrated Brighton Pavilion's history as a WWI hospital for wounded Indian soldiers. A specially commissioned soundtrack by Shri and Ed Carter rounded of the colourful event. 09. Speed of Light Not all projection mapping examples can be measured in metres. The Theory's personal project Speed of Light bills itself as the worlds smallest all action police chase. Using hand-held micro projectors with an iPhone video source, Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp create a dynamic and witty film on the surface of their own office that proves size isn't everything.  10. As Above, So Below Light Harvest assembled a whole team of artists for this unusual mapping for Manhattan Bridge. The animation makes great use of the heavily rusticated facade of the bridge but where it really shines is in the tunnels underneath. The entire curved ceiling becomes animated, when entering the tunnel the audience becomes immersed in the projection. 11. Willow - 'Sweater' Using two walls, a treadmill, and some nifty projection, director Filip Sterckx creates a virtual world for the Willow's music video. As with most projection mapping it's the technique that charms here. Singer Pieter-Jan Van Den Troost gropes at doors that aren't really there, trots on the spot down imaginary stairs, and kneels pretending to be paddling in the sea. It's all surprisingly lo-tech, and all the better for it. 12. Lighting the Sails Jørn Utzon's inspiration for Sydney Opera House's iconic shell roof is brought to life in this work by Urban Screen. The roofs appear as fabric ship sails, undulating in the wind. The distinctive chevron tiles - a labour of love for Utzon - pulse, fold, and rupture to reveal the rich interiors. All of Urban Screen's projections are worth watching, particularly Tag und Nacht for its clever interplay between in the interior and exterior, and the seminal 555 Kubik. 13. Scintillation Xavier Chaissaing's super low budget film demonstrated what an inventive artist can achieve with limited resources. The film was shot with a DSLR and a motion control rig made by the artist himself. Its innovative mix of stop motion footage and live camera projection is particularly bewitching in the scenes where the projection is viewed through the translucent petals of a flower. 14. Omicron One of the few permanent installations in this list, Omicron can be seen at the Hala Stulecia museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, Poland. Romain Tardy's minimalist aesthetic takes its inspiration from the period in which the dome was built and does an incredible job of highlighting its structural qualities, making the heavy concrete construction light and dynamic. The making-of video is interesting, too. 15. Sagrada Familia (Ode à la vie) Gaudi's plans for a polychrome facade on the Sagrada Familia have been realised, albeit only for 15 minutes. Moment Factory combined video projection, gobos, sharp beam lights projecting beams into the sky, and lighting from the interior to create a spectacle it describes as a, "living fresco made of colour, light and sound". To work with the complex geometry of the cathedral a 3D scan was used to help map and light a show that works with the host architecture in brilliant symbiosis. 

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In online survey, 27% of European Jews say they feel unsafe

January 21, 2018 2:05pm

(JTA) — In a survey conducted online among hundreds of respondents who identified as Jews, 27 percent of Europeans and 11 percent of Americans said they felt unsafe. In the World Zionist Organization survey released Friday, which was conducted last year among a total of 1,361 respondents, 51 percent of those in Europe said that wearing Jewish symbols in public made them feel unsafe. In North America, that figure was 22 percent. A press statement by WZO about the survey said it was conducted among Jews not living in Israel but it did not say how many of the 1,361 respondents were from Europe, North America and beyond. The statement also did not specify which countries in Europe the respondents on that continent came from. Nearly one third of European respondents said they had experienced or witnessed an anti-Semitic event featuring vandalism, compared to 11 percent worldwide. Worldwide, most respondents who said they had experienced an anti-Semitic incident also indicated that they did not report it to police. Six percent said they did not report the alleged incident out of fear for their security. Thirty percent said they did not want “to make a big deal of it” and 42 percent said they lacked faith in authorities to act on their complaint. 

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Bennett: Rising antisemitism due to far right, refugees, social media

By TAMARA ZIEVE 01/21/2018

The Diaspora Affairs Ministry released its annual report on antisemitism on Sunday, highlighting the major facets of society from which the trend stems. Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett has named the rise of the far Right in various countries, the refugee crisis and the Internet as major factors spurring an increase of antisemitic incidents around the world, as he presented the annual antisemitism report to the government on Sunday. In his opening comments, Bennett noted that while the number of violent antisemitic incidents recorded around the world decreased, the number of general antisemitic incidents had increased. “Antisemitism is the dangerous fuel feeding our enemies for generations,” he said. “We must ensure every Jew in the world can live a safe and proud life.” “Also in 2017, we saw a strong antisemitic presence online,” Bennett said. “Much of this discourse was related to the changes in governments around the world, the refugee crisis and the visibility of antisemitism in social media. We must act with all available tools against current antisemitism to ensure the security of the Jewish People, in Israel and the Diaspora.” Presenting the report ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which will be marked on January 27, the ministry highlighted the record number of antisemitic incidents recorded in the UK in the first half of 2017 – there was a 78% increase in physical attacks and a 30% increase in the number of overall antisemitic incidents. The ministry also flagged the rise of the far Right in Germany and the influx of refugees to the country as factors that have negatively impacted the Jewish population. A study released in December by the American Jewish Committee’s Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations in Berlin found that antisemitism among Muslim refugees is rampant and requires urgent attention. A new edition of Adolf Hitler’s antisemitic manifesto Mein Kampf also became a bestseller in German bookstores in 2017, the report noted. Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky, who attended the cabinet meeting, addressed the link between the far Right and antisemitism, noting that 15 years ago he proposed a method to distinguish antisemitism from legitimate criticism of Israel among the left, but today extremists from both sides of the political spectrum must be addressed. “Today we are witnessing a new and alarming phenomenon: The rise and emboldenment of right-wing political parties in Europe that profess support for Israel while supporting such antisemitic measures as outlawing circumcision and kosher slaughter, as well as historical revisionism of the Second World War and the rehabilitation of Nazi soldiers,” he said. “On the one hand, they proclaim that they stand with Israel, while on the other hand, they target and harm Jews. We see this in Austria, for example, where the local Jewish community has announced that it will boycott the official Holocaust commemoration ceremony in Vienna if ministers from the far-right Freedom Party attend the event. I have counted at least seven such political parties across Europe.” “We do not need and should not court such double-faced support, on either the right or the left,” Sharanksy said. “We must remain vigilant and not permit antisemitism to go without opposition and protest under the cover of convenient diplomatic stances or intercommunal bridge-building. I note both phenomena with alarm and demand that we do not play into the hands of antisemites, regardless of their political affiliations.” The rise of the far right in the US was also flagged in the report, and specifically the violent “Unite the Right” rally, which was held in Charlottesville in August. The report also noted that the “continued increase of hate discourse among radical left-wing movements, which is mainly felt on college campuses.” The picture in general in the US, is cause for concern. The Anti-Defamation League’s annual report on antisemitism released in November found that there was a 67% increase in antisemitic incidents across the US from January 1 to September 30, 2017, in comparison with the same period in 2016. According to the FBI’s 2016 Hate Crime Statistics report, Jews, African Americans and Muslims are targeted more often than any other religious or ethnic group in the United States. The report found that more than half of the racially-motivated incidents in 2016, 54.2%, targeted Jews. “This figure is especially prominent in light of the low percentage of Jews in the US population,” the Diaspora Affairs Ministry’s report said. It also noted that the statistic was high when compared with attacks against other minorities: A quarter of the targets reported were Muslim, 4.1% were Catholic, 1.9% Eastern Orthodox and 0.5 Mormons. Troubling statistics also emerged from Ukraine, with double the number of antisemitic incidents being recorded in comparison with the previous year, according to the report. This included dozens of acts of vandalism against memorials, museums and synagogues. Additional findings highlighted by the ministry were extracted from a PEW survey conducted in 18 Central and Eastern European countries and published in May 2017. The ministry emphasized that the survey had found that 20% of citizens of those countries aren’t willing to accepting Jews as fellow citizens and 26% wouldn’t want Jews as neighbors. Only 42% would be willing to accept Jews as family. The attitudes expressed toward Muslims and Roma’s, were more negative. About 57% of respondents said they would be willing to accept Roma’s as fellow citizens, 37% would be willing to accept them as neighbors and only 19% as family members. Meanwhile, 65% would accept Muslims as citizens, 55% would accept them as neighbors and 27% as family. 

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Rivlin: Gaza about to collapse, epidemics on horizon

After touring border area, president calls on international community to pressure Hamas to take responsibility

By Sue Surkes 21 January 2018, 8:40 pm

The Gaza Strip is headed for a humanitarian breakdown, and Israel is the only country providing its residents with basic essentials, President Reuven Rivlin said on Sunday after touring the area around the coastal enclave. “Gaza is on the verge of collapse,” he warned. “The time is coming near when the infrastructure in Gaza will collapse, leaving many civilians in distress, with no sanitary conditions, exposed to pollution, impure water, and epidemics. “The entire world must know and understand that the ones who are preventing rehabilitation are Hamas. Israel is the only one in the region, that whatever the situation, transfers basic essentials to the residents of Gaza, so that they can sustain the body and mind,” Rivlin added. “We will not tolerate accusations of blame. I call on all world nations, to all who are able and have influence, to pressure those ruling Gaza, to pressure Hamas, to accept responsibility for their actions and the lives of their people.” At least four out of every 10 Gazans are unemployed, compared with two out of 10 in the West Bank. (Israel’s unemployment rate is approximately 4.3%). The enclave’s population is growing so fast that by 2030, the Palestinian territories would need 1 million new jobs just to keep unemployment at the rate it is now, a recent UN study found. “We are on a downward spiral, especially in Gaza, and things are getting worse by the day,” said Anders Thomsen, director of the UN Population Fund’s office in the Palestinian territories, when the report was published. “If that continues, you can of course only imagine that this will be an environment ripe for radicalization and for the conflicts, so I think that should be avoided.” Gazan households enjoy just four to six hours of electricity a day, and are forced to drink bottled water because the strip’s water infrastructure is in an advanced state of collapse. Monthly salaries for those who do have jobs are low on average — NIS 1,600 (a little over $400), compared to NIS 2,000 ($550) in the West Bank. Poverty is everywhere. Despite the lack of services, Gazans are forced to pay multiple taxes on goods — one tax goes to the Palestinian Authority and another goes to Hamas’s treasury. Just under a week ago, the prospects of the Palestinians took a further turn for the worse when the United States withheld $65 million from the UN relief agency for Palestinians (UNRWA), arguing that the organization needed a “fundamental re-examination.” On Friday, Washington announced it would hold back a further $45 million, this time meant for food aid as part of the West Bank/Gaza Emergency Appeal led by UNRWA last month. Explaining the decision to withhold the cash, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters Thursday that the $45 million was not a guarantee. “At this time, we will not be providing that, but that does not mean — I want to make it clear — that does not mean that it will not be provided in the future,” Nauert said. “Money coming in from other countries needs to increase as well to continue paying for all those refugees,” she said, adding that the UN agency needed to reform. On Wednesday, Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul Gheit charged that the US decision to freeze the funding was aimed at wiping out the whole issue of Palestinian refugees. “This decision affects the education and health of Palestinians and aims to eradicate the question of refugees,” Gheit said at a conference in Cairo about Jerusalem. Washington is the largest contributor to the UN agency. Rivlin, who was briefed on the army’s efforts to stop Hamas digging terror tunnels into Israel, accused the enclave’s rulers of neglecting the welfare of Gazans, refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist and using so-far unsuccessful attempts at reconciliation with the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank as no more than “a step toward the advancement of war.” Israel is building a massive 65-kilometer (40-mile) underground barrier to surround the Gaza Strip and put an end to the subterranean attack tunnels. It is due to be completed sometime before the end of 2019. “We will not rest until there is quiet, until we have built a barrier of iron, a wall of iron, which together with Iron Dome [Israel’s air defense system, used to counter rockets fired from the enclave] will defend the residents from those who wish them ill,” Rivlin said.”The day will come when they will understand that we are here to stay and flourish.” 

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Nasrallah warns Israel against continued construction of border wall

By ANNA AHRONHEIM 01/21/2018

Israel has begun construction of upgraded border fence in order to prevent Hezbollah infiltration. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has warned Israel against continued construction of a wall along its border with Lebanon, after Beirut said the project was undermining peace. “After liberating the Lebanese occupied territories from the Zionist enemy in 2000, the UN demarcation of the national border with the Palestinian territories left 13 controversial positions, and the Lebanese government informed the UNIFIL about its rejection for any Israeli measure in this concern,” Nasrallah was quoted by Hezbollah website al-Manar as saying. “The Islamic Resistance backs the Lebanese government and army, and the Zionists must take Lebanon’s warning seriously,” he said. On Friday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun met in Beirut with UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Michael Beary and stressed that a border fence within the demarcated Blue Line “isn’t compatible with the efforts that [UNIFIL] is exerting in cooperation with the Lebanese Army to preserve security and stability along the southern border.” Israel and Hezbollah fought a deadly 33-day war in 2006 that ended under UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which called for the disarmament of Hezbollah, withdrawal of the Israeli Army from Lebanon, deployment of the Lebanese Army and an enlarged UN force in the south. “Lebanon doesn’t consider the Blue Line to be the final border,” Aoun said. “It is a temporary measure that was used following [Lebanon’s] liberation in 2000 and Israel’s withdrawal.” “The army has deployed an additional troop to maintain stability and help implement resolution 1701 at the time that Israel persists its incessant violations against the country’s sovereignty,” he added. Beary also met with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri and told Berri that Israel had stopped construction on the border wall pending tripartite meetings scheduled for February, the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat reported. Tripartite meetings have been held regularly under the auspices of UNIFIL since the end of the 2006 war as an essential conflict-management mechanism between the two parties. The IDF on Sunday denied it had stopped construction on the fence, telling The Jerusalem Post that work was continuing as normal. The border area with Lebanon has seen nine infiltrations since 2009, and has been flagged by the IDF as being vulnerable to enemy infiltrations. It is feared that during the next war with Hezbollah, the terrorist group could try to infiltrate Israeli communities in the area in order to inflict significant civilian and military casualties. Significant efforts over the past several years have gone into creating obstacles, such as artificial cliffs and high concrete barriers, to help prevent any such ground attacks by Hezbollah. The border fence with Lebanon was originally built in the 1980s and has been upgraded several times. Last year, a 29-km. stretch was upgraded with reinforced concrete panels, concrete blocks and fortified watchtowers. Despite those improvements, the barrier is said to be in poor condition. In May, Israel began upgrading two sections of the fence: between Rosh Hanikra on the northern Mediterranean coast and the kibbutz of Misgav Am near Kiryat Shmona, and from Rosh Hanikra to Hanita, northeast of Nahariya. The steel and barbed wire fence will be similar to the “smart fence” along Israel’s border with Egypt and along some 30 km. of its border with Jordan. The barrier will be six meters tall, several kilometers in length and have information collection centers and warning systems at an estimated cost of NIS 120 million. 

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Trump ‘firmly committed’ to restarting peace process, Pence says

By MICHAEL WILNER 01/20/2018

Mike Pence left Washington at the onset of a government shutdown and amid bipartisan calls from Capitol Hill on him to raise growing concern with Sisi over his government’s human rights record.

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration is “firmly committed to restarting the peace process” between Israel and the Palestinians, US Vice President Mike Pence told reporters in Cairo on Saturday. Departing Egypt after two-and-a-half hours of meetings with its president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Pence said that they privately discussed the matter of Middle East peace, as well as US President Donald Trump’s decision last month to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “We heard Sisi out,” Pence said, describing his view of the controversial policy decision as “a disagreement between friends.” “We also reaffirm what President Trump also said,” Pence added, that “we are committed to a status quo of holy sites around Jerusalem.Pence said the most significant conversation point was counterterrorism. Pence’s brief Cairo visit Saturday kicked off a long-delayed Middle East tour. He was scheduled to fly to Amman late Saturday night, followed by a visit to Israel on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. On Friday, on his way back from India, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Pence’s upcoming visit was yet another expression of the strong ties between the US and Israel. He added that during his meeting with him, he would discuss a number of important international and diplomatic issues. The visit comes amid continued Arab and Palestinian anger at Trump’s decision to relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move that could take place in 2019. Palestinian Authority officials declared that they would decline to meet the vice president during his visit. Pence’s staff did not try to salvage those meetings and quickly filled his schedule with other engagements. In Amman, some 70 protesters gathered near the US Embassy on Saturday holding banners and shouting slogans in protest against the upcoming visit. The vice president’s staff told The Jerusalem Post that he would focus on issues of counterterrorism, defense and the rights of religious minorities throughout his trip across the Middle East. In Israel, he will also tout Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital – a move he strongly supported. Pence, an evangelical Christian, has come to Israel several times for private visits as well as during his time in Congress. His wife, Karen, will accompany him on this visit. The administration’s special representative for international negotiations, Jason Greenblatt, also recently traveled to Israel for meetings, in part laying the groundwork for Pence’s arrival. But Pence is not directly involved in the administration’s current effort to relaunch Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and is not expected to focus on the topic during his meetings here. Pence will address the Knesset, visit Yad Vashem and pray at the Western Wall during his visit, officials say. Pence left Washington at the onset of a government shutdown and amid bipartisan calls from Capitol Hill for him to discuss with Sisi the growing concern over his government’s human rights record, including its crackdown on gays and lesbians, its economic and defense collaboration with the North Korean regime, its imprisonment of political dissidents and its targeting of journalists. In Egypt, press access was strictly limited for reporters traveling with Pence. Sisi told reporters during a brief that he was focused on joint efforts to fight terrorism and on “ways to eliminate this disease and cancer that has terrified the whole world.” He referred to Trump as a friend and thanked Pence for making Egypt his first stop on a regional tour. Pence said that the Trump administration was glad to be turning the page of America’s relationship with Egypt after a rocky chapter under the Obama administration, which supported protesters in the Egyptian revolution and criticized the Sisi government for its human rights abuses. “The broader relationship between the United States of America and Egypt has also been renewed in the last year,” Pence said. “After a time where our countries seemed to be drifting apart, in the last year, thanks to your leadership and the relationship that you and President Trump have forged, we believe the ties between Egypt and the United States have never been stronger.” Tovah Lazaroff and Reuters contributed to this report. 

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I know who this is for. This is for Donald Trump’s son-in- law. And somehow he is going to hear this and don’t ask me how. But God is saying to him: You divide your people and I will bring judgment upon you like you have never seen before. You will be like Jezebel and I will throw you off the roof and the dogs will eat your bones. Therefore, I say unto you, repent, I do not want my nation divided, I will not allow my nation to be divided, therefore, think your thoughts. Just because you are a Jew you cannot do the things that you desire to do, for I have a special covenant with you and you better study my covenant or it will fall upon your own personal family. Repent I say and turn from your wicked ways.

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Be not concerned at the things that are going on right at the moment, for if you look in my word you will find that some of these things have to come to pass and yet in just a few days I am giving a final warning to America not to divide Israel and to turn back to me while there is yet still time. For truly great disaster shall come at the appointed time, but that is not quite yet etc

[ :: 10-1-17 pm service :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

Do not allow the enemy to divide you again, for I have spoken to you time and time again the land is mine, not yours, do not allow it to be divided again. Even though they put pressure on you stand strong, for when you stand strong then you become victors, you become overcomers. Stand, I say, stand, for it is the hour, it is the time to stand, therefore, stand.

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US will back two-state solution if both sides agree – Mike Pence

US vice-president, visiting Egypt, tries to reassure key Arab ally over Israeli-Palestinian impasse

US vice-president Mike Pence has told Egypt’s leader that the US would support a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians if the two sides agreed to it, seeking to reassure a key Arab ally over Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Pence was in Egypt on Saturday on the first leg of a three-country tour that includes stops in Jordan and Israel. It is the highest-level visit by a US official to the region since December, when Trump upended decades of US policy on Jerusalem in a move opposed by Arab leaders including Egyptian president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. “We heard President al-Sisi out,” Pence said after their meeting. He added that the Egyptian leader described his objection to Trump’s decision as a “disagreement between friends”. Pence said he assured Sisi that the US was committed to preserving the status quo of holy sites in Jerusalem and had come to no final resolution on boundaries for the two parties. “My perception was that he was encouraged by that message,” Pence said. The Egyptian presidency said in a statement that Sisi noted that only negotiations based on a two-state solution could bring an end to the conflict, “and Egypt would spare no effort to support this”. In his meeting with Egypt’s president, Pence pledged firm US backing in the nation’s fight against Islamist militants and said ties between the two countries had never been stronger after a period of “drifting apart”.We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in Egypt in the fight against terrorism,” Pence told Sisi. Egypt has faced security problems, including attacks by Isis militants in the North Sinai region. Trump has made the fight against Isis a top priority. Though Pence intends to discuss counterterrorism issues throughout the trip, the Jerusalem decision remains a hot topic. Trump’s announcement, which also set in motion the process of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, prompted Palestinians to reject the US as a peace broker. From Cairo, Pence headed to Jordan, where he will meet with King Abdullah, a close US ally. Abdullah warned against declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying it would have a dangerous impact on regional stability and obstruct US efforts to resume peace talks. Pence will end his trip in Israel, where he will be warmly welcomed following Trump’s designation. He plans to meet the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, address the Israeli legislature and visit the Western Wall. Pence is not scheduled to meet Palestinian leaders. They were incensed by Trump’s decision on Jerusalem, which upended the longstanding US position that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians must determine the city’s status. “The United States of America is deeply committed to restarting the peace process in the Middle East,” Pence said after the meeting. Pence also plans to visit US troops while he is in the region. 

:: 1-20-18 The Guardian :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Mike Pence visits Middle East but US role as peace broker may be over

Under Trump, relations between the Palestinian leadership and Washington have soured – and Pence’s trip is expected to confirm the enmity

Oliver Holmes in Jerusalem  Sat 20 Jan 2018 05.04 EST

It’s not the trip to the Holy Land that Mike Pence might have imagined. For a start, the US vice-president – an evangelical Christian – is no longer welcome in Jesus’s birthplace of Bethlehem. Donald Trump doomed Pence’s chances of a visit to the West Bank when he reversed decades of US policy last month by recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This broke a longstanding international consensus that the issue would be negotiated in peace talks with the Palestinians, who also claim parts of the city. While Trump did not rule out a future division of Jerusalem, the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, swiftly rescinded Pence’s invitation to meet him and visit Bethlehem, while senior Christian clerics in Egypt – where Pence arrives on Saturday at the start of his four-day trip ­– also cancelled planned events. Since then, relations between the Palestinian leadership and Washington further soured this week after the US administration froze $65m in aid money for the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees. The cut has placed UNRWA in the most severe funding crisis of its seven-decade history. Trump has said he wants to revitalise long-stalled peace talks in pursuit of what he has described as the “ultimate deal”. Yet when Pence touches down in Tel Aviv on Sunday evening, the US’s role as mediator in the conflict may be over for good. Palestinian leaders say that the US can no longer act as an honest peace broker; last weekend, Abbas denounced Trump’s actions as the “slap of the century”. Recent statements from the vice-president’s office have not even mentioned peace talks, saying instead that the trip will focus on security issues. Press secretary Alyssa Farah said Pence – who will also meet the Egyptian president, Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi on Saturday and Jordan’s King Abdullah on Sunday – will “discuss ways to work together to fight terrorism and improve our national security”. Next week, the former congressman and governor of Indiana will hold meetings with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and deliver an address to the country’s parliament, the Knesset. He will visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and the Western Wall, the holiest Jewish site where worshippers can pray. In Jerusalem, signs can been seen welcoming Pence as a “true friend” of Israel. The ancient city – home to major Muslim, Christian and Jewish sites – was captured in the 1967 six-day war by Israel, which claims it as an “eternal and undivided” capital. Palestinians claim Jerusalem’s eastern sector, which includes the walled old city – an area they hope will be the capital of their future state. Pence has visited Israel four times before and pushed for Trump’s inflammatory policies in the Middle East, standing next to the president when he made the recent announcement about Jerusalem. Pence criticised Barack Obama in 2010 for not taking sides in the conflict. “America’s on the side of Israel,” Pence told the Christian Broadcasting Network. “And to send any other message than our unwavering support, that we will stand with what the sovereign government and the people of Israel decide is in their interest, I think represents a departure from where the heart of the American people are at.” In Congress, Pence pushed to limit US aid to the Palestinian Authority and is a vocal advocate of the separation wall Israel has built. He has remained popular with evangelical voters in the US. Trump has tasked his son-in-law Jared Kushner with spearheading a fresh peace initiative, although details of that effort remain scant. On Wednesday, Abbas said: “Jerusalem will be a gate for peace only if it is Palestine’s capital, and it will be a gate of war, fear and the absence of security and stability – God forbid – if it is not,” he said. “It’s the gate for peace and war and President Trump must choose between the two.” 

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Pence met with protest in Jordan amid unease over US recognition of Jerusalem

In tour of regional allies, Pence reiterates US commitment to 'preserving the status quo with regard to holy sites in Jerusalem'

By Ken Thomas 21 January 2018, 9:09 am

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — US Vice President Mike Pence was met with protests in Jordan, even as he has been trying to reassure Arab allies who are uneasy over US President Donald Trump’s move to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel Pence was meeting Sunday with Jordan’s King Abdullah II for discussions that are expected to include the Trump administration’s December decision on Israel’s capital and plans to shift the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Ahead of his arrival, several dozen Jordanians gathered outside the US Embassy in Amman, protesting against US policies in the Middle East. “America is the head of the snake,” they chanted. Some held up a banner reading: “The envoy (Pence) of the Zionist American right-wing is not welcome.” Pence arrived in Jordan from Egypt where the vice president said after meeting Saturday with President Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi that he emphasized the US commitment to the peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority. Pence said he assured Sissi the US was committed to “preserving the status quo with regard to holy sites in Jerusalem,” and boundaries and other issues would be negotiated between the parties. “The United States of America is deeply committed to restarting the peace process in the Middle East,” Pence said before departing for Jordan. He said he would be “delivering that message in Jordan, delivering that message in Israel, as well.” The Trump administration’s dramatic policy shift on Jerusalem has posed a dilemma for Jordan’s monarch. Palestinians make up a large segment of Jordan’s population and the ruling Hashemite monarchy derives some of its political legitimacy from its historic role as custodian of Jerusalem’s main Muslim shrine, the Al-Aqsa mosque, which is Islam’s third holiest site. Any perceived threats to Muslim claims to the city, such as Trump’s shift on Jerusalem, could undermine its vital role there. At the same time, Jordan relies on US military and economic aid — $1.5 billion in 2015 and $1.6 billion last year — at a time of a worsening economic downturn and rising unemployment. At his Saturday meeting with Egyptian leader Sissi, Pence sought to reassure the head of the most populous Arab state that the US would support a two-state solution. “We heard President Sissi out,” Pence said after the meeting. “He said to me about what he said publicly about a disagreement between friends over our decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” Pence said he assured Sissi that “we’re absolutely committed to preserving the status quo with regard to holy sites in Jerusalem, that we have come to no final resolution about boundaries or other issues that will be negotiated. … I reminded President el-Sissi that President Trump said that if the parties agree, we will support a two-state solution. My perception was that he was encouraged by that message.” Sissi’s office said the president stressed Egypt’s support for a two-state peace settlement and “the right of the Palestinian people to establish an independent state with east Jerusalem as capital.” Israel views Jerusalem as its unified capital, while the Palestinians demand East Jerusalem, which was captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, as the capital of their future state. A longstanding international consensus holds that the city’s final status should be decided through negotiations, which was also US policy going back decades. Arab and Muslim nations support the Palestinians’ claim to East Jerusalem, and the Trump administration’s shift ignited protests across the region. The US and Egypt pledged a united front against terrorism in the Mideast as Pence, the highest-level American official to visit the US ally in nearly a decade, began a trip through the region after leaving behind a government shutdown in Washington Pence was also expected to meet with US troops in the region on Sunday and then depart for Israel, where he’s scheduled to hold meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, deliver an address to the Knesset and visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. AFP and Times of Israel staff contributed to the report 

[ :: 8-28-16 am service :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. Babylon destroyed in twenty-four hours, and you shall see the other earthquake on the west coast, you shall see the one in the middle and that shall come unto you soon, just as soon as they divide my land again, saith your Father God, you shall see that.  For it is that hour and it is that time and it shall come to pass, etc.

[ :: 7-2-17 Campmeeting 2017 afternoon service  ::  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::] 

etc You are going to see Babylon fall in twenty-four hours.  You will see the west coast 
all the way from Canada to Mexico fall off into the ocean.  I talked to you about the fault 
that shall be opened because America is going to divide Israel again. etc.

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Pence lands in Israel as PM stresses ‘no alternative’ to US as peace broker

Palestinians boycott visit by US VP, who says he and Jordan's king 'agreed to disagree' about Trump's policy shift on Jerusalem

By TOI staff 21 January 2018, 8:28 pm

US President Mike Pence arrived in Tel Aviv Sunday evening for a two-day visit to Israel amid unprecedented tensions with the Palestinians over President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last month. Pence and his wife, Karen, were greeted on the tarmac at Ben Gurion Airport by Tourism Minister Yariv Levin along with a small group of dignitaries including US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and his Israeli counterpart in the US, Ron Dermer. Initially scheduled for December before being postponed, Pence’s visit to Israel is the final leg of a trip that included stops in Egypt and Jordan as well as a visit earlier in the day to a US military facility near the Syrian border. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Pence to Israel in a Facebook post, and later at an event for foreign diplomats, hailing the vice president as a “great friend of Israel.” Netanyahu also stressed that “there is no alternative” to the United States as a peacebroker, and that anyone who rejects the US as a peacebroker “does not want peace.” This was a reference to the Palestinian Authority’s declared refusal to have any dealings with the Trump administration’s peace team since Trump’s Jerusalem declaration on December 6. “I have a message for [PA President Mahmoud] Abbas: There is no alternative to American leadership in the diplomatic process. Whoever is not ready to talk with the Americans on peace does not want peace,” he said. Welcomed by Netanyahu and Israeli leaders across most of the political spectrum, Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem infuriated the Palestinians, who seek the Israeli-annexed eastern sectors of the city as a future capital. They accused the US of siding with Israel, and Abbas said the move disqualified Washington from acting as a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Over the weekend, Pence sought to reassure Jordan’s King Abdullah II that the Trump administration would continue working toward Israeli-Palestinian peace, and views Amman as a central player. Pence told the king on Sunday morning that “President Trump made a historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but as he also made clear in that decision… we continue to respect Jordan’s role as the custodian of holy sites, that we take no position on boundaries and final status — those are subject to negotiation — and as I’ve made clear and the president made clear to the world: the United States of America remains committed if the parties agree to a two-state solution.” It was a message Pence had also relayed Saturday during talks with Egypt’s president. Later Sunday, after meeting US troops near the Syrian border, Pence later told reporters that he and Abdullah had “a very frank discussion,” and had “agreed to disagree” on the US pivot on Jerusalem. Pence said he and Abdullah agreed on the need for Israelis and Palestinians to restart peace talks. After Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem, Abbas said he would not meet with administration officials and called off a meeting with Pence that had been scheduled for mid-December. In a new expression of that snub, Abbas overlapped with Pence in Jordan from Saturday evening until midday Sunday, when the Palestinian leader flew to Brussels for a meeting with European Union foreign ministers Monday. There, Abbas is expected to urge EU member states to recognize a state of Palestine in the pre-1967 lines, and to step up their involvement in mediation. Nabil Abu Rdeneh, an Abbas adviser, reiterated Sunday that “the US is no longer acceptable as a mediator.” According to Bloomberg, Pence during his visit asked the governments of Jordan and Egypt to reach out to the Palestinians on behalf of the administration. Pence will meet with Netanyahu on Monday, before addressing the country’s parliament, the Knesset, later in the day — a speech that Israeli Arab lawmakers will boycott. On Tuesday, he will visit Jerusalem’s Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism, and the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, before departing. Agencies contributed to this report. 

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AnalysisIn Brussels, PA chief will demand Europe recognize Palestine

Abbas heads to Europe in bid to circumvent US in peace process

The Palestinian leader will be seeking money and recognition, and will try to launch a new international framework for statehood

By Dov Lieber 21 January 2018, 9:43 pm

On Monday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will head to Brussels, where he hopes to set out on a new path to Palestinian statehood, without the United States. After US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December, the Palestinian leadership declared Washington could no longer fulfill the historic and central role in the peace process it has held for over two decades. Last week the Central Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PCC) — the second-highest decision-making body for Palestinians — voted to make that process official. The US “has lost its eligibility to function as a mediator and sponsor of the peace process” until it reverses the Jerusalem decision, the council said. With the US out of the picture as far as he is concerned, Abbas faces two major challenges that he hopes Europe can help solve. The first, and perhaps simpler to fix, is financial. The US is by far the biggest donor of aid to the Palestinians. Now that the White House and Congress are threatening to end that aid, Abbas hopes the Europeans will fill the void. There is reason to believe this approach might see some success. The US froze payments worth $100 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees earlier this month. Since then, Sweden and Belgium together donated $81.5 million. While money to UNRWA does not fill the PA’s coffers, it does keep a lot of Palestinians fed, educated and employed. Abbas’s visit to Brussels also comes just one week before a committee of key groups who donate to the Palestinians will convene in the EU capital for an emergency session. The 15-member group, called the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee, includes the US and the EU. While in Brussels on Monday, Abbas will meet with foreign ministers in a private luncheon and give public remarks alongside EU High Representative Federica Mogherini. The second problem Abbas hopes the EU can solve is existential — at least from Ramallah’s point of view. Abbas is seeking some kind of international framework through which the Palestinians can win an independent state. The main players in that arena now, from his point of view, are the EU, UN, Russia and China. According to PLO executive committee member Wasel Abu Yusef, who spoke to The Times of Israel on Sunday, Abbas hopes to hold an international conference that will include those players, together with which he would form a framework paving the way to statehood. Abbas is also going to demand that EU countries recognize the state of Palestine. This is something he has done before, though this time — with the EU and US more at odds on the Palestinians than ever before — he may meet with greater success. There is much to be skeptical about when it comes to Abbas’s international framework plan. The US was uniquely situated to sponsor peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians because it holds significant leverage over both parties. Other than the US, there does not appear to be any international player or mix of players that can pressure Israel into making tough concessions for peace. The same goes for the Palestinians. The Paris peace conference is a salient example of the issue. France spent much of 2016 preparing a peace initiative that ended with 70 countries attending a summit in Paris at the start of 2017. The summit ended with all the countries in attendance signing a declaration reaffirming “that a negotiated solution with two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security, is the only way to achieve enduring peace.” Israel did not attend the summit, insisting, as ever, that it will only talk to the Palestinians in a framework of direct bilateral negotiations, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the whole affair as “rigged” and “pointless.” After the declaration was signed, and the foreign ministers returned to their respective capitals, the conference was rarely heard of again, as if it had never taken place. There is also one other major question: Are the Europeans on board with Abbas’s sharp pivot away from the United States? Trump’s team is working on a peace plan, which it says is not yet fully formed. There are reports of what the plan contains, but it has not been formally proposed. It may be presumptuous of Abbas to think the EU is willing to give up on that plan before it is presented. 

[ :: 10-13-13 pm service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc.. For the days are numbered pertaining to this world, they are numbered, they are numbered and they get down to a seven year period as you know by studying my word and you have entered into that and I have told you those times. I have spoken unto you many things, but at times it seems like man does not want to believe. But I say, beware of the beast, beware of the antichrist, beware of the six six six, beware; for the hour is running down, time is closing out. etc..

[ :: 7-4-15 am Campmeeting Service (first word)  ::  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. You will see the antichrist if you know who he is and you should know who he is and you shouldn’t be searching for him, for I have already revealed him.  TV has even done a two and a half hour special on him, there is no reason the Christians should not know who he is, pay attention. etc.

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Jordan's king tells Pence U.S. must rebuild trust after Jerusalem decision

Jeff Mason January 21, 2018 / 6:05 AM / 3 days ago

AMMAN (Reuters) - Jordan’s King Abdullah told U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday he looked to Washington to rebuild “trust and confidence” in moving toward a two-state solution in Israel after President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the country’s capital. With Pence sitting across from him in the royal palace, King Abdullah said Jordan viewed the Israel-Palestinian conflict as a “potential major source of instability”. He said he had raised his concerns for some time that such a decision on Jerusalem “does not come as a result of a comprehensive settlement to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict”. He also reiterated that East Jerusalem should be the capital of a future Palestinian state. “We hope that the U.S. will reach out and find the right way to move forward in these challenging circumstances,” the king said. At the end of the visit, Pence in remarks to the press said he “agreed to disagree” with King Abdullah on the impact of Trump’s move. Pence said in Egypt on Saturday and again in Jordan that the United States would support a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians if they both agreed to it. Trump’s endorsement in December of Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as its capital drew universal condemnation from Arab leaders and criticism around the world. It also broke with decades of U.S. policy that the city’s status must be decided in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Jordan lost East Jerusalem and the West Bank to Israel during the Arab-Israeli war in 1967. Pence told the king that Washington was committed to preserving the status quo of holy sites in Jerusalem. King Abdullah’s Hashemite dynasty is the custodian of the Muslim holy sites in the city, making Amman particularly sensitive to any changes of status there. “For us, Jerusalem is key to Muslims and Christians, as it is to Jews. It is key to peace in the region and key to enabling Muslims to effectively fight some of our root causes of radicalization,” he said. Jordanian officials fear Trump’s move has wrecked chances of a resumption of Arab-Israeli peace talks, which King Abdullah had sought to revive. They also worry the move could trigger violence in the Palestinian territories which could spill over into Jordan, where many people are descendants of Palestinian refugees whose families left after Israel was created in 1948. “We take no position on boundaries and final status. Those are subject to negotiation,” Pence said. After the meeting, Pence flew to a military facility near the Syrian border to meet with U.S. troops. He will finish his three-nation Middle East trip in Israel. Reporting by Jeff Mason; Writing by Suleiman Al-Khalidi and Jeff Mason; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall, William Maclean 

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Abbas to ask European Union to recognize Palestinian state

Meeting with EU foreign policy chief and its 28 foreign ministers Monday, aging leader looks to bloc as replacement for US mediator, top PA minister says

By AFP and TOI staff 22 January 2018, 1:38 am

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will ask the European Union to officially recognize the state of Palestine when he meets foreign ministers from the bloc on Monday, a senior official said Sunday. Abbas is scheduled to meet with EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini and the foreign ministers of the Union’s 28 countries on the sidelines of their monthly meeting. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a similar meeting last month. The issue of recognition of a Palestinian state is expected to be at the top of the agenda for Monday’s talks. Palestinian foreign minister Riad al-Malki said Sunday that Abbas will tell the EU it should take the step of recognizing Palestine “as a way to respond” to US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Abbas will also “reiterate his commitment to the peace process” in the Middle East, Malki said in an interview with AFP in Brussels. “He’s going to say I’m not going to withdraw from the peace process, I will stay committed.” A week ago Abbas denounced Trump’s efforts to resolve the long-running conflict as the “slap of the century” and caused alarm by saying Israel had sunk the so-called Oslo accords that underpin the stalled peace process. Changing roles After Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December, and said that he plans to move the US Embassy to the city from Tel Aviv, the Palestinian leadership declared Washington could no longer fulfill the historic and central role in the peace process it has held for over two decades. Netanyahu said Sunday, ahead of a visit by US Vice President Mike Pence, that “there is no alternative” to the United States as a peacebroker. “I have a message for [PA President Mahmoud] Abbas: There is no alternative to American leadership in the diplomatic process. Whoever is not ready to talk with the Americans on peace does not want peace,” Netanyahu said. Trump said his Jerusalem declaration reflected reality on the ground, and was not intended to prejudge any future arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians regarding the disputed city, though he later said it had taken Jerusalem off the table. Welcomed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leaders across most of the Israeli political spectrum, the move caused an uproar throughout the Muslim world and was panned by the United Nations, the European Union, and many European countries. Last week, the Central Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PCC) — the second-highest decision-making body for Palestinians — ratified that the US had “lost its eligibility to function as a mediator and sponsor of the peace process” until it reverses the Jerusalem decision. This week, Abbas and the Palestinian leadership are refusing to meet US Vice President Pence, who landed in Israel Sunday evening, making his visit a rare one by a high-ranking US official not to include talks with the Palestinians. Abbas will now urge the EU to take on a bigger role in trying to move peace efforts forward, declaring American “exclusivity and monopoly” in the process is over, Malki said. “Since Trump’s decision has altered the rules of the game, he [Abbas] expects the European foreign ministers to come forward and collectively recognize the state of Palestine as a way to respond back to Trump’s decision,” Malki said. “If the Europeans want to be a player then they have to be fair in their treatment of both parties and this should start with the recognition of the state of Palestine.” Diplomats and officials in Brussels say recognition for Palestine is not on the cards on Monday — the EU leaves recognition in the hands of individual members — and the best Abbas can hope for is progress towards an “association agreement” with the bloc. Malki said that while the Palestinian Authority was “very serious” about such an agreement, they also expected to be formally recognized as a state. “One does not replace the other. Absolutely not,” he said. The French newspaper Le Monde reported on Sunday that France is trying to upgrade the Palestinian Authority’s status at the EU, but will stop short of recommending full recognition of a Palestinian state. The French are reportedly pushing for an EU free trade agreement with the Palestinians, similar to the one signed with Israel. Individual recognition Regardless of an EU agreement, several European countries appear to be closer than ever to individual recognition of a Palestinian state. Slovenia is planning to recognize Palestine as an independent state next month, and three other European countries — Luxembourg, Ireland and Belgium — are thinking of following suit, Channel 10 news reported Sunday. Last month, Slovenian Parliament Speaker Milan Brglez told Palestinian Ambassador Salah Abdel-Shafi that Slovenia’s recognition of a Palestinian state was “not in doubt,” but just a question of timing. The Slovenian ambassador in Tel Aviv, Barbara Sušnik, told The Times of Israel Sunday that the issue of recognizing Palestinian statehood has been pending in the country’s parliament since 2014, and is only now coming to a vote. She confirmed that the foreign affairs committee will vote on the matter on January 31. If the committee votes in favor of recognizing Palestine, the issue will be brought to a vote in the full plenary of the Parliament. The Channel 10 report said that Israel’s Foreign Ministry has been trying to recruit Slovenian lawmakers to oppose the move, although expectations are low that the process can be stopped. Additionally, according to Channel 10, Luxembourg’s foreign minister called several days ago for a group of European countries to come together and recognize a Palestinian state, and is reportedly trying to convince France to lead the initiative. Ireland’s foreign minister, who recently visited Israel, conveyed at the time that his country was seriously considering recognizing a state of Palestine, the report said. It also named Ireland and Belgium as countries that could soon recognize Palestinian statehood. Sweden was the first western European country to recognize Palestine, in October 2014. In December 2014, in a symbolic move not binding on government policy, French lawmakers voted in favor of recognizing Palestine as a state, following similar moves in Britain and Spain, as European countries tried to restart the stalled Middle East peace process. Italy also followed suit in 2015. Raphael Ahren contributed to this report. 

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Paris suburb to recognize Palestinian statehood

Gennevilliers mayor says he hopes similar moves by other municipalities will force French government to rethink stance on peace process

By JTA 22 January 2018, 1:56 am

The city council of a suburb of Paris said it would recognize what it called “the state of Palestine.” The office of Gennevilliers Mayor Patrice Leclerc, a Communist Party of France politician, announced on Friday the move, which is symbolic and has no bearing on French foreign policy, French newspaper Le Figaro reported. The so-called recognition will be made in an executive order to be signed Monday at city hall in the northern suburb of Gennevilliers, the statement said. At least three other municipalities in the Paris region, Stains, Bondy, Vitry-sur-Seine, are preparing to take similar steps, the statement also said. Those municipalities have honored Marwan Barghouti, a Palestinian terrorist and member of the PLO who is serving multiple life sentences in Israel for the murder of Israeli victims of terrorist attacks he helped plan. “France by the actions of its former foreign minister Laurent Fabius spoke out at the end of 2016 about the possibility of recognizing Palestine in case the peace process hits a dead end. But nothing was done,” Leclerc wrote in the statement. “President Emmanuel Macron refuses to have France follow through but if thousands of localities in France issue this official order this taking up of positions by municipalities will lead to recognition.” The Le Monde daily reported on Sunday that France is trying to upgrade the Palestinian Authority’s status at the EU, but will stop short of recommending full recognition of a Palestinian state. At a meeting Monday between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the European Union’s 28 foreign ministers, the French will reportedly push for an EU free trade agreement with the Palestinians, similar to the one signed with Israel. Times of Israel staff contributed to this report. 

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Ambassador in Israel confirms parliamentary vote is imminent

Slovenia to recognize Palestinian state next month — TV report

Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium also reportedly gearing up to follow suit, while French is said to be pushing for EU free trade deal with PA

By Raphael Ahren and Sue Surkes 21 January 2018, 10:51 pm

Slovenia is planning to recognize Palestine as an independent state next month, and three other European countries — Luxembourg, Ireland and Belgium — are thinking of following suit, Channel 10 news reported Sunday. France, meanwhile, is working behind the scenes to upgrade the Palestinian Authority’s status at the European Union, the report said. The moves follow US President Donald Trump’s December recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and plan to move the US Embassy to the city from Tel Aviv. Trump said his declaration reflected reality on the ground, and was not intended to prejudge any future arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians regarding the disputed city, though he later said it had taken Jerusalem off the table. Welcomed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leaders across most of the Israeli political spectrum, the move caused an uproar throughout the Muslim world and was panned by the United Nations, the European Union, and many European countries. Last month, Slovenian Parliament Speaker Milan Brglez told Palestinian Ambassador Salah Abdel-Shafi that Slovenia’s recognition of a Palestinian state was “not in doubt,” but just a question of timing. Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar said at the time that although all three Slovenian coalition parties had voted in favor of recognition, his country should wait until a group of EU member states decided to act together. The Slovenian government decided to move ahead on plans to recognize a Palestinian state a week ago, the Channel 10 report said. It said that a vote on recognition was expected to be held by the Slovenian parliament’s foreign affairs committee on January 31, followed by a vote of the full parliament in February. The Slovenian ambassador in Tel Aviv, Barbara Sušnik, told The Times of Israel that the issue of recognizing Palestinian statehood has been pending in the country’s parliament since 2014, and is only now coming to a vote. She confirmed that the foreign affairs committee will vote on the matter on January 31. If the committee votes in favor of recognizing Palestine, the issue will be brought to a vote in the full plenary of the Parliament. As opposed to many other Western democracies, it is Slovenia’s legislative branch, not its executive, which has the last word on foreign policy matters such as recognizing states. Sušnik said it was difficult to predict how the parliamentarians would vote, but hinted that there was a good chance they would seek to assert the Palestinians’ right to self-determination. “The elected representatives of the people will decide the way they decide. It’s their decision,” she said. “For the people of Slovenia, the principle of self-determination of nations is very important, because that is how Slovenia became independent 26 years ago, when we exercised the right to self-determination. All nations have the right to self-determination.” Sušnik stressed that a possible recognition of Palestine should not be seen as a move hostile to Israel. “We established friendly relations with Israel more than 25 years ago, and we appreciate them a lot,” she said. “We’re committed to good relations with Israel. Our embassy in Tel Aviv was opened in the summer of 1994, right after diplomatic relations were established. Unfortunately, Israel never opened an embassy in Slovenia.” The Channel 10 report said that Israel’s Foreign Ministry has been trying to recruit Slovenian lawmakers to oppose the move, although expectations are low that the process can be stopped. According to the report, Luxembourg’s foreign minister called several days ago for a group of European countries to come together and recognize a Palestinian state, and is reportedly trying to convince France to lead the initiative. Ireland’s foreign minister, who recently visited Israel, conveyed at the time that his country was seriously considering recognizing a state of Palestine, the report said. It also named Ireland and Belgium as countries that could soon recognize Palestinian statehood. Channel 10 quoted a senior Israeli official as saying, “Our position is that recognition of a Palestinian state, which is not within the framework of an agreement, harms the chance of achieving peace and even pushes it further away.” The French newspaper Le Monde, meanwhile, reported on Sunday that France is trying to upgrade the Palestinian Authority’s status at the European Union, stopping short of full recognition of a Palestinian state. The French are reportedly pushing for an EU free trade agreement with the Palestinians, similar to the one signed with Israel. PA President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to arrive in Brussels on Monday, where he will meet with the foreign ministers of the Union’s 28 countries. The issue of recognition of a Palestinian state is expected to be at the top of the agenda for the talks. After Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December, the Palestinian leadership declared Washington could no longer fulfill the historic and central role in the peace process it has held for over two decades. Last week, the Central Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PCC) — the second-highest decision-making body for Palestinians — ratified that the US had “lost its eligibility to function as a mediator and sponsor of the peace process” until it reverses the Jerusalem decision. Sweden was the first western European country to recognize Palestine, in October 2014. In December 2014, in a symbolic move not binding on government policy, French lawmakers voted in favor of recognizing Palestine as a state, following similar moves in Britain and Spain, as European countries tried to restart the stalled Middle East peace process. Italy followed suit in 2015. 

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57.9% of Illegals Caught at U.S.-Mexico Border in FY17 Not Mexican; From 111 Other Countries

By Terence P. Jeffrey | January 18, 2018 7:21 PM EST

( - Only 42.1 percent of the “deportable aliens” that the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended along the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal 2017 were citizens of Mexico, according to data collected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. A significant majority—57.9 percent—came from 111 other countries. In fact, during fiscal year 2017, the Border Patrol apprehended deportable aliens along the U.S.-Mexico border who came from 84 countries that are not in the Americas. In fiscal 2017, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Border Patrol apprehended a total of 310,531 “deportable aliens” in all 20 Border Patrol sectors. (These include nine sectors along the Southwest Border with Mexico, eight along the Northern Border with Canada, and three along the nation’s Coastal Border.) Of the total 310,531 “deportable aliens” the Border Patrol apprehended, 303,916 (or about 97.9 percent) were apprehended in the nine sectors along the Southwest Border with Mexico. Of these 303,916 deportable aliens apprehended along the Southwest Border, 175,978 (or 57.9 percent) were citizens of countries other than Mexico and 127,938 (or 42.1 percent) were citizens of Mexico. The top three countries that ranked after Mexico for having their citizens apprehended as deportable aliens along the U.S.-Mexico border were Central American countries. These were Guatemala (65,871), El Salvador (49,760) and Honduras (47,260), which ranked second, third and fourth. But India ranked fifth. In fiscal 2017, the Border Patrol apprehended along the Southwest Border 2,963 deportable aliens who were citizens of India. In fact, the Border Patrol apprehended more citizens of India in its nine sectors along the U.S.-Mexico border than citizens of Brazil (2,621) or Ecuador (1,429), which ranked sixth and seventh for having deportable aliens apprehended on the Southwest Border. The Peoples Republic of China ranked eighth, with the Border Patrol apprehending 1,364 Chinese citizens along the Southwest Border in fiscal 2017. That put China ahead of Nicaragua, which ranked ninth. The Border Patrol apprehended 1,057 Nicaraguans along the Southwest Border in fiscal 2017. Among the Top 41 countries whose citizens were apprehended by the Border Patrol along the Southwest Border, 21 were not in the Americas. In addition to India (2,943) and China (1,364), these included Nepal (647), Bangladesh (564), Romania (433), Pakistan (224), Albania (49), Vietnam (49), Somalia (48), Sri Lanka (48), Kosovo (45), Turkey (35), Nigeria (28), Ghana (14), Afghanistan (14), Saudi Arabia (14), Israel (11), Jordan (10), South Korea (10), France (9), and Hungary (9). Notably, the deportable aliens from Nepal (647), Bangladesh (564), Romania (433) and Pakistan (224) that the Border Patrol apprehended along the Southwest border in fiscal 2017 exceeded those apprehended from Columbia (196), Dominican Republic (181), Cuba (147), Venezuela (73) and Haiti (57). Additionally, the Border Patrol apprehended deportable aliens who are citizens of nations outside the Americas more often at the U.S.-Mexico border than at the Northern Border or the Coastal Border. For example, while the Border Patrol apprehended 2,943 Indian citizens at the Southwest Border, it apprehended only 168 at the Northern Border, and 24 at the Coastal Border. Similarly, the Border Patrol apprehended 1,364 Chinese citizens at the Southwest Border, but only 32 at the Northern Border and 17 at the Coastal Border. The Border Patrol apprehended 647 Nepalese at the Southwest Border, but only 1 at the Northern Border and none at the Coastal Border. It apprehended 564 Bangladeshis at the Southwest Border, but only 9 at the Northern Border, and 1 at the Coastal Border. The Border Patrol apprehended 433 Romanians at the Southwest Border, but only 13 at the Northern Border and only 4 at the Coastal Border. It apprehended 224 Pakistanis at the Southwest Border, but only 9 at the Northern Border and none at the Coastal Border. According to the Department of Homeland Security an apprehension is: “The arrest of a removable alien by the Department of Homeland Security. Each apprehension of the same alien in a fiscal year is counted separately." According to DHS, the term “deportable aliens” includes “any alien illegally in the United States, regardless of whether the alien entered the country by fraud or misrepresentation or entered legally but subsequently lost legal status.” 

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etc. For truly the news media does not always tell you the truth, they tell you what they want you to hear, but not what is really going on, except for a little, do they know that later the truth will always find them out, for one can only cover up lies for so long before they come uncovered. etc.

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STUNNING=> OBAMA and HILLARY Exchanged Unsecured Emails in Territory of “Hostile Adversary” — FBI COVERED IT UP!

January 21, 2018 by Joshua Caplan

Additional text messages sent and received by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok were recently handed over to Congress, reports the AP. Buried in the report are text messages between Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page discussing how hackers likely obtained an email exchange between then-President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The exchange was later covered-up by the FBI after the incident was removed from Comey’s closing statement on Clinton’s email investigation.

STUNNING=> OBAMA and HILLARY Exchanged Unsecured Emails in Territory of “Hostile Adversary” — FBI COVERED IT UP!

January 21, 2018 by Joshua Caplan 242 Comments 1.8KShare 313Tweet Email

Additional text messages sent and received by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok were recently handed over to Congress, reports the AP. Buried in the report are text messages between Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page discussing how hackers likely obtained an email exchange between then-President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The exchange was later covered-up by the FBI after the incident was removed from Comey’s closing statement on Clinton’s email investigation. One of the messages references a change in language to Comey’s statement closing out the email case involving Clinton, Trump’s Democratic opponent in the 2016 presidential election. While an earlier draft of the statement said Clinton and President Barack Obama had an email exchange while Clinton was “on the territory” of a hostile adversary, the reference to Obama was at first changed to “senior government official” and then omitted entirely in the final version. As The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft reported, Obama told CBS’s Bill Plante that he first learned about Clinton’s private email use use “through news reports,” implying he didn’t exchange emails with his Secretary of State. However, during a White House press briefing, press secretary Josh Earnest admitted Obama did in fact exchange emails with, strongly suggesting he was aware of Clinton’s private email account. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Wikileaks released Obama’s emails to Clinton. His pseudonym was Earlier this month, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) released Comey’s closing statement on the FBI’s Clinton email investigation. The Hill‘s John Solomon revealed: Ex-FBI Director James Comey’s original statement closing out the probe into Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email server was edited by subordinates to remove five separate references to terms like “grossly negligent” and to delete mention of evidence supporting felony and misdemeanor violations, according to copies of the full document. Comey also originally concluded that it was “reasonably likely” that Clinton’s nonsecure private server was accessed or hacked by hostile actors though there was no evidence to prove it. But that passage was also changed to the much weaker “possible,” the memos show. Comey’s original draft stated, “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statute proscribing gross negligence in the handling of classified information and of the statute proscribing misdemeanor mishandling, my judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” In the closing statement, the terms “gross negligence” and “misdemeanor mishandling” where edited to “potential violations of the statutes.” In December, Johnson alleged “hostile actors” had likely gained access to Clinton’s private email server containing classified information. 

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Evidence Exists To Warrant Arrests, Prosecutions Of Deep State Leaders And Minions

Jan 22, 2018 Read More Articles by News With Views

By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri

Political bias across the US government bears the fingerprints of the deep state. Trump must act. One year into President Trump’s tenure, anti-Trump political bias in the FBI and Department of Justice is now so obvious that objective observers should fear for the future of our constitutional republic from the “deep state.” Frighteningly, the deep state has been exposed as a real thing, with names and faces. Senior officials in FBI and DOJ are conspiring with the national liberal media and allies in Congress to delegitimize, criminalize and ultimately unseat a legitimately elected president. Yet there is an even graver threat to the American people and the very existence of the United States. Deep Staters dominating bureaucracies within the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, and intelligence community, are undermining national security policies Mr. Trump was elected to implement. The deep state thinks it knows better than Mr. Trump and the voters. They would “stay the course” on failed policies that are now reaching the point of crisis with North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran. Mr. Trump’s national security administration so far comprises only a thin veneer of senior officials in DOD, DHS, DOS, and the intelligence community. Beneath relatively few Trump appointees are thousands of officials and the permanent bureaucracy inherited from the Obama and Clinton administrations. One great mistake of President George W. Bush was failure to purge his administration of Clinton appointees, many of whom wormed into the permanent bureaucracy. Since President Clinton’s administration, the federal bureaucracy, including national security departments and agencies, has moved steadily leftward, pausing under the second President Bush, but rapidly accelerating hard-left during President Obama’s 8 years. Today’s deep state, hostile to Mr. Trump, Republicans and conservative policies generally, has been in the making a quarter-century, or more. The left that so hated “the establishment” in the 1960s has today become “the establishment” in the government, media, and universities. Today, “anti-establishment” enemies of the deep state are Reaganites, conservatives, and independent thinkers who have for years been exiled from government for “political incorrectness.” Our hope is that Mr. Trump, as the people’s “politically incorrect” and “anti-establishment” champion, would resume the Reagan Revolution to restore ideological balance and common sense to at least the national security establishment. Alas, Mr. Trump’s administration is still largely manned by deep state Obama-Clinton apparatchiks hostile to his “America First” worldview and “Peace Through Strength” agenda. The national security deep state is not only hostile to Mr. Trump — they are dangerously incompetent: The Intelligence Community (which also wrongly claims Russia rigged elections favoring Mr. Trump) grossly underestimated North Korea’s ICBM capabilities and proximity to the H-Bomb. Yet former Reagan administration officials and independent experts have warned for years the intelligence community is underestimating North Korea’s nuclear missile threat. Washington’s foreign policy establishment continues to seek denuclearization of North Korea through China, even though evidence is overwhelming that China and Russia helped build the North Korean nuclear threat to advance their geostrategic interests. Even many Republicans mistakenly accept as gospel the narrative of the Department of State and intelligence community “professionals” that Mr. Obama’s nuclear deal stopped Iran from getting the bomb. Yet there is compelling evidence, ignored by the deep state, that Iran has already clandestinely developed nuclear weapons, as North Korea did in 1994. We have first-hand experience working inside government for the Congressional EMP Commission during Mr. Trump’s first year. Dangerously, the national security deep state is undermining protection of the nation’s electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures from electromagnetic pulse (EMP), contrary to the president’s election promise in the Republican National Committee Platform and his recent National Security Strategy: The Obama administration’s classified Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee report on EMP continues to inform White House and dominate DHS policy, even though the EMP Commission found the JAEIC report to be the worst and most erroneous study of EMP ever produced. Sen. Ron Johnson’s excellent Critical Infrastructure Protection Act required DHS to report to Congress in December 2017 on a strategic plan to protect the nation from EMP. Yet this requirement was ignored for nearly a year. A DHS EMP Task Force formed only a few months ago. It excludes those analysts most expert on EMP, refused briefings from the EMP Commission, and is proposing to use for the baseline EMP threat the discredited JAEIC report. The Obama administration’s “do nothing” policy on EMP continues at the Department of Energy where the Office of Electric Reliability plans to spend millions endlessly studying EMP in collaboration with the national labs and the electric power industry. Yet these studies are unnecessary. DOD has all the data needed to protect the national grid now, but has ignored the EMP Commission’s recommendation to share EMP data. Obama-holdovers in DOD slow-rolled and sabotaged the EMP Commission, hoodwinking Congress into terminating the EMP Commission in September 2017. That same month North Korea successfully tested an H-Bomb they describe as capable of “super-powerful EMP attack” and released a report accurately describing a Super-EMP nuclear weapon. “Mr. President, drain the national security swamp!” echo the American people. Dr. William Graham was chairman of the congressional EMP Commission, White House science advisor to President Reagan and director of NASA. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry was EMP Commission chief of staff and served in the House Armed Services Committee and the CIA. Reposted from the Washington Times at the request of the writers. 

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New Artificial Retina That Can Be Used in Transplants

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

London, Jan 17.- An international group of scientists created the first artificial retina that can replace a damaged one, the specialized journal Nano Letters published on Wednesday. It is a nanotechnological tissue that functions as an artificial retina and its application could restore sight to many people with vision problems, the creators highlighted. The research team was composed of scientists from the University of Tel-Aviv, the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of Jerusalem, and the University of Newcastle. None of the designs so far were practical, small or with sufficient image quality, the experts commented. Instead of trying to miniaturize electronic components, the scientists developed a flexible fabric composed of carbon nanotubes that reacts similarly to the retina. 'When receiving light, this tissue is capable of generating electrical impulses to excite nervous tissue under the retina,' explained the Nano Letters report. The material is more durable, flexible and efficient when it comes to capturing light than any of the previous solutions, the scientific publication highlighted. So far, researchers have successfully tested the material in the retina of a chicken, according to the media. (Prensa Latina) 

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Ex-CIA Clandestine Officer Confirms False Flag Missile Attack Upon Hawaii

By Dave Hodges

The Hawaiian Islands “incoming missile” alert, which was officially downgraded to a “mistake”, was supposedly made due to an inattentive worker that happened during a shift change. That explanation is total Bravo Sierra. As I previously reported on a broadcast on The Common Sense Show Youtube channel, the process to deliver a warning of this magnitude is a 5 step process, involving two humans, with keys, turning the mechanism to release the information at the same time. The key mounts are eight feet apart. An accident is impossible. Within hours of the event, and because I was able to quickly gather information to demonstrate that the Hawaiian event was no accident, and ex-CIA Robert David Steele was able to confirm the information. Warnings In Both Hawaii and Japan In the following video, Lisa Haven also reported on this issue and she clearly states that her sources confirmed that the process to warn the public of an incoming threat is a 5 step process. Not only that, Lisa reduces the odds that this was some big coincidence because the same thing happened in Japan on the following day. When one does the work that Lisa and myself do on an ongoing basis, one comes to realize that coincidences are few and far between. Here is Lisa Haven’s report on this matter: I also have confirmed this 5 step process with multiple people including one who will go on the record, and that person is former CIA clandestine officer, Robert David Steele. In addition, The Common Sense Show has learned that AFPAC’s warning system also broadcast the same warning at the same time and that this system is independent of the Hawaiian warning system. The government and the Governor of Hawaii are both lying to the people! Look Up In the Sky, It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s a Missile Being Blown up Less Than 100 Miles From Hawaii. Multiple people, approximately 100 nautical miles from the Hawaiian Islands saw a flash of light following an explosion in the air. The time frame fits the Hawaiian warning of an incoming missile. The witnesses included a boating expedition of about 10 people. Further, there are multiple accounts in the Islands of seeing the flash of light (ie explosion). Ex-CIA Robert David Steele Speaks Out On the False Flag Nature of Missile Alert Yesterday, I interviewed Robert David Steele, who served for years in the clandestine service portion of the CIA. Among many subjects, we discussed the Hawaiian missile alert. He confirms the process of alerting the public to an imminent event and this warning is, as I have stated, a 5 step process and an accident of the type being described by the Hawaiian governor is not possible. The Governor is lying to the citizens of Hawaii. In the interview, Steele is crystal clear in saying that this was a false flag attack designed to blame North Korea and start World War III. The Motivation for the Attack One should realize that the “attack” upon Hawaii and later Japan happened very shortly after is was announced that the two Korea’s would march under the same flag and form a joint hockey team. This development is being undertated in the mainstream media. This development is monumental in its implication because this represents two nations who are saying no to World War III. It is not likely that the hockey coach and Olympic contingent from both nations called each other said let’s be friends. This development was generated at a much higher level. I have been told that the President’s’ of China and the US agreed to and encouraged this development. And as I have previously covered on The Common Sense Show, this means that in actuality, none of the principals in the ongoing events related to NK’s nuclear missiles want World War III. Given what we know about the situation, it seems very likely that rogue elements of the globalists launched a missile at both Japan and Hawaii, both were taken down, and the attempted false flag events designed to start World War III were averted for the time being. I covered these possibilities in the following interview: It is going to be a wild ride because the globalists don’t passively accept defeat. There will undoubtedly be more provocations designed to start World War III as the globalists search for the right combination of events to have their (WW I) Archduke Francis Ferdinand moment. For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show 

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Rep. Jim Jordan is FED UP, Demands Second Special Counsel After FBI Loses Peter Strzok’s Text Messages

January 21, 2018 by Joshua Caplan

Additional text messages sent and received by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok have been handed over to Congress, reports the Associated Press.

In yet another twist to the Strzok saga, the FBI failed to hand over a block of the agent’s text messages because they have gone missing. AP reports: But the department also said in a letter to lawmakers that its record of messages sent to and from the agent, Peter Strzok, was incomplete because the FBI, for technical reasons, had been unable to preserve and retrieve about five months’ worth of communications. New text messages highlighted in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray by Sen. Ron Johnson, the Republican chairman of the Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, are from the spring and summer of 2016 and involve discussion of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. They reference Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s decision to accept the FBI’s conclusion in that case and a draft statement that former FBI Director James Comey had prepared in anticipation of closing out the Clinton investigation without criminal charges. Following reports of the FBI’s mystery “glitch,” Rep. Jordan Jordan (R-OH) is renewing his call for a second special counsel to investigate the former Mueller team member. “First the IRS destroyed emails pivotal to our investigation of their political targeting. Now the FBI “failed to preserve” texts between Peter Strzok & Lisa Page following the ’16 election. The time for a second special counsel is now,” tweeted the Ohio lawmaker. This isn’t the first time Jordan has publicly suggested a second counsel be appointed. Appearing before the House Judiciary Committee on December 13th, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was grilled by Jordan in relation to Strzok’s role in both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and Mueller-Russia probe. “This is unbelievable,” Jordan lamented to Rosenstein, demanding to know what “fact pattern” would be required for a second special counsel to be appointed. “I think the public trust in this whole thing is gone,” Jordan asserted. 

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Class war in the American west: the rich landowners blocking access to public lands

Private landowners present a rising threat to the millions of acres set aside for public use by blocking access to public lands

By Kathleen McLaughlin January 2018

The Diamond Bar X is a postcard-perfect slice of Montana solitude. A former cattle ranch that’s been parceled up into sprawling home sites, it sits not far outside Augusta, a cowboy town beneath Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, where the Great Plains crash into majestic snow-peaked mountains to dramatic effect. The area is prime habitat for elk and grizzlies, people are few, and its residents have easy access to countless miles of trails and streams on the adjacent public lands. By all accounts, this was a little community positioned just right for fishing, hunting, hiking in some of Montana’s wilder mountain spaces. And that’s how it functioned for decades, residents said in court, until Joseph Campbell bought 300 acres at the Diamond Bar X, moved in and started putting up locked gates that blocked access to well-trodden thoroughfares that people in the area had used for years. Within five years, court records say, the police were called 25 times to deal with Campbell’s threats and erratic behavior, and his seeming obsession over keeping people off every inch of his property despite longstanding agreements among the neighbors for access to the neighboring publicly owned land. (In the west’s wide-open spaces, it’s common practice for landowners to negotiate deals – both informal and formal – to allow the public to cross their land to get to hunting spots, streams and trails.) In 2013, after years of fights and threats, Campbell finally snapped. He shot and killed his neighbor, Timothy Newman, a man who had repeatedly challenged Campbell over his access-blocking proclivities. Campbell first claimed it was self-defense because Newman threatened him, but last year he finally pleaded guilty to negligent homicide. He’s now on probation, under a 20 years suspended prison sentence. The case offers a violent, extreme illustration of what many say is a creeping, pervasive and underreported threat to public lands in the west: a widening class battle between private landowners – oftentimes newcomers with little knowledge of the region’s history or law – and the general public expecting to use public lands. It’s become the new class war of the west, one public lands advocate I interviewed told me. It’s a class war contentious enough he didn’t want his name used beside that characterization. There are no available statistics on land-access related violence, but throughout the west, anecdotes spring up regularly about chest-thumping, locked gates and confrontations, often with both sides armed. From Wyoming to Idaho to Utah, public access through private land is a hot-button issue in the west. While public lands advocates battle the Trump administration over its plans to scale back national monuments, some private landowners – whether by tying up land access cases in courts or by putting up physical gates – present a rising threat to the millions of acres set aside for public use. According to a study from the Center for Western Priorities, 4m acres of public lands in the Rocky Mountain West (Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico) are considered “landlocked”, blocked off by private landowners who control adjacent properties or roadways. Two million of those landlocked acres are in Montana. The report notes that “land ownership in the Rocky Mountain West is a quilt of federal, state local, Native American and private lands. The patchwork of owners can make it difficult for the public to access lands without trespassing through private lands.” At the heart of the battle, landowners and recreations groups say, often lies misunderstanding. New Montana property owners often arrive wanting their own slice of paradise without knowing the decades of legal battles over public lands and a history of allowing neighbors – sometimes after protracted negotiation through governments and courts – to move through roads and trails. A ranch once open to hunting is suddenly posted as private, hunters ignore the gates and signs, and conflict flares. And in some pockets that have become havens for the uber-rich – like the Crazy Mountains near Livingston - and politically connected, private landowners have tied up huge tracts of prime recreational public lands. Kate Kelly, public lands specialist with the Center for American Progress, said while natural resource development like oil and gas threatens access to public lands in the west, a major and less noticed peril in Montana – and to a lesser degree in other states – comes from private landowners blocking public access. “Where Montana stands out is when it comes to how much public land is essentially inaccessible,” said Kelley. “For Montana, it appears that a very real problem is private landowners – including those coming in from out of state – and their unwillingness to grant access to public lands. It’s essentially locking Montanans out of their backyard.” “I think this is one of the driving factors to loss of access to public lands – people coming in who don’t necessarily understand Montana values,” said Land Tawney of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, a national land conservation group based in Montana. For Gloria Flora, the public/private turf battles took a different, equally violent and unsettling turn, one that drove her out of Montana entirely. Flora, a former US Forest Service manager, moved to a sparsely populated area outside the state capital, Helena, in 2005 and into what would be the middle of heated fight over who could use the roads. Two of her neighbors locked in an escalating war over easements – negotiated agreements that allow people to cross private land in order to get to public land – with one neighbor reportedly insisting that if others used his road, he could do whatever he wanted on their land. In 2011, one of those neighbors turned up dead. No arrests have been made. Flora and her husband, who were friends with the man who died, packed up and left the state, fearing for their own safety. Given her own experience, and what she saw in her years as a Forest Service manager, Flora believes private conflicts over public land access are on the rise in the west. The problem, she said, often begins when people misunderstand the historic limits of private property when it connects to public land. “They have two acres and they think they are in the vast wilderness. They really don’t get it, a lot of the newer people moving it,” said Flora. “I think they are flummoxed by the access laws. It’s about whose got the bigger voice and bigger gun, despite what the law is.” That’s not to imply there was a period in recent history when everyone roamed through the Rocky Mountain West’s private ranches and farms to hunt and fish wherever they pleased. The region was built on a snatching land from Native Americans and conflicts have long been present over who owns what and goes where for what purpose. But the frame has changed radically in recent years as longstanding large ranches and farms have been sold and divided into smaller private properties and more people have moved in, including a mass influx of big money to some specific pockets. The issue of public access through private land has always been contentious but the land is getting relatively crowded. “I know this sounds like an odd thing to say, but we’re kind of running out of land,” said Flora. Since the 1960s, the population of the Rocky Mountain West has grown at a higher rate than the rest of the United States. States including Idaho and Montana have seen steady population increases in the past 30 years. In other words, this is not a stagnant economic zone lacking for growth. In 1970, Montana’s population was less than 700,000; today it’s more than 1 million. That inward migration has come alongside a shift from an economy based on mining and logging to one based on the service industry. And it’s all brought fast-rising income inequality and an ongoing, roiling culture clash. In the meantime, things are apt to get messier with more confrontations and court battles. The state of Montana, perhaps showing where it stands, has hired a public lands access specialist, the only one known in the country. He’s been tasked with identifying access problems and brokering agreements between governments, landowners and the public for access. Montana’s public v private land battle is highly political and became a major flashpoint in the governor’s race last year. The Democrat incumbent, Governor Steve Bullock, hammered his opponent, Republican Greg Gianforte, over a 2009 lawsuit that sought to remove an easement providing river access through Gianforte’s property. Bullock beat Gianforte, in part by focusing on the issue of access to public lands. Still, Gianforte was elected months later in a special election to replace Zinke as Montana’s congressman. In a December op-ed in the Washington Post, Bullock criticized Trump’s decision to scale back national monuments, inviting him to Montana and calling public lands a great equalizer. The president’s son Donald Trump Jr appears to already spend significant time hunting in Montana. Bullock wrote: “You don’t have to have a Swiss bank account to spend a day with a fly rod on the river. You don’t have to have friends in high places to explore mountains and trails. You don’t have to have to own a big piece of property to experience some of the best hunting and fishing in the world.” It’s still mostly true, but those boundaries are being tested every day. 

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etc. For truly the news media does not always tell you the truth, they tell you what they want you to hear, but not what is really going on, except for a little, do they know that later the truth will always find them out, for one can only cover up lies for so long before they come uncovered. etc.

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MUST SEE VIDEO=> Former Federal Prosecutor Details “Brazen Plot” by FBI and DOJ to Exonerate Hillary and “Frame” Donald Trump

January 21, 2018 by Jim Hoft

According to an interview with the Daily Caller, a former federal prosecutor says the truth is starting to seep out about the Obama Administration’s “brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton” and “frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy.” – Joe diGenova, a former federal prosecutor, connects the dots on former Obama administration Justice Department and FBI officials who may have “violated the law, perhaps committed crimes” to politicize law enforcement and surveillance against political opponents. He says former FBI Director James Comey conducted a fake criminal investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as they “followed none of the regular rules, gave her every break in the book, immunized all kinds of people, allowed the destruction of evidence, with no grand jury, no subpoenas, no search warrants. That’s not an investigation. That’s a Potemkin village. It’s a farce.” DiGenova condemned the FBI for working so closely with the controversial Fusion GPS, a political hit squad paid by the DNC and Clinton campaign to create and spread the discredited Steele dossier about President Donald Trump. Without a justifiable law enforcement or national security reason, he says, the FBI “created false facts so that they could get surveillance warrants. Those are all crimes.” He adds, using official FISA-702 “queries” and surveillance was done “to create a false case against a candidate, and then a president.” In this highly detailed video interview, he holds up an unreported April 2017 99-page FISA court opinion that “describes systematic and on-going violations of the law [by the FBI and their contractors using unauthorized disclosures of raw intelligence on Americans]. This is stunning stuff.” DiGenova thinks Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike, the DNC’s private security firm, were among the redacted contractors of the FBI. DeGenova states – People that were senior career civil servants violated the law, perhaps committed crimes, and covered up crimes by a Presidential candidate [Hillary]. But more than that, they tried to frame an incoming President with a false Russian conspiracy that never existed and they knew it and they plotted to ruin him as a candidate and then destroy him as a President. That’s why this is important. That’s why connecting the dots is important, because the FBI now has to be completely reconstructed from the ground up.” Here is the video – 

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etc. you see all the things that are going on in the world, you see the darkness, you see the troubles, etc.

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Abortion: When worlds collide

David Kupelian reflects on cosmic madness of sanitized baby-killing on Roe v Wade's 45th birthday

Published: 1 day ago David Kupelian

For most of us, the death of a child is our worst nightmare. The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was so singularly gut-wrenching because the victims were mostly young children. Likewise, news reports about the Boston Marathon bombing emphasized the fact that, of the three people killed, one was an 8-year-old boy – as if to highlight the uniquely great loss of a child. In the world of crime, one of the most incomprehensible acts is baby murder. We’re outraged at the widespread sex-selective infanticide of newborn girls in China. And news headlines like “Georgia boys face murder charges after cold-blooded killing of infant being strolled by mother” and “Black teens murder white baby for the fun of it” cause us to shake our heads and wonder, How could anyone possibly sink so low? Many murders of babies – almost half, according to the Justice Department’s National Criminal Justice Reference Service – occur within the first 24 hours after birth, so-called “neonaticide.” Of course, appalling crimes like these have always have been a part of life in this fallen world – a world of good and evil, of decent and indecent people, where moral outrage is kindled within all good souls by the murder of the innocent. However, parallel to this moral, rational world exists yet another world – an amoral, irrational one rooted in deepest denial, and constructed over several decades with great effort and ingenuity. We’re talking about the realm of … well, what shall we call it? Every official label – “abortion,” “choice,” “women’s health,” “reproductive freedom,” “pregnancy termination,” “voluntary miscarriage” – is a fragile euphemism designed to obscure a dark reality. That reality, stated objectively, would be: the premeditated killing of human babies residing inside their mother. In this strange parallel world, the same killing of a baby that in the real world outrages us and results in prosecution, prison and possibly execution, is mysteriously transformed into a “medical procedure” and “constitutional right,” provided for and fiercely defended by a multi-billion-dollar industry and all the powers of government – and funded by taxpayers. These two worlds collided spectacularly in the trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell. As everyone who followed the 2013 trial knows, Gosnell’s clinic, despite its dignified-sounding name, “Women’s Medical Society,” was actually a “house of horrors” more reminiscent of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele than a legitimate medical practice. Here’s the grand jury’s summary: This case is about a doctor who killed babies and endangered women. What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in the third trimester of pregnancy – and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors. The medical practice by which he carried out this business was a filthy fraud in which he overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels – and, on at least two occasions, caused their deaths. The grand jury’s report is horrifying not just for what it reveals about Gosnell’s crimes, but because it documents that a lot of what was later universally condemned about Gosnell’s abortion business had been known throughout the Pennsylvania regulatory agencies for years – but no one lifted a finger to stop it. The sun started to shine on all this when the case went to trial. Eyewitness testimony painted an otherworldly picture of a Nazi-like torture clinic, with one Gosnell employee saying “it would rain fetuses – fetuses and blood all over the place,” and another recalling one baby expelled alive into a toilet and observing the infant “was like swimming” and “trying to get out.” For a “mainstream” press overwhelmingly skewed toward “reproductive rights,” it was stunning when top news organizations from the New York Times to the Washington Post suddenly proclaimed their outrage over Gosnell’s abortion crimes and the lack of news coverage. “Infant beheadings. Severed baby feet in jars. A child screaming after it was delivered alive during an abortion procedure,” wrote liberal Democrat and Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers in an impassioned and widely read USA Today column. “Haven’t heard about these sickening accusations? It’s not your fault,” she explained: Since the murder trial of Pennsylvania abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell began March 18, there has been precious little coverage of the case that should be on every news show and front page. The revolting revelations of Gosnell’s former staff, who have been testifying to what they witnessed and did during late-term abortions, should shock anyone with a heart. Likewise, the Atlantic, as “mainstream” and elite as media organizations get, headlined its report decrying lack of national press coverage, “Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Trial Should Be a Front-Page Story.” Its dramatic sub-headline summarized the whole sordid tale: “The dead babies. The exploited women. The racism. The numerous governmental failures. It is thoroughly newsworthy.” There was just one problem with this journalistic outrage over Gosnell’s abortion crimes: Virtually everything Gosnell was accused of doing occurs routinely in other abortion clinics throughout America. Everything. Routinely. “The dead babies,” intoned the Atlantic’s headline. Yes, the dead babies – close to 60 million of them so far since Roe v. Wade, including hundreds of thousands of late-term abortions just like those babies “murdered” by Gosnell and his employees. “The exploited women.” Sorry, but exploiting women – scaring and pressuring them, pretending to care about them so they’ll buy the abortion, withholding life-and-death medical information about both the unborn child’s development and the adverse physical and psychological consequences for the mother, essentially conning them from start to finish – is the central operating principle of the abortion industry. If women were counseled with absolute honesty, candor and full disclosure, the number of abortions would plunge overnight. Moreover, abortionists’ routine exploitation of women when the “procedure” goes awry, as it often does, has resulted in death for many and permanent injury, trauma, sterility and soul-scarring heartache for countless more. “The racism.” The left-leaning press, which somehow is more offended by racism than almost anything else in this life, complained about Gosnell’s “racist” double standard in treating poor minority women worse than he treated rich white women from the suburbs. Reality check: The abortion industry is one of the most racist enterprises in the Western world. Margaret Sanger, founder of the nation’s No. 1 abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, was an unapologetic racist and eugenics proponent who openly advocated for discouraging blacks and other “inferior races” from breeding. To this day, U.S. abortion clinics are set up predominately in areas with a disproportionately high black population, a fact documented repeatedly over the years. “The numerous governmental failures.” Seriously? It’s not just the “failures” of the Pennsylvania regulatory authorities. Government at all levels, but especially at the federal level, for decades has overtly supported, enabled and protected the abortion industry in myriad ways ranging from providing taxpayer support to enacting laws prohibiting pro-life protesters from congregating anywhere near abortion clinics, legislation flagrantly violating the First Amendment’s right to assemble. “So,” asked Mark Crutcher, founder and president of the Denton, Texas-based organization Life Dynamics, “why is everyone so upset over Kermit Gosnell?” Along with other pro-life activist groups engaged in undercover work like Operation Rescue and Live Action, Life Dynamics has long specialized in exposing criminal abortionists. “For years,” Crutcher told me during the Gosnell trial, “we’ve exposed one criminal abortionist after the other. But abortion proponents always say the offender is just a ‘bad apple’ and an ‘aberration.’ But when we expose hundreds of similar offenders, every one of them is still just a ‘bad apple’ in a barrel of good apples. At what point do we realize they’re all bad apples?” One chapter of Crutcher’s book, “Lime 5: Exploited by Choice,” details three-dozen cases of abortionists (and references many more) who raped or otherwise sexually molested their “patients.” One of the abortion doctors, called a “predator in a white coat” by California’s deputy attorney general, was accused of sexually assaulting more than 160 women. ‘Morally irreconcilable’ The collision of these two warring worlds in the Gosnell case – the real world where killing a baby is a capital crime, and the dream world where killing the exact same baby at the exact same age is a “woman’s fundamental right” – forces us to confront a peculiar question: Where did the killing occur? Understand, the babies Gosnell was convicted of murdering were no older, larger, more viable, more human or more precious than other late-term babies aborted routinely over the past 40 years. It’s just that Gosnell pulled them out of their mother before killing them. Had he done exactly the same horrendous things (like “snipping” infants’ spinal cords) while the baby was still inside the mother, many who today express horror would have regarded it as just another late-term “women’s health procedure” that mother and doctor determined to be in her best interest. How is this possible? Aside from legal restrictions imposed (but routinely ignored) by a few states, abortion in America under Roe v. Wade is legal from the moment of conception until the moment of birth, if the mother’s life or health is determined to be endangered. And “health” here’s the giant loophole – is broadly interpreted to include both physical and mental health. That means late-term abortionists (with a cooperating second doctor) can, and routinely do, sign authorization forms claiming the mother risks becoming, oh let’s just say, “depressed” if denied the “procedure” or “therapy.” To her credit, Powers forthrightly confronted this now-institutionalized mass delusion: “… [W]hether Gosnell was killing the infants one second after they left the womb instead of partially inside or completely inside the womb – as in a routine late-term abortion – is merely a matter of geography. That one is murder and the other is a legal procedure is morally irreconcilable.” The existence of these two competing worlds, one based on self-evident truth and valuing human life, and the other on monumental selfishness and denial, is easy enough to explain – just as slavery was easy to explain (in terms of its supposed economic “necessity” in maintaining the giant tobacco and cotton plantations of the South) when it was an established practice in the United States. America’s mass acquiescence to abortion is rooted in our devotion to what has become a near-sacred belief in total sexual freedom. However disastrously, we have determined as a modern, secular, post-Christian society that we have the absolute right to engage in sexual relations with whomever we want, whenever and wherever we want, and we repudiate any notion that we must take responsibility for the natural result of sex – which is children. Having committed so deeply to this proposition, it matters not how barbaric and inhuman abortion is, how many gorgeous children we see with their throats cut, heads cut off, chemically burned alive, brains sucked out or spinal cord “snipped” with scissors. We must allow for abortion-on-demand or our sacred right to total sexual freedom ceases to exist. That’s our current operating paradigm, without its clothes. This is why, as an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama opposed the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act,” designed to prevent the killing of babies that, despite the abortionist’s “best efforts,” are born alive – in other words, it was crafted to prevent precisely the crimes for which Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder. But Obama took that extreme position because, once you start allowing for the restriction of abortion in even the slightest way, you are acknowledging the humanity of the unborn (or in this particular case, the born) child, and the whole abortion delusion is in danger of unraveling. Magic lines In the dream world of “reproductive freedom,” women are advised: “Had unprotected sex? Just take the morning-after pill.” A few weeks later, “Just take RU486,” and a few weeks after that, “Just have a suction abortion. It’s not a baby.” Yet with each passing week of gestation, the delusion becomes more difficult to sustain. For in just a few more weeks, suddenly anyone killing the same baby risks, like Kermit Gosnell, being branded a despicable child-murderer, prosecuted as a criminal and sentenced to life without parole. “Any doctor,” argued Gosnell’s prosecutor, Philly DA Seth Williams, “who cuts into the necks severing the spinal cords of living, breathing babies, who would survive with proper medical attention, is a murderer and a monster.” In a desperate attempt to reconcile these two opposing worlds, we endlessly draw magic lines – arbitrary points before which killing babies is a revered constitutional right, and after which it’s a monstrous crime. We create lots of these artificial lines – from “first trimester,” “second trimester” and “third trimester” to “heartbeat,” “20 weeks” and “viability.” Of course, overshadowing all these magic lines is an even more arbitrary and irrational measure of infant humanity – namely, whether or not the parents want the child! One baby has inestimable value backed by the legal protection of the state solely because the parents want and love it, while another child of identical attributes and age, but whose parents don’t want it, is considered worthless medical waste. Is this not a form of madness? In reality – and every sentient adult knows this – life in the womb is a continuum of growth from the moment of fertilization to the moment of birth. There is no “magic line” before which destroying that life is perfectly fine and after which it is a depraved criminal act. As the Gosnell trial proved, these two warring worlds – the world of love and life versus the world of selfishness and death – inevitably collide somewhere along this continuum. After all, putting aside Gosnell’s unsanitary clinic conditions, “racism” and other unseemly atmospherics, the only major difference between his and other abortionists’ killings was that his were visible – outside the mother where others could see it. Do we really think Gosnell’s “snipping” of infant spinal cords is somehow different or worse than the 11,000 other late-term abortions every year in today’s America? Is “snipping” more inhumane than forcibly ripping apart human babies limb from limb, or chemically burning them alive with intrauterine saline and other lethal chemicals, or – as in the recently outlawed intact dilation and extraction (“partial birth abortion”) procedure, pulling the living baby feet-first into the birth canal, except for the head, stabbing the base of the baby’s skull with surgical scissors, inserting a tube into the wound, sucking out the baby’s brain with a suction machine (causing the skull to collapse) and delivering a now-dead baby? How can we have the gall to express horror at Gosnell’s abortions, but not toward the multitude of other equally abominable but legally sanctioned killings that have scarred and bloodied our nation for more than four decades? Maybe the Gosnell trial was just a convenient catharsis for “pro-choice” Americans, including the “mainstream media,” an opportunity to safely take out their pent-up guilt over abortion on one “bad” doctor without endangering all those “good” abortion clinics they dream exist. Abortion has always been a cosmic collision waiting to happen: In the same society where we are righteously outraged at child murder, we fervently embrace child murder. ‘Sacred ground’ When the world of reality collides with the dream world of desperately held illusions, extraordinary things happen. In the after burn of the Gosnell trial and society’s rare moral condemnation (the “bad doctor” got three life sentences for multiple first-degree murders of babies), both good and evil were mysteriously turbocharged. The Gosnell verdict was handed down May 13, 2013. Just four weeks later, on June 11, the Texas legislature took up consideration of Senate Bill 5, explicitly drafted to prevent the kind of horrors Gosnell had committed by banning abortions past 20 weeks gestation, i.e. late-term abortions. Exceptions for the life and physical health of the mother were included, and public support was strong. However, our once-unified nation has become a place of warring opposites. Where light shines, the darkness also rages – and the brighter the light, the more angry and unhinged the rage grows. Thus, two weeks later on June 25, then-state senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat, engaged in an 11-hour filibuster (wearing a urinary catheter so she could stay the course) to block passage of the late-term abortion bill before the midnight end of the Texas legislative session. The big media (who had just finished condemning Gosnell) loved it, with the Associated Press reporting: “Thousands of people watched it live online, with President Barack Obama at one point tweeting, ‘Something special is happening in Austin tonight.'” With the help of a raucous mob that would not allow representatives to record their votes by the legal deadline of midnight, Davis succeeded in blocking the bill’s passage – for a few weeks, anyway – later parlaying her newfound celebrity into an unsuccessful run for the Texas governorship in 2014. Remarkably, Davis insisted that late-term abortion is, and I quote, “sacred.” In a post-filibuster speech at the National Press Club, she justified her actions to stop the late-term abortion ban by proclaiming, “I’ll seek common ground – we all must – but sometimes you have to take a stand on sacred ground.” In this, Davis was echoing top congressional Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who earlier had referred to abortion as “sacred ground.” While Pelosi called Gosnell’s crimes “reprehensible,” when a reporter asked her “what’s the moral difference” between what Gosnell did to babies born alive and aborting those same infants moments before birth, Pelosi refused to answer, resorting instead to one of her trademark insults to reporters: “I’m not going to have this conversation with you because you obviously have an agenda. You’re not interested in having an answer.” To recap: That which just a month earlier had been universally condemned as “monstrous,” “sickening,” “revolting” and deserving of multiple first-degree murder convictions had now mysteriously become christened as “sacred ground.” But that was just the beginning. After Davis’ filibuster foiled the will of the majority in the Texas legislature, Gov. Rick Perry, vowing his state would not succumb to mob rule, called for a special session the following month to pass the bill into law. What greeted the new legislative session in July was unprecedented. Pro-abortion demonstrations can be hostile, but this was downright freakish. While a pro-life speaker offered her public testimony celebrating life, and others sang “Amazing Grace,” supporters of late-term abortion attempted to drown out the pro-lifers’ hymn-singing by repeatedly chanting “Hail Satan!” as multiple videos document. Then police confiscated bricks, tampons, pads, condoms, urine and feces that pro-abortion protesters allegedly intended to throw at pro-life lawmakers before the final vote on the late-term abortion ban. The Texas Tribune described the surreal scene at the state capital and what the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) was forced to deal with: DPS officials have been searching bags before letting people into the gallery, requiring them to throw away paper goods such as magazines, receipts, feminine pads and tampons. One DPS officer said authorities had been instructed by the Senate’s sergeant at arms to confiscate anything that could be thrown from the gallery at senators on the floor. She said they had already found objects such as bricks, paint and glitter in bags. … DPS officers have thus far discovered one jar suspected to contain urine, 18 jars suspected to contain feces, and three bottles suspected to contain paint. All of these items – as well as significant quantities of feminine hygiene products, glitter and confetti possessed by individuals – were required to be discarded; otherwise those individuals were denied entry into the gallery. Is it a coincidence – just weeks after the nation’s consciousness was penetrated by the searing realization that the cherished magic line between “abortion” and “murdering babies” doesn’t actually exist – that those desperately clinging to such delusions would grow even more frenzied as the truth tended to awaken the American mind? So frenzied that, just a few months later, a Wendy Davis supporter would throw a lit Molotov cocktail at a group of Christian pro-life women praying outside Austin’s Planned Parenthood. Make no mistake, the truth about abortion is dawning – not just due to the Gosnell trial, of course. But because of the relentless advances in medical science, prenatal care and imaging technology such as ultrasound, and because of the tireless work of pro-life groups and individuals continually shining a light on the very dark reality of abortion and providing help to desperate women in need of genuine love and support – and because monumental denial must ultimately, sooner or later, give way to truth. The shell of denial is cracking. During the 1990s, more Americans considered themselves “pro-choice” than “pro-life” by a huge 20-point margin, but today those numbers have largely reversed. As of 2013, repeated Gallup polling showed more Americans identifying as pro-life than pro-choice, and in 2014, a nationwide CNN poll showed Americans continuing to trend pro-life, with 58 percent – almost three in five – espousing pro-life views, i.e., that abortion should be legal under “few” or “no” circumstances. Only 40 percent of Americans say abortion should be “always” or “mostly” legal. Likewise, a quarter century ago, in 1991 there were 2,176 surgical abortion clinics in the U.S. Today, fully three quarters of them are gone, with only 551 remaining (medication-only facilities are down as well), and the decline has accelerated in recent years. All of which demonstrates that when long-suppressed truth is effectively brought out into the sunlight – shining and sparkling for all to see – some people are warmed, comforted, renewed and liberated by it. Others, unfortunately, feel compelled to run away from the light, or worse, attempt to put it out, like the “pro-choice” woman who lobbed the firebomb from her car at the women praying in Austin. Such people are lost in a very bad dream. As Operation Rescue president Troy Newman put it, even a peaceful prayer vigil can sometimes enrage abortion advocates because “it reminds them of the horrible day they took the life of their child.” Indeed, let’s remember this is a national tragedy: Tens of millions of American women have undergone abortions, many of them severely traumatized, some physically, but millions mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Some, in great pain and remorse, face up to what they did and seek forgiveness and healing – and find it from a kind and merciful God. Others, for whatever reasons, go into total denial and defend – sometimes maniacally – what they did, because facing it honestly is not yet something they’re prepared to do.


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etc. For truly the news media does not always tell you the truth, they tell you what they want you to hear, but not what is really going on, except for a little, do they know that later the truth will always find them out, for one can only cover up lies for so long before they come uncovered. etc.

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etc.. All these things are end-time signs, the economy, the loss of jobs, the government control. You are in a time that the world has never seen before and that time does not get better, etc..

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The Google Gate

By Hal Lindsey

Tucker Carlson of Fox News recently called Google, “The most powerful company in the history of the world.” That’s an amazing statement, but hard to argue with. There are dozens of internet search engines, but Google controls 81% of the market. The internet holds the world’s data, and the world uses Google to access it. Early on, the company promised “unbiased and objective” search results. But Google has a point of view. This month, their biases were exposed to the whole world. It started when Google sent a young engineer, James Damore, to a diversity seminar in China. He later described it as “a lot of just shaming.” On the flight back to the U.S., he wrote a memo about diversity at the company. To its credit, Google encourages employees to speak up in various internal forums. Damore shared his memo with colleagues, and it quickly spread across the company. Then someone leaked it online, and it went viral. The tech industry, particularly in Silicon Valley, is under constant pressure to hire and promote women. But there are fewer female candidates for such jobs than male candidates. Some blame the firms themselves, including Google. Others blame education or residue from a patriarchal past. Damore suggested that one of the contributing factors might be inherent biological differences between males and females. For most people, the idea of differences between the sexes is obvious — not controversial. But, while true, companies have to be careful with that idea. Applied with a broad brush, it can lead to discrimination. So, Damore released a memo saying that Google may not be as guilty of gender-discrimination as the numbers might indicate, or as Google itself seems to believe. Even so, Google fired him. Damore explained the firing like this. “I committed heresy against the Google creed by stating that not all disparities between men and women that we see in the world are the result of discriminatory treatment.” I have a slight difference with him there. He didn’t just commit “heresy against the Google creed.” It was deeper than that. He committed heresy against political correctness. Damore is a really smart guy. A child chess prodigy, he served as a researcher in Biophysics and Systems Biology at MIT, Computational and Mathematical Biology at Harvard, and Computational and Experimental Biology at Princeton. Pete Singer, Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, wrote, “Damore put forward a view that has reasonable scientific support, and on which it is important to know what the facts are. Why then was he fired?” University of New Mexico psychology professor Geoffrey Miller wrote that Damore got “most of the science right.” Miller also said that Damore showed “pretty good judgment about what we know and what we don't know.” Google stands as the gatekeeper of the world’s knowledge — and it fired a man for merely questioning PC orthodoxy. This shows how deeply the current academic climate has embedded itself into corporate America. Tucker Carlson said he believes the U.S. Congress should take immediate action. “Since it has the power to censor the internet,” Carlson said, “Google should be regulated like the public utility it is, to make sure it doesn’t further distort the free flow of information to the rest of us.” I like Tucker and share his concerns. But his remedy would make things worse, not better. Suddenly, government bureaucrats would become the gatekeepers of knowledge. Regulate Google, and you have to regulate all Internet search companies. There would be no more competition. Government would control them all. Government regulation would give us inferior search engines, and a less free society. Google is the biggest because — for now — they make the best product. If we keep government out of it, a competitor may come along with a better product still. Be that as it may, I’m fascinated that Tucker Carlson, a well-known, small-government conservative would want to concentrate such power in the hands of government. If he, of all people, sees the need for such enormous government reach, it’s easy to see how a future government could step in, and decide what Internet search results are “fair.” But which government? When I said 81% of searches used Google, I didn’t just mean in the United States. I meant in the whole world. How can the U.S. Congress presume to regulate what people in India see when they search the internet? The only way such control could be effective is for it to be global. Imagine the selling points for a global commission regulating internet search results. In addition to “fairness,” they would promise to screen out terrorist propaganda, fake news, misleading ads, and other “dangerous ideas” (including alternative medicine). The internet is a morass of scams and misinformation. The modern terrorist movement thrives because of the internet. A commission with real enforcement powers would promise to change all that — and it would be a powerful step toward a one-world totalitarian, Antichrist-led government. For the Antichrist to rule the world, he must control the World Wide Web — starting, perhaps, with Google. 

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WATCH LIVE: US Vice President Pence arrives in Israel

Israeli Police warn: No drones during Vice President Pence's visit

Thousands of policemen to be deployed during Pence’s visit

By Udi Shaham January 21, 2018 18:13

This is the first time a high-ranking US official has visited Israel since President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel's capital in December 2017.  Pence’s visit to Israel is planned to last less than 48 hours, starting on Sunday night and ending on Tuesday evening, in which he will address the Knesset, meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and visit Yad Vashem and the Western Wall. This is the first time a high-ranking US official has visited Israel since President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel's capital in December 2017, and Pence's first visit as vice president. US Vice President Mike Pence is arriving in Israel Sunday evening in the third stop of his Middle East visit. Police started preparations for the operation several weeks ago. Policemen will be deployed around the area of Jerusalem and the main routes leading to the capital. “There will be a wide-range of police units, including Border Police units, special patrol units, motorcycle units and undercover personnel, which will be in one of the different areas,” he added. 

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Mossad behind explosion targeting Hamas official in Lebanon?

Arab media report claims Mossad is behind last week's explosion that wounded senior Hamas terrorist in Lebanon.

Tzvi Lev, 21/01/18 09:44

A new report accuses Israel's Mossad Intelligence Agency which handles undercover operations outside Israel of being behind last week’s attempt on the life of senior Hamas official Mohammad Abu Hamza Hamdan. Hamdan was moderately injured in a car explosion in the southern Lebanon city of Sidon and was evacuated to the hospital. According to the Al Akhbar newspaper, Lebanese intelligence has managed to identify the leader of the cell tasked with the assassination as Ahmed Battiya from Amsterdam. The report says that he was recruited by the Mossad in Holland and has since made several trips to Lebanon for the Mossad. The report also claims that the target was Mohammed's brother Osama, a Gaza City native who has been an active Hamas member since 1988. Lebanese intelligence says that Bittiya traveled several times from a town near Beirut to Sidon in order to surveil Hamdan's movements. In addition, the Arab media claims that all Israeli agents fled Sidon after the explosion. After the attack, the Hamas representative in Lebanon pointed an accusing finger at Israel: "The Zionist enemy is the only one who benefits from harming Lebanon's stability, and we must let the Lebanese authorities complete the investigation and reach the criminals." In a separate report, the Al-Miyadin news agency said that sources in the area saw an Israeli plane circling the sky during the explosion. The network also reported that the explosion took place in the parking lot of Hamdan's house, which, according to the network, indicates an assassination operation.  The network added that this was the same location in which Islamic Jihad members, the al-Majdoub brothers, were killed in 2006 in an operation allegedly carried out by Israel. Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah also accused Israel of being behind the explosion. “All the signs indicate that Israel carried out the assassination attempt against a Hamas member in Sidon," Nasrallah said in a speech on Friday, according to Israel’s Channel 2 News. However, Israeli officials hinted that the Jewish state was not behind the attack "If we’d been involved, this wouldn’t have ended with him lightly wounded," said Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz. "Every day in the Middle East there are dozens of explosions that they try and pin on Israel, so let’s not react to this too seriously," added Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman. While the details of the operation are as yet unclear, Hamas has reportedly been seeking to open an active terror front in Lebanon due to Israel's technological advances in rooting out and destroying Hamas attack tunnels in Gaza, removing the terror group's main offensive weapon. On Friday, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman admitted that Hamas "is currently trying to carry out terrorist attacks across Judea and Samaria, as well as develop new fronts, primarily in southern Lebanon. It wants to use that area to threaten Israel," Lieberman said. "The newfound friendship between top Hamas officials and Hassan Nasrallah is another thing we're monitoring closely. Every development will meet the proper response," Liberman added. 

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Put your money, your time, your efforts into what I tell you to do, for I will cause you to have a victory such as you have never seen. And it shall be so clear, yes; it shall be so clear what you are all to do. Yes, for I shall speak to you, my power shall be awesome and miracles shall come to pass. It shall not be the fake gold or the fake feathers or the false shaking or the animal noises or the falling under the power and not coming away with permanent results or changed lives. My prophetic shall speak concerning things to come in a clear concise manner that no one shall want to miss or read second hand. For they will want to hear it under the anointing of the prophets and to receive the anointing of the prophet that shall manifest miracles, signs and wonders. People shall now see the signs of the last days like never before. Not only in a strange and confusing weather, the heat, the drought, the floods, the forest fires, the volcanoes, lack of jobs, shortage of money, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, sandstorms, straight wind, electrical storms, electrical shortages, hail, locusts, pestilence’s, the sicknesses, terrorists attacks, wars, the uniting of the false church under the false prophet, the rise of the anti-christ, the riots, the crime, the drugs, alcoholism, great open gay activities and movies, more open sex on TV, more street people, homeless, lack of crops, food shortages, great fear in those who do not know me. No peace as my word says for the world. The UN taking more control, martial law established, rationing and many more disasters that shall now begin to come. etc.

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More proof that Francis’ pontificate has been ‘hijacked’ by the ‘Gay Lobby’

January 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The revelations of homoerotic, blasphemous art in the Cathedral of Terni, commissioned in 2006 by Archbishop Paglia, now the head of the dicastery that oversees the St. John Paul II Institute for Studies in Marriage and Family worldwide, had already raised several vital issues that needed to be urgently addressed. The exposition of homoerotic art in Archbishop Paglia’s Cathedral from 2006 left the world asking the important question of how he could ever have been chosen to lead the Pontifical Council for the Family and later the Pontifical Academy for Life and the John Paul II Institute for Studies in Marriage and Family, when he clearly opposes the Church’s teaching on sexual morality. This question in itself requires an inquiry as to the intentions and criteria used within the Vatican for appointments under Pope Francis. Archbishop Paglia’s use of homoerotic art reinforced the earlier views presented to the Vatican by several Catholic mental health professionals, that Archbishop Paglia should be suspended from his responsibilities at the Vatican and be required to undergo a mental health evaluation. This evaluation would correspond to the Dallas charter concerning Sexual Abuse and further required because of his role in the development of the grossly erotic Meeting Point online sex education program when he led the Pontifical Council for the Family. That damaging program for youth is now under review and, hopefully, reform. But Paglia was promoted. Already Public concern about the policies placing Catholic youth at risk of abuse had been intensified by Pope Francis’ restoring to priestly ministry an Italian priest who was laicized by Pope Benedict for homosexually abusing adolescent males. This priest relapsed, homosexually abusing a youth, and was arrested. The rumors of the Vatican being in the clutches of a ‘gay lobby’ seem each day to be further confirmed. Parents will increasingly retire their children from religious-run schools and parochial activities. A sad result of what is billed as ‘compassion’ and ‘mercy.’ The protection of Catholic marriages, families and youth depend upon a correct resolution of these scandals. Even more alarming, however, is the teaching coming out of a series of conferences being held at the Gregorian University on Humanae Vitae. Added to the deviant suggestions made and over-ruled at the Synods on the Family, the same subtle, but insistent, approval for homosexuality is making its way again toward what would seem intended to be acceptance of what was expressed by one speaker, French Jesuit Father Alain Thomasset, as “homosexual relationship[s] lived in stability and fidelity can be a path of holiness” One need not be an expert to see the incremental presentation by Vatican ‘authorities’ of homosexuality as a legitimate use of sexuality, even by priests and religious. Priests recently “come out” are praised by their bishops, further splitting the Church in matters of Christian morality. New evidence of the collusion of privileged prelates and special friends in the priesthood toward the destruction of Catholic moral teaching surfaced in the Gregorian University conference on Humanae Vitae. A certain Father Maurizio Chiodi was allowed to present the entirely heretical theory that objectively evil acts do not exist; that all is subject to the judgment of the individual. On that basis, he went on to declare that “contraception can be a good and even a duty.” It is obvious that, if uncorrected, this is a sign of two important things: A clever strategy to demolish the 2000 years of Catholic morality assembled in Humanae Vitae and Veritatis Splendor, and thereby permit all deviant sexual practices, and Apparent proof that Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia does, in fact, contain heretical teaching. Chiodi bases his entire argument in favor of relativism, situation ethics and contraception upon this chapter. There is no other authoritative teaching that would allow him to do this. There is concern worldwide that the Pontificate of Francis has been hijacked by the ‘Gay Lobby’ so discussed of late and that he is manipulated by homosexual prelates. It is time that Pope Francis take a firm stand in favor of Catholic Moral Doctrine, distancing himself from those who favor homosexuality as an alternate form of ‘love’ and from the notion that ‘anything goes, if you feel good about it.’ Editor's note: Christine de Marcellus Vollmer is president of Provive and a former member of the Pontifical Academy for Life as well as the Pontifical Council for the Family. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Syria: Turkish ground troops enter Afrin enclave

21 January 2018

Turkish ground troops have crossed into northern Syria as part of a major offensive to push out Kurdish militia, which Turkey regards as terrorists. The Kurdish group targeted, known as the YPG, is active in the Afrin region, across from Turkey's southern border. It says it has repelled Turkish troops in the area, and retaliated with rocket fire on Turkish border areas. The militia forms a crucial part of a US-backed alliance battling Islamic State (IS) jihadists in Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to crush the YPG "very quickly", but the US is urging Turkish "restraint" in order to avoid civilian casualties. Why Turkey is targeting Kurdish enclave in Syria Who are the Kurds? Turkey believes the group has links to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a banned militant group. The Turkish government has for several months been threatening to clear Kurdish fighters from Afrin and another city, Manbij, some 100km (60 miles) away. What is happening in Afrin? The military operation launched on Saturday, "Olive Branch", is aimed at moving Kurdish forces from Afrin . Plans for the operation were believed to have accelerated when the US announced earlier this month that it would help an anti-IS alliance, formed of these Kurds and ethnic Arab militias, to build a new "border security force" to prevent the return of the jihadists. The YPG and the alliance, called the Syrian Democratic Forces, deny any terrorist links - a claim backed by the US government. On Sunday, Turkish troops accompanied by pro-Turkey rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA), began their advance into Syrian territory following dozens of air strikes the previous day. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said the aim was to establish a 30km (19-mile) "safe zone" deep inside Syria. But a spokesperson for the YPG, Nouri Mahmoudi, said the Turkish troops had been "forced to retreat". Some 25,000 FSA fighters have joined the offensive on the Turkish side, rebel commander Maj Yasser Abdul Rahim told Reuters. It is not clear how many Turkish soldiers are on the ground. Turkey's military said it had hit 45 targets on Sunday, as part of its air and ground campaign. It earlier said dozens of air strikes had taken out 153 targets belonging to Kurdish militants. President Erdogan vowed on Sunday to crush the Kurdish fighters in Syria, as well as the PKK. "Our jets took off and started bombing. And now, the ground operation is under way. Now we see how the YPG... are fleeing in Afrin," he said. He also warned that anyone joining pro-Kurdish protests in Turkey over the operation would pay a "heavy price". Police later dispersed demonstrators in a number of Turkish cities, including Istanbul, and made several arrests. Have there been any casualties? There are reports of fatalities on both sides. The YPG said at least four Turkish soldiers and 10 Syrian rebel fighters supporting them were killed in clashes on Sunday morning, but there has been no confirmation from Turkey. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Turkish air strikes had killed 11 civilians on Sunday. This follows at least nine deaths in strikes on Saturday - six civilians and three fighters - though Ankara said they were all Kurdish militants. Kurdish rockets also hit the Turkish border towns of Kilis and Reyhanli at the weekend, with casualties reported. Turkey's military has been shelling the Afrin region since Thursday, a move which it said was in response to fire coming from the area. How have key players reacted? Western powers, including the US and France, are urging restraint, and the UN Security Council is due to hold an emergency debate on Monday. "They warned us before they launched the aircraft they were going to do it, in consultation with us. And we are working now on the way ahead," US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters on Sunday. "We'll work this out," he added. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad condemned the incursion, saying: "The brutal Turkish aggression" on Afrin was part of Ankara's policy of "support for terrorism" in Syria. Russia - a key ally of President Assad - also said it was concerned by the news, and withdrew some of its troops based in the area. Moscow will demand Turkey halt its military operations at the UN meeting, according to Russian senator Frants Klintsevich, who is the deputy chairman of the defence and security committee. Iran, another Syria ally, called for a quick end to the operation "to prevent a deepening of the crisis" in Syria. 

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5 dead, 6 wounded in Kabul intercontinental hotel attack

More than 100 people, including 16 foreigners, rescued from the hotel

Pakistan conveys solidarity and support with the government and people of Afghanistan

KABUL – Gunmen stormed the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul at the start of an 11-hour siege that continued into Sunday morning, leaving at least five Afghan civilians dead, officials said. Six other civilians were reported wounded and more than 100 people, including 16 foreigners, have been rescued from the hotel, said Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish. The bodies of four attackers were recovered as security forces continued to clear the landmark building. Attackers had taken several hostages in the hotel, according to local Tolo News agency who cited Kabul police. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The Intercontinental Hotel is located on a hilltop in Bagh-e Bala area of the city and is heavily guarded because it hosts both Afghan and foreign guests as well as official conferences. It was last attacked by Taliban insurgents in 2011. Twenty-one people were killed including nine attackers. Pakistan condemns terrorist attack The Ministry of Foreign Affair, in a statement issued on Sunday, stated: “Pakistan strongly condemns the brutal terrorist attack at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul. We express deep grief and sorrow at the loss of precious human lives and the injuring of many others in this terrorist act.” “The government and the people of Pakistan convey solidarity and support with the government and people of Afghanistan at this dastardly terrorist attack. We convey our deepest sympathies for those who have lost their loved ones and our sincere prayers and wishes are for early recovery of those who have sustained injuries in this heinous terror attack,” read the statement further. “We reiterate our strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. In our view, cooperation among the states is important for effectively combating and eliminating the scourge of terrorism,” the statement concluded. 

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etc. For I have warned you Russia is not your friend, I have warned you that China is not your friend, I have warned you that North Korea is not your friend and I have warned you that Iran is not your friend. etc.

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US Deploys Tactical Communications-Scrambling Plane To Korean Peninsula

By Tyler Durden Wed, 01/17/2018 - 21:10

South Korea’s deal to allow North Korean athletes and dignitaries to attend the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang appeared to ease tensions on the peninsula earlier this month. Still, it appears the US air force has been expanding its presence in South Korea. Local media reported Monday that an EC-130H Compass Call aircraft, an advanced plane capable of denial of service attacks on enemy plane’s communication systems, was deployed to South Korea’s Osan Air Force Base by the US Air Force earlier this month. According to Sputnik, it’s unclear why the state-of-the-art tactical aircraft was deployed to the base. Some critics have speculated that it may be used to collect data on North Korea’s military during the Games, which are set to begin Feb. 9. The plane, based at Arizona’s Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, the aircraft reportedly made its way to South Korea after stopping at Japan’s Yokota Air Base. 

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etc. For I have done all, all that I can, saith your Father God, to make you aware of what time it is, what hour it is and the things that are taking place. For I have put many signs in the sky, I have placed many reminders here and there, I have called your attention to the things that I am doing and the things that the enemy is doing that you may see, etc..

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Another coronal hole on the Sun ejecting solar wind at 1.3 million mph could cause an active volcano to blow causing a year without summer

Photo SDO With the onset of thousands of people evacuated from volcanoes rumbling back to life recently, we should be looking towards our Sun as to why volcanic activity has been so prevalent in the last six months. Although NASA has announced our Sun has reached it's Solar Minimum, the lowest sunspot activity in the Sun's 11-year cycle our Star is far from quiet and is producing massive coronal holes more than ever before. Gaseous solar winds ejected from these coronal holes often hit 800km per second and batter the Earths magnetosphere causing pressure changes on our planet causing quakes and volcanic activity but also coronal holes are also known to influence other aspects here on Earth, they are known to cause problems for animals who rely on the Earth's magnetic field to migrate. The solar wind is also known to cause seizures and migraines in humans and behaviour problems in children and animals. The latest coronal on our Sun is now facing Earth which will cause polar geomagnetic storms this weekend when a stream of fast-moving solar wind is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field around the 20th of January. According to, the gaseous material is flowing from a crescent-shaped hole in the sun's atmosphere, shown above in an image based on data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory will arrive here at speeds of more than 1.3 million mph on the 20th causing a possible G1-class geomagnetic storm. Could one of these storms cause one of these volcanoes to explode? Bali's imminent Mount Agung eruption could cause "A year without summer" bringing Earth's warming back into balance as 100,000 now evacuated 1816 summer temperature anomaly compared to average temperatures from 1971–2000 By Giorgiogp2 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link In the spring and summer of 1816, a persistent "dry fog" was observed in parts of the eastern U.S. The fog reddened and dimmed the sunlight, such that sunspots were visible to the naked eye. Neither wind nor rainfall dispersed the "fog". 1800 people froze to death. Crops failed causing food shortages across the globe Severe frosts were recorded in June. In the UK families travelled long distances as refugees begging for food. It was the worst famine in Europe during the 19th century It could be hours away or it could be weeks away, but the Bali governor claims it is imminent and when it blows depending on the size of the eruption, Mount Agung could cause a global cooling, freezing people to death, global crop failures and food shortages across the planet. Global temperatures could decrease by 0.4–0.7 °C (0.7–1.3 °F). This would result in major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere. The year 1816 is known as the Year Without a Summer also the Poverty Year, the Summer that Never Was, Year There Was No Summer after Mount Tambora erupted in the Dutch East-Indies see Wikipedia link below. An event like this would be a perfect convenient answer to the scientists claiming our planet is too warm, just imagine a decrease of, 0.4–0.7 °C (0.7–1.3 °F) in global temperatures would bring our planet right back into balance regarding global warming. Warnings that a volcano on the Indonesian tourist island of Bali will erupt have sparked an exodus of nearly 100,000 people that is likely to continue to swell, the country's disaster agency said Tuesday. Authorities have ordered the evacuation of villagers living within a high danger zone that in places extends 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) from Mount Agung's crater. But people further away are also leaving, said National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho. The region is being rattled daily by hundreds of tremors from the mountain, which volcanologists say indicates a high chance of an eruption. Mount Agung last erupted in 1963, killing about 1,100 people. Evacuees are taking shelter at more than 370 sites across the island that include temporary camps, sport centres, village halls and the houses of friends and relatives. Villager Wayan Merta said he was among the first to evacuate last week because of his village, Selat, is just 6 kilometres (4 miles) from the summit. "We have already sold our cattle because we thought it was better than leaving them there for nothing," he said. "My feeling is the mountain will erupt," he said. "But no one knows, we just pray." Sutopo said it was "natural" that people outside the immediate danger zone are leaving. More than 500,000 people evacuated when Mount Merapi in central Java erupted in 2010, more than double the population in the exclusion zone around that volcano, he said. In 1963, Agung hurled ash as high as 20 kilometres (12 miles) and remained active about a year. Lava travelled 7.5 kilometres (4.7 miles) and ash reached Jakarta, about 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) away. "This is the heaviest test in my life and hopefully it will end soon," said Ketut Suliasih, a Selat villager. She said evacuees are being treated well by the government and community, but like others, she is fearful about the future. "No eruption. That is my prayer. Otherwise, our farms would not be able to be planted again." President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo visited a sports centre serving as temporary accommodation in a district south of the volcano on Tuesday. In a televised news conference, he said "the highest priority is the safety of our people" and urged those around Mount Agung to follow the instructions of authorities. In the Central Java town of Yogyakarta, about 500 people gathered at a Hindu temple to pray for the safety of people near the volcano. They presented traditional offerings and collected money for the evacuees. Bali is the only predominantly Hindu province in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country. 

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Central American colossus Turrialba Volcano is the third Costa Rican volcano to rumble back to life after mag 7.8 quake last week in Honduras

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

On Monday, January 15 at 4:11 a.m. the cameras of the National Seismology Network (RSN) recorded the moment of an eruption at the Turrialba Volcano that lasted for 14 minutes. "Although the visibility was scarce, the surveillance camera of the National Seismology Network located closest to the active crater was able to partially capture the process. It wasn't possible to estimate the height of the eruptive column", states the information posted by Dr. Mauricio Mora from the RSN. The latest report from the National University's Volcanology and Seismology Research Institute (OVSICORI) states that in the past 24 hours the activity in the Turrialba Volcano has been low except in the early hours of this Tuesday when seismic activity was registered between 4 and 4:30 a.m., which coincides with the emanations of ash that were dispersed to the southwest of the volcano. The Rincon de la Vieja Volcano in Guanacaste also registered some low seismic activity as well as the Tenorio Volcano, area that has recently been affected by an earthquake swarm which caused last week the change of coloration of the Rio Celeste River, however, OVSICORI confirms the latest activity hasn't affected the river color again. Last week the Tenorio volcano in Costa Rica was put on alert when a seismic swarm was recorded after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Honduras on Monday. The seismic swarm recorded the day after the massive quake hit on the eastern flank of the Tenorio volcano. 

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Seismic activity beneath Papua New Guinea volcano could indicate major eruption

Seismic activity beneath a Papua New Guinea volcano could mean that a major eruption was imminent, a volcanologist said today. Thousands of people have been evacuated from islands surrounding Kadovar Island off the South Pacific nation's north coast since a volcano there began erupting on January 5, spouting ash. Flights nearby have been cancelled due to the risk posed by ash plumes and ships were warned to stay away from the island. Steve Saunders, principal geodetic surveyor at the Rabaul Volcano Observatory in Papua New Guinea, said seismic activity had recently increased beneath the volcano. "The reason we're getting activity is probably because new magma is moving up from deeper down," Saunders told Australian Broadcasting Corp. Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has said relevant state resources were being made available to support evacuations and he warned northern coastal communities to be alert for possible tsunamis. Kadovar is offshore to the north of New Guinea, the larger island that includes Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby. Aikari Muri, the International Red Cross' disaster risk management logistics officer for Papua New Guinea, said the military had used two boats to completely evacuate the 600 Kadovar residents to the mainland. He could not say whether the evacuations of nearby islands had been completed. Papua New Guinea sits on the "Ring of Fire," a line of seismic faults encircling the Pacific that has frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 

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Did the World Just Avoid Two False Flag Attempts Designed to Start World War III?

By Dave Hodges

The Trump phenomenon is picking up steam, not just in America, but internationally. Worldwide people are rejecting the globalists. The reason for this phenomenon is because freedom and the subsequent development of an internal locus of control is an innate trait. In a stunning example of this rejection of globalism is exemplified by North and South Korea. Here are two nations, with a common heritage, on the verge of nuclear war with each other, and they have for the time being, rejected the globalist move towards World War III. The two Koreas are going to march together in the Olympics. The two Koreas are going to form on joint olympic hockey team. This is significant beyond belief. In the chaos leading up to WW III, the people and the leadership of the two countries are telling the globalists where to go and what to do when they get they get there. This announcement is a stunning rebuke of globalist goals. It further demonstrates that war is an unnatural act. The Hopis’ have a saying that no tree is so foolish to have branches so stupid to attack themselves. We are the only species on the planet that engages in this insane behavior we call war. The desire for war, especially a war that could wipe out the bulk of humanity is so insane that both North Korea and South Korea have rejected the move. I have one caveat for the wonderful Korean people, beware of false flags at the Olympics because one does not say “no” to the globalists with impunity. Mounting a Defense Against Humanity’s Right to Self-Determination In many ways, Trump’s election was a kind of Magna Carta and a Declaration of Independence all in one fell swoop and now the globalists are trying to find ways to fight back and their efforts are falling on deaf ears. Here in Arizona, Senator Jeff Flake(y), has announced that he is not running for re-election. Why? Because Flake cannot defeat any number of challengers to his seat (eg Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Congresswoman Sinema). Why is Flake so unpopular in Arizona? The answer is painfullly obvious, he opposes Trump’s nationalist agenda of making “America Great Again”. Flake is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He opposes the recovery of the middle class, the wiping out of the free-trade agreements. He is a closet globalist who has gone as far as he can in his political career because the people of Arizona have tagged him a globalist who really hates America. He is politically washed up and now he is exhibiting the two year old tendencies of a temper tantrum in which Flake(y) stated that President Trump’s treatment of the fake news media reminds him of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. As shocking and disrespectful as these comments were, nobody was paying attention. Flake delivered his comments in an empty chamber of the US Senate. Only two Democrats attended. There can be no question that Flake is trying to draw favor from the globalists as he lives out his final days as Arizona’s junior senator. However, he and his message are rejected and like so many globalists are finding, they and their message of hate and division are being rebuked by humanity, not just by Americans. The populism of Trump is triumphing in America. However, there is not cause for celebration because the globalists are redoubling their efforts against Trump ultimately against humanity. The Globalist State of the Union Message Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller has brought the extremist globalist war against the common man out in the open when he stated that Trump is an avowed “nationalist” who must be stopped at all costs. CNBC one of the waterboys for the New World Order, stated that Shiller says the world’s leaders find it “troublesome” that Trump’s nationalism” was thwarting the rising tide of a globalist takeover. I find it incredible that Schiller put globalism on display for all to see. CNBC quoted Shiller as bemoaning the fact that .“Trump is a revolution unfortunately, who’s reaffirming nationalism…”Shiller stated that Trump’s “nationalist” victories will be short-lived because the Democrats will recapture Congress in the mid-term elections and Trump’s “America First” agenda will be effectively derailed. I am absolutely stunned how open the globalist are now becoming. They are not even hiding their agenda as they have for so many decades. Terms like “conspiracy theorist” no longer carry the punch that they once did. Shiller said Trump’s nationalist agenda is crazy. Apple just announced that they are investing $350 Billion in American plants. This is on the heels of Cadillac making the same kind of announcement as have dozens of “globalist corporations” who are defecting to Trump because they can make more money under the new tax plan than they can under the marxist-socialist policies of the wannabe elite. Conclusions Drawn From Recent Events Shiller issued a threat to all men and women of common means. He stated that upcoming economic forum in Davos will find ways to stunt “the international growth of populism and nationalism that has surged as a result of Brexit and Trump”. I believe that privately, assassination and a coup against the American government will be considered in the side-bar meetings that will take place. I am publicly advising the President to not attend the Davos conference as I believe his life is in extreme danger at this conference. Shiller refers to the Trump phenomenon as a virus that has to be controlled and destroyed. Shiller and a rising number of globalists are openly referring to populism as a threat that must be destroyed by any and all means possible as the planet marches toward globalism. Shiller and the rest of the globalists have openly declared war on humanity. There is no limit to what these people will not do. From the discussions I have had since the Hawaiian so-called fake missile alert, I have concluded that there was a indeed a missile fired at Hawaii in which it is my personal opinion that this was an attempt to provoke the American people into wanting WW III against North Korea. I believe that this missile was brought down and then the coverup started. I have learned that the mechanism of warning of an impending attack is a 5 step process and the excuse that a wrong button was pushed in shift change is ridiculous. The readers may recall that the next day the same thing happened in Japan in which it was revealed that their system mimics the American system and is also a 5 step process before an alert is issued. I believe that what we will find as these two events are unveiled is that two missiles were fired in order to achieve the same end. I believe that this was a false flag attack attempting to frame North Korea for starting World War III. It is also my opinion that this attempted attack was in response to the announcement that the two Koreas are attempting to align along sports, namely, the Olympics. The globalists are desperate to not let this war of planetary unification commence against North Korea. I think it is clear that the world just avoided two attempted false flag events designed to produce World War III. Details are already leaking out and it will not be long until we have more proof to support my hypothesis. There is no question that the events in Hawaii were fabricated. Conclusion We live in perilous times and the fate of every person on this planet could turn in a moment. Please heed the advice of so many take precautions by beomcing indiviudally prepared. As in all recent disasters, the government has proven that they cannot effectively respond to any large-scale crisis, much less a nuclear war or a series of false flag events. The people are finally speaking as one against the insane globalists, the globalists will respond by exterminating humanity if need be. At the end of the day, you can only rely on your family, your level of preparation and your faith in God. 

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Jerry Seinfeld: ‘What you want in a pancake is to have the consistency of young human flesh’

Posted on January 18, 2018 by Dr. Eowyn | 55 Comments

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Jerry Seinfeld: ‘What you want in a pancake is to have the consistency of young human flesh’

Posted on January 18, 2018 by Dr. Eowyn | 55 Comments

Jerry Seinfeld 'young human flesh' 2014

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a web series talk show directed and hosted by actor-comedian Jerry Seinfeld, which premiered on July 19, 2012, on digital network Crackle. In 2018, after nine seasons on Crackle, the show moved to Netflix. Episodes feature Seinfeld introducing a vintage car selected for a guest comedian, followed by a drive to a pre-selected café or restaurant for coffee. Seinfeld’s guest in the last episode of Season 5 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which was released on December 18, 2014, was late-night TV talk-show host Jimmy Fallon. Seinfeld took Fallon for breakfast to John’s Pancake House in Montauk, New York. Fallon ordered a plate of pancakes and a side-order of bacon; Seinfeld ordered a plate of bacon and eggs. Seinfeld said to Fallon (1:15 mark in the video below): “What you want in a pancake is to have the consistency of young human flesh. You were the guy with the brightly colored undergarments, and you’ve got soft human flesh in front of you.” Fallon poked his stack of pancakes with his finger, then grinned and laughed, because, you know, cannibalism of little children is just sooo funny. 

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Good Riddance To Obama – Thank God For Trump

Jan 18, 2018 Read More Articles by Dave Daubenmire

I voted for America’s first legitimate black Presidential candidate Alan Keyes for President…twice. So keep your race card in your pocket. I find a great deal of amusement in watching the Never Trumpers whine about the direction that President Trump is taking us. I find it especially humorous when I think about the radical Marxist that squatted in the White House the previous eight years. Every time I get discouraged I simply reminisce and thank God that Obama is gone. I hear the pundits on the TV pontificate about how Donald trump is so “un presidential” in his actions, but there are millions of folks like me who are ready for some straight shooting from our politicians. I like the crudeness with which President Trump tells me the truth as opposed to the classiness with which President Obama told me lies. I am a big boy. I can handle a bit of harsh truth. I grew up in a locker room. I know what real men sound like. It is good to have a straight-shooter sitting in the oval office. A great number of Americans have been brainwashed by actors. We have actors in politics, actors in the media, and actors in the pulpit. I am so sick of people acting like something they are not. I’m ready for a double-dose of straight shooting. Turn on the TV and you will find non-stop attacks upon President Trump. Amazingly, it comes from both sides of the political spectrum. With all of the assaults upon President Trump it is easy for us to lose perspective. For the most part, Americans have a very short attention span. Well. Not me. I remember very well the mess that was the Obama administration. I remember when President Obama turned up the “race” card with Skip Gates, Trayvon Martin, and the riots in Ferguson Missouri. I cannot forget his role as agitator in chief and how he never missed an opportunity to pick the scabs of the racial divide. In my opinion, his actions were so un-presidential. I remember when President Obama forced socialized medicine down the throats of unsuspecting citizens with his famous double-headed lie “if you like you Dr. you can keep your Dr. and if you like your plan you can keep your plan.” That didn’t seem very presidential to me. How can one forget his flip-flopping on traditional marriage and the lighting of the White House in the colors of the rainbow when the diabolical Oberkfell decision was shoved up the hind ends of God fearing American moms and pops? I remember the smoochy smoochy relationship he had with Planned Parenthood and his unrelenting desire to see as many American babies slaughtered inside their mother’s womb as was possible. He even joked about his own future grandchild being “punishment” to his daughter. I feel my blood pressure rising with every letter I type on this keyboard. He may have “acted” more “presidential” but I am so glad Obama is gone.  I cannot forget the lectures regarding Global warming as he and his wife gallivanted around the world on Air Force One while the rest of the little folks were encouraged to drive electric cars and use incandescent light bulbs. I remember how his policies were designed to spy on average Americans while all of the while refusing to release his college transcripts, birth certificate, and other pertinent documents that might better explain just who this guy was. I remember his Islamaphila and his protection of what he loved to call the “religion of peace.” His affinity went so deep as to make sure never to call a terror attack “Islam terror” but rather “workplace violence.I remember his failure to rescue the four brave Americans in Benghazi and the lies he told to cover up his treasonous plans…as well as his jailing of an unknown Youtube film maker. I remember his Iranian deal which set up his Muslim buds in the Middle East, and his failure to destroy ISIS. I remember his hatred of the 2nd Amendment and his desire to take guns from law-abiding middle-America citizens. I can never forget his doubling of the national debt and how his cut-and-run foreign policy in the Middle East strengthened the hand of his Islamic brethren. Although we all know that our policemen aren’t perfect I will never forget how he did his best to demonize the men in blue and how he accused them of “acting stupidly” when simply doing their duty. I hated how he bowed to foreign leaders and the American apology tour he undertook soon after being elected President. I hated his support for the UN and his love of Globalism which was always causing America to take a back seat on the world stage. I remember the lying media covering for him and the Hollywood deviants fawning all over him…not to mention border security, illegal immigration, free welfare for non-citizens and a cache ‘of other un-American scams that he pulled on the American people. He militarized the Deep State against a duly elected President. He used the IRS as a weapon. President Obama did everything he could to destroy family, marriage, Christian morality, gender, and old fashioned American values. He worked overtime to muddy the idea of right and wrong. He may have been born in America but he certainly was no American. We have yet to find out all of the damage that this anti-American plant did. Aren’t you glad we have an American in the Oval Office? I am so glad Obama is gone. 

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More than 2,000 flights cancelled as 57 million East Coasters - from Florida to Maine - are hit with snow, ice and freezing cold temperatures

A winter storm has broken off into two branches, one battering the Northeast, and the other bringing show and ice to the South

More than 2,000 flights have been cancelled today, mostly at the nation's largest airport in Atlanta

An estimated 57 million Americans are currently under Winter Storm warnings, from Florida to Maine

The heaviest snow is expected in North Carolina, Virginia and parts of New England

By Associated Press Published: 22:48 EST, 16 January 2018 | Updated: 16:20 EST, 17 January 2018

A winter storm has broken off into two branches, one battering the Northeast, and the other bringing show and ice to the South The South awoke on Wednesday to a two-part Arctic mess. First came a thin blanket of snow and ice, and then came the below-zero wind chills. The snowfall sabotaged morning rush hour even before it began, sending cars crashing into each other on major thoroughfares throughout the region. Officials urged people to stay off the slick roads if possible, and to bundle up and wear layers of clothing if they ventured outside. Ryan Willis, a meteorologist for the National Water Service based in Peachtree City, south of Atlanta, said the forecast called for 1 to 1.5 inches of snow to fall in metropolitan Atlanta through Wednesday morning, with localized higher amounts. Snow also was forecast Wednesday for parts of Alabama, where Gov. Kay Ivey shut down government offices as a precaution. Many schools districts in Louisiana will remain closed for a second straight day Wednesday, as the precipitation gives way to single-digit wind chills that keep icy roads from thawing. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announced the closing of Interstate 10 in both directions between Baton Rouge and Lafayette. Steep on and off-ramps as well as elevated roadways are concerns to public safety in icy conditions, it said in a news release Wednesday night. Alek Kroutmann, a National Weather Service meteorologist based in Slidell, Louisiana, said the Baton Rouge forecast calling for a low of 19 degrees Wednesday would fall just shy of the record for that date in Louisiana's capital city: 18 degrees on January 17, 1977. 'It's very close to record low temperatures,' he said. Potentially hazardous wind chills prompted schools to close Tuesday across Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas and Missouri. In Kentucky, multiple crashes Tuesday closed a 10-mile section of Interstate 24 in the western part of the state and blocked southbound lanes of Interstate 65 in the south, including a five-vehicle pileup involving a Greyhound bus that injured multiple people, authorities said. Hundreds of flights were canceled at Texas airports, where frigid temperatures left runways dangerously icy. Forecasters warned mariners along the Texas coast to be on guard for gale-force winds. 'We've got numerous crashes on the interstates and surface roads,' Louisiana State Trooper Glenn Younger said Tuesday morning from Bossier City, Louisiana, just across the Red River from Shreveport. 'You can't see the black ice; it's invisible,' said Younger, who had been driving roads since 5 a.m. Tuesday and could feel the back end of his patrol car begin to slide at times. 'You want to just barely touch the brakes in that situation,' he said. 'A lot of people get scared and they want to jam on the brakes, and that makes it worse.' Ice had coated roads and bridges in 36 of Mississippi's 82 counties, mostly in the northern and central parts of the state, the Mississippi Department of Transportation said in a statement Tuesday morning. Some of the heaviest snow in Mississippi was expected in the state's Delta region, where up to three inches was possible. In Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey declared a state of emergency meaning schools won't have to make up lost class days. Numerous businesses and government offices closed because of the threat. Alabama officials were trying to avoid a repeat of four years ago, when a winter storm blanketed central Alabama and left motorists stranded on roads in metro Birmingham for hours. Teachers and students camped out in schools. Drivers had a hard time navigating hills around the north Alabama city of Haleyville, where roads quickly turned white Tuesday morning, but there was still plenty of traffic because manufacturing plants that didn't close in advance began dismissing workers, store clerk Rose Payne said. 'It's coming down as snow, but with these cars driving over it looks ice on the ground,' said Payne, who planned to walk home from her job at Friendly Shop if roads got too bad. 'The driveways of businesses are white.'

Read more: 

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etc.. All these things are end-time signs, the economy, the loss of jobs, the government control. You are in a time that the world has never seen before and that time does not get better, etc..

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Chairman of Israel Medical Association and World Medical Association Opposes Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Doctors

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News

In order to get a perspective on sane and rational vaccine policy, we must again turn away from the U.S. corporate media and their primary advertising sponsors, the pharmaceutical industry. The flu vaccine is, by far, the most prosperous vaccine produced and sold in the U.S., with over 300 million doses produced annually. It is also the leading vaccine, by far, injuring and killing people as evidenced by the quarterly Department of Justice (DOJ) reports of vaccine injury and death compensations by the Vaccine Court. As far as we know, Health Impact News is still the only news source publishing settled cases for vaccine injury and death compensations in the national Vaccine Court. In the U.S., one cannot sue a pharmaceutical company for injuries or deaths related to vaccines. By simply reading the U.S. corporate “mainstream” media one is led to believe that all doctors and medical personnel support mass flu vaccination, and believe all medical staff should be forced to receive the flu vaccine every year. But such is not the case. As we have reported over the past several years, many doctors and nurses nationwide oppose mandatory flu vaccination for medical personnel. There are several lawsuits by individuals and unions nationwide fighting loss of employment due to refusing a flu vaccine. Not only are there questions regarding the efficacy of the flu vaccine that would mean un-vaccinated medical personnel present no greater danger to patients than those vaccinated for influenza, there are also serious civil rights issues involved and violations of HIPAA laws in requiring medical facilities to identify who has and has not received a flu vaccine.

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Chairman of Israel Medical Association and World Medical Association Opposes Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Doctors

Prof. Leonid Eidelman

Prof. Leonid Eidelman is chairman of the Israel Medical Association and in 2017 was chosen as the next president of the World Medical Association. He opposes mandatory flu vaccinations for doctors. Image source.

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News

In order to get a perspective on sane and rational vaccine policy, we must again turn away from the U.S. corporate media and their primary advertising sponsors, the pharmaceutical industry. The flu vaccine is, by far, the most prosperous vaccine produced and sold in the U.S., with over 300 million doses produced annually. It is also the leading vaccine, by far, injuring and killing people as evidenced by the quarterly Department of Justice (DOJ) reports of vaccine injury and death compensations by the Vaccine Court. As far as we know, Health Impact News is still the only news source publishing settled cases for vaccine injury and death compensations in the national Vaccine Court. In the U.S., one cannot sue a pharmaceutical company for injuries or deaths related to vaccines. By simply reading the U.S. corporate “mainstream” media one is led to believe that all doctors and medical personnel support mass flu vaccination, and believe all medical staff should be forced to receive the flu vaccine every year. But such is not the case. As we have reported over the past several years, many doctors and nurses nationwide oppose mandatory flu vaccination for medical personnel. There are several lawsuits by individuals and unions nationwide fighting loss of employment due to refusing a flu vaccine. Not only are there questions regarding the efficacy of the flu vaccine that would mean un-vaccinated medical personnel present no greater danger to patients than those vaccinated for influenza, there are also serious civil rights issues involved and violations of HIPAA laws in requiring medical facilities to identify who has and has not received a flu vaccine. Doctors The Jerusalem Post, an apparently pro-vaccine publication, recently reported that Prof. Leonid Eidelman, chairman of the Israel Medical Association and the next president of the World Medical Association, opposes mandatory flu vaccinations for doctors, and he opposes identifying which doctors have been vaccinated for the flu, and which ones have not. IMA chairman Prof. Leonid Eidelman, who is chief of anesthesiology at the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus in Petah Tikva, told The Jerusalem Post that doctors should not be forced to get the vaccination. “And even if they do voluntarily wear a pin showing they were vaccinated, it doesn’t give a good impression about those who don’t. There is a slippery slope; doctors could be forced to wear pins saying they have HIV or hepatitis C. It would never end.” Eidelman turned down a suggestion from the Health Ministry a few years ago that those doctors who followed the recommendation be allowed to wear a pin or sign saying they were vaccinated. The ministry’s suggestion was aimed not only at informing patients whether their doctors were vaccinated, but also for doctors to serve as an example to patients that they too should go to their health fund community clinic for the annual shot. On Wednesday, he reiterated to the Post that he and the IMA were absolutely opposed to requiring medical staffers to be vaccinated and to the pin idea. Professor Eidelman correctly pointed out that there are no studies proving that patients are being infected with influenza from those who are not vaccinated: Eidelman added that he knew of “no studies showing that patients are infected with the flu by their doctors” or doctors infected by their patients. As for the argument that doctors with such pins would serve as role models for patients who are reluctant to get flu shots, the IMA chief said that is not their job. “It’s a personal decision for everyone, and doctors should not be dictated to.” Asked whether he himself had been vaccinated against the flu this season, Eidelman declined to answer because “this is a political question.” A CDC sponsored meta-study of the flu vaccine and health care workers also reached the conclusion that there was no strong evidence that the flu vaccine given to health care workers offered any protection to patients. Nick Kelley, PhD, research associate for the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), said that the new analysis provides a more robust look at HCW flu immunization studies than earlier reviews and includes observational studies that weren’t available at the time. For outcomes that matter the most—lab-confirmed flu and flu hospitalizations—the two meta-analyses (the CDC’s and Cochrane’s) both find low or very low levels of evidence, he said. “We simply don’t have good evidence that vaccination of healthcare personnel prevents influenza transmission to patients,” Kelley said. (Source.) Professor Eidelman’s position, and the position of the Israel Medical Association, and hopefully the position of the World Medical Association when Eidelman takes over leadership later this year (2018), will help protect the rights of doctors world-wide to refuse the dangerous flu vaccine should they so choose. In the United States meanwhile, nurses and doctors nationwide are losing their jobs for their refusal of mandatory flu vaccines. In the video above, Dr. Mark Geier explains the fraud behind the flu vaccine. Dr. Geier is NOT anti-vaccine. He is an M.D. and has a Ph.D. in genetics. He spent 10 years working at the National Institute of Health, and was a professor at Johns Hopkins University as a geneticist. He is also the author of over 150 peer-reviewed publications. He worked on vaccine safety and efficacy for more than 30 years. He was one of four scientists that worked to replace the DTP vaccine, a vaccine that caused every child to become sick with a high fever at the time of vaccination, with the DTaP vaccine, which is a more purified vaccine and causes illness due to fever in only 3% of those vaccinated. In the video above, he explains that the flu shot causes Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and that the flu shot is not very effective in preventing the flu. He also explains that the CDC does not follow the law for vaccines in requiring long-term safety testing for the influenza vaccine like they do with other vaccines, as it is impossible to test a vaccine that changes every year. So the flu vaccine is basically an experimental vaccine that they want to give out to 300 million people every year. There are also no studies showing the safety of giving the flu vaccine to the same person every single year. However, Dr. Geier points out that the CDC is in the business of distributing flu vaccines, because they represent 300 million doses per year, whereas all the childhood vaccines together only number 20 million. Dr. Geier goes on to explain that flu is “the wrong thing to vaccinate against” because you have to keep re-vaccinating against it every year, unlike childhood infectious diseases, such as smallpox, that are only vaccinated for once. Dr. Geier points out how ridiculous it is spend billions of dollars on a vaccine that might, at its best, save about 50 lives a year, when there are far more serious problems causing death that are more worthy of that kind of expenditure. 

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California's Homeless Problem Revealed In One "Incredible" Video

by Tyler Durden Wed, 01/17/2018 - 22:50

Despite the record stock market and unemployment at 4.1% (despite a December jobs miss), the socialist utopia known as California is home to an ever-sprawling tent city which estimated to contain over 1,000 residents. After a ZeroHedge report last March on the sprawling tent cities, a 10-minute video, dubbed by some as "incredible" has emerged showing the shocking growth of the encampment near Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA along the Santa Ana river. Locals have become increasingly alarmed by the rapid spread of unregulated squatters and their belongings and their waste. As a cyclist who uses the trail to ride to the beach often, over this last year it has gotten substantially worse. It is unsafe and unsanitary with loose dogs everywhere and human fecal matter scattered on the trail.  The area is disgusting and reeks of trash and feces. He reports that the bike trail, once popular with outdoors enthusiasts and families which runs for miles to beaches along the Pacific Ocean, has become unsafe as miscreants plot assaults and robberies on passing riders, even laying tripwires across the path. -Dan Lyman Domestic Migration As we pointed out last March, California's Democrats aren't just failing the poor people that have been relegated to tent cities (see "Americans Fleeing Expensive, Over-Taxed Metro Areas In Pursuit Of Affordability"). In fact, people of all income brackets are fleeing the state in droves. Not surprisingly, these domestic migrants are flocking to areas with a lower cost of living, lower/no state income taxes, less regulations and higher job growth (aka "Red" states). 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

[ :: 2-24-13 am service  (fifth word)  ::  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

For truly you are seeing the end time signs that I have spoken to you about, and if you were studying, you would clearly see them being fulfilled etc.

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Rebuilding The Third Temple Very Soon?

By Ray Gano - January 16, 2018

Last week I wrote about the final generation. I had a number of people ask me about the third temple. What I pointed out in my article is that it started all in May 1948, that was the year that Israel became a nation. That was when I believe that the hour glass was turned over. Slowly the sands of time have been trickling through and I believe that the Jews are going to rebuild their Third Temple in Jerusalem very soon. How do we know that the Jews are going to rebuild the temple? In 2 Thessalonians 2:4 (KJV) “Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God…” This is where the Anti-Christ goes into the Temple and defiles it. I believe that we are coming very close to this time and that is if we are living in the Last Days. Matthew 24:34 “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. “ If one runs that numbers, like I pointed out in my article “2018 – The Generation’s End” then I believe that the building of the temple will have to take place soon. Now, how soon? I have no idea. But I do know that there are talks going on today about the third temple. So how long is it going to take to rebuild the temple? A meeting was held in November 1990 with religious leaders, political leaders, scientists and archaeologist in Israel to discuss the building time of the temple. This meeting was needed in order to work out details for the Oslo 3 treaty talks that will be held in 1996. SPECIAL NOTE – Oslo has been on the table now since 1996, the two parties still have not signed the treaty and they are still haggling over this treaty. We read the following in Daniel Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. Many out there say that the antichrist will create and “sigh” a peace treaty. As you can see he does not do that. He CONFIRMS a covenant / treaty. To “confirm” means that the treaty is in place and it just needs to be acted upon. Oslo treaty has never been taken off the table. It just has not been fully accepted yet. According to the study done for the Oslo treaty, the time determined to rebuild the Temple was 1-2 years. This does not include all the ornamental work that would be needed, this is just to get the temple up. An alter will be raised somewhere west of the temple construction site to start daily sacrifices. Once the priests resume daily sacrifices, the construction of the Temple itself will begin. The site for the Jewish temples of the past has been the Temple Mount, but there is a problem… The Dome of the Rock is there. We all know that the friction between the Jews and the Muslims has gotten worse rather than better. Seeing things in that light, it will probably take the diplomatic skills of the Antichrist to make development of this temple to come about. There is also another key aspect and that the organization “The Temple Institute” has already been preparing some of the vessels to be used in the next temple, and they have been training priests in their use. The Temple Institute believes that the next temple is to be built in the VERY near future. Location On the Temple Mount there are NO archaeological digs going on because the Muslims will not permit it. But extensive excavations have been made around the outer perimeter of the area and under the Temple Mount site. In this light, Scientist, Scholars and Archaeologist have come up with 3 main theories/sites as to where the Temple should be rebuilt. The 3 Proposed Temple Site locations are: * Southern Site, placing the Holy of Holies over the Al Kas Foundation. (Bagatti Theory) * Traditional Site, placing the Holy of Holies over the As-Sakhara (Dome of the Rock) * Northern Site, placing the Holy of Holies over the Dome of the Tablets/Spirits (Kaufman Theory) The theory that I will look at in this article is the Northern site or referred to as the Kaufman theory. I hope to look into the other theories in later issues. In 1969 there was some Arab construction work going on around the Dome of the Rock. A man by the name of Dr. Ze’ev Yeivin (now deputy director of the Department of Antiquities) happened upon this Arab construction site and made some drawings of an exposed ancient wall near the Dome of the Rock. Sense you cannot have archaeological digs up there, this was a very important find. In the Early 70’s a man named Asher Kaufman published a very interesting theory. After studying evidence proposed by a Dr.Bagatti (His theories are for a Southern Site) and other evidences, Asher Kaufman identified the section of this wall, seen by Dr. Yeivin, as the eastern wall of the Temple’s Court of the Women. Based on ALL these different works from Bagatti and other Archaeologist and the records left by the British studies from a 100 years ago, Kaufman concluded that the site of the Temple was at the northwest corner. He determined that the east-west line aligning the Mount of Olives and with the Eastern Gate and the Temple exactly bisect on this small cupola. He noted that the bedrock inside the cupola is the only such bedrock appearing on the temple mount, it sticks up from the surface. The rest of the area around the Dome of the Rock has been paved. Now is this the “Even Shetiyyah” (Foundation stone) that protruded in the ancient Holy of Holies? Furthermore, a passage from the Mishneh Torah by Rambam quotes Jewish Talmudic writings from the times before the Temple in 70 AD being destroyed. Eyewitness declare that the Temple was not built in the center of the temple mount (location where the Dome of the Rock is) Rambam states that” the Temple Courtyard was not situated directly in the center of the Temple Mount. Rather, it was set off farther from the southern wall of the Temple Mount that from the wall of any other direction” The reason is because worshipers would normally enter and exit from the southern Hulda Gate. The people needed room to congregate on that area. Rambam continues to quote sources that declare that the Temple itself was situated directly opposite the Eastern Gate in the northern part of the Temple Mount. (1) ” These five gates were placed in a strait-line” from the Eastern Gate into the entrance hall of the Holy of Holies. These gates were as follows” the Eastern Gate, the gate of Chayl, the gate of the Women’s Courtyard, the gate of Nicanor and the gate of the entrance hall. So if the temple was built on flat ground, one would have been able to see through all the gates at once” (Mishneh Torah, Commentary Halachah 5 and 6) (1) Over a century ago there were some archaeological digs conducted by the British, these digs and surveys produced some other very relevant new discoveries. When this evidence is looked at in conjunction with Kaufman’s, the pieces start to fit. Of importance was a particular rock mass near the Northern steps leading up to a small Muslim Cupola on the Temple Mount. NOTE – A person standing on the Mount of Olives can look over the Eastern Gate into a huge area north of the Dome of the Rock. If you give this person a surveyor’s laser, it would cut right through the Eastern Gate (if it was not sealed) and through the center of this small cupola or known by the name of the Dome of the Spirits / Tablets. Another point to look at while discussing this stone, which Kaufman believe is the Foundation Stone (Even Shetiyyah). The stone in Dome of the Spirits / Tablets. is very pitted, this detail also agrees with a 4th century pilgrim of Bordeaux who calls in his accounts the “Pierced Stone” because of its numerous imprints of the hobnailed of Soldiers. Further importance about this stone is the name of this site, Dome of the Spirits/Tablets. Arabic titles often preserve original place names. Were these dual titles reminiscent of the Divine Presence that accompanied the Ark and the tablets of the law stored within it which once rested in the Holy of Holies? Looking at all these sources, information and the writing from the Mishneh Torah and a bit of triangulation we can see that the Temple could have very well been located where Mr. Kaufman believes, and that is over Dome of the Spirits / Tablets. Now one last point of evidence. Knowing the measurements of the Holy of Holies, all the courtyards and walls, and working your way from the center out from the Dome of the Spirits / Tablets, the Dome of the Rock falls within the courtyard of the Gentiles Do you realize that this falls right in line with what we read in Revelation? Revelation 11:1-2 I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, “Go and measure the temple of God and the alter, and count the worshipers there. But exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles.” Many of us have read this before, but in this light, you can see how prophecy could come to pass with the Kaufman theory. This is the only theory that enables the Jews to rebuild the Temple TODAY! The only thing that needs to be done is the negotiations. In 1996, like I stated earlier, are the Oslo 3 discussions regarding Jerusalem. It is in my opinion that Israel has given up so much land to the Arabs and have not gotten anything back in return of substance for this land. At this time, I believe that they will pull this ace out from under their sleeve and demand the rebuilding of the Temple and to share the temple mount, all in the name of peace. NOTE – A person standing on the Mount of Olives can look over the Eastern Gate into a huge area north of the Dome of the Rock. If you give this person a surveyor’s laser, it would cut right through the Eastern Gate (if it was not sealed) and through the center of this small cupola or known by the name of the Dome of the Spirits / Tablets. Another point to look at while discussing this stone, which Kaufman believe is the Foundation Stone (Even Shetiyyah). The stone in Dome of the Spirits / Tablets. is very pitted, this detail also agrees with a 4th century pilgrim of Bordeaux who calls in his accounts the “Pierced Stone” because of its numerous imprints of the hobnailed of Soldiers. Further importance about this stone is the name of this site, Dome of the Spirits/Tablets. Arabic titles often preserve original place names. Were these dual titles reminiscent of the Divine Presence that accompanied the Ark and the tablets of the law stored within it which once rested in the Holy of Holies? Looking at all these sources, information and the writing from the Mishneh Torah and a bit of triangulation we can see that the Temple could have very well been located where Mr. Kaufman believes, and that is over Dome of the Spirits / Tablets. Now one last point of evidence. Knowing the measurements of the Holy of Holies, all the courtyards and walls, and working your way from the center out from the Dome of the Spirits / Tablets, the Dome of the Rock falls within the courtyard of the Gentiles Do you realize that this falls right in line with what we read in Revelation? Revelation 11:1-2 I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, “Go and measure the temple of God and the alter, and count the worshipers there. But exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles.” Many of us have read this before, but in this light, you can see how prophecy could come to pass with the Kaufman theory. This is the only theory that enables the Jews to rebuild the Temple TODAY! The only thing that needs to be done is the negotiations. In 1996, like I stated earlier, are the Oslo 3 discussions regarding Jerusalem. It is in my opinion that Israel has given up so much land to the Arabs and have not gotten anything back in return of substance for this land. At this time, I believe that they will pull this ace out from under their sleeve and demand the rebuilding of the Temple and to share the temple mount, all in the name of peace. 

[ :: 8-28-16 am service :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. Babylon destroyed in twenty-four hours, and you shall see the other earthquake on the west coast, you shall see the one in the middle and that shall come unto you soon, just as soon as they divide my land again, saith your Father God, you shall see that.  For it is that hour and it is that time and it shall come to pass, etc.

:: 1-18-18 Sky Watch TV :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Revived Roman Empire To Convene ‘Extraordinary Session’ To Gather All Nations Against Israel, Disavow Bible’s Davidic Covenant And Force National Suicide Of ‘Two-State Solution’

January 18, 2018 by SkyWatch Editor

Norway and the European Union announced on Wednesday they will convene an “extraordinary session” at the end of the month to push the “two-state solution” to end the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict. The meeting will be held in Brussels on January 31, according to the announcement. “There is an urgent need to bring all parties together to discuss measures to speed up efforts that can underpin a negotiated two-state solution,” the statement said. “Furthermore it is necessary to enable the Palestinian Authority to execute full control over Gaza.” The session follows U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last month. The European Union rejected Trump’s move… (READ MORE) etc. and the news story continues.. 

[:: 2-3-14 am service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

:: 1-18-18 Hal Lindsey :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Jerusalem: Recognizing Reality

By Hal Lindsey

On Wednesday, President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He also announced a beginning of the process to move the U.S. Embassy there. That process will take at least three years, and probably much more. He also endorsed the so-called “two-state solution” as the framework for peace with the Palestinians… as long as both sides agree to it. He did not specify anything regarding future boundaries of Jerusalem, or whether it should be split. He said those decisions need to be made as part of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel itself has claimed Jerusalem as its capital since the time of King David. Modern Israel was first recognized as a nation in 1948. It took possession of West Jerusalem that year. But because of the ongoing war, it made Tel Aviv its temporary capital. The next year, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, said, “For the State of Israel there has always been and always will be one capital only — Jerusalem the Eternal. Thus it was 3,000 years ago — and thus it will be, we believe, until the end of time.” Listening to the media, you would think President Trump’s decision is outside mainstream U.S. diplomatic orthodoxy. But that not true. No U.S. president ever pulled the trigger on the move, but as candidates, several of them were for it. Despite them taking that position, it was never a significant point of controversy in any presidential election. Congress passed a law in 1995 saying that Jerusalem should “remain an undivided city” and “be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel.” The law allowed presidents to postpone the move, but they had to do so every six months. Until now, that’s what they have all done. The leader of Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer, urged President Trump to move the embassy. “As someone who strongly believes that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel,” he said, “I am calling for the U.S. Embassy in Israel to be relocated to Jerusalem.” The President did not go that far. He said nothing about Jerusalem being “undivided.” Nevertheless, his decision has been criticized by leaders around the world, including in the United States. California Senator Diane Feinstein wrote to Trump saying, “Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — or relocating our embassy to Jerusalem — will spark violence and embolden extremists on both sides of this debate.” She said such a move would “undermine any remaining hope for a two-state solution.” A Palestinian general delegate to the United Kingdom said that to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel is like “declaring war.” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned that there will be “dangerous consequences.” The Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas, called for three “days of rage,” starting Wednesday, but making Friday the main day. The State Department warned U.S. embassies around the world to be on alert following the announcement. It also issued a warning to U.S. travelers in Israel. “Hostilities between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and terrorist groups, including Hamas, in the Gaza Strip could resume and the security situation could deteriorate with little or no notice.” Turkey’s President Erdogan said Jerusalem is a “redline” for Muslims. He said the move would be a violation of international law, and that, “This could go as far as cutting our diplomatic relations with Israel.” President Trump argued that his action is “recognition of reality.” He pointed out that all the major institutions of the Israeli government, including the Knesset, are located in Jerusalem. Nations put embassies in the capitals of other nations because they want their ambassadors close to the center of power. In Israel, that’s Jerusalem. Through the years, proposed peace plans from the United Nations, the U.S., and Europe, have always allowed Israel to keep at least part of Jerusalem. Israel says that Jerusalem is its capital. Since the Israelis will be staying in Jerusalem under any of these plans, why does the world not allow Israel to choose its own capital? From a secular, diplomatic prospective, the President’s move makes sense to me. Israel is the one great democracy of the Middle East, and America’s most faithful ally. The Israelis — not a bunch of European elites — should decide the location of Israel’s capital. But I’m not a diplomat. I’m a preacher of the Gospel and a student of scripture. I look at this from another angle. In Genesis 12:3, God said to Abraham (then still named “Abram”), “I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse.” (NASB) “God Bless America” is a prayer. One of the actions that must accompany that prayer is for America to continue to bless Israel. 

:: 1-18-18 Haaretz :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Israeli Army Considering Taking Control of Palestinian Areas in East Jerusalem

A sharp rise in the number of recent attacks in the poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Shoafat and Kafr Aqab have prompted defense officials to consider intervention

Yaniv Kubovich Jan 18, 2018 2:55 PM

The Israeli military is examining the possibility of assuming responsibility for security in the Shoafat refugee camp and in Kafr Aqab, Palestinian areas that are in the jurisdiction of Jerusalem but... etc. 

[ :: 12-31-10 / 1-1-11 New Years Eve Service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

etc. The storms will be far greater than the storms you have seen before, more hurricanes, more tornadoes, more typhoons, more cyclones, more tidal waves, more earthquakes, more flooding, more mudslides, oh, the trouble, the trouble, the trouble that shall come.  At times you may wonder what is taking place, and I say unto you, get into my word, look in my word, know what Jeremiah has said, know what Ezekiel has said, know what Joel told you etc

:: 1-18-18 Associated Press :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Associated Press


Snow, ice and a record-breaking blast of cold closed runways, highways, schools and government offices across the South and sent cars sliding off roads Wednesday in a corner of the country ill-equipped to deal with wintry weather. At least 10 people died, including a baby in a car that plunged off an overpass into a Louisiana canal. Icicles hung from a statue of jazz musicians in normally balmy New Orleans, and drivers unaccustomed to ice spun their wheels across Atlanta, which was brought to a near-standstill by little more than an inch of snow. The beach in Biloxi, Miss., got a light coating. And the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill canceled classes as the storm unloaded at least 8 inches of snow in Durham and Greensboro. The storm turned the morning rush hour treacherous, though many people heeded warnings to stay off the roads. Even the best drivers had trouble: Retired NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted he had just used his winch to help pull a car out of a ditch when he drove off the road and into a tree in North Carolina. Thousands of schoolchildren and teachers got the day off. Many cities canceled meetings and court proceedings, and some businesses closed. Slippery runways and the need to de-ice planes forced cancellations and delays in New Orleans; Memphis, Tenn.; and Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Electricity usage surged to record highs as people struggled to keep warm. At least four people died in Louisiana, including a man who was knocked off an elevated portion of Interstate 10 in New Orleans when a pickup spun out of control on ice, and an 8-month-old baby in a car that slid into a canal in New Orleans. The baby’s mother was in critical condition. 

[ :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::  ::] 

John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. (KJV)

Luke 21:17 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake. (KJV) 

[ :: 10-19-08 am service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc.. You shall be hated by the world, the world shall be against you, etc.

John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. (KJV)

[ :: 12-31-11 / 1-1-12 New Years Eve Service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

etc. Have you read my word, do you know that Ezekiel thirty eight and thirty nine is knocking on the door, as a matter of fact, its got a battering-ram and it is knocking the door down, but you are not aware of that.  Are you aware of how they are removing the Bible, are you aware of how they are fighting Christians, are you aware of the countries that are killing every Christian that is there?  And then you think I can delay another five years or another ten years.  Have you not read in my word where they are laying under my altar and they are crying out, how much longer, how much longer?  Oh what a sad state the world is in. etc.

[ :: 11-3-13 am service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::  ::]

etc.  for the world hates the Christians more now than at anytime in history.  Even during the days Jesus walked on earth, it is much worse now and it is not going to get better because those that don’t believe the truth are going to come against you like never before because they don’t want you to know the truth etc.

:: 1-17-18 Christian Post :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Eritrean Christian Refused to Renounce Faith Even Through 13 Years of Suffering in Prison

By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter | Jan 17, 2018 10:07 AM

An Eritrean Christian has opened up about the 13 years of suffering he underwent for his faith in prison, including being punished for months at a time in a confined cell where he could not even stretch his limbs. Despite the suffering, he refused time and time again to renounce his faith. World Watch Monitor reported on Tuesday that Shiden first came to faith in his late teens, despite the country's hostile treatment of evangelical Christians. He joined military service at the age of 22, but was caught during a secret worship meeting with other Christians. From there he was moved to prison camps where he was made to suffer under harsh conditions, such as no sanitation, with guards taunting him and telling him to renounce his Christianity. He answered back, however: "I won't leave the faith because I believe it and I live by what I believe. I served this country faithfully and honestly during my military service. When you sent me to work in the field, I did that without complaining. But my belief is my personal belief, and you have to respect that. But if you don't, then I am willing to pay for it." Later he was given two sheets of paper by prison officials, and asked to choose whether he believes in Jesus or not. Once again he stuck by his faith and told officials he was willing to pay the consequences, which is when he was moved to the general prison in Barentu, where he would spend the next 10 years. "He was often put in solitary confinement for six months at a time, staying in a very small cell where he couldn't stretch out his arms or even stand up straight," the report describes. At one point he was moved back to national service, but guards discovered sections of the Bible in his possession, which again had him sent to solitary confinement for a period of three months. "During that time he saw no-one. Once a day, a cup of tea and a slice of bread were put through a gap in the door . He had no idea if anyone even knew what state he was in. He said it was a horrifying experience and that, to make it worse, just beforehand he had heard that some friends had managed to escape and cross the border," World Watch Monitor said. Even after his release from prison after 13 years, Shiden continues suffering from the trauma of what he experienced, and with so much of his young adult life spent behind bars, he has missed out on education and job opportunities. Although some officially recognized churches are allowed to operate in the African country, the targeting and persecution of Christians there is so severe that it is ranked at No. 6 on Open Doors USA's 2018 World Watch List of nations. In some cases last year, entire evangelical families, including children, were arrested by officials. "Since May of this year, nearly 200 Christians have been arrested. The interesting thing about this — they have shifted tactics ... Instead of just raiding church services or Bible studies, now the government is going to the homes of Christians, and they're arresting the whole family," Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs USA told Mission Network News in December. "Even children have been put under arrest if they're part of a Christian family," he added. 

[ :: 3-11-12 am service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. It is not the books that man writes, it is the word, the living word, the logos, the rhema, stay in my word, walk in my word, function in my word and you shall see what the EU is about ready to do, you shall understand what Russia is planning and purposing now, you shall even see China who is the last army that moves down into that valley after my church is gone. You will understand these things, for it is very clear in my word exactly what I shall do and you will not say, well, it must be fifteen years off, you will not say it must be ten years off, you will not say it must be five years off, for you shall see the signs clearly and you shall understand the hour, you shall understand the time and you will know.

:: 1-15-18 The Guardian :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

RAF fighters intercept two Russian bombers near UK airspace

Typhoons escort pair of Tu-160s flying over North Sea

Ewen MacAskill Defence correspondent Mon 15 Jan 2018 08.01 EST

The RAF has been scrambled to intercept two long-range Russian bombers over the North Sea. The Tupolev Tu-160s, known to Nato as Blackjacks, were monitored on Monday as they flew past Norway and Denmark and near the Netherlands. Two Typhoon jets from RAF Lossiemouth picked them up about 30 miles (48km) from UK airspace and escorted them. Both Russia and Nato, including Britain, routinely test reactions with such sorties, sometimes flying almost up to the boundaries of each other’s airspace. Blackjacks make flights close to UK airspace about eight to nine times a year. Russian fighters tend not to use transponders, which alert other aircraft to their presence, and this policy can create problems for civilian planes in the area. The RAF escort is partly to alert other aircraft to the Russian presence. Despite an increase in diplomatic tension between Moscow and the west, the number of such sorties by Russia towards UK airspace has not increased. However, there has been a rise in activity by Russia around the Baltic states, where the RAF is also deployed. An RAF spokesman said: “The Russian aircraft were initially monitored by a variety of friendly nation fighters and subsequently intercepted by the RAF in the North Sea. At no point did the Russian aircraft enter sovereign UK airspace.” 

:: 1-13-18 Sputnik :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Dude, Where’s My Satellite? Success, Failure of ‘Zuma’ Shrouded in Secrecy

REUTERS/ Mike Brown US 03:03 13.01.2018(updated 03:30 13.01.2018)

The Pentagon has refused to comment on the status of the secretive Zuma spacecraft, which was launched by SpaceX last Sunday but failed to reach orbit, according to multiple reports. Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal report that the Northrop Grumman-produced payload did not achieve success, citing unnamed officials. The government has not disclosed whether the project was overseen by the Defense Department or one of the intelligence agencies. When asked about the status of the billion-dollar project that may have disappeared for good, a Pentagon spokesman refused to comment, leading to a combative back-and-forth at the Pentagon's press room. "I'd have to refer you to SpaceX, who conducted the launch," DoD spokeswoman Dana White said Thursday in response to a question about whether the project succeeded or failed, according to's account of the event. "This is a billion-dollar satellite. It's been four days. Was it a success or failure, and what's the fate of the satellite?" inquired Bloomberg's Tony Capaccio. "We're not going to give you any more information," US Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie replied. "Accountability is one of your keystones here. [Defense] secretary [James] Mattis said this repeatedly. I'm asking you from an accountability standpoint. Can you give us a sense of whether you consider it a success or a failure as a mission?" the Bloomberg reporter continued. The Pentagon again told reporters to ask SpaceX about the project, but Capaccio wasn't satisfied. "But you're the government. You paid for it. You're the overseers. And you're asking us to go to the company who may have been partially responsible for the problem? That doesn't make any sense," he said. For its part, SpaceX denied all culpability in the mission's possible failure. "Falcon 9 did everything correctly on Sunday night. If we or others find otherwise based on further review, we will report it immediately," a statement from the private space company reads. "Information published that is contrary to this statement is categorically false. Due to the classified nature of the payload, no further comment is possible," SpaceX said. Northrop Grumman also evaded attempts to get some answers. "This is a classified mission. We cannot comment on classified missions," a Northrop spokesperson said in a statement to the Verge January 9. 

:: 1-12-18 Defense News :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Russia’s nuclear underwater drone is real and in the Nuclear Posture Review

By: Valerie Insinna

WASHINGTON — A draft of the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review confirms the existence of an underwater nuclear drone made and operated by Russia, a capability the U.S. Defense Department had not previously publicly acknowledged. “In addition to modernizing ‘legacy’ Soviet nuclear systems, Russia is developing and deploying new nuclear warheads and launchers,” stated an unclassified draft of the nuclear posture review first published by the Huffington Post. “These efforts include multiple upgrades for every leg of the Russian nuclear triad of strategic bombers, sea-based missiles and land-based missiles. Russia is also developing at least two new intercontinental range systems, a hypersonic glide vehicle and a new intercontinental, nuclear-armed undersea autonomous torpedo.” A chart laying out Russian nuclear delivery vehicles developed over the past decade spells out the capability yet again, including a small illustration for an “AUV,” or autonomous underwater vehicle, called Status-6. The black and white graphic posted by the Huffington Post makes it difficult to see whether the capability has been deployed. However, the Russian undersea drone — which is nicknamed “Kanyon” by the Pentagon and goes by the full name Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6 — has been tested at least once. On Nov. 27, 2016, U.S. intelligence detected Status-6 after it was launched from a Sarov-class submarine used to test and validate new tech, the Washington Free Beacon reported in December 2016, citing unnamed Pentagon sources. Russian reports indicate it could be outfitted with a 100-megaton nuclear warhead. Status-6 was built by Rubin Design Bureau, the largest of Russia’s three submarine manufacturers. According to a document shown on Russian television, the drone has a range of 6,200 miles, a top speed in excess of 56 knots and can descend to depths of 3,280 feet below sea level, the Beacon reported. It was designed to be launched from at least two different classes of nuclear submarines, including the Oscar-class, which can carry four Status-6 drones at a time. The nuclear posture review reaffirms the United States’ commitment to the nuclear triad — or the country’s inventory of ballistic missile submarines, ICBMs and nuclear-capable bombers — but offers no sign that the Pentagon is interested in developing unmanned undersea vehicles capable of delivering a nuclear weapon. However, it has been widely speculated that the Air Force’s newest bomber, the B-21 currently under development, could be optionally manned. While the final draft of the Nuclear Posture Review could remove references to the Status-6 program, it appears the Pentagon confirmed the existence of the weapon as a way to illustrate what it sees as major advantage of the Russian nuclear weapons program: its diversity. The review notes that Russia is increasing the number of platforms that could be equipped either with a nuclear or conventional payload, allowing it to expand its nuclear arsenal without violating the New START treaty. It is also developing a ground-launched cruise missile and has multiple classes of nuclear submarines and varieties of ICBMs and air-launched cruise missiles. The United States is concerned about Russia’s continued development of “increasingly diverse and expanding nuclear capabilities,” especially coupled with Moscow’s perception that it could conduct a nuclear attack as a way to “ ’de-escalate’ a conflict on terms favorable to Russia,” the review stated. “These mistaken perceptions increase the prospect for dangerous miscalculation and escalation.” 

[ :: 12-30-01  At the altar after PM Service  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

Put your money, your time, your efforts into what I tell you to do, for I will cause you to have a victory such as you have never seen. And it shall be so clear, yes; it shall be so clear what you are all to do. Yes, for I shall speak to you, my power shall be awesome and miracles shall come to pass. It shall not be the fake gold or the fake feathers or the false shaking or the animal noises or the falling under the power and not coming away with permanent results or changed lives. My prophetic shall speak concerning things to come in a clear concise manner that no one shall want to miss or read second hand. For they will want to hear it under the anointing of the prophets and to receive the anointing of the prophet that shall manifest miracles, signs and wonders. People shall now see the signs of the last days like never before. Not only in a strange and confusing weather, the heat, the drought, the floods, the forest fires, the volcanoes, lack of jobs, shortage of money, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, sandstorms, straight wind, electrical storms, electrical shortages, hail, locusts, pestilence’s, the sicknesses, terrorists attacks, wars, the uniting of the false church under the false prophet, the rise of the anti-christ, the riots, the crime, the drugs, alcoholism, great open gay activities and movies, more open sex on TV, more street people, homeless, lack of crops, food shortages, great fear in those who do not know me. No peace as my word says for the world. The UN taking more control, martial law established, rationing and many more disasters that shall now begin to come. etc.

:: 1-14-18 Daily Mail :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Panic spreads after girl, 9, dies of new eye-bleeding fever feared to be even more dangerous than the Black Death

The girl died of the viral disease in Uganda, sparking fears of a fresh health crisis

A health team rushed to put her body in a bag and decontaminate her house

It is feared the disease could kill up to 40 per cent of those infected by it

By Tim Stickings For Mailonline Published: 07:54 EST, 14 January 2018 | Updated: 13:29 EST, 14 January 2018

Fears are growing of a major health crisis in East Africa as a girl died of a suspected fever which could be more deadly than the Black Death. A nine-year-old girl died in central Uganda with the symptoms of an eye-bleeding disease which it is thought could kill up to 40 per cent of those infected by it. The feared outbreak comes only months after hundreds of people were killed by the plague in Madagascar in what was described as the worst bout for 50 years. The symptoms of the new disease include headaches, bleeding, vomiting, diarrhoea and muscle pains, according to the Daily Star Sunday. A health team is reported to have rushed to disinfect the girl's house and put her in a body bag after she died in the Nakaseke District of central Uganda. A relative of the dead girl said that the family had been left in the dark about burial arrangements while health officials rushed to contain the disease. Three people were earlier reported to have died in South Sudan last week of a similar viral fever. The medieval Black Death, caused by the bubonic plague, killed around 100million people in Europe after reaching the continent in 1347. The plague has largely vanished in Western countries and can be treated with antibiotics, but still kills a few people every year in the United States.

Read more: 

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American Psychiatric Association warns left-wing psychiatrists to stop “diagnosing” President Trump without a medical examination… a total violation of medical ethics

Sunday, January 14, 2018 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) In the wake of the mainstream media’s glorious failure to conjure up enough fake news about President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia to get him impeached, the official narrative has now shifted to claiming that the billionaire businessman is mentally ill, and thus unfit for office. But the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has issued a formal notice warning that “armchair” psychiatrists who comment publicly about the president’s cognitive status without having conducted an official medical examination are in blatant violation of the medical ethics provisions that they pledged to uphold when first getting licensed. The APA’s announcement points to the ethical principle known as “The Goldwater Rule” in condemning those psychiatrists who have taken it upon themselves to issue fake diagnoses about the president on cable news appearances, in books, and on social media. The APA says that using psychiatry as a “political tool” in this way represents a gross “misuse of psychiatry and is unacceptable and unethical.” “The ethical principle, in place since 1973, guides physician members of the APA to refrain from publicly issuing professional medical opinions about individuals that they have not personally evaluated in a professional setting or context,” the announcement explains. “Doing otherwise undermines the credibility and integrity of the profession and the physician-patient relationship. Although APA’s ethical guidelines can only be enforced against APA members, we urge all psychiatrists, regardless of membership, to abide by this guidance in respect of our patients and our profession.” Should Trump-hating doctors who issue fake diagnoses about the president lose their medical licenses? The announcement was prompted in part by private meetings that reportedly took place between Bandy Lee, an Ivy League psychiatrist from the Yale School of Medicine, and various members of Congress. Since at least December, Lee has been whispering in the ears of our nation’s representatives her opinions on the president’s mental status, which even the left-leaning The Atlantic admitted is more “the stuff of crazed conspiracy theories” than what one would expect so-called “professionals” to be doing in actual reality. But it’s President Trump we’re talking about here, which means what would have formerly been considered off the rails is now everyday life for the masses of triggered liberals who simply can’t accept that he’s their president – which include what in a past era would have been considered “medical professionals.” But there’s nothing professional about how many of these licensed doctors are engaging in the public debate, hence why the APA has issued a stern rebuttal against this growing wave of highly unprofessional temper tantrum-throwing. “A proper psychiatric evaluation requires more than a review of television appearances, tweets, and public comments,” the APA further explains, adding that the president will soon be receiving his annual physical examination in which proper standards will be followed in accurately assessing his physical and mental state. “Psychiatrists are medical doctors; evaluating mental illness is no less thorough than diagnosing diabetes or heart disease. The standards in our profession require review of medical and psychiatric history and records and a complete examination of mental status. Often collateral information from family members or individuals who know the person well is included, with permission from the patient.” Just in case this latest fake narrative about the president’s alleged mental illness fails just like the Russian “election meddling” propaganda did, there’s always “Trump is a racist” to fall back on. The fake news media outlet The Washington Post has already begun spreading unfounded rumors that President Trump recently made unsavory and vulgar comments about Haiti and Africa, which the president has since denied saying. 

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Go behind the scenes at an underground community in the Australian Outback

Jan. 15, 2018 at 1:05 AM Jillian Wolf TODAY

The Jan. 14 edition of Sunday TODAY featured a story on Coober Pedy, Australia, a remote town where opal mining and underground dugouts make for a community that's like no other. Below, Sunday TODAY producer Jillian Wolf takes us behind the scenes and explains what it was like to visit this town in the outback. The record-breaking cold temperatures in New York City had the Australian in me dreaming of a winter escape. So when I shared a story during our weekly pitch meeting about a small town in Australia where almost all of the residents beat the heat by living underground, I was ecstatic to get the green light! Coober Pedy is located in the heart of the Australian Outback, about 525 miles from the nearest city. Getting there from any major Australian city, let alone from the U.S., is a feat in and of itself. Its desolate, moon-like landscape has been the backdrop for many films, including "Mad Max" and "Pitch Black." Our cinematographer, Marcus, flew from Sydney to Alice Springs and then drove across the desert for about eight hours to get to Coober Pedy. As he arrived, a massive storm rolled over the tiny town. The drone footage he captured of the storm ended up being a key element in the story that aired on Sunday TODAY. Correspondent Sara James and I met at the airport in Adelaide, located in South Australia, and after a couple of adventurous flights that included a casual "propeller failure" before takeoff and a beyond-bouncy landing, we made it to Coober Pedy. Coober Pedy is home to the world’s largest supply of opals. The name comes from the Aboriginal term kupa piti, which means "white man in a hole." Fittingly, it refers to both the miners who work underground and those who choose to live underground. Ever since the first opal was discovered there, in 1915, people have come from all corners of the globe in hopes of striking it rich. It’s a place where you can become a millionaire overnight. According to the locals, your chances are better than winning the lottery. But you can also miss the opal — and your chance at wealth — by as little as an inch. The temperature in Coober Pedy can soar to 115 degrees, and water is a commodity. To deal with the extreme heat, residents live in dugouts, which are homes excavated into hillsides, where the temperature inside remains a comfortable 65 to 75 degrees year-round. Dugouts aren’t limited to homes. You'll also find an underground bar, bookstore and beauty salon, as well as numerous churches, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Coober Pedy is a transient town. Some residents stay for decades, while others stay for years or even months. But with a population of around 2,000 people, representing more than 40 nationalities, you’re bound to come across some colorful characters. Sonja Chiechi and her husband, Edi, are Swedish. They run an Airbnb inside their dugout, featuring beautiful interior design. Edi was kind enough to walk us through a typical home expansion. Many of the residents draw comparisons between this town and the Wild Wild West. Sabrina Platzer, manager of the Umoona Opal Mine and Museum, told us that when the town recently celebrated its 100th birthday, the police station celebrated its 50th. That means there was no law and order for half a century! You can only imagine what it would have been like, she explains. Sam Kambouris grew up in Coober Pedy. She moved to Adelaide to receive her education and eventually returned to manage The Lookout Cave Underground Motel. Her father, who now works at the hotel, was a miner in the '70s and '80s, the heyday for opal mining. Shelley Wells started her own underground beauty salon when friends complained they had to travel at least 500 miles for the nearest mani-pedi. Her business may well be one of the only underground salons in the world. In Coober Pedy, she says, you have to be a jack of all trades. With opal having so much to do with luck, many of the town's residents balance multiple jobs to get by. Platzer says opals come in all sizes and colors, but the biggest money these days is for fossils encased in opal. One miner recently discovered the backbone of a squid, she says, which sold for $1.2 million. You don’t need to find much to get rich, she laughs. While we may not have left Coober Pedy a million dollars richer, we did leave with a wealth of knowledge and stories that will never grow old. 

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Spectacular storm engulfs Mar del Plata, Argentina

By Strange Sounds - Jan 14, 2018

This is surreal. Look at these pictures of a furious storm engulfing the beach at Mar del Plata, Argentina on January 11, 2018. The impressive storm wall was captured by Nestor Osvaldo. 

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These Are The 10 Companies That Dominate the Global Arms Trade

by Tyler Durden Sun, 01/14/2018 - 23:30

The world puts $1.69 trillion towards military expenditures per year, and about $375 billion of that goes towards buying arms specifically. Whether it is guns, tanks, jets, missiles, or ships that are on your shopping list, in the international arms community, as Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardin notes, there is a supplier for any weapon your country desires. The 10 Companies That Dominate the Global Arms Trade The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. The world puts $1.69 trillion towards military expenditures per year, and about $375 billion of that goes towards buying arms specifically. Whether it is guns, tanks, jets, missiles, or ships that are on your shopping list, in the international arms community, there is a supplier for any weapon your country desires. Arms dealers, by sales Today’s chart organizes the world’s top arms companies by sales, location, and arms as a percentage of sales:

Rank Company Country Arms sales (2016) Arms as % of sales

#1 Lockheed Martin USA $40.8B 86%

#2 Boeing USA $29.5B 31%

#3 Raytheon USA $22.9B 95%

#4 BAE Systems UK $22.8B 95%

#5 Northrop Grumman USA $21.4B 87%

#6 General Dynamics USA $19.2B 61%

#7 Airbus Group EU $12.5B 17%

#8 BAE Systems (U.S.) USA $9.3B 93%

#9 L3 Technologies USA $8.9B 85%

#10 Leonardo Italy $8.5B 64%

Note: Airbus considers itself a European company. It’s registered in the Netherlands, and its main HQ is in France. The above data comes courtesy of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which tracks arms deals and companies extensively. USA, USA! While it is common knowledge that the United States plays a big role in the global arms trade, the numbers are still quite astounding. Of the top ten companies by sales, firms based in the U.S. make up seven of them. That includes the clear #1, Lockheed Martin, which had $40.8 billion in arms-related sales in 2016, as well as the remaining constituents of the top three: Boeing and Raytheon. Further, on SIPRI’s wider top 100 list, a good proxy for total arms sales globally, U.S. defense companies accounted for a whopping 58% of total global arms sales. That adds up to $217.2 billion in 2016, a 4.0% rise over the previous year. Rounding Out the Top 10 Only three companies make the top 10 leaderboard from outside of the United States. That group includes Airbus, the massive European commercial airline manufacturer that gets 17% of its sales from arms-related deals, as well as BAE Systems (U.K.) and Leonardo (Italy). As a final caveat, it’s worth mentioning that SIPRI notes that some Chinese companies would likely make its Top 100 list as well – but for now, the list excludes Chinese companies as the available data is not comparable or accurate.

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etc.  If you look at Russia she is ready to strike, Iran ready to strike, North Korea ready to strike, they are not playing games; they are serious with the things that they are saying.  Only you have felt that they have feared you, and because you have felt that they have feared you, you are not listening as close as you should. etc.  

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US scientist who inspected North Korea’s nuclear facility warns they have up to 60 bombs as fellow expert says Trump is underestimating Kim Jong-un

Sig Hecker was in charge of designing nuclear weapons for America for 11 years

He was invited to look around North Korea's secret nuclear complex in Yongbyon

Here, Hecker handled plutonium which had been extracted at the weapons base

It is now estimated the Yongbyon plant has developed up to 60 nuclear weapons

By Gareth Davies For Mailonline Published: 07:56 EST, 15 January 2018 | Updated: 12:31 EST, 15 January 2018

An American scientist who has seen the North Korean nuclear secrets claims Kim Jong-un is not bluffing and that the White House should be concerned. Dr Sig Hecker, who was once in charge of designing nuclear weapons for the US, was shown around the hermit kingdom seven times and each time was given access to confidential information. The doctor, who the North Koreans knew would feed the information back to his bosses in America, held plutonium extracted at a secret complex in Yongbyon. Combined with the country's massive stock of uranium, it is estimated Kim Jong-un's army has between 30 and 60 nuclear weapons at its disposal, according to Hecker. Experts now believe Pyongyang has a better understanding of Washington than the other way around, which could be a stumbling block for Donald Trump. Hecker told CBS: 'I was immensely surprised by how much they showed me and with the openness with which they showed and explained that to me.' He had been director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory - more commonly known as the birthplace of the American atomic bomb - for 11 years. In 2004, he was invited for his first tour of Yongbyon, and he has returned six times since. It was here he was given North Korean plutonium to hold - a heavy, radioactive metal encased in a glass jar. The moment Hecker physically testified to the isolated nation's nuclear might, the balance in Washington shifted. 'It changed from one of "we don't know exactly what they have, if they have enough to make anything" to the fact that they actually could have four to six bombs,' he said. The complex continues to be monitored by satellites orbiting above the country, and 14 years later it is thought the number of weapons has increased by at least five-fold. Expert Robert Carlin, who has been studying North Korea for four decades, told CBS: 'I think they understand us better than we understand them. We're still weighed down with a lot of stereotypes and they're going to trip us up.' When Hecker returned in 2010, he was invited into a different part of the nuclear base where 2,000 modern centrifuges were lined up. It is thought they were manifesting uranium, ready to be used for another type of chemical bomb. By now, the building which Hecker was given access to has doubled in size meaning it could be holding up to 10,000 centrifuges, according to director of the Institute for Science and International Security David Albright. Given the rate of development, he estimates North Korea has 13 to 30 nuclear weapons. Hecker believes this figure could be as high as 60, and that more worrying was the fact that they could be built as small disco-ball-type bombs, capable of being fitted to a missile. Although the technology isn't yet there to merge the two, the expert doesn't think the hermit kingdom is too far away . He told CBS: 'They're going to get there, you know, that's, that's one thing you can count on. 'We've tried to sanction them into submission. They've not submitted. They just keep testing and keep evolving.'

Read more: 

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The Strange Case Of The Falling Dollar – And What It Means For Gold

Saturday, 13 January 2018 06:09 Brandon Smith

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Birch Gold Group Trillions of dollars in uncontrolled central bank stimulus and years of artificially low interest rates have poisoned every aspect of our financial system. Nothing functions as it used to. In fact, many markets actually move in the exact opposite manner as they did before the debt crisis began in 2008. The most obvious example has been stocks, which have enjoyed the most historic bull market ever despite all fundamental data being contrary to a healthy economy. With a so far endless supply of cheap fiat from the Federal Reserve (among other central banks), as well as near zero interest overnight loans, everyone in the economic world was wondering where all the cash was flowing to. It certainly wasn’t going into the pockets of the average citizen. Instead, we find that the real benefactors of central bank support has been the already mega-rich as the wealth gap widens beyond all reason. Furthermore, it is clear that central bank stimulus is the primary culprit behind the magical equities rally that SEEMS to be invincible. To illustrate this correlation, one can compare the rise of the Fed’s balance sheet to the rise of the S&P 500 and see they match up almost exactly. Coincidence? I think not… Another strangely behaving market factor that has gone mostly unnoticed has been the Dollar index (DXY). Beginning after the global financial crisis in 2008, the dollar’s value in reference to other foreign currencies initially moved in a rather predictable manner; collapsing in the face of unprecedented bailout and stimulus programs by the Fed, which required unlimited fiat creation from thin air. Naturally, commodities responded to fill the void in wealth protection and exploded in price. Oil markets in particular, which are priced only in the US dollar (something that is quickly changing today), nearly quadrupled. Gold witnessed a historic run, edging toward $2,000. In the past few years, central banks have initiated a coordinated tightening policy, first by tapering QE, then raising interest rates, and now by decreasing their balance sheets. I would note that while oil and many other commodities plummeted in relative value to the dollar after tightening measures, gold has actually maintained a strong market presence, and has remained one of the best performing investments in recent years. Something rather odd, however, has been happening with the dollar… Normally, Fed tightening policies should cause an ever-increasing boost to the dollar index. Instead, the dollar is facing a swift plunge not seen since 2003. What is going on here? Well, there are a number of factors at play. First, we have a growing international sentiment against US treasury bonds (debt), which may be affecting overall demand for the dollar, and in turn, dollar value. For example, one can see a relatively steady decline in US treasury holdings by Japan and China over the course of 2016, with China being the most aggressive in its move away from US debt: We also have a subtle, yet increasing, international appetite for an alternative world reserve currency. The dollar has enjoyed decades of protection from the effects of fiat printing as the world reserve, but numerous countries including Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia are moving to bilateral trade agreements which cut out the US dollar as a mechanism. This will eventually trigger an avalanche of dollars flooding into the US from overseas, as they are no longer needed to execute cross-border trade. And, in turn the dollar will continue to fall in relative value to other currencies. There is also the issue of coordinated fiscal tightening by central banks around the world, with the ECB and even Japan moving to cut off stimulus measures and QE. What this means is, other currencies will now be appreciating in terms of Forex market value against the dollar, and in turn, the dollar index will decline further. Unless the Federal Reserve acts more aggressively in its interest rate hikes, the dollar's decline will be brutal. Finally, we also have the issue of nearly a decade of Fed stimulus that has gone without audit (except for the limited TARP audit, which shows tens of trillions in money/debt creation). We truly have no idea how much fiat was actually created by the Fed – but we can guess that it was a massive sum according to the seemingly endless rise in equities from a point of near total breakdown, funded by quantitative easing and stock buybacks. You cannot conjure a market rebound merely with debt. Eventually, that currency creation and the consequences will have to set a foot down somewhere, and it is possible that we are witnessing the results first in the dollar, as well as the Treasury yield curve, which is now flattening faster than it did just before the stock market crash in 2008. A flat yield curve is generally a portent of economic recession. I believe that this is just the beginning of troubles for the dollar and for US bonds. Which raises the question, how will the Fed react to a dollar market that is so far completely ignoring their tightening policies? Here is where things get interesting. Throughout 2017, I warned that the Fed would continue to raise interest rates (despite many people arguing to the contrary) and would eventually find an excuse to increase rates much faster than previously stated in their dot plots. I based this prediction on the fact that the Fed is clearly moving to pop the enormous fiscal bubble it has engineered since 2008, and that they plan do this while Donald Trump is in office (whether or not Trump is aware of this plan is hard to say). Trump has already taken credit on several occasions for the epic stock rally, and thus, when the plug is pulled on equities life support, who do you think will get the blame? Definitely not the banking elites who inflated the bubble in the first place. Even the mainstream financial media has admitted at times that Trump will “regret” his campaign demands that the Fed hike rates and stop pumping up stock markets, as he will be inheriting a fiscal punch in the gut. The Fed, as well as the mainstream, have also planted the notion that the Fed “will be forced” to raise interest rates faster if the Trump Administration pursues its plans for Hoover-style infrastructure development. But, on top of this, the “problem” of the falling dollar also introduces a whole new rationale for speedy interest rate hikes. I believe that soon after Janet Yellen leaves as Fed chair and Jerome Powell transitions in, the Fed will begin an exponential increase in rates and will speed up their balance sheet reductions. And, they will blame the unusual decline in the dollar index as well as falling Treasury demand as the cause for more extreme action. Powell has already backed “gradual rate hikes” in 2018, and, a few members of the Fed expressed a need for “faster hikes” in the minutes of the last meeting in December. I predict this sentiment will expand under Powell. A small number of Wall Street economists are also warning of more rate hikes in 2018, and that this could cause considerable shock to the virtual stock rally in play right now. That might be the Fed’s plan. The central bankers need a scapegoat for the eventual bursting of the market bubble that they have produced. Why not simply allow that bubble to finally implode in the near term, blaming the Trump administration and, by extension, all the conservatives that supported him? To do this, the Fed needs an excuse to hike rates swiftly; and they now have that excuse with the dollar dropping like a stone (among other reasons). But how will this affect gold? So far, gold has actually spiked along with Fed rate increases, which might seem counter intuitive, but so is the dollar falling along with rate increases. I do think that there will be an initial and marginal drop in gold prices if the Fed increases the frequency of rate hakes. That said, eventually reality will set into stock markets that the party is over, the punch bowl is being taken away, and Trump’s tax reform will not be enough to offset the loss of access to trillions in cheap fiat dollars from the central bank. Once stocks begin to collapse in the wake of Fed hikes and balance sheet reductions (and they will), and uncertainty in the fate of the dollar swells, gold will bounce back stronger than ever. In the meantime, I would treat any drop in precious metals as a major buying opportunity. Gold is one of the few assets that always does well during times of crisis. 

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etc America your money will be worth nothing in the near future, this will bring panic, famine and martial law, yes, in the streets of America.  If you had read my word you know that these are the beginning of sorrows etc

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Pax Crypto: Russia Proposes First Multinational Cryptocurrency, Expert Blog

By Selva Ozelli JAN 13, 2018

At the end of the 12th century, unexpectedly, Genghis Khan created the world’s largest empire, gaining control over the trade route “the Silk Road” which stretched across China to Eastern Europe. Secured under Mongolian leadership, during the Pax Mongolica period, the Silk Road was particularly safe from raiders as well as taxes, which stimulated free trade between China and the Mediterranean countries enabling political, economic stability to follow. Pax Crypto Recently the Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a cyber-initiative grander in scale than Pax Mongolica after consulting with Ethereum co-founder Blockchain expert Vitalik Buterin and experts from fifteen other countries- including the US, India, Israel, Armenia and Turkey- about their Blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives. Putin’s first of it’s kind cyber-initiative will connect some of the most promising emerging market economies stretching across Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America, via Blockchain and smart contract technology by using a new multinational cryptocurrency to be collectively adopted by the BRICS and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) countries (Member States). Member States, known for their tremendous economic growth potential, could hail this first of its kind cyber-initiative. As they have been reeling from the global credit crisis of 2007/2008, which hindered their economies. Federal rate increases augmented their mounting debt burdens and falling global commodity prices stymied their export led growth. The cyber-initiative could reshape Member State economies, by spurring technological innovation for income growth and economic prosperity. Russia’s proposal- first multinational cryptocurrency for BRICS and EEU As reported by Russian media source RT, days before the end of 2017, the Central Bank of Russia, proposed to create the first joint multinational cryptocurrency for BRICS and EEU countries. By jointly adopting a new cryptocurrency, the Member States could increase their investments in Blockchain, smart contract technology pushing towards creating cashless societies and improve managing their liquidities with substantial support from the New Development Bank. Many economists, veteran bankers and traditional financial institutions have sought to downplay the influence of cryptocurrencies in the overall world economy, such as the German insurance giant Allianz Chief Economic Advisor Mohamed El-Erian who said: ‘‘Bitcoin’s price will explode, but mass adoption is not going to happen.” But if adopted and implemented, the first multinational cryptocurrency could be used by more than 41 percent of the world’s population. It could potentially improve trade efficiency among the Member States by replacing other fiat currencies used in trade settlements. And it could create a technologically resourceful trade block that could reshape global trade via Blockchain and smart contract technology. However, for this initiative to succeed, among other things, Member State transnational legislation concerning cryptocurrencies would need to be updated in a synchronized fashion. As currently there are substantial differences between Member State legislation concerning cryptocurrencies as summarized in the table below. Russia’s new cryptocurrency bill Based on instructions from President Vladimir Putin, Russia’s central bank and finance ministry jointly prepared a bill for the regulation of сryptocurrencies and ICOs which was submitted to the Duma for approval on Dec. 28, 2017. The bill is expected to be adopted in March and finalized by July 1, 2018. Characterization of cryptocurrencies The bill characterizes cryptocurrency, including ICO tokens not as legal tender but as “other property.” ICO Regulation The bill allows for ICOs but establishes restrictions on them. Those who are not qualified investors will be able to purchase tokens of a certain type for an amount not exceeding 50 thousand Rubles ($869). The ministry also suggests limiting the maximum amount of funds raised by an ICO to one bln Rubles ($17.4 mln). Although the President of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RABIC), Yuri Pripachkin, argued: “ICO fundraising should not be limited as they can attract an unlimited amount of foreign investments to Russian projects.” Taxation of cryptocurrency mining and trading Presently mining and trading of cryptocurrencies is not regulated under Russian laws. The bill defines cryptocurrency mining and trading as a taxable activity. Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities could engage in cryptocurrency mining and trading activities, subject to tax by analogy with the taxation of business activities. Cryptocurrency trading would not be subject to a value-added tax (VAT). Cross-border tax policy of Member States concerning the new Multinational cryptocurrency The bill does not address cross-border tax rules that could apply to transnational cryptocurrency transactions among Member States in the event the new multinational cryptocurrency is adopted. Member States, with the exception of Armenia, Belarus, Iran and Kyrgyzstan adhere to OECD BEPS action plan. It is not clear whether Member States will follow an approach similar to the EU in formulating an appropriate transnational tax policy for their new multinational сryptocurrency transactions. 

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Why We've Let Actors Become Our Moral Guides

Jonah Goldberg · Jan. 12, 2018

There’s a great scene in the wonderful 1982 movie “My Favorite Year,” which is set in 1954. Peter O'Toole plays a semi-washed-up actor named Alan Swann, famous for swashbuckling roles. For reasons too complicated to explain here, Swann tries to shimmy down the side of a building using a fire hose. He ends up dangling just below a cocktail party on a balcony. Two stockbrokers are chatting when one of them notices Swann swinging below them. “I think Alan Swann is beneath us!” he exclaims. The second stockbroker replies: “Of course he’s beneath us. He’s an actor.” It may be hard for some people to get the joke these days, but for most of human history, actors were considered low-class. They were akin to carnies, grifters, hookers and other riffraff. In ancient Rome, actors were often slaves. In feudal Japan, Kabuki actors were sometimes available to the theatergoers as prostitutesa practice not uncommon among theater troupes in the American Wild West. In 17th century England, France and America, theaters were widely considered dens of iniquity, turpitude and crapulence. Under Oliver Cromwell’s Puritan dictatorship, the theaters were forced to close to improve moral hygiene. The Puritans of New England did likewise. A ban on theaters in Connecticut imposed in 1800 stayed on the books until 1952. Partly out of a desire develop a wartime economy, partly out of disdain for the grubbiness of the stage, the first Continental Congress in 1774 proclaimed, “We will, in our several stations … discountenance and discourage every species of extravagance and dissipation, especially all horse-racing, and all kinds of gaming, cock-fighting, exhibitions of shews [sic], plays, and other expensive diversions and entertainments …” Needless to say, times have changed. And I suppose I have to say they’ve changed for the better. But that’s a pretty low bar. I don’t think acting is a dishonorable profession, and I’m steadfastly opposed to banning plays, musicals, movies and TV shows. But in our collective effort to correct the social stigmas of the past, can anyone deny that we’ve overshot the mark? Watch the TV series “Inside the Actors Studio” sometime. It’s an almost religious spectacle of ecstatic obsequiousness and shameless sycophancy. Host James Lipton acts like some ancient Greek priest given an audience with Zeus, coming up just shy of washing the feet of actors with tears of orgiastic joy. I mean, I like Tom Hanks, too. But I’m not sure starring in “Turner & Hooch” (one of my favorite movies) bestows oracular moral authority. Similarly, to watch the endless stream of award shows for Hollywood titans is to subject yourself to a narcissistic spectacle of collective self-worship. In 2006, George Clooney gave an (undeserved) Oscar acceptance speech in which he said, “We are a little bit out of touch in Hollywood every once in a while, I think. It’s probably a good thing.” He went on to deliver a semi-fictional though no doubt sincere account of how actors are like a secular priesthood prodding America to do better. The most recent Golden Globes ceremony has already been excoriated for being a veritable geyser of hypocritical effluvia, as the same crowd that not long ago bowed and scraped to serial harasser and accused rapist Harvey Weinstein, admitted child rapist Roman Polanski and that modern Caligula, Bill Clinton, congratulated itself for its own moral superiority. The interesting question is: Why have movie stars and other celebrities become an aristocracy of secular demigods? It seems to me an objective fact that virtually any other group of professionals plucked at random from the Statistical Abstract of the United States — nuclear engineers, plumbers, grocers, etc. — are more likely to model decent moral behavior in their everyday lives. Indeed, it is a bizarre inconsistency in the cartoonishly liberal ideology of Hollywood that the only super-rich people in America reflexively assumed to be morally superior are people who pretend to be other people for a living. I think part of the answer has to do with the receding of religion from public life. As a culture, we’ve elevated “authenticity” to a new form of moral authority. We look to our feelings for guidance. Actors, as a class, are feelings merchants. While they may indeed be “out of touch” with the rest of America from time to time, actors are adept at being in touch with their feelings. And for some unfathomably stupid reason, we now think that puts us beneath them. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Hamas Approaches Endgame in Gaza as Israel Sharpens Its Tunnel-elimination Prowess

Either way, Israel will keep building an anti-tunnel barrier along the Gaza border while looking for and destroying passages that have already been dug

Amos Harel Jan 15, 2018 10:33 AM

The destruction of the Hamas tunnel on the Gaza border Saturday night supports the conclusion that Israel has found a defense against the threat of attack tunnels under the Strip. Even if the defense isn’t perfect, it’s pretty effective. The tunnel that was identified and blown up over the weekend near the Kerem Shalom crossing, near where Egypt, Israel and Gaza meet, is reportedly the fourth to be found by Israel since October. To really understand the Middle East - subscribe to Haaretz  The latest tunnel demolition worsens Hamas’ dilemma on how it should act as Israel gradually deprives it of one of its main offensive assets. The finding of the latest tunnel isn’t directly related to the barrier that Israel has been putting up along the Gaza border. Saturday’s tunnel was found in an area where work on the barrier hasn’t yet begun. But the combination of technology, intelligence and operational means, along with the planned completion of most of the security barrier by year-end, show that the clock is ticking for Hamas and Islamic Jihad. (The first tunnel destroyed belonged to the smaller Islamic Jihad.) As Hamas leaders’ would view them, the tunnels are a strategic project in which hundreds of millions of shekels have been invested over nearly a decade, involving thousands of laborers and fighters. And now all this may be going down the drain. At this point, Hamas hasn’t responded clearly to Israel’s steps. Also, Hamas members haven’t been directly involved in the firing of rockets from Gaza at the Negev, some of which have been launched by Salafi groups and some by Islamic Jihad. Hamas’ decision not to respond to the destruction of the tunnels also apparently reflects the trap the organization finds itself in. It’s having a hard time seeing to the economic needs of the 2 million Gazans, it has a poor relationship with Egypt, and implementation of the Hamas-Palestinian Authority reconciliation agreement is sputtering. This time the embarrassment is even greater because Israel has announced that some of the latest tunnel was under Egyptian territory. And the consequences for Hamas are greater than usual. Not only has the group’s planned offensive activity under the border and under the Kerem Shalom crossing — the main goods crossing into the Strip no less, along with pipelines supplying natural gas and diesel — been uncovered. This time the tunnel reflects an intrusion into the sovereignty of Egypt, which Hamas is greatly dependent on in its efforts to improve conditions in Gaza. One can assume that the Israeli army is also prepared for a possible attack by a Palestinian group through a tunnel before other tunnels are discovered and destroyed. Regarding the latest tunnel, Hamas claimed that the air force had bombed a “civilian” tunnel that had been used for smuggling goods, rather than a Hamas tunnel. In Israel, officials insisted that the tunnel had been dug with the help of Hamas’ elite Nukhba unit, and that the tunnel had a branch under the border crossing — evidence of plans for a terror attack inside Israel. Israel’s excavations toward the Egyptian border may uncover plans to smuggle weapons from Sinai into Gaza or to get terrorists out of Gazaif necessary to have them reinforce an attack on the Kerem Shalom crossing from the Egyptian side of the border. For years the Palestinian groups have viewed the crossings as legitimate and even desirable targets for terror attacks, despite the possible negative effects for Gazans. There is also a history of suicide bombings and the use of tunnels against the Erez, Karni and Kerem Shalom crossings between Gaza and Israel dating back a decade. The stepped-up pace of Israeli army activity regarding Gaza is evidence of the efforts to deal with the tunnels, efforts that are far from over. In any event, Israel’s priorities in Gaza are clear. The main effort is building a barrier along the border to counter the tunnels, while looking for and destroying tunnels that have already been dug. In addition to concerns about a humanitarian disaster in Gaza, dealing with the tunnels is another constraint in Israel’s considerations over whether to get into another large confrontation with Hamas in Gaza. Depriving Hamas of the offensive weapon of the tunnels is such a priority that Israel’s leaders are willing to show relative restraint over rocket fire from Gaza, as long as there are no casualties on the Israeli side. This also comes against the backdrop, according to foreign reports, of Israeli operations against Iran and Hezbollah in Syria. In the north, this effort involves going right to the edge, with a relatively high risk of an outbreak of hostilities. Israel must therefore be cautious in calculating its moves so it can keep chalking up successes and avoid a conflagration on both fronts. Amos Harel Haaretz Correspondent

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etc. For truly the news media does not always tell you the truth, they tell you what they want you to hear, but not what is really going on, except for a little, do they know that later the truth will always find them out, for one can only cover up lies for so long before they come uncovered. etc.

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Bombshell Report: Obama Betrayed Israel, Tipped Off Iranians of Assassination Plot

If Iran’s chief export is terrorism, then it’s leading terrorism tycoon is Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani. As the Islamic Revolutionary Guards al-Quds Force commander, Soleimani is a facilitator of war crimes throughout the Middle East, and national defense experts warn that, “After Osama bin Laden, he has more American blood on his hand than any terrorist.” Despite his vile nature and tyrannical track record, Gen. Soleimani is alive and adding to his countless kill streak today because of the actions of one man: former President Barack Obama. According to the Kuwaiti daily Al-Jarida, the Obama administration warned Soleimani of an impending attack from Israeli assassins, prolonging the life of a terrorist mastermind over political differences with Israel and a desire to pass the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran. Iranian mole The Iranian Quds Force is the expeditionary wing of the elite Republican Guard, providing military support to a compendium of internationally designated terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, and even the Taliban. Foundation for Democracy in Iran Executive Director Kenneth R. Timmerman described the beneficiary of Obama’s intervention in a scathing profile for The Washington Times. Regarding Soleimani as a future household name in America, Timmerman wrote: He is powerful. He is brash. He brazenly shows up on the battlefield to encourage his troops. In Iraq, he has become the maker of prime ministers and governments, and commands a militia of 100,000 men. To his innocent victims, he is the face of Terror, Inc. As head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps-Quds Force (IRGC-QF), Qassem Suleymani is Iran’s top terrorist.” Despite this defamatory description, Obama chose to spare Soleimani in 2015 by informing him that Israel was planning to assassinate him near Damascus, Syria. etc. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Syria war: Turkey denounces US 'terror army' plan for border

6 hours ago

Key powers involved in Syria's civil war have criticised US plans to help an allied Kurdish-led militia set up a 30,000-strong "border security force". Turkey's president vowed to "suffocate" efforts to begin training members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and create what he called a "terror army". Ankara considers Kurds fighting for the SDF to be part of a terrorist group. Syria's government decried the "blatant attack" on its sovereignty, and Russia warned it could lead to partition. With the help of air strikes from a US-led coalition, the SDF has captured tens of thousands of square kilometres of territory from Islamic State (IS) militants. In October, the alliance took full control of the northern city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of the "caliphate" declared by the jihadist group in 2014. Since then, SDF fighters have been advancing south-eastwards along the Euphrates river valley. Why is the US creating the border force? News of the coalition's plan to work with the SDF to train a new Syrian Border Security Force (BSF) was first reported on Saturday by The Defense Post, which quoted a spokesman as saying that 230 individuals were currently participating in the "inaugural class". The coalition said on Monday that its goal was to create a force with about 30,000 personnel "over the next several years". About half will be Kurdish and Arab SDF fighters and the other half new recruits. The BSF will be tasked with securing the long sections of Syria's northern border with Turkey and eastern border with Iraq that are under SDF control, as well as parts of the Euphrates river valley, which effectively serves as the dividing line between the SDF and Syrian pro-government forces. "A strong border security force will prohibit Daesh's freedom of movement and deny the transportation of illicit materials," the coalition said, using a different term for IS. "This will enable the Syrian people to establish effective local, representative governance and reclaim their land." Who are the Kurds? IS and the crisis in Iraq and Syria in maps Why is Turkey concerned? Turkey has consistently opposed the coalition's support for the SDF because the force is dominated by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia. Ankara considers the YPG an extension of the banned Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has fought for Kurdish autonomy in Turkey for three decades. Washington disagrees and insists the YPG has been vital to the battle against IS. On Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the US had acknowledged it was "in the process of creating a terror army on our border". "It is for us to suffocate this terror army before it is born," he said. Mr Erdogan added that preparations were complete for a Turkish military operation against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in north-western Syria, and that it might start "at any moment". Troops deployed at the border were already hitting YPG positions inside Afrin with heavy artillery, he noted. What do other countries say? The Syrian government called the creation of the SDF border force "a blatant attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity and unity of Syria, and a flagrant violation of international law". "What the American administration has done comes in the context of its destructive policy in the region to fragment countries... and impedes any solutions to the crises," an official at the foreign ministry was cited as saying by the Sana news agency. The source warned that Damascus considered any Syrian fighting for militias sponsored by the US to be "a traitor to their people and nation". Russia, which backs the Syrian government, said the US move might lead to the "break-up of a large territory along the border with Turkey and Iraq". "This is a very serious issue that raises concerns that a path towards the partition of Syria has been taken," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. 

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etc. For the disasters that shall take place are many, the flooding shall be far greater than in times past, the mudslides far greater than in times past, the earthquakes shall be more numerous and far greater than in times past. The tornadoes, oh the savageness of the tornadoes that shall rip across the land, the straight winds, the hurricanes, the forest fires, the volcanoes shall erupt, the rising of the sea level that will be marked not in inches but in feet. etc.. 

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Philippines Raises Volcano Alert Level After Lava Flow

Jan. 13, 2018, at 10:16 a.m. By Enrico Dela Cruz

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines raised the alert level at its rumbling Mayon volcano to "level 3" on Sunday after detecting lava flow and indications of activity that could lead to eruptions of magma. More than 900 families have been evacuated from villages near Mayon, a tourist attraction because of its near-perfect cone shape, following a "steam-driven eruption" on Saturday. Authorities advised people to cover their noses and mouths with a damp, clean cloth or dust mask if they were exposed to ash from the eruptions, and said aircraft must avoid flying close to the volcano's summit.[nL4N1P807T] Two similar "phreatic" eruptions occurred at the volcano in central Albay province on Sunday, unleashing more ash. "Mayon's summit crater is now exhibiting bright crater glow that signifies the growth of a new lava dome and beginnings of lava flow towards the southern slopes," the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said. Phivolcs chief Renato Solidum said the volcano appeared due for another major eruption as it has been displaying abnormal behaviour since late last year. "Alert level 3 is what we considered critical, 4 is when eruption is imminent, and 5 is eruption in progress," Cedric Daep, head of the Albay Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, said in a radio interview. Mayon's most destructive eruption was in February 1841, when lava buried a town and killed 1,200 people. It last erupted in 2014, spewing lava and forcing thousands of people to evacuate. The latest eruptions began on Saturday, unleashing ash, rocks and sulphur fumes and accompanied by rumbling sounds. Phivolcs had earlier raised the alert to "level 2", saying the activity was "probably of magmatic origin, which could lead to more phreatic eruptions or eventually to hazardous magmatic eruptions." Since Saturday's first eruption, Phivolcs said it had recorded 158 rockfall events and urged people to stay away from a 6-kilometre (3.7 mile) radius Permanent Danger Zone and a 7-km Expanded Danger Zone on the volcano's southern flank. Landslides and sudden explosions or a dome collapse that may generate hazardous volcanic flows are also possible, it said. People within the slope of the volcano, but outside the danger zones, were told to take precautionary measures against possible roof collapses due to accumulated ash and rainwater, and "lahar", an Indonesian term for a volcanic mudflow. And the provincial government suspended Monday's classes from kindergarten to senior high school in some areas. (Reporting by Enrico dela Cruz; Additional reporting by Manuel Mogato; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore and Alexander Smith) 

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etc. truly darkness, darkness is growing darker and darker and darker, war is being prepared, war is being made ready. Watch Russia, watch Turkey, watch China, watch Iran, watch Pakistan, watch Saudi Arabia, for they are not your friends nor have they ever been your friends.  They are not my friends, saith your Father God, for they shall wage war against me in the last days, these are the last days. etc.. 

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First-Ever Drone Swarm Attack Has Struck Russian Military Bases, Sources Claim

We knew this day was coming.


Ever since technological advancements made drones possible, people have warned of the potential dangers of weaponised UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), which could effectively become murderous slaughterbots we need to defend ourselves against. Now, it looks like those fears have become a reality. The Russian Ministry of Defence claims its forces in Syria were attacked a week ago by a swarm of home-made drones – the first time such a coordinated assault has been reported in a military action. According to the Ministry of Defence, Russian forces at the Khmeimim air base and Tartus naval facility "successfully warded off a terrorist attack with massive application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)" last Friday night. "As evening fell, the Russia air defence forces detected 13 unidentified small-size air targets at a significant distance approaching the Russian military bases," the Ministry said in a statement. "Ten assault drones were approaching the Khmeimim air base, and another three – the CSS point in Tartus." Six of the assault force drones were intercepted by Russian electronic warfare units, with three of the UAVs being brought to land outside the base, while the remaining three exploded on contact with the ground. Another seven drones w